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Xander: [Exhales] You getting smails on tape, it’s brilliant. I’m so proud of you.

Gwen: And as soon as justin plays my recording in his chambers, he will realize that if he does not let you and bonnie go, he’s finished.

Xander: [Exhales] I really hope our plan works. I just hate putting my cousin in this position.

Gwen: Why? Thanks to us, he’s going to have a future with his fiancéE.

Xander: Justin has more morality in his little finger than the rest of the kiriakis men combined. Blackmailing a judge? That will not come easy for him.

[Solemn music]



Gwen: I am very sorry to do this, but you–you understand my situation. And I need to be clear, because I know that you and I can have a really good time together. I will sleep with you if you promise to let xander go. I believe that they call that a quid pro quo. Agreed?

Smails: Agreed.

[Beep] You’re in league with xander cook’s girlfriend?

Justin: Yes, I am, and to be clear, you won’t be having sex with her. You also won’t just be dropping the charges against xander cook but also dropping the charges against bonnie lockhart.

Smails: She’s accused of murdering two people.

Justin: Yes, and committing larceny. I’m her lawyer. I’m aware. Now, your honor, I need you to make it all just go away, for lack of evidence or whatever you think will fly.

Smails: And if I refuse?

Justin: Oh, well, then this little recording will, uh, be given to my brother-in-law, jack deveraux at “the spectator,” who will share it with the world, destroying your reputation and effectively ending your career.

Brady: You know, on second thought, maybe I should have justin talk to grandfather, have him convince vic that the idea of me stealing you away from philip is ridiculous.

Chloe: Do you think that would really work? I mean, you literally just told him that you wouldn’t do that, and not only did he blow you off, he went and told maggie that we’re back together again.

Brady: That’s just because he has zero respect for me.

[Scoffs] He has more respect for justin, I believe.

Chloe: Oh, I don’t know, i think his opinion on justin has probably slightly changed now that he’s involved with and engaged to bonnie lockhart.

[Phone rings]

Brady: Hm. Uh…hey, dad, what’s up? Sorry to hear that. Um, is marlena going to be okay?

Jake: I don’t blame gabi for being suspicious. You laid it on pretty thick this morning.

Ava: I didn’t realize that freshly baked muffins would be such an offense.

Jake: The two of you have been at each other’s throats since you moved in with her brother. Why all of a sudden would you be acting all sweet and adorable?

Ava: Well, ’cause I realized things don’t have to be this way. I can use my power.

Jake: To do what?

Ava: Change the dynamic between gabi and me.

Gabi: So, let me get this straight, if I don’t sign gabi chic over to you, you’re going to send jake to prison for murder?

Philip: Correct.

Gabi: That is–that is ridiculous. I will never give you my company, and you will never try to take it away from me by making up some story about my boyfriend. Jake has never killed anyone.

Philip: Are you sure about that?

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Xander: [Exhales] I wish I could see the look on smails’s face when justin sticks it to him. Ej too, when he finds out I’m free.

Gwen: Mm-hmm, and once the judge stops the charges against bonnie, you know that $1 million that she stole is no longer going to be evidence, is it? The police are going to have to give it back.

Xander: About damn time. I’m going to enjoy spending every penny of that.

Gwen: No, xander, darling, you cannot spend that money. You need to give it back to ej, and he’s going to hire you at basic black.

Xander: Why would I do that? Why would I wanna work for that guy after the way he treated me?

Gwen: You know what, you’re right. Screw ej, he doesn’t deserve to have you working for him.

Xander: Exactly. I mean, I could maybe see rewarding justin with some of that cash, although he’s such a good guy, he probably wouldn’t take it anyway.

Gwen: Yeah, he’s loaded anyway. His reward will be getting bonnie back.

Xander: You know, I’ve never understood the attraction there, but he must really love her if he’s agreed to fight this dirty.

Justin: So, do we have a deal?

Smails: Mr. Kiriakis, justin, we’ve encountered each other in the courtroom many times over the years, and you’ve always impressed me with your command of the law.

