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alexis: How you doing? Shouldn’t that be my line? Ava stopped here on the way out of town. Sorry. You’re probably heartbroken, huh? Ava didn’t leave town. We’re back together. Oh, that’s good, isn’t it? Got my wife back, but I lost my son in the process. Esme. What’s wrong? Something happen with spencer? Esme: Spence is okay. As okay as he can be, considering he just lost his father and his best friends. Spencer: What are you doing here? Visiting my friend. Better question is, what are you doing here? I’m looking for my father. He isn’t home. My mistake. So you admit you make them. When it comes to my dad, yeah. But not when it comes to me. No. How can you say that to ava after everything you’ve done to her? It’s more complicated than that. It’s really not. Forget it. I’m out of here. Trina, wait. It’s good to see you, sonny. It’s good to be back. Yeah, when I heard the news… something else, right?

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] You, uh — you were definitely missed. Thanks. Listen, jason told me about the situation with renault. Yeah, just another day at the office. But in all seriousness, I was glad to help the family. Family is everything. It’s about to get bigger. How’s that? I’m gonna be a father.

[ Laughs ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Knock on door ] Yeah, come in. Good news. Hey. Okay, tell me. This study shows the cross-promotion not only boosted deception sales, but also crimson circulation. Oh, that’s great news. Yeah, I guess I should have said great news. Alright. You didn’t have to deliver this yourself

and in person, so…what’s up? There is something I need to say to you. Are you ready for some radical honesty? I am if you are. So what do you want to be so honest about? Jason. Thanks for meeting me. Absolutely. I assume this is about hayden. How’s the investigation going? I’ve hit some roadblocks. Yeah, I heard that her mother was murdered right after you and sam spoke with her, right? It can’t be a coincidence. Okay, so how does this circle back to me?

I want to congratulate you and sasha. Happy for you. Brando: Thanks. Starting a family is a big deal. Yeah, yeah, I’m getting that sense. So you’re gonna need a job, you know, a good salary. I can work out something at the warehouse if you want. Thanks, sonny, really. But I’m — I’m out of the business. You are? Yeah. Sasha and I just want a quiet life with our baby. I’m a little surprised. I mean, you were so intent on being part of the organization. Is sasha pressuring you to leave? I was shocked when I heard you’d known that sonny was alive for months. Yeah, I’m sure you were. Watching that family grieve, especially michael — I know what I did was unforgivable, and you can tell me what you think of me. Go ahead. I can take it. Here, let me get you started. You think that I was cruel, that I was unfeeling? I think that you were in pain. And I think that you made a mistake, one that you will regret for the rest of your life. I wish I didn’t, but I know what that feels like. Cameron: Spencer’s dad cut him off. Emotionally and financially. Oh. Well, I guess that’s not too surprising, but still… it’s awful. So where are you guys staying? Nowhere at the moment. Well, I’m sure you two will figure it out. You and spencer are nothing if not resourceful. Cameron: Joss. No. I deserved that. Can I ask you something? Sure. Why are you here? You made it pretty clear that you blame us for sonny confronting nikolas, which I think is pretty funny considering you’re the one who told sonny nikolas was taking off with avery. I’m sorry. For which part? All of it. But try and put yourself in my position. Seeing my boyfriend in so much pain, it was torture, so I lashed out at you. And I shouldn’t have. Cameron’s been great talking me down. Yeah, well, that’s cameron. He’s pretty great. He said he could forgive me and spence. What about you? Alexis: What’s wrong with spencer? It’s not the stalker, is it? Spencer is the stalker. No. Yes. Are you sure? He admitted it. Wow. I thought you were wrong. Guess it was me who was wrong. Spencer? I still can’t understand how my son was capable of such cruelty. He’s different, alexis. Colder. I wonder why. Maybe it’s because of you. Spencer: Can we go somewhere and talk? I have no interest in going anywhere with you. Then would you mind, please, giving us some privacy? It depends. Trina, would you like privacy? I guess I’ll hear him out. Okay. I have a phone call to make. I won’t be far. Holler if you need me. Thanks, ava. Do you want to sit? No. What did ava say to you to make you so angry? Ava didn’t say anything to me, spencer. You’re the one that makes me angry. But I thought that we might be on better terms after my apology. You call that an apology? Nuh-unh. You’re gonna have to up your game. I’m not implying you had anything to do with naomi’s murder. Well, I’m glad I’m not on the suspect list. I just found myself stuck, trying to figure out who shot hayden, so I’m reviewing everything I know so far. Hoping something gets you unstuck. Exactly. Well, I’m at your disposal. Okay. So when sam and i spoke to you last, you said we should talk to nikolas cassadine. I remember. Was he no help? Nikolas claimed he had nothing to add. You think he’s lying? If there’s a link between naomi dreyfus’ murder and drew’s disappearance, then sam’s investigation just got a bit more dangerous. Well, I can see why that might concern you. This somehow leads back to the cassadines. It always does. So we need to figure out how before even more people get killed. Let’s just say someone just recently reminded me what the cassadines are capable of. Everything I said to you that day at the hospital, it was a bunch of crap. I just wanted you to let go. Of jason? Yeah. I mean, for your own sake. And I knew jason wouldn’t do it, so I had to. What — what are you… so you lied? Yeah.

