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mr. Corbin? Dr. Navarro. How is — how — how are they, um…? Come in and see for yourself. Looks like we’re good. Yeah? W-we as in both? Both me and the baby, brando. We’re all good. Shawn: Alexis.

[ Sighs ] I’m sorry. I’m just worried about nikolas. He told me that spencer was the one stalking ava. Spencer? Mm. Well, that explains how he got past security at wyndemere. It’s his home. It’s really taken its toll on nikolas. I can imagine. No one can blame spencer for acting out, really. I mean, nikolas wasn’T… always the best role model. He’s not perfect, but he’s also good. You know, he went up against cyrus renault in order to keep me safe at pentonville. He’s got a good heart. Which is a real trick when you’re brought up in the reptile cage that is my family. Sorry. For what? For going on about the cassadines. I-I doubt very much that you came here to talk about nikolas. I’m sneaking up on you. Why are you announcing it? ‘Cause after months of being stalked by my son, I figured you’d rather not be surprised.

[ Chuckles ] Fair point. Took your advice. Tried to find spencer. Ran into trina’s mom instead. What did she have to stay? Quite a lot. She’s a tough lady. She is, indeed. Never found spencer, though. Actually, you just missed him. H-he was here, spencer, looking for you. Phyllis! Hello, nina. Hi. Um… what are you doing here in port charles? I came to see, well…

[ Chuckles lightly ] Sonny. Still not used to that name. I returned some of his things, and I met his wife. I also wanted to see you. But you’re busy. Maybe I should come back some other time. Hey. Hi. Hold all my calls.

[ Receiver clatters ] Okay. Let me have it. Sonny: A lot has happened since nixon falls. Yes, it has. And some things never change. You and carly…

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, we’re a family. Believe it or not, I actually want carly to be happy. Do you? I do. Mm. I want nina to be happy, too. Good luck with that. Yeah, there seems to be an obstacle in my way. I’m looking at him. Oh, I was hoping jax would be in the office by now. What’s the nature of my call? Well, I was hoping to discuss aurora media and the future of crimson magazine. Can you just tell him to call me back as soon as he gets in the office? Thank you. Look, I know what you’re gonna say. That if I target nina, I’m gonna make her out to be the victim. I don’t care. Nina’s gonna pay.

You two feel about your birthing classes? Great. Why? Do I need to do something over? You could not have been better or more supportive. She’s right. No do-overs for you. All that’s left is a tour of the delivery room and the nursery. I-I mean, I know my way around a garage, but a delivery room? I…uh, the classes were great, but does anything really prepare you? This will actually help. Once you see the delivery room and get a feel for it, you’ll find it’s not nearly as intimidating as you might imagine. Plus, we get to see all those babies in the nursery. I’ll go and arrange it.

[ Sighs ] It’s really happening. There’s still time for you to bail.

[ Laughs ] Never. We are in this together. You, me, and the baby makes three. Gladys: Make that four. Actually, this thing between nikolas and spencer has got me thinking about me and tj. Well, you two are in a lot better shape than spencer and nikolas. Unless there’s something you’re not telling me. No, no, we’re good. Great, even. I am sorry nikolas is having a tough time with his son. But he and spencer have time to make it right. Mm. I lost a lot of years with tj I’ll never get back. Yeah, I know. But the only direction is to move forward, yes? Alright, so tell me — what’s going on with the hayden shooting? Any new leads? So, my son realized he has to atone for the harm he’s caused, especially the pain he caused you. I wouldn’t go that far. Okay. Spencer — he’s a cassadine, he has pride, but at least he wants to meet me halfway. Right? Ava? Well… spencer came out here again after I kicked him out. He must have been genuinely remorseful. A little remorseful? That was my hope, as well. Especially because trina was here. And no matter what spencer thinks of me, I know that he admires trina, and I was hoping that — that her opinion would still matter to him. But… but what? What happened? I know I have no right to say this, but, phyllis, I’ve… I’ve really missed you so much. I miss you, too. This is a nice office. Mm. Nice view. Well, when I have a chance to look at it. All the fashion and excitement. It must be so glamorous. It has its moments. It makes me wonder why you ever left. Well, phyllis, you know why I left. Because you were hurting. Jax, a man you loved and trusted, had kept your daughter’s identity from you, siding with the woman you blame for her death. And that betrayal broke my heart. To think that the little girl I took to her adoptive family all those years ago… met such a tragic ending. Yeah, when I met nelle, it was too late to raise her, but maybe I could have… helped her. I’ll never know. And you made sonny’s wife suffer in return. You felt she took away your daughter, so you took away her husband. How does that feel now? It doesn’t feel great.