Justin: What’s your point?

Smails: I’m surprised and, frankly, dismayed that you of all people would blackmail me.

Justin: Well, you can imagine my dismay when I learned that you had reinstated the charges against xander cook right after he was unceremoniously dropped as a client by ej dimera, so i am losing patience, your honor. Do we have a deal?

Smails: You don’t wanna do this.

Justin: You’re right, i don’T. In fact it makes me sick to even be having this conversation with you, because I happen to believe in playing by the rules. But I also believe in justice, and in the cases of bonnie lockhart and xander cook, there will be no justice unless they’re set free. So, are you going to dismiss the cases against them, or will I be forced to use this recording to have you thrown off the bench?

Brady: Yeah, dad, please don’t worry about it. No, yeah, I’m sure, I’m sure I’ll figure something out. Just please keep me posted if there’s anything I can do, okay? All right, I love you, bye.

Chloe: What’s wrong with marlena?

Brady: [Sighs] She’s not feeling well. My dad thinks she may be overworked. She’s just worn out.

Chloe: And you said you need to figure something out? Is everything okay?

Brady: Yeah, they were–they were supposed to take rachel to the pumpkin patch today. You know, hayrides, corn mazes, the whole thing. But my schedule’s wide open, so I can just take her. It’s not a problem.

Chloe: Aww, she’ll love that. What a little cutie pie. Please send me some pictures.

Brady: I have a better idea. Why don’t you come with us?

Jake: So, what are you saying, you want a truce with gabi?

Ava: I told you, the muffins were a peace offering.

Jake: Eh, kumbaya ain’t your style.

Ava: Yeah, maybe not, but rafe doesn’t wanna live in a war zone, neither do I.

Jake: Do you think gabi does?

Ava: Well, it sure seems like it. From the minute I moved in, she’s been so nasty to me, and I’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

Jake: Hm.

Ava: Look, I know you love her, jake, but, I mean, it’s gotta be so frustrating. She spends all her time fighting with me instead of just being happy with you. I mean, don’t you want it to stop?

Jake: Of course I do. I hate it. I also hate that rafe and I are caught in the middle of it.

Ava: Okay, you want the same thing I do–to make peace.

Jake: I want to believe you right now, I do, but gabi would call me a fool to trust you.

Philip: How well do you really know jake?

Gabi: Well enough to know he’s not a killer.

Philip: But he was in the mob.

Gabi: He got out. He–he wanted to earn an honest living, a normal, safe life.

Philip: In salem?

Gabi: That’s because his ex-girlfriend took–you know what, it doesn’t even matter, because he’s here now, and unlike you, he’s a decent man.

Philip: You admitted you put that spyware on my computer. Are you saying that he wasn’t involved in that?

Gabi: I admitted that? I–I don’t remember. And you have no proof.

Philip: I have proof that jake isn’t the man you think he is.

Gabi: What the hell are you talking about?

Philip: The proof is all right there…that your decent boyfriend was a hit man. As a dj, I know all about customization.

Xander: Look, I know exactly what we should do with at least some of that $1 million. I’m taking you, gwen rizczech, on a tropical vacation.

Gwen: Really? Well, I’ve never been anywhere remotely warm in my entire life.

Xander: Oh, well, get ready for sand, surf, and loads of sunshine.

Gwen: Oh, my. Well, that sounds lovely. As long as you don’t mind me protecting my delicate skin under an umbrella.

Xander: Of course not. No, it will be my pleasure to slather your entire body with sunscreen.

Gwen: [Laughs] Okay. So, tell me then, where would we go? What sort of posh, fancy resort are you thinking about?

Xander: I’m talking about the kinda place that’s so exclusive that you wouldn’t even see another person, unless of course they were coming over to our bungalow to give us a couples massage or serve us dinner under the stars.

Gwen: Wow, well, that does sound magical.

Xander: I just really wanna get away, just go somewhere far away where we can be all alone and finally start getting to know one another properly.

Gwen: I really, really want that too, xander. I mean, it’s crazy, we’ve been so busy putting out all these fires, but we haven’t really had the chance to just focus on you and me.