So you and jason don’t love each other. Of course we love each other, but that’s not why we got married. It was a business situation. Carly, do you think I’m stupid? No. Jason was on the run. You went to some business meeting because you had to fill in for him, and then he went back and saved your life. I was there in the room taking a bullet out of his side. Of course this was about the business. And then it became about more. Jason and I thought sonny was dead, obviously, so if we were going to be married, we wanted it to be real. Real? Wha– real. All the bells and whistles. A true husband and wife. And… we were happy. Well, this is gonna sound snarky, but I actually mean it. It must have been hard when sonny came home. But he is home, and that’s all that matters. Jason and i are processing, but we both know what we want. Which is? For things to go back to the way they were. . If part of going back is… trying to make things okay with me and jason, I’m sorry, that’s not gonna happen. It was sasha who was concerned about the danger, but we’re a team, so I couldn’t just ignore it. And let’s be real, it’s not like she was wrong. No, she’s — yeah, I get it. So in the end, we came to a decision together. And now my focus is on making the garage a success. You’re gonna be great. Life’s crazy, isn’t it? And all the — all the twists and turns. You know, if you would’ve asked me a few months ago what I thought it would be like… it wouldn’t be this? No.

[ Laughs ] Not then. Unh-unh. But now… the idea of putting in an honest day’s work and coming home to the people I love… yeah, it just feels right. There are perks to the simple life. Yeah, but it’s not for everyone. I mean, take you, for instance. Your life is anything but simple. Thank you for being so kind. I don’t deserve it, but… it means the world. Well, now that I am about to be a mom, it’s really sunk in, you know? How horribly wrong I was to pretend to be your daughter. If this child was taken from me somehow, I can’t even imagine. But you can, and that is because of me, and I am so sorry, nina. You are gonna be a fantastic mother. I hope so. I know so.

[ Chuckles ] Well, if that is true, then it is in large part because of you. It may not have been real, but you showed me what it looked like to be a kind and loving mother. And even after you knew what I had done, when you should have despised me, you still showed me compassion. Nina, I — I mean it. If it was not for you and carly, I might still be on drugs right now. No, I don’t know about that. Carly was the one who sat me down and gave it to me straight, and then you reached out and you really cared, and that changed everything for me. Maybe you and carly aren’t as far apart as you think. Maybe we weren’t then, but… we certainly are now. You got to remember, I wasn’t living in port charles when hayden was shot. I’m actually more interested of your impression of hayden and nikolas when you three were working together right before she disappeared. Impression of their relationship? Oh, it was contentious, to say the least. But nikolas was in a bad place back then. You know, he was completely unpredictable. I mean, the fact that he scared hayden so badly that she left town? Oh, hold on. Nikolas was the reason hayden left town? Sorry, this is my fault? Of course it is. And you know that, which is why you came here to talk to your aunt alexis because you know that I’ll tell you how it is. And how is it, alexis? Nikolas, you let your son believe you were dead. I mean, I get that you you wanted the cassadine fortune, but that can’t trump your relationship with your own son. You hurt him. Yeah, and he hurt me right back. Spencer was always into pranks, but this one really is on a whole new level. Yeah, you think? Does he know the gravity of what he’s done?

