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Chanel: That was a day.

Allie: And a half. I can’t believe we sold out everything in the bakery.

Chanel: I feel like I barely even had a chance to breathe. I didn’t even get a chance to ask you how your date was.

Allie: It was fine, but how about you? What did you end up doing last night?

Chanel: You know, it turns out it was good I didn’t go out with you guys, because I was involved in a surprise engagement.

Allie: What? You and my brother got engaged?

Johnny: Hey, just the person I was looking for.

Abigail: Oh, really? Good reason or bad reason?

Johnny: Good.

Abigail: Okay. Another script.

Johnny: You can tear up the old one. That is the rewrite. Hot off the press.

Abigail: Okay, and so you said this one focuses mainly on your grandmother being possessed by the–

Johnny: It’s okay. You can say it. You’re gonna have to live it when you play her in the movie.

Abigail: You wrote another script that fast?

Johnny: Yeah. I was working on it all night, but I gotta tell you that thing practically wrote itself. I guess you could say the devil was my muse.

Abigail: Hmm.

Kayla: [Laughs] How did you know that’s what I needed?

Roman: Lucky guess. Nothing does the trick like mom’s cure-all.

Kayla: I wish it could cure everything.

Roman: What’s going on?

Kayla: I just came from committing doug to bayview for evaluation.

Roman: How’d that go?

Kayla: He was extremely upset and was insisting that he didn’t belong there. And he just kept asking for julie, over and over again.

Ciara: I think that I’m more ready to start a family than ben is.

Julie: He doesn’t want children?

Ciara: Oh, he does. It’s just he has his own issues to work through, before he can fully commit.

Julie: Considering his family history and his own, that makes sense.

Ciara: Yeah, he’s actually at a session with marlena right now, mm-hmm. Hopefully, she can help him work through those feelings. There is no one I trust more than marlena.

Julie: As do I. I know she’s going to help my doug and help your ben too. I have complete faith in marlena. And you should too.

Marlena: I’m sorry, ben.

Ben: It’s okay, and thank you again for making the time to see me.

Devil: Don’t let him go, marlena. You need to convince ben weston that he and his wife must have this baby. Don’t let me down, marlena, or there will be a steep price to pay.

[Echoing] Pay, pay.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Allie: Why didn’t you tell me you were engaged? I mean, where’s the ring?

Chanel: [Laughs] Relax, horton. I am not engaged to your brother after three dates.

Allie: Oh, okay, well, you said you were involved in a surprise engagement, so what’s the engagement?

Chanel: Abe proposed to my mom last night.

Allie: Oh! Well, that’s great.

Chanel: And the best part is she said yes.

Allie: Well, lucky uncle abe. Your mom is a total catch.

Chanel: Hell yeah she is, and it was a really romantic night all around.

Allie: Okay, well, if you’re talking about my brother now, I don’t really need the gory details.

Chanel: It would only be gory if he was a lousy singer.

Allie: No, please do not tell me that my brother brought out his guitar and “serenaded” you.

Chanel: Yeah, he sure did.

Allie: Oh, my god.

Chanel: He was “wooing” me. His words.

Allie: I told you he was a player.

Chanel: Well, if he is, then so far he’s playing it exactly right.

Abigail: You changed the name of the movie, I see.

Johnny: I had to. It’s not the sami brady story any more.

Abigail: Did you tell your mom? ‘Cause she’s not gonna be happy.

Johnny: She is not even returning my texts or my calls, so she doesn’t get a say. But you do, and so does chad. I want you both to read over this. Please let me know if you have any questions, if any of the dialogue feels unnatural. I want you to be brutally honest, okay?

Abigail: You’re sure about that?

Johnny: Of course. It’s a collaborative film, and I appreciate you guys believing in my vision.

Abigail: Aww. Thank you. I really appreciate the opportunity.

Johnny: So you’re excited?

Abigail: I am, yeah. After these last few crazy months, I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to it.

Johnny: Well, I will leave you to it, and maybe… read it with the lights on.

Abigail: “Possessed: The marlena evans story.”

[Eerie music]


Devil: Are you listening to me, marlena? You need to stop him. Now.

Ben: Dr. Evans, you all right?

Marlena: You didn’t hear that?

Ben: Hear what?

Devil: Ben can’t hear me, doc. I have a direct line right into your head. And more importantly, your soul.