Xander: Exactly. An island getaway is just what we need. Looking at sunsets, sipping mai tais, maybe some sex on the beach.

Gwen: Ooh, yum, yes, I love that cocktail.

Xander: I wasn’t talking about the cocktail.

Gwen: You naughty boy.

Philip: Take it.

Gabi: No, whatever’s in there is all lies.

Philip: You ever heard of the name jed zanetti?

Gabi: No.

Philip: Well, he owned a bar in philly. Apparently, he made a habit of stiffing the vitalis whenever it came time to collect, so jake was sent in to rough him up a little. He ended up beating poor jed to death and dumping his body somewhere off the jersey shore.

Gabi: That is such bull.

Philip: It’s all right here in the folder.

Gabi: Jake never killed anybody. I don’t believe a word of this.

Philip: I had a feeling you wouldn’T. Turns out there was an eyewitness.

Gabi: What?

Philip: He saw everything up close and personal. And he’s prepared to testify in a court of law that the man you love is a stone-cold killer.

Ava: Honestly, I’m at a loss as to what I can do to win gabi’s trust.

Jake: I don’t think baked goods are going to do the trick.

Ava: How do I get her to stop seeing me as the enemy?

Jake: That’s a tough one. I mean, I so much as say your name, smoke starts coming out of her ears. You know what this reminds me of?

Ava: Hm?

Jake: The time the vitalis and the ligambis were fighting over control of the docks.

Ava: Exactly.

Jake: Yeah.

Ava: The two families were so focused on taking each other out, we both almost lost the waterfront.

Jake: Hm, and if we’re not careful, it’s going to happen again. We gotta find a way to peacefully co-exist.

Chloe: [Sighs] Well, as much as I would love to go and pick out some pumpkins with you and rachel, I actually have a job to do.

Brady: Yeah, but you also have an in with your boss. Your boss, uh, believes in keeping his employees very happy, and let me tell you something right now, there’s nothing happier than a hayride.

Chloe: Brady…

Brady: It’s fun. “Look at me, I’m chloe! I’m having fun on the hayride!” Come on, there’s nothing to do at the office, literally.

Chloe: Nothing urgent, no, but I would feel really bad about playing hooky. You know, I would feel very unprofessional.

Brady: Mm-hm. Is this really about you not wanting to miss work, or are you worried how philip is going to react? Yeah, yeah, yeah

Chloe: Why are you making this about philip when I’m just trying to show you that I’m a good employee?

Brady: It was just a question, that’s all.

Chloe: I admit philip has overreacted in the past to you and I spending time together, but he’s over that now. He knows that we’re friends and colleagues. He’s fine with it.

Brady: Okay, if you say so.

Chloe: [Sighs] Why do you keep doing this?

Brady: What am I doing? What?

Chloe: You know how hard philip’s been working at getting past his jealousy and leaving behind all that old petty nonsense, but you–you keep dragging us back into it. You keep provoking us every chance that you get. All I’m trying to do right now is prove to you that I’m loyal to your company.

Brady: I–I appreciate your loyalty to the company, and i know you are a responsible employee, but, chloe, still that doesn’t change the fact that rachel and I would love the chance to be with you today and hang out with you.

Chloe: Well, why didn’t you just say that and not make it about philip?

Brady: Because old habits die hard, and I’m sorry, I’m just trying–okay, sorry, I’m–I’m gonna do this over again, okay? Chloe, would you do me the honor of accompanying my daughter and I to our adventure in pumpkinland? If it helps you with your decision, it would be very, very good for rachel, who obviously misses her mom a lot, and I’m doing the best I can, chloe, but I’m gonna be honest with you, she could probably use some female energy. Marlena’s been supportive, but she’s got a lot on her plate. And I’m sorry, I’m pouring this on. You’re–you’re obviously not eager to go. I–I don’t wanna pressure you. Just, uh, we’ll be fine, and, uh, you won’t have to worry about upsetting philip. I’m sorry.