[ Scoffs ] Something ava said stuck with me. You know, we’re not even sure if spencer’s sorry for the acts or just sorry that they didn’t work. I know the pain of feeling like you’ve failed your kid, but you haven’T. Y-you guys will work it out. I don’t want to work it out. No, spencer’s gone from my life because I threw him out. That’s the worst thing you could have done. Cameron, spencer, and i have been friends basically our whole lives. That’s really beautiful. Yeah. So if spencer is truly sorry for what he’s done to everybody, then, yes, I will find a way to forgive him. Life’s too short. That’s all I ask. So are you okay after talking to nina? It was intense, and I’ll fill you in later. Hmm. Talk now. I’m headed inside to grab a coffee anyways. Thank you again.

[ Whispering ] I owe you one. Yeah, it’s no problem.

[ Scoffs ] Wow. Yeah. That girl will say or do anything, won’t she? What? Her whole contrite act, crying on your shoulder out here? I mean, did she really think we’d buy it? You don’t? I’m bad at apologizing. I guess I haven’t done it much in my life. And that’s a start. But you can’t just say you’re bad at something. You actually have to get better. I told you I deserved whatever you threw at me. That’s not the same as actually saying, “I’m sorry.” I am sorry. For what? That I took it this far. And that I let you get caught up in it. You could have stopped when you saw me at the gallery. Trina, the sprinklers were already set to go off. Then you could have taken off your stupid mask. Do you know how scared I was? I thought you were gonna hurt me or worse. So it’s pretty obvious that at no point in your plan did you think of anyone else besides yourself. That’s not true. Sure, it is. There are so many ways you could have played it. You didn’t want me to see your face, fine. Then you could have told me I wasn’t in any danger, but you didn’t because you didn’t care because I was nobody to you.

[ Chuckles ] No. No, you are not nobody.

On is only 18. He comes upwith this elaborate plan to terrorize ava, first in hiding, not telling me he’s back in port charles, but then face-to-face, alexis, unrelenting, even when he saw all of the pain he was causing. He is a true cassadine. Which is exactly why he needs his father right now. What he did is unconscionable. What do you call what you did? I know this is hard for you to hear, but he’s acting just like you, and slamming the door in his face isn’t a solution. He needs guidance, not abandonment. This is no time for you to be turning your back on him. You are the opposite of nobody. I knew that the moment I laid eyes on you. You mean right before you covered me in fake blood? It was the way you stood up to me. You got in my face, whipped out that pepper spray without flinching, even though you knew it was empty. I’m so glad my terror is a fond memory for you. And then after that, you — the way that you bounced back, trina, you refused to let me ruin your night, and I thought that that was so cool. It proved to me that you were someone worth knowing. Or maybe somebody that could cover up for you in case I figured out who you really were. I’m sorry I lied. About everything. No, not everything. I wasn’t lying when I told you that guy at the gallery was a jerk. And I wasn’t lying when I said that it never should have happened to you. Tell me you believe me. Believe what? That you’re even capable of telling the truth? All I’m saying is that esme seemed genuinely upset when I spoke to her earlier. Esme can se you don’t think she cares for spencer? If she did, then why did she try to turn him against us and put his father in danger by lying to sonny? She apologized for that, and by the way, she didn’t lie. No? No. No, she thought that avery was going with nikolas and ava. And why wouldn’t she? Avery is ava’s daughter. You really believe her? Why would she bother coming up with a cover story? Spencer’s obviously crazy for her. She doesn’t need our seal of approval. I don’t know, I just — I — I get this vibe from her and I don’t like it. I think she’s using spencer. For what? He’s richer than god, cam. So is esme. How do we know that? Because she said so? Cam, think about it. I mean, what do we actually know about her? Okay, say that you’re right. Esme’s after the money. Now that spencer’s cut off from his father, shouldn’t she be getting the hell out of here and dumping him? Why is she still in port charles? Esme: Hello? This is she. Really, I got the internship at spring ridge? Thank you so much. I can’t wait to get started. Jax: You didn’t know? Hayden ran because she thought that valentin was after her, but it was actually nikolas that wanted her gone. I’m surprised that elizabeth didn’t mention that. Although hayden disappeared years after she was shot. I mean, who knows if the two incidents are connected. Yeah, but if they are, this could get complicated. How? You think alexis would be okay with me investigating her nephew? She’s the reason I’m out of prison, jax. I owe her everything. Alexis, of all people, would want to know the truth. Thanks for your time. No problem. Jason’s an amazing guy. He’s the best. And the time I spent with him was wonderful. And you don’t want that back? No. Look, I’m sorry for what happened to you, and I’m sorry for jason and what happened with almost getting married and then sonny, and… I mean, that’s super complicated. But for me, it was a blessing. Losing jason was a blessing? Yeah, because if I had actually let myself fall for him and then realized that you were always gonna come first, and I do mean always, I would have lost my mind.