Ben: Dr. Evans, what did you hear?

[Eerie music]


Marlena: A sound. Outside. It must have been something outside. Nothing–it’s nothing.

Ben: What did it sound like?

Devil: You need to change his mind, marlena. Tell him right now. Tell him to have this baby. If you don’t, I’ll have to pay a visit to poor, vulnerable doug.

Marlena: Well, I don’t–

Ben: Dr. Evans, are you sure you’re all right?

Marlena: Um… no, actually I’m not feeling very well at all.

Ben: You know, maybe you should head home. Get some rest. Yeah? You’ll feel better, okay?

Marlena: Wait. You can’t leave. Your mission:

Allie: Please tell me that you recorded my brother singing to you.

Chanel: I did not.

Allie: Damn it. I could have used it for blackmail.

Chanel: It was a very lovely, private moment.

Allie: A lovely, private, cringey moment. I’m sure my brother couldn’t be cheesier if he tried.

Johnny: I bet I can.

Chanel: Hey, you.

Johnny: Hey.

Allie: Heart-shaped chocolates? You know she’s a baker, right?

Johnny: They’re chocolate-covered mixed nuts.

Chanel: My favorite. You’re good. He’s good.

Abigail: Oh!

Chad: Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Abigail: [Laughs] Oh, my gosh. I did not…

Chad: Sorry.

Abigail: Hear you come in. I was so caught up in the script.

Chad: How many times you read that thing?

Abigail: This is a totally new version. Johnny practically started over. He wants us to read it and give him some feedback.

Chad: Okay. It sounds like a nice diversion from the day at the office that I had.

Abigail: You weren’t confronted by the devil, were you?

Chad: Not quite. Ej’s not speaking to me.

Abigail: Because of the movie stuff?

Chad: He’ll only communicate to me through our assistants. He’s furious that I’m financing a story about sami’s past.

Abigail: Well, you can’t pull out now. Not only would it break johnny’s heart. I think it’d kind of break mine.

Roman: [Sighs] Damn. It breaks my heart. I mean, I know he was having trouble. Mixing up names. I mean, he did that when he came in the pub, a while back, but damn. It sounds like it’s really getting a lot worse.

Kayla: Well, I think we know better than most that dementia is a degenerative illness. And in doug’s case, it just seems like it’s progressing with alarming rapidity.

Roman: Well, we did get a miracle for mom.

Kayla: Well, it’s gonna take at least that, if not more, for doug to recover.

Julie: You just got married. Your whole life is before you. There’s no rush to have a baby, is there?

Ciara: I guess not. Plenty of people decide not to have kids, right? And good for them. It’s just–I don’t know. I never thought that I would have to make that decision.

Julie: What about adoption? I mean, if ben is so concerned about passing on his genes.

Ciara: Yeah, allie actually asked me about that, but I mean I don’t think we’re the perfect candidates, given ben’s history.

Julie: I understand.

Ciara: And besides, I don’t even think that would address all of his concerns. I think he’s not only afraid of passing down his genes. I think he’s afraid of the kind of parent he’s gonna end up becoming. I think he’s afraid that he’ll turn into clyde.

Ben: Why can’t I leave? Aren’t we finished with our session?

Marlena: We are, but…

Devil: Pull yourself together, marlena. You can do it. You have to do it.

Marlena: I don’t want you going home to ciara and telling her that you can’t have a child.

Ben: Why not?

Marlena: Because–

Devil: Say it, marlena. Say it.

Marlena: Because that would be a terrible mistake. This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Julie: Oh, my darling girl. I hope all your hopes and dreams come true.

Ciara: Thank you, grandma, but right now, I am worried about grandpa and you. I’m just so sorry for what you guys are going through.

Julie: We’ve had a long and exciting life together. I never took a day of it for granted. I have no regrets.

Ciara: But still, I mean you never really think that something like this would happen.

Julie: No. No, you don’T. You can prepare yourself for illness. You can even prepare yourself for that day when one of you has to say goodbye. But I never expected that my darling would want to hurt me or stop loving me.

Ciara: No. He would never stop loving you. No matter how sick he gets, he still loves you, deep down in his soul with all of his heart. And that is one thing that I know for certain. He always will love you.

Kayla: [Sighs] Thank you for the chowder.

Roman: Any time, sis.