Chloe: Well, look, if you think it’s good for rachel, and philip getting upset aside, i don’t think he would object to us trying to take her to have some fun. Oh, besides, uh, the pumpkin patch is really close to where philip and I planted that tree, so I could water it on our way back.

Brady: Okay, that’s great.

Gabi: You know, clearly this carmine person is lying.

Philip: I might agree if he didn’t provide so many specifics, like how he and jake shoved zanetti up against the wall, then there was some punches thrown, and it escalated into him coughing up blood.

Gabi: That never happened.

Philip: Carmine even described the moment that they realized he was dead. He said he and jake were standing there blaming each other for taking it too far. Then jake said something like, uh, “you gotta shut your beak and get rid of the body.” That’s a hell of a lot of detail to make up.

Gabi: Maybe carmine’s seen a lot of movies. I know that jake is not a killer.

Philip: He never kept a secret from you? You really trust him that much?

Gabi: Yes, I do. The person I don’t trust is you. You’re so desperate to get leverage over me, so you can steal gabi chic. Where did you get all this inside information on the mob anyway, huh? Oh, my god, it was ava.

Ava: I agree. Rafe’s house cannot continue to be a battleground between the two couples.

Jake: Yeah, it really is exhausting.

Ava: It’s ridiculous. I mean, I can’t believe we are at the point where gabi thought that I would poison the muffins.

Jake: [Chuckles] Do you remember when the two families had a sit-down to work out their problems on the docks?

Ava: I wasn’t there, but i did hear about it. Everyone thought it was gonna be a big waste of time and that it would only make things worse.

Jake: Yeah, well, I was there, and I can tell ya, firsthand it did not start off well.

Ava: What happened?

Jake: All right, so, your cousin, he bought a bottle of grappa, right? And he set it down on the table, poured a shot for everybody, only the ligambis refused to drink, until cousin angelo drank first.

Ava: Oh.

[Laughter] I’m sure he loved that.

Jake: Oh, yeah, he was furious. Are you kidding me? But–but he stuck with it, because he knew what was at stake, right? So, cousin angelo drank first, and did not drop dead. And before you knew it, everybody was having a great time. We finished off the entire bottle, and found a solution to the problem with the docks. See, that, that is what we need now, a good old-fashioned sit-down between the warring parties to figure out a way to make the peace.

Ava: That, my friend, is a fabulous idea.

Jake: Heh.

Ava: Hm.

[Dark ambient music]


Gwen: So, this island is so secluded that you can only get to it by seaplane or boat.

[Chuckles] I mean, look at that, right? White sand, turquoise water. It’s absolute paradise.

Xander: What are you waiting for? Just book it.

Gwen: Okay.

[Door opens]

Xander: Did you play the tape for the slimy judge?

Justin: I did.

Gwen: Right, so, I assume that this means that xander and bonnie are now off the hook?

Justin: Not exactly.

Xander: Well, why? Gwen got him on tape agreeing to trade my freedom for sex. I mean, if that comes out, he’ll be ruined–wha–what happened?

Melinda: What happened is mr. Kiriakis was busted for blackmailing a judge.

[Music intensifies]

Are you one of the millions of americans

Xander: Blackmail? What are you talking about?

Melinda: Judge smails understandably was unsettled when ms. Rizczech made her offer, so he contacted me and followed my advice and was ready with his own recording device.

[Device beeps]

Justin: You also won’t just be dropping the charges against xander cook, but also dropping the charges against bonnie lockhart.

Smails: She’s accused of murdering two people.

Justin: Yes, and committing larceny. I’m her lawyer. I’m aware. Now, your honor, I need you to make it all just go away, for lack of evidence or whatever you think will fly.

Smails: And if I refuse?

Justin: Oh, well, then this little recording will, uh, be given to my brother-in-law, jack deveraux at “the spectator,” who will share it with the world, destroying your reputation and effectively ending your career.

Melinda: [Scoffs]

[Device beeps] Not only is this recording evidence of blackmail on mr. Kiriakis’s part, but it also proves that ms. Rizczech solicited judge smails, and she will be charged accordingly.