[ Chuckling ] Phyllis, you know, revenge isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. It just ends up hurting you more. Well, then. If you know that, then maybe your time in nixon falls wasn’t a waste. No, it was not a waste. Despite everything, I wouldn’t trade my time in nixon falls for anything. The chance to get to know lenny and you. Not only us. You got to know… …someone else, too. Sonny: Nina made the choices she made. If she doesn’t like the way it turned out, then she only has to blame herself. Look, I am not defending nina or trying to justify what she did, sonny, but…

[ Sighs ] …You lived an entirely different life for the better part of a year. Mm-hmm. No corinthos organization, no territory to — to control or defend. No rival families. Mm-hmm. You were mike, and people cared about you and respected you not because you were sonny corinthos. I mean, how can you not be changed by that? I never said I wasn’T. My point is you have the power to be generous here, okay? Right. You can give nina the chance to come out of this better than she went in. I mean, can’t you find it in your heart to — to give her that chance? Why would I? Because you have your memory back. You have your wife and your family again. Yeah, the family that nina took from me. As I understand it, she gave you something, too — her heart. What would you do if you were me? Let nina get away with it? Let her sit in her office and hide in my hotel? Look, I understand you wanting nina to pay, but not if it costs you more than it costs her. Oh, it won’T. It won’T. Well, you — you don’t know that, carly. Nina was lying the whole time she was in nixon falls, keeping sonny’s existence a secret even from sonny. And what did that crazy bitch do when she came to town? She went to my grandson! Okay. So, why — why are you involving jax? Because I want nina to know what it feels like to lose something she loves, the way she took sonny from us.

Mom, you’re here. Why? Now, what kind of greeting is that fofofor the grandmother-to-be? You just happen to be at the hospital while sasha and i had our appointment? As a matter of fact, I had a follow-up. Making sure everything is okay with my wound. From when I took a bullet for you.

[ Chuckles ] You didn’t exactly throw yourself between me and a hail of gunfire. And — and how did you know where we were? Oh, you left your phone unlocked on the kitchen table. You should really be more careful with that. Yeah, you’re telling me. Gladys. Brando told me he sent you on a spa day. How was it?

[ Sighs ] A — a momentary respite from the horrors I experienced from jason and carly’s wedding. I mean, when I think that I might have been in that car with vincent novak when he and what’s-his-name were blown to smithereens, I can’t even — but you weren’T. But I could have been. Yeah, but you weren’T. And everything’s okay now, so… by “everything”… are you referring to cousin sonny? Rumor has it he’s alive. Is it true? Yes, ma. Sonny is alive and well. That’s wonderful. If only someone had called to tell me.

[ Chuckles ] That’s fine, though. Um… I’m sure everyone was so excited to see sonny that I was the last person on anyone’s mind.

[ Sighs ] All I can say is, though, hallelujah!

[ Chuckles ] Who says miracles don’t happen anymore? Well, we think our baby is a miracle. Oh, sure. Sure, sure. Yeah. But, um — but with sonny back at the wheel, brando doesn’t have to stay another minute in that garage. You can write your own ticket and ride it to the top, son. You haven’t heard a word I’ve said. About sonny or about me. You know, after we talked yesterday, you got me thinking about your uncle, victor cassadine, and how he was mixed up with crichton-clark. Now, jordan’s lead was a record-keeper. Drew could have also beenanother victim, since he was held captive at crichton-clark. Well, victor couldn’t have anything to do with hayden’s shooting, since he was already dead by then. So the cassadines couldn’t have been involved. Victor couldn’T. But what if we picked the wrong cassadine? Before I spoke to spencer, I left him alone with trina. I-I was hoping that she could talk some sense into him. Clearly, she didn’T.