Kayla: All right, I’m gonna head over to the hortons and check on julie.

Roman: Okay. Give ’em my love.

Kayla: I will do that. I love you.

Roman: I love you.

Kayla: Hey, john.

John: Hey, kay.

Kayla: How’s marlena feeling?

John: Better. Nowhere near 100%. I tried talking her out of going to work.

Kayla: She went to the hospital?

John: You know doc. Always putting everybody else’s needs first.

Kayla: That she does.

John: Keep an eye on her for me, will you?

Kayla: Of course.

John: Thanks. Appreciate that. Yeah.

Kayla: Take care.

Roman: Hey, john. What can I get for you?

John: Just a couple minutes of your time.

Roman: Always on the menu. What’s up?

John: Johnny tells me that you are thinking about investing in his film.

Roman: Doing more than thinking about it. Told him I would.

John: Well, I’m here to talk you out of it.

Chad: You’re really psyched about doing this movie, huh?

Abigail: I am, yeah. It feels like a new challenge. An opportunity to maybe learn something about salem’s history. And aren’t you excited to be a part of it?

Chad: Yeah. I wouldn’t be investing in it if I didn’t believe in it.

Abigail: So you’re not gonna let ej’s temper tantrum change your mind?

Chad: No, not a chance.

Abigail: Good, because chad–this story–it’s insane. I mean, my part. The things that I get to do. I just hope that I can do justice to everything that marlena went through, really.

Chad: Well, I mean, you–look at me. You have succeeded at everything you’ve ever done, okay? You are gonna be great.

Abigail: Thank you. I think I’m gonna read the words out loud. You know, just to kind of make sure everything flows.

Chad: Yeah, well…

Abigail: You know?

Chad: Why don’t we read it together? I’ll be your scene partner.

Abigail: Really?

Chad: Yeah. Look, I am–I mean I’m no professional.

Abigail: God.

Chad: Okay? But I’m game. You can call me… john black.

Abigail: It’S… father john black. You ready?

Chad: Let’s do it.

Abigail: [Clears throat]

Chad: Fade in.

Chanel: Mmm. I wonder if we can make a cookie that tastes like this. Cashews and dark chocolate.

Allie: No. It’s almost dinnertime.

Johnny: You just cannot admit that I bought something nice for chanel. You know, I’m actually a pretty good boyfriend.

Allie: Okay, well, if you’re here to do more wooing, I’m gonna get going.

Johnny: Ah, hang on. I’m here to woo you too.

Allie: Oh, another script.

Johnny: I know you haven’t committed to the project yet, but there is no way you’ll turn me down after you read this draft. I promise.

Allie: Sorry, buddy, but I’m turning you down right now.

Ben: You’re telling me that it would be a mistake not to bring a baby into this world? Fully knowing that it could possibly be sick, like I was?

Marlena: Ben, you were ill. You’re not ill anymore.

Ben: I understand that, but I also know that it could come back. And I face that possibility every single day, and I know my child could go through that same thing.

Marlena: But the odds are so low.

Ben: They’re not zero.

Marlena: No. No, nothing is really zero. Look, god forbid–

Devil: Don’t bring him into this.

Marlena: Ben… we all have traits we don’t want to pass on to our children. I mean, that’s just part of parenting. It’s part of being human. Look, if your child were to become ill, well, you’d get medical attention. Mental health is the same thing.

Ben: Yeah, but when I was ill it didn’t just make me sick. It caused me to kill people.

Marlena: We didn’t catch it soon enough, but you will be so vigilant with your own child.

Ben: Dr. Evans, there isn’t an amount of vigilance in this world to head off evil. I’m sorry. I-I can’t– I can’t do that.

Devil: Stop him now. You have to.

Marlena: Why?

Ben: What do you mean, “why?” I’m a ganiac, ganiac, check my drawers

Johnny: Allie, come on, please. I need you to play mom.

Allie: Why? The story’s about grandma now.

Johnny: And mom is her daughter. She was about our age when grandma was possessed.

Chanel: Oh, there’s a sentence.

Johnny: Look, mom has some really pivotal scenes. Wait till you read about the moment that she walked in on grandma and grandpa john on top of the titan conference…

Allie: Okay.

Johnny: Table.

Allie: One, ew, and, two, what does it have to do with the possession?