Gwen: I wasn’t actually going to bloody sleep with him.

Melinda: But you were trying to entrap him–that’s enough to charge you with.

Xander: Oh, that’s a load of crap!

Melinda: Actually, it’s the law.

[Scoffs] What a rogues’ gallery we have here. Mr. Cook will be going down for drug trafficking, mr. Kiriakis for blackmail, and ms. Rizczech for solicitation. The only person missing here is ms. Lockhart, who, of course, will be going down for murder.

[Solemn music]


Jake: So, here’s the plan, we tell gabi and rafe we’re going to have a sit-down.

Ava: Oh, maybe we don’t use that word.

Jake: [Chuckles] Okay, okay. That we’re going to have a dinner, right? And we eat, we drink. Once everybody’s good and loosened up, we put all of our cards out on the table.

Ava: I make the case to gabi that rafe and I care very deeply for one another.

Jake: Right, and you acknowledge to gabi you know she loves her brother. In other words, you show her respect.

Ava: You’re so right, because if I can convince gabi that I’m all about respecting her, which I am, then she won’t feel so threatened by me.

Jake: There you go.

Ava: I mean, honestly I don’t understand why she feels threatened by me now. I mean, it’s not like I could do anything to hurt her.

Gabi: Ava’s a freakin’ mafia princess. Of course you got the dirt on jake from her, which, all of it is lies.

Philip: Ava forced me to launder money for her. Why would I go to her for anything?

Gabi: Then where’d you get it?

Philip: A background check that titan runs on its new employees. Initially our investigative team didn’t find any major red flags, but as they dug deeper…

Gabi: They found a ludicrous story about jake beating a guy to death in a bar?

Philip: I know you don’t want to believe it.

Gabi: I don’t believe it at all, period.

Philip: Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that it happened, and now we have to decide what to do.

Gabi: There’s nothing to decide–you fired me, so now I regain control of gabi chic. That was part of my deal.

Philip: Ah, but the deal’s changed, gabi, non-negotiable. So, listen up–if you sign your company over to me, I won’t take this information to the police. If you refuse, I will. I’m pretty sure, with the eyewitness testimony, the authorities in philly have a pretty solid case against jake. He could go to prison for life.

Gabi: So, you’re blackmailing me?

Philip: I’m asking you to make a choice. Your company or your boyfriend– which one are you gonna lose?

[Light laughter]

Brady: I think we got three of the best pumpkins in the patch.

Chloe: We sure did. Hey, rachel, what kind of face do you want your daddy to help you carve into your pumpkin?

Rachel: A scary one!

Brady: Whoa. [Laughs]

Chloe: Oh, I think that’s a great idea. You know what you should do? You should go home and draw a bunch of scary faces on a piece of paper, and then pick your favorite one for your pumpkin.

Rachel: Will you help me?

Chloe: Of course I will.

Brady: That was too cute. Okay, let’s, uh–let’s go home.

Chloe: Uh, okay, well, wait, first, um–uh, we have to water this special tree that philip and I planted together.

Brady: [Grunts]

[Softly] Okay. Here we are again.

Ava: I like this sit-down idea. But like you said, gabi sees red whenever you mention me, so, how are you gonna bring her to the table?

Jake: Leave that to me.

Ava: I just wanna know what the strategy is that you’re gonna use with the most stubborn person on the planet.

Jake: Ha. I’m gonna convince her that, for rafe’s sake and for the sake of our relationship, the fighting has to stop. Nobody wins in a situation like this.

Ava: Sounds good.

Jake: Will you talk to rafe?

Ava: Once you talk to gabi and she’s on board, you let me know, and then I will. So, where’s gabi today?

Jake: Oh, she had an unexpected meeting with philip.

Ava: Unexpected?

Jake: Yeah.

Ava: Well, I hope everything’s okay.

Gabi: You really are scum.

Philip: I hired you, and you betrayed me.

Gabi: Wrong. I saved you. When I decided to relaunch gabi chic at titan, you were hanging on by a professional thread.