No one knows how wrong I was more than I do, but carly thinks it was only about revenge, and it wasn’T. I mean, the initial phone call when I tried to tell her about sonny — yes, I gave into a bad impulse at the moment, but I fully intended to pick up the phone the next day and tell her about him. Why didn’t you? Because it — it — it just — it quickly became less about carly and more about this — this place, nixon falls, and how happy sonny was. I created this whole new world and I just got swept up in it, you know? And it didn’t have anything to do with carly. Yes, I felt bad about keeping the secret, but I wasn’t doing it to get back at her. It’s just really hard to explain. No, I think I understand. You were really happy there, weren’t you? Sonny: [ Laughs ] Oh. I was.

[ Chuckles ] What? It’s just really hard to imagine sonny as a bartender. Yeah, well, he was just a lot different without the weight of being in the mob on his shoulders. In what way? Just lighter. More joyful. More at peace. Let’s hope that brando feels the same way. I respect your determination to make it on your own. My own? That’s a stretch. I only have the garage because of you. Oh, you definitely earned it. So I may not need a job, but, um… I could use some pointers in the dad department. I always knew you were a good one, but seeing how your family tried to move on, how big a hole you left when you were gone, that… you know, that really drove it home for me. You’re irreplaceable. Thank you. And you’re gonna be. Look, parenting isn’t something you can prepare for. I mean, you can read all the books you want on sleep and everything, but the way to do it… is to do it. On-the-job training.

[ Laughs ] Yeah. Exactly. That’s not intimidating or anything. And you already know what the most important thing is. What’s that? There’s nothing more important than family. So what happened when you talked to nina? It was awful. But I said what I wanted to say. So there’s that. Well, I’m proud of you. Thank you. Listen, I know that you want to get off the subject of spencer and esme — trust me, so do I — but esme is seriously sounding alarm bells off for me right now. Yeah, I’m kind of getting that. Look, I know that spencer is capable of some ridiculous crap, but sending that bear to avery and torching ava’s car, I mean, it’s just — it’s next level. Well, spencer’s dad made him believe that he was dead. Maybe spencer was just that angry. Or esme took it upon herself to raise the stakes and now spencer is being forced to cover for her. I am capable of telling the truth. I truly want you to forgive me. Why do you even care? Because I care what you think, trina. I care about you. Convenient timing, now that everyone hates you. The timing may be suspect, but it’s still the truth. I was hoping — I still am — to be your friend. Because you’re mine. You’re the only friend I’ve ever made who didn’t know me as spencer the cassadine heir or spencer the orphan, spencer the atm. Or spencer the jerk? Yeah, that too. I am sorry I manipulated you, and I am even more sorry that I hurt you. Please believe me. How? How can I believe anything you say, ever? Is everything alright? Uh, I have to go. I’ll take the launch break with you. No, I’d rather go alone. Finally… I have you all to myself. It’s so much more civil to look your enemy straight in the eye. Don’t you agree?

Well, I’m glad to hear that brando’s out of the family business now that you two are about to become parents. I mean, you’re gonna have a baby, look at you. Can you believe it? No. So how are you feeling? I’m okay. I — my blood pressure was high, so I was on bed rest for a while. Oh, no. It’s better now, though, so I can finally leave the house. That must feel nice. Oh, yeah. Turns out I am not meant for lounging around all day. Mnh-mnh. So how is brando? How are things on that front? Everything’s great. Yeah? Yay!