Johnny: The fallout from that affair is the event that pushed mom over the edge. I mean, that’s why she changed aunt belle’s paternity test results, why she kidnapped her. A lot of people say that that was the birth of sami brady as we know her.

Chanel: Your mom did all of that?

Allie: It’s literally just the beginning.

Chanel: So what happened with your grandma, after your mom caught her?

Allie: Well, the truth got out about the affair, and my grandpa roman divorced her.

Johnny: Leaving marlena all alone, vulnerable, and full of shame. And that’s how the devil found his way in.

Roman: Okay. Well, john, I gotta tell you I am not gonna go back on my word to my grandchild.

John: Roman, you know what this film’s about.

Roman: Yeah. Sami’s life.

John: All of our lives. And from what I understand, it’s gonna include the moment that doc and I–

Roman: Cheated on me.

John: Yep.

Roman: John, I came to terms with that a long time ago. Stefano upended all our lives. Marlena fell in love with you when she thought you were me, and after that, as hard as you two tried, you couldn’t stay apart.

Marlena: John. I didn’t think I’d see you tonight.

John: I didn’t expect to see you here, either, especially alone.

Marlena: I’m not. Roman is coming.

John: You know, doc, you couldn’t lie to me when we were married, and you still can’T. God, you look beautiful tonight. Wait please.

Marlena: Don’t do this.

John: Just a minute.

Marlena: Don’T. If you care about me at all, don’t touch me. Not now. Not ever…

Both: Again.

Chad: I guess john didn’t listen.

Abigail: No editorializing. Keep going.

Chad: Sorry.

[Clears throat]

[As john] I talked to carrie, after you left. She felt as though you may be coming down with a little something.

Abigail as marlena: Oh, well, she was wrong.

Chad: Are you sure?

Abigail: Yes, I feel fine.

Chad: All right. Then why aren’t you upstairs at the party with everyone else?

Abigail: I just needed some time by myself.

Chad: Why? Why? I mean, if you’re not ill, why are you here? What are you running away from? If, um–

Abigail: You know, I think maybe that’s enough for one day.

Chad: It’s a little close to home, huh?

Ciara: There we go.

Julie: Enough of this. Cheer me up.

Ciara: Okay.

Julie: Yes. Tell me about your honeymoon. It was in new orleans?

Ciara: Yes, it was.

Julie: So tell me all about the food.

Ciara: Oh, the food! Well, where do I even start? The crawfish. The muffuletta sandwiches. The beignets. Oh, and we even visited oak alley.

Julie: Oh, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? Your mother and father made some wonderful memories there.

Ciara: Yeah, it is beautiful, but it’s changed a lot. The plantation’s had to reckon with its past. Yeah, enslaved workers built the house, planted the oaks, and that is all a part of its legacy.

Julie: It’s important to reexamine the sins of the past. Hard as that is.

Ciara: Yeah. It actually made ben think about how he had to reckon with his own sins.

Julie: This is why he has doubts about having children?

Ciara: Whatever happens, whether we have kids or not, I will respect his decision. I would never want to pressure him into doing something that he doesn’t want to do.

Ben: You’re asking me why I don’t want to risk bringing a bad seed into this world? Dr. Evans, isn’t that answer kind of obvious?

Marlena: I know about your fears, but I’m telling you it’s very, very unlikely.

Ben: But you said earlier–

Marlena: Yes. That it’s possible. Anything is possible. But there’s a very big difference between healthy fear and unhealthy avoidance.

Ben: And you think that’s what this is?

Marlena: I think any child you have is going to grow up in a wonderful and loving home– something you never had. And ciara, she loves you so much. She wants to have a family with you.

Ben: I know that.

Marlena: And if you deny her the chance to be a mother, she’ll accept that… on the surface.

Ben: Well, what do you mean, “on the surface”?

Marlena: Well, when one half of a couple makes a decision that affects them both, there can be a level of resentment.

Ben: So you think ciara would resent me for not wanting to have a kid?

Marlena: I certainly have seen that in my practice. And you know, when there’s that level of resentment it really can damage a marriage.

Ben: So you’re saying?

Marlena: I’m saying go home. Make love to your wife, and see if you can make a baby together. Clerk: Hello, how can I?

Allie: Johnny, I’m not an actress.