Philip: I wouldn’t go that far.

Gabi: Oh, I would. The only reason that you’re ceo is because your daddy took pity on you, ’cause you almost destroyed your entire family, destroyed his company, and–and xander quit out of disgust.

Philip: And now he has complete confidence in me, because I’m doing an outstanding job.

Gabi: Because of the profits that gabi chic is generating, which are going to double when i release that fragrance and jewelry line.


Philip: What the hell are you doing?

Gabi: That aftershave. That–I smelled that in my house yesterday. You were there, weren’t you? Oh, no, you didn’t–you didn’t get that dirt on–on jake from a background check. You and ava are teaming up to take me down.

Chloe: That’s great, rachel. Make sure you fill the water to the top.

[Clears throat]

Brady: Did we really have to do this now?

Chloe: Uh, we were right here.

Brady: Chloe, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow.

Chloe: Yeah, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Why are you annoyed by this? I told you I wanted to do this before we left.

Brady: I–look, I know, I know, I’m sorry. Fine, whatever. It’s fine. Hey.

Chloe: Oh, thank you. Oh, that’s kinda heavy.

Rachel: Why is this a special tree?

Chloe: Well, it’s special because your great-uncle philip and I, when we were in high school together, we were sweethearts, and we carved our initials into a tree that was originally right over there.

Brady: But then your uncle, he kinda chopped it down, because he was acting like a spoiled brat.

Chloe: He realized he made a mistake, and he fixed it, so he went and bought us this new one to symbolize a new beginning, and we planted it here together. Wasn’t that so sweet of him?

Brady: Yeah, it’s very sweet. He’s–he’s a–he’s a prince.

[Soft solemn music]


Justin: Melinda, melinda, before you arrest us, please just hear me out.

Melinda: I can’t tell you how disappointed I am, counselor. I really thought you were one of the good guys.

Xander: He is!

Melinda: Not anymore, clearly. I am truly shocked that you would get involved with these two. She likes to brawl and bash people’s heads in, and xander cook? Where do you even being with him? How could you let them talk you into being a part of this horrendous scheme?

Justin: ‘Cause I am certain judge smails is in ej dimera’s pocket.

Melinda: Then you should have tried to prove it through legal means. My office could’ve launched an investigation to determine whether or not any crime was committed. Instead, “the spectator” is gonna run a front-page story about your arrest and your your probable disbarment. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll see about you two getting booked.

[Door opens, closes]

Xander: I really am so sorry, mate. Shingles? Oh… you mean bill.

Xander: This is all my fault, for forcing you to go along with our plan.

Justin: No one forced me to do anything. I knew how risky it was to approach judge smails. I knew that if he was threatened, he would find a way to retaliate.

Xander: But you couldn’t have known he’d record you.

Justin: It might have occurred to me if I’d been on my game, if I’d been thinking clearly, sensibly, but I wasn’T. I was operating out of fear.

Gwen: Of what?

Justin: That I wouldn’t be able to find a legal way to keep bonnie from going back to prison. As you pointed out, the odds are stacked against her. I mean, it’d be very difficult to get an acquittal under the best of circumstances. Facing a crooked judge? Trying to get a jury to see past bonnie’s record and damning evidence? I couldn’t take the chance. I had to protect her.

Gwen: You did it for love. That’s beautiful.

Justin: Hm. Except now bonnie and I will be prison pen pals instead of husband and wife.

Xander: We will find a way out of this.

Justin: How? I’m about to be charged with a felony.

Melinda: Come with me, please. I’ll come back for you.

Xander: Poor guy. God, I wish to hell I kept him out of this, I feel awful.

Gwen: Don’T. This was all my stupid idea.

Chloe: Well, thank you, rachel. You helped me do such a fantastic job.

Rachel: Can I go and water some more trees?

Brady: Yes, you can. Just make sure you stay close, so I can see you at all times, okay?

Rachel: Okay.

Brady: Okay. Have fun.