[ Sighs ] Well, spencer doesn’t feel any remorse, because according to him, nobody got hurt. As if he didn’t cause sheer terror or use kiki’s memory against me or — or watch as I planned to leave the country without avery. It was all just harmless pranks to him. Unfortunately, I think I know where he gets that attitude. I wasn’t having any of it, of course. And I told him that his — his plan to break us up failed miserably. We’re back together. Still together. Better than ever. Yeah, that’s right. Because nothing he or anyone else can do will ever come between us. So, how did he take it? Mm… not well. Lenny was never one to leave photos on his camera. And I used to put together photo albums as a hobby, the old-fashioned way. You can keep those if you want them. No, no. Thank you, though. It’s just I have to find a way to forget about mike. Like he never existed, which… I guess he didn’T. Except we both know he did. Mike was real, nina. I don’t care what anyone says. Even sonny. It was mike, not sonny, who made lenny’s last days better, and all the days before that while he was with us at the tan-O. I knew who he really was the whole time, and I kept quiet. Initially, it was because I wanted to hurt carly. But then it was because I fell… well, there was a time between wanting to hurt sonny’s wife and falling in love with mike. Why not speak up then? Because m– s-sonny was so happy. You’re so kind. And I-I repaid that kindness by lying to you, and I am so sorry it cost you the tan-O. The tan-o! This place that you and lenny loved. You shared so much of your life there, and I am so sorry. And I told you after the fire, a building is just stuff. It’s people who matter. Yeah. I wish I could see the world the way you do. It’s just too late for me now. It’s never too late, nina. Isn’t mike’s li– sonny’s life proof of that?

[ Sighs ] Sonny: I can’t help nina. I gotta — I gotta focus on my life and my family. I was being honest when I said that I’m happy for you and carly, if for no other reason than it makes josslyn happy. You know, it was actually josslyn who led me back to nixon falls to find you. Josslyn? How does that happen? It seems that your pasta sauce is quite memorable. Uh, trina picked up some at the tan-o, she passed it on to josslyn, and josslyn said it tasted exactly like yours. And that’s what got me thinking. When I was shot… yeah? When I stopped the robbery in nixon falls, I thought I saw you right before they loaded me into the ambulance. Now, of course, I told myself that I was probably hallucinating. So, did — did, uh, you tell yourself that, or did nina tell you that? Look, the point is, when josslyn recognized the sauce, I-I-I just thought that it must have been you that I — that I saw. And you know the rest. Alright, well, remind me to give you a case of that pasta sauce. No, really… no, you don’t need to — no, no. Listen. You did find me. I owe you. And I always pay my debts. If you punish nina,it’s not gonna give you back all the time that you lost with sonny. Don’t you think I know that?

[ Chuckles ] And it’s — it’s not gonna make her lose anybody that she cares about. Well, that’s impossible, because nina doesn’t care about anyone but herself. And wiley. Do you think michael and willow will continue allowing nina to see wiley? Oh, even they can’t be that forgiving.

[ Scoffs ] Sonny doesn’t want me to go to war with nina. Carly, you have more important things to do. Yeah, I know. I need to sit down with sonny and tell him what we were feeling on our wedding day.

[ Sighs ] And I’m so afraid because I don’t want things to change between the three of us.

I told you once,I’ve told you a million times. I helped sonny with cyrus renault. That’s over. I’m out. I’m sorry, brando. Forgive me for only thinking of what’s best for you and your new family. If you want what’s best for me and my family, why would you want me anywhere near sonny’s world? What is so wrong with sonny’s world? You were just complaining about how in that world, you go to weddings in limos and you come home in little pieces. Please tell my son that I’ve come back from the spa refreshed and with a new attitude. If getting held at gunpoint by cyrus renault didn’t change your attitude, why would a massage and facial?