[ Knock on door ] Well, look who it is. Wow. Your ears must have been burning. We were just talking about you. Oh, all good things, I hope. Only the best. Ah, from perks. Extra spinach, no ginger. Thank you. So sweet. I remember that you like ginger. I do. Baby doesn’T. Yes, of course. So what have you been up to? Um…I went to see sonny. I mean, look at the number you did on sam and elizabeth. Okay, there’s two sides to that story. Sure, elizabeth moved on, but I’ve heard enough hospital gossip, not to mention seeing it with my own eyes. She still carries a torch for him. Not that that will ever happen for her because you are his top priority. Look, if you think you’re selling me on the fact that you don’t want him… and if you think you’re selling me on being all magnanimous here, gifting jason back to me, please. And you know what that tells me? What? You still think you’re in control of jason’s life. “In control”? No, but I am a part of jason’s life, and I will not step aside, and accepting me is the price of admission. But isn’t he worth the price of admission? No. Coming in second doesn’t work for me. Britt, I get it. I really get it. And it’s your life, it’s your choice. Jason’s a hard habit to break. Not for me. Mr. Corinthos, hello. Dr. Westbourne. Yeah, okay. Hi. Hey. What’s going on? So how was your talk with phyllis? It was good. I’m lucky to have her as a friend, and hope you don’t mind, but I told her she could stay at the metro court. Of course. Oh, of course. But sadly, our bartender can’t compare it to tan-o’S.

[ Both laugh ] Alexis: Do better. Be better, nikolas, for your son. If I’m such a terrible role model, maybe spencer is better off without me. Stop whining. No, he said it himself. He did all these terrible things because he loved me. Isn’t that what you said to him when you played dead all those years? You did it for spencer? It’s the cassadine way. No. The cassadine way is to discard those that don’t fall in line. Fight for your kid. You’ve made some horrible decisions, nikolas, but you are a good man. So you stay in there and you teach your son to be a good man, too. Don’t let him down. I never said you were my enemy. You didn’t have to say it. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “actions speak louder than words.” And yours were deafening. But ultimately, they failed. I’m still here. And you don’t have to like me, spencer, but you do have to hear me when I say that this is over. There will be no more attacks. There will be no more scare tactics. Never again. It’s not like anyone got hurt. I was trying to teach you a lesson. “It’s not like anybody got hurt”? You don’t think being separated from my child hurt? You don’t think planning to leave her behind hurt? You fired the first shot when you refused to testify against valentin. You chose your face over my father. As we discussed, that was wrong, but it does not give you the right to terrorize me. I’m sorry I took it this far, okay? How novel. But I am not sorry that I went after you. And we’re back. You’re bad for my father, ava. And that’s just a fact. Your father disagrees with you. I am his wife, and I’m not going anywhere. And if you ever come after me or my daughter again, there will be hell to pay — a hell unlike anything you have ever witnessed. You got me?

Alrighty. I got to go back to work. Okay. May I just add one thing? You said it yourself, you’ve known spencer since… forever. Yeah. Is it possible that you want to push the blame on esme because you don’t want to blame a friend? Mm… possible, but highly doubtful. I’ll see you later? Count on it. Bye. You’re really lucky to have cameron. He’s an amazing guy. Yeah, he is. Esme, what do you want? I want spence to be happy. That’s it? That’s it. And to be happy, he needs his friends. Cameron seems ready to put all this behind us. I’m hoping you can do the same. I already told you that I’m not giving up on spencer. Just on me. Look… I may not be your favorite person, but spence and i are a package deal. Cameron accepts that. You’d be wise to do that, too. What is that supposed to mean? Just that I’d hate for you to be left behind. Hi, trina. Mm. What was that? Nothing good. I’m not intimidated by you, ava, and I will not let you poison my father against me. Your father’s relationship with you is up to him. As for me, nikolas knows that I will deal with you directly. And how are you gonna do that? Mrs. Cassadine, your housekeeper let us in. Excuse me, what are you guys doing? You can’t just waltz in here. I called them. You called the police to have me thrown out? Oh, no, don’t be silly. I called the police to have you arrested. What? Harassment, criminal mischief, breaking and entering. You’re about to face the consequences of what you’ve done. I don’t want to interrupt. That’s okay, I have to get going anyway. Think about what I said. I believe in you. Was it weird bringing up sonny in front of nina? It’s bound to happen. I just hope my friendship with nina doesn’t cause problems for you with your family. I can handle my family.

[ Sighs ] Good answer.

[ Both chuckle ] Hey, can I get a sip of that? Are you crazy? It’s all mine.

[ Laughs ]

[ Clears throat ] So brando asked my advice on fatherhood. Well, I’m not surprised. You are one of the best. One of the? Yes, of course I have to include michael in that.

[ Laughs ] Oh, yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, I have a meeting. I forgot. It — it won’t take very long. Will you wait for me here? Oh, I’d wait for you anywhere. I’ll be back. Jax. Sonny, welcome home. Miss me? Well, josslyn did. Well, since you’re here, uh… we got a lot to chat about.

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