Johnny: Neither is abigail, but you have the life experience to play these parts. Nobody knows mom like you do. You know how she acts. You know how she thinks.

Chanel: You do look like her.

Johnny: You would kill this.

Allie: All right, as much as I enjoy you kissing up to me, I just don’t have time. I mean, I’m so busy with the bakery and henry.

Chanel: And tripp.

Johnny: It wouldn’t take that much time. Look, you’re not the star of the movie. We would shoot around your schedule. You make a little money. I’d owe you forever.

Chanel: How can you say “no” to that?

Allie: I thought you were against the movie?

Chanel: Well, I’m just saying it could come in handy to have your twin owe you forever.

Johnny: Think about how much you would enjoy holding that over me.

Chanel: And besides, how can you turn down that face?

Allie: All right, fine. Fine. I will play mom in your movie. I just hope that this does not come back to haunt us.

Roman: John?

John: Hey.

Roman: Where did you just go?

John: Sorry, I just kind of drifted off reminiscing. What do you know about zen?

Marlena: About what?

John: About zen. As in buddhism. It’s very complicated, yet it’s very simple, at the same time. Like the story of the man who wanted to know who buddha was. So he asked him, “are you a god?” And buddha said, “no.” So he asked him, “are you an angel?” And once again, buddha said, “no.” So he said, “you must be a saint.” And for the third time, buddha replied, “no.” So the man said, “what are you?” And buddha looked at him and said, “I am awake.” Well, that’s what the word “buddha” means. Awake. It’s how the whole thing started: With one man who woke up.

Abigail: And you’re right. You know, I was running away from you and my feelings, and just like john said of marlena in the script. But… I’m not doing that anymore.

Chad: If this is too much–

Abigail: No. No, you can keep going.

Chad: Are you sure?

Abigail: Yeah, yeah. Let’s go ahead.

Chad: [Clears throat]

[As john] What do you know about zen?

Abigail as marlena: About what?

Chad: About zen. As in buddhism. It’s very simple, yet very complicated, at the same time.

Julie: Well, ben must be finished with marlena by now, and you should be heading home.

Ciara: Are you sure? I just–I don’t know if you should be alone right now.

Julie: I can be alone, sweetheart. I don’t want you to waste one minute with your precious husband. You’ve lost too much time as it is.

Ciara: All right, as long as you’re sure you’re gonna be okay.

Julie: You know me.

Ciara: Toughest woman I know.

Julie: Runs in the family.

Ciara: Yes, it does. I will be praying for grandpa.

Julie: Thank you, sweetheart.

Ciara: Please let me know when I can visit him.

Julie: Of course.

Ciara: Okay.

Julie: Of course

Ciara: Okay.

Julie: And I hope everything works out for you and ben, and I wish you all the luck in the world, and, oh, you so deserve to be happy. And so does he.

Marlena: What are you waiting for? Go on home.

Ben: This does not sound like you.

Marlena: What do you mean?

Ben: I mean you never tell me what to do. You ask me questions, but then you leave me room to make my own decisions.

Marlena: Yes. I just don’t want you going down the wrong road, you know? Want to stay on the path. I mean you’ve worked so hard to end up with ciara.

Ben: Yeah.

Marlena: So does that clarify everything?

Ben: Yeah. Yeah. Actually, it does, so thank you. Once again, thank you.

Marlena: Yes.

Ben: Get some rest.

Marlena: Yes. You take care.

Ben: Thanks. You too.

[Tense music]


Devil: Good job, marlena. I knew you could do it. On the outside, I looked fine.

Johnny: You don’t have to commit right now, okay? You can go home. Read the script. The scene in the titan conference room is at the very beginning. You don’t even have any lines. You just have to look horrified when you walk in on grandma and grandpa john having sex.

Allie: Yeah, well, that shouldn’t be too hard.

Johnny: I’ll need to see how deeply it hurts: The shock, betrayal. This was a moment that broke mom. Changed her forever, and in this story, it was the inciting incident.

Chanel: The what now?

Johnny: The event that sets everything into motion. It was that carnal sin which invited the devil into salem. There wouldn’t be a story without it.

Abigail as marlena: Why are you telling me that story?

Chad as john: Because that’s how I feel when I’m with you. And no one on this earth and nothing else–

John: Nothing and nobody on this earth makes me feel that way.

Marlena: Don’t do this to me.