[ Scoffs ] Fine. Believe whatever you want, but I’m actually glad my son is no longer part of that violent world. If you really mean that, mom — of course I mean it! Then why are you pressuring me into working with sonny? Because he also has legitimate businesses. Lucrative ones. Well, everybody drinks coffee. And there’s that resort island, right? I-I think that’s still his. You — you can do better than the garage! But I like the garage. Like more. Like better. And remember, sonny owes you for all the time you were helping keep his family together at risk to your own life. That’s not even remotely true. And has dear, un-departed cousin sonny even bothered to say thank you? Okay, sasha, would you excuse us, please? Go right ahead. Come on, ma, let’s go. Good. Now we can talk. No, ma. I will talk. You will listen. What do you mean, the wrong cassadine? We both agree your family fingerprints are all over this. Yeah. I mean, as much as I’d like it to be victor, he was blown to bits. And the cassadines are resilient. However, an explosion like that, even for a cassadine, that might be hard to resurrect from. Well, victor’s not the only cassadine who’s made a return trip from the great beyond. So has nikolas. Nikolas: I’ll talk to spencer. Maybe I’ll even ask him to come home. If I can be the father that he needs, maybe he can be the man he’s meant to be. Don’t forget about the little pyromaniac that torched my car. Allegedly at his behest. You’re not buying it? Well, whether it was spencer’s idea or not, esme went through with it. And she left kiki’s I.D. Badge, which is just sadistic. I won’t argue with you there. Spencer is clearly under her spell. It’S…first love, first lust. He’ll outgrow it, and when he grows up a little and he sees what real love is — the kind we have — maybe he’ll stop fighting us. I hope so. Someday. The way I see it, if spencer can make the effort to see me, I can go to him. I’ll try to meet him halfway. Oh, you — uh, you might want to talk to a lawyer first. Why do I need a lawyer? You don’T. But spencer does. I always knew that it was gonna blow up in my face. I did. How could it not?

[ Chuckles ] And now, despite my many machinations, sonny’s back with carly as if nothing happened. As if we never happened. Maybe that’s my penance, phyllis. Sonny — he gets to move on, he gets to leave what we had in nixon falls behind. And me, I get to… stand in this beautiful office with this beautiful view and remember everything. Nobody’s asking you to forget, nina. If your time with mike really meant something, if it helped you heal the wounds that took you to nixon falls in the first place, don’t you owe it to him to honor that? To leave sonny to enjoy the life he’s chosen? When I saw mike today… …I didn’t give him everything. I’ve got something else that belongs to him.

[ Gasps ] Before the fire, before I got my memory back, we were talking at the overlook, and I had thrown my father’s watch in the river to forget my past. Yeah, I remember trying to warn you. Yeah. Thing about the past, you can run from it, you can even hide for a little while, but eventually, it always catches up with you. For once, I should have listened to you. Yeah, maybe. But I figured, you know, you had to find out your own way. Well, now I know you were just looking out for her. And that’s exactly what I’m doing now, sonny. If you ever had feelings for nina, recognize the good in her, despite the wrong she did. Find a way to let go of your anger and — and just walk away. Carly: Do you think he’ll understand?

[ Sighs ] I mean, he’s your husband. He’s my best friend. I know. But it would be one thing if we were getting married to save the business, but by the time we said our wedding vows, it was more. I mean, sonny knows we thought he was dead. I mean, I think — I think he’s gonna understand.

[ Voice breaking ] We were without him for nine months. And he was without us, and… I mean, he didn’t even remember us, you know? So what if the person that sonny became — what if this man, this bartender, mike — what if it’s changed sonny? It doesn’t seem like he’s changed. Maybe “changed” is the wrong word. You know, I just, um… sonny has these experiences that I — I don’t share. I don’t know anything about them. It’s just one more thing that nina took from me — the certainty of who my husband is. Carly, nine months is a long time. There’s gonna be gaps. You’re gonna feel awkward sometimes. Okay? But the only way past it is to go through it. Ugh! You have to face it and deal with it. Jason. I know. But just start new memories together. Yeah. Okay. I mean, we talked a lot last night. W-we were talking a lot last night, and — and I asked him, “why didn’t you tell me that nina knew you were in nixon falls?” And he’s like, “I just didn’t want you going after her and doing all that stuff.” And I have to say that when I woke up this morning, revenge was the furthest thing from my mind. Was it? Yes, because sonny’s alive. And he’s my husband, and I love him.

