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Gabi: [Laughs] Thought you were gonna let me sleep in this morning.

Jake: I said we could go to the office late. I didn’t say anything about sleeping.

Gabi: Mm, so it’s a question of semantics, huh? Seems kind of underhanded to me.

Jake: Yeah, I guess so. So you want to go back to sleep?

Gabi: Well, no. Seeing I’m awake already.

Jake: I’m wide awake.

[Playful knock at door]

Ava: Room service!

Gabi: The hell?

Jake: Just a minute. Oh, okay!

Ava: Oh, good morning…

Jake: Oh, okay.

Ava: You two. Now, is there a better way to start the day than with a fresh-from-the-oven muffin?

Philip: Good morning.

Chloe: Hey. It is a good morning.

Philip: Thought you said you were going to the office early.

Chloe: I changed my mind. I decided to have a nice, leisurely breakfast by myself and enjoy my roses.

Philip: Ah. Looks like the nursery steered me straight. They seem to be holding up pretty well.

Chloe: Yeah, they’re really beautiful.

Philip: Let’s hope they were right about our tree too. They said it would grow fast.

Chloe: Yeah, I think it will. Before you know it, we’ll be having a picnic in its shade.

Philip: The first of many.

Brady: Morning. Anybody want a muffin?

[Tense music]


Xander: Thanks for coming in so early.

Justin: You said it was urgent.

Xander: Well, it is. It kind of is. Yeah. You remember what gwen and i talked to you about yesterday?

Justin: Vividly.

Xander: So you remember that we were thinking about maybe getting something on the judge, you know, to prove that he’s corrupt, so he’ll drop my case.

Justin: I do remember. I do remember.

Xander: Fantastic. Well, after you–

Justin: I didn’t agree to go along with it. Let me tell you what your lawyer would tell you, if you had one. What you’re talking about is blackmail, okay? It could blow up in your face. And gwen’S. And you could end up in even bigger trouble than you’re already in.

Xander: It could help you out with bonnie’s case.

Justin: Don’t push it, cook. I’m an officer of the court, okay? I have an ethical duty to tell judges the truth.

Xander: Isn’t what we told you privileged?

Justin: No. Because I am not your attorney. But let me give you some free advice. Don’t even think about going ahead with this little plan, because it’s not only illegal, it’s stupid.

Xander: Problem is, gwen’s already on her way to see him.

Smails: Marjorie, I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed.

Gwen: Judge smails.

Smails: Who the hell are you?

Gwen: Gwen rizczech. I know I shouldn’t have barged in like this, but there was nobody out there.

Smails: Well then, wait till there is, and make an appointment.

Gwen: Yes, I would have. You see, I’m here on a very private matter.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Smails: What private matter?

Gwen: Well, I’m a friend of xander cook.

Smails: Then get out.

Gwen: No, judge smails, please.

Smails: Young lady, I am not about to have an ex parte conversation with the friend of someone who’s appearing in my court. If you want to communicate with him, you’ll have to go through his lawyer.

Gwen: I understand. But it’s just that, well, xander’s not just a friend. He’s actually probably the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And if you do not hear me out, he might go to prison for something that he has not done. Judge, I just cannot allow that to happen.

Chloe: Brady, what are you doing here?

Brady: Oh, you texted me and said you were gonna be late to work.

Chloe: You said it was okay.

Brady: Mmm. Oh my god. Yeah, no, it is okay, but I realized I didn’t have anything pressing going on this morning either.

Philip: So you decided to come here with muffins.

Brady: No, I didn’t bring these. I found these on the kitchen table. And these are fabulous, by the way. But that’s not why I came. I came to see the most beautiful woman that I know.

Tripp: So doug is now in bayview?

Kayla: Oh, tripp, it is so sad. Marlena has determined that he is a danger to himself and to others.

Tripp: I feel so sorry for his wife and his entire family. He’s such a good guy.

Kayla: Well, hopefully he’ll be able to go home soon. On a completely different note, about our new hospital initiative here.

Tripp: Mm-hmm.

Kayla: Thank you for taking the lead on that.

Tripp: Yes.

Kayla: Have you had any luck finding a patient that will volunteer to be the face of the campaign?

Tripp: As a matter of fact, I have.