John: Oh, god. I know you want to go, and I’m not gonna stop you, but please, there is one thing I need to say, all right? You know what I was going through when isabella died. How I was walking around like a zombie. I was dead inside, until that night on the plane when you and I made love. You gave me life again, doc. And if nothing more comes out of this, I just want to say thank you. One fateful night changed everything. For me. For you. Sami. Marlena. Now here we are, having that part of our lives recreated on the big screen?

Roman: And you’re worried that it’s all gonna bring it rushing back?

John: Well, aren’t you? Come on, man. We’ve worked so hard to put all this behind us here. We don’t know what’s gonna happen, if we open that door.

Roman: Well… you know what? Could be a good thing. Final catharsis. If I’m okay with it, why shouldn’t you be?

John: It’s not about the affair, roman. It’s about marlena being possessed by the devil.

Devil: Brilliantly played, marlena. Using ben’s own love for ciara as a weapon against him? You did me proud.

[Recorder beeps] You think you can get rid of me by shutting off the recorder? After all these years, you should know you can never get rid of me. My nunormal?

Johnny: Thank you for helping me convince allie to do the movie.

Chanel: You did the heavy lifting.

Johnny: Hey, I thought you were terrified of this story?

Chanel: Well, I’m still properly afraid of the devil, like any good girl should be, but I see how passionate you are about this story. I know you’re not gonna give up, and I kinda wanted to move the conversation along.

Johnny: Oh? Why is that?

Chanel: So I could be alone with you.

Johnny: And I could demonstrate my passion in a different way?

Chanel: Exactly.

Chad as john: You want me to leave… I’ll walk out that door right now. And as hard as it may be, I’ll stay out of your life, if that’s what you want.

[In normal voice] Abby, what’s wrong?

Abigail: It says they kiss.

Chad: Yeah, I know.

Julie: You have seen doug?

Kayla: Yeah. I have, and I’m afraid that there’s no change. He’s still very upset and confused.

Julie: But I get to visit him tomorrow, right?

Kayla: Well, I think that we should wait till after the first 24 hours. We need to make sure that the doctors think that he’s not a danger to you anymore.

Julie: I hate this, kayla. I feel so helpless. I’m not there to jog his memory. I’m not there to hold his hand. I’m not there to tell him I love him.

Kayla: I know, but hopefully, soon.

Julie: Well, is there anything I can do?

Kayla: Well, you know me. I’m a doctor, but I believe very strongly in the power of prayer.

Julie: So do I, and I’m gonna keep on praying for my husband till my last breath.

John: I tried to convince johnny, “just leave the possession part out of the script.”

Roman: Okay. What is it you’re worried about?

John: Oh, come on, man. Do I even have to say it?

Roman: That it could happen again? That we’re inviting the devil back into our lives.

John: Why take the risk?

Roman: All right, john. Tell you what. Let me talk with johnny, okay? As big a moment as that was in all our lives, sami’s had a lot of big moments. I think johnny can make the movie without that.

John: Thanks.

Allie: Hey, look. It’s a meeting of the grandpas.

Roman: Hey, look who’s here. How’s it going?

Allie: Not great.

John: No? Why not? What’s wrong?

Allie: Well, I can’t believe it, but I just let johnny talk me into playing mom in his stupid movie.

Roman: Wait a minute. Are we looking at the star of the sami brady story?

Allie: No, I am just a supporting character now.

John: How is that even possible?

Allie: Well, johnny totally rewrote the script. It’s a horror movie now. He even changed the title.

Roman: What’s it called now?

Allie: “Possessed: The marlena evans story.”

[Dramatic eerie music]


Marlena: I don’t understand. Why are you doing this?

Devil: Marlena, I told you we had a lot of work to do.

Marlena: What does any of this have to do with ben?

Ben: Well, I am glad that you at least got to be there for julie.

Ciara: Well, I tried. So how did it go with marlena? Did you talk to her about us starting a family?

Ben: Actually, yes, I did.

Ciara: You did? Well, did it make you feel any better?

Ben: It did.

Ciara: Wait, it did?

Ben: Mm-hmm.

Ciara: So does that mean…

Ben: If you want to have a baby… let’s have a baby.

Devil: Do you want to know what this has to do with ben? What do you think, marlena? I have big plans for ben weston’s baby. Big plans.


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