I saw sonny today, and he thanked me for looking out for his family. He also offered me a job.

[ Laughs ] Why didn’t you say so?!

[ Gasps ] When do you start? I don’t! I’m glad that sonny is back with carly and their family. But I got a family of my own now, and I made it clear to him and I made it clear to sasha that I want to find my own way without help from sonny. In the garage he gave you. That is payment for keeping dev’s secret. A secret that you blew when you told cyrus renault. When are you gonna stop throwing that in my face? Dev was like a grandson to me. I know, I know. Hey. You got a new grandchild on the way. But am I even gonna be part of that child’s life? You keep pushing me away. Is there a place for me in your new family or not? Knock it off, ma. I love you. I always will. But I know who you are, and I know how you operate. You want to keep picking at sonny and pissing him off? Be my guest. But I’m not gonna have any part of that. Are we clear? Excuse me, mr. Corbin. If you and sasha are ready for that tour… yes, we’re more than ready. We’re finished here, right, mom? You think I’m wrong about nikolas? I don’t like that you think nikolas had anything to do with it at all.

[ Sighs ] And what I like even less is that I’m not dismissing the possibility. Why do you suspect nikolas? After I saw you yesterday, I spoke with jax. You may recall when he and hayden returned to port charles and they both worked with nikolas. I remember. And I’m also sure you remember that years prior, nikolas and hayden were married. Yes, I know. And e-everyone knows that they didn’t really get along, but they were working together to bring valentin down. You know, enemies of my enemies. They were. Until she disappeared without a trace. Why do you think nikolas had anything to do with hayden’s disappearance? I didn’t say that. Nikolas did. You had my son arrested?! Spencer left me with no other choice. He made it very clear that he would not stop until we were broken up. And I-I can’t take any chances, not when avery’s involved. But you were the one that said we could find a way to forgive. Well, spencer and you. I didn’t say anything about me. We are the adults. We can be the bigger people. I tried that. I did. I-I wanted to forgive spencer. But there is another side of that coin — repentance! And he didn’t just terrorize me. He brought my little girl into it. He never would have hurt avery. Maybe not intentionally, but he could have pulled some stunt and she could have ended up collateral damage. Spencer needs to learn there are consequences for his actions! You are right, and I failed him in that concern. So you keep saying. Now is the time to do something about it. Like putting him behind bars? Well, the only reason I did that, to be perfectly blunt — I need him to learn to not mess with me. Yeah. I-I can respect that. You can? You’re not mad? I don’t love it. But I get it. Well! Thank you. At the same time, alexis convinced me to be a better father to my son, to make a difference in his life. The sooner, the better. Uh-huh. But how am I supposed to do that when my son is behind bars? Phyllis: I found it on the river walk near lenny’s favorite fishing spot. The watch! Sonny’s one link to his past. That’s why he tossed it away. He was saying goodbye to whoever he was and wherever he came from. All that mattered was his future with you.

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, for what it’s worth, at least in that moment, he chose me. Even though I didn’t deserve it. Sonny: Nina’s the one who can’t let go. Truth is, she shouldn’t have come to port charles. She should’ve stayed in nixon falls and started a new life. Like you did? Well, like I did, but my life’s here. The one that nina tried to take from me. I am not trying to ask you to forget what nina did. Okay, but you have your life back now. So whatever — whatever happened between you and nina, the good and the bad, leave it in nixon falls where it belongs. Appreciate it. Okay. I’m happy for you.

[ Sighs ] And for sonny. Hey, look, you guys — you guys should be together. And now that you are, all the more reason to put nina behind you. Oh. I don’t know how to do that.