[Clears throat]

Chloe: [Sighs] Was it really necessary to tell her that philip chopped down our original tree, ’cause he was being a brat?

Brady: I could’ve said “jealous lunatic.” I’m sorry. I’m–hey, I’m–I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, you’re right.

Chloe: Then why did you? And please don’t tell me, “old habits.”

Brady: Chloe, come on. You know why. I’m just having a–I’m having a hard time accepting the fact that I lost you to philip. Okay?

Chloe: I–I appreciate your honesty, but please try harder, or our friendship is gonna suffer.

Brady: Look, you know, i don’t like to give philip credit for anything, but, uh, I think the guy’s actually beating me on this front. It was gracious of him to invite me to dinner, and it was his idea to plant this tree. That was thoughtful. Maybe the guy has finally changed his ways, and for your sake, I hope he has.

Philip: You’re convinced I’m conspiring with ava, because you think you smelled my aftershave inside of your home? You’re losing it, lady.

Gabi: Admit it, ava gave you that dirt on jake.

Philip: Your boyfriend committed a murder. It doesn’t matter how I found out.

Gabi: It matters to me, because if that information came from that skank, then I’m positive that it is fake. She probably twisted some arms, broke some legs, probably even paid that carmine person to lie, because she hates me, and she wants to ruin my life.

Philip: I knew this was going to be tough for you, but i figured you loved jake more than your company.

Gabi: Oh, just, what, sign on the dotted line, hand over my life’s work, my daughter’s legacy, all because you waved a folder in my face?

Philip: Take this, show it to jake. Show him exactly what carmine is willing to say on the stand, and then you need to decide what you wanna do. If I don’t hear from you soon, I’m going to take a copy of that information to the police, who will charge jake with murder.

Ava: Despite a bumpy start to the day, I’m glad that I ran into you. Good to talk things through.

Jake: Yeah, and look, if the vitalis and the ligambis can make peace, we sure as hell can figure out a way to do it.

Ava: Absolutely. Oh, you know what, angelo always said you were a very smart guy. I’m surprised he let you go.

Jake: Mm. Well, he knew my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I was no good to him.

Ava: Well, you’re turning out to be very valuable to me. Let me know how things go with gabi.

To be a thriver with

metastatic breast cancer

Gwen: [Sighing] I lied to my dad about being a sex worker, and now I’m–now I’m being charged with solicitation for real.

Xander: We just should have left well-enough alone, let jack go on thinking that I was the drug dealer.

Gwen: I could not let you go to prison for my crimes. I had to do something. But this–this–this is–this is–this is completely out of control now. I–I–I mean, I–I have to find a way to explain this to my father without him hating us both.

Xander: I’ll tell him. I’ll explain that you were just trying to get the charges against me dropped.

Gwen: No, but you are facing those charges because of me. You sacrificed so much, because I blamed abigail for my miscarriage when she wasn’t even responsible for it.

Xander: And I have no regrets.

Gwen: Xander, I thought our problems were going to be over. We’re finally on good terms with my dad, and…

you and I, we were–we were going to be together. For the first time in my life, I–I was actually feeling positive about my future, but, I don’t know, I–I feel like I’m going to lose everything. We’re going to lose everything.

Xander: Hey, we’ve both been down before, and we always find a way to get back up. This time’s no different. Trust me on that.

[Doors open]

Melinda: You’re up, ms. Rizczech.

Gwen: [Clears throat]

Chloe: Wait a minute, did i hear you correctly? Did you actually say something nice about philip?

Brady: Did I? He wants to be worthy of your love. I can’t think of a stronger motivator to turn over a new leaf, no pun intended. I value our friendship more than you know. I would never wanna do anything to jeopardize it, so, yes, I– I accept the fact that you have chosen him, and, chloe, I hope it works out, I really do, and i hope you’re happy together.

Chloe: Thank you, brady. That means a lot to me.

[Tense dynamic music]

Jake: Guessing it didn’t go too well with philip. What did he want?

Gabi: Answer my question first. Did you kill jed zanetti?

[Music intensifies]

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