Steve: And that would be me. It’s my 4:05 the-show-must-go-on

Kayla: So your father is your volunteer?

Steve: If you’re referring to the new program here at salem university hospital that you need some handsome devil to be the face of, yes, I’m the volunteer.

Tripp: Dad pretty much pounced on it.

Kayla: Okay.

Steve: I mean, look at this mug. Can’t do any better than this, right?

Kayla: Well, there is a patient in 608 who bears a striking resemblance to george clooney.

Steve: You with the george clooney again. Okay, well there might be a whole lot more handsome mugs out there than I am, but none as highly motivated as I am to make this hospital proud. Because my wife is the chief of staff here, and my son is on his way to becoming an esteemed physician.

Kayla: Okay, mr. Highly motivated. Do you know what you’re volunteering for and what your responsibilities will be?

Steve: No.

Tripp: No, we didn’t get that far, actually.

[Cell phone rings]

Kayla: Oh, ah-pa-pa-pa-pa. Excuse me. Ah, I gotta take this. Be right back.

Steve: So what exactly will I be the face of, son?

Tripp: Well, you know, it’s flu season, and we’re trying to raise awareness for pneumococcal pneumonia and the need to get inoculated.

Steve: Oh, so you want me to get a flu shot?

Tripp: Basically, yeah.

Steve: Sorry, son. It’s not gonna happen.

Justin: Wow. What a great plan. That is genius!

Xander: You don’t have to be sarcastic.

Justin: No. No. Did you or did you not tell me that gwen was planning on sleeping with judge smails? A little bit of tit-for-tat?

Xander: Hey, watch it.

Justin: I just told you that trying to get some dirt on the judge was stupid. Deciding to be the dirt on him is–you know, hearing this, I could have been derisive, disgusted, even angry at your total contempt for the legal system. You should be happy I settled on sarcastic.

Xander: You’re actually kind of a prig, aren’t you, justin?

Justin: You’re sending your girlfriend off to sleep with another man in order to save your butt? I don’t care if you think I’m a prig.

Xander: Well, you don’t listen either, do you? She’s not actually gonna sleep with him! Just offer to. She’s gonna tape the whole thing, and once the judge knows that we have proof that he accepts favors for dismissing favors, he’ll have no choice but to dismiss mine. It’s genius.

Smails: I’m afraid you have nothing to say about what happens to mr. Cook.

Gwen: No, please.

Smails: The depth of your feelings for him is irrelevant.

Gwen: But please, if you–

Smails: Now, I have told you to leave. You really don’t want to force me to call security.

Gwen: But there are extenuating circumstances.

Smails: Oh, lord.

Gwen: Please. Please. Sorry. I’m sorry. Just let me explain. You see, xander has been railroaded. He was never dealing drugs.

Smails: His lawyer will have ample opportunity to prove that in court.

Gwen: Yes, but you see, sir, that is the problem. He did hire a lawyer, ej dimera, and he got the case dismissed, but it was somehow reinstated. And neither one of us can understand how that happened. But now, it seems to me that you–you are the only one who can change that back.

[Dramatic music]


Philip: Oh, brother.

Chloe: Brady, this isn’t funny.

Brady: She walks in beauty, like the night. And she says “something something starry skies.” So good.

Chloe: Brady, what are you doing?

Brady: I’m eating a muffin.

Philip: Eating a muffin and trying to drive me crazy. You want a coffee, brady?

Brady: I wouldn’t say no to that. Thanks.

Chloe: This isn’t cool, okay?

Brady: Am I interrupting something? I can go wait in the kitchen.

Philip: The kitchen? Thought you were to see the most beautiful woman in the world.

Brady: Yeah, I am. I’m a sucker for redheads.

Philip: Redheads?

Maggie: Oh, brady, you’re here too.

Brady: I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Welcome home, maggie.

Maggie: Ah!

Brady: So good to see you.

Gabi: What-what the hell are you doing here? We’re not even dressed.

Ava: Yes, I see.

Jake: Because you came in uninvited.

Ava: I just wanted to make sure you got the muffins while they were still warm. Buon appetito.

Gabi: Did you poison them?

Ava: No. But they aren’t gluten-free, if that’s an issue for you. So mangia, mangia. Si fa bene. Oh, gabi, you look so cute with bedhead.

Gabi: That bitch.