[ Scoffs ] I keep… I keep watching sonny and I keep thinking, is the sonny that came back the sonny that I’ve always known? Is it my sonny? Carly, it’s — it’s sonny. For nine months, we thought he was dead. You thought you were gonna spend the rest of your life without him, and now he’s home. Whatever happened in nixon falls, it doesn’t matter. Now you sound like sonny.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs, sniffles ] Jax, I’ve been waiting to hear from you.

[ Babies fussing ] You know, dr. Navarro was right. After seeing the delivery room, I think we can do this. Famous last words from the father.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] Hey. I honor and respect you for doing all the hard work, and I just want you to know I’m gonna be right there to support you. And on the bright side, after it’s all over, we get one of those. Yeah. Makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? Sure does. When jax confronted him, nikolas admitted he turned up the heat on hayden to force her to leave town. That doesn’t mean nikolas was responsible for hayden’s shooting years before. True, and the fact that they worked together after means either she didn’t know or she figured somehow to forgive him. Okay, let me play devil’s advocate. How does any of this connect nikolas to all of the insanity that went down at crichton-clark? Maybe it doesn’T. Alright? Maybe he was only involved in hayden’s shooting. Or maybe none of it. Look, all I have are pieces that may or may not fit together. Jax said you would want to hear the truth. Now I’ve told you. Who else are you gonna share your suspicions with? That depends on you. You have been an incredible friend to me. You and your family are a big reason I’m walking around. It was our pleasure. I care about you, my friend. And I owe you big time. So… you just say the word, and I’ll drop this whole thing. How do you guide spencer while he’s in jail? Well, you go and visit him. It’s not like he can go anywhere. And once I get there? The only way to reach spencer is to show him that he can’t escape what he’s done. So, please, under no circumstances, nikolas, can you — I-I won’T. I won’t bail him out. And don’t let that esme bail him out either. He needs to just sit there. He needs to reach rock bottom. You know, that’s the only way you’ll be able to reach a meaningful hand out to help him. Tough love. Yeah. Spencer needs to realize… that he needs you, he needs your love. He needs his father. Until he realizes that, this cycle is just gonna keep going, and you can’t let it. That cannot happen. For spencer’s sake — for ours — it’s got to stop. Now. Yes, jax, I wanted to talk to you about crimson. Never mind. Um, you know what? You can run your business without my two cents. No, no, no, I’m open to input, in the spirit of mutual cooperation. It — it was an idea. Okay? It was just an idea I had, but it was a bad idea. Did you just admit to having a bad idea? Yes, jax, I did. Okay? Goodbye. Nina’s off limits — for now. Why didn ‘t you give sonny backhis watch when you saw him? I thought it might bring back too many painful memories. Maybe I should have left it where he dropped it. Listen, you always make the right decisions. It’s frustrating.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll make sure he gets it.

What did you say to your mother? Oh, I just established some ground rules. I think this time she got the message. Ah! Oh! Oh, look at that one! He’s as bald as a basketball.

[ Laughs ] Oh. How likely do you think it is that nikolas had hayden shot?

[ Sighs ] That likely, huh? If I’m right, is that something you think you can live with knowing? I’ve spent my whole life and — and a career, when I still had one, seeking justice. A terrible injustice was done to you, and you deserve justice. And it would be hypocritical of me to not let you get that. No matter where it leads? No matter where it leads. Nikolas: I know you’re right. Spencer — he has to own his mistakes. Otherwise, he will never learn, he’ll never change, and he has to change. If spencer learns his lesson — no matter how painful it is — he has the chance to walk out of that jail a better man. A man more like his father. Alexis: Think about what I said.

I believe in you.

[ Sighs ] Oh. You made the right decision. Doesn’t feel like it. Well, because you’re not used to it. I’m not used to making the right decisions? No, you’re not used to letting things go. Because it goes against every instinct I have. What kind of message am I sending nina by letting her get away with this, I mean, what she did to my family? I think nina knows that you’re not okay with this. If nina stays the hell away from me and my family, then maybe we can avoid a war. I’ll leave you two to talk. Remember the mike in you. Be kind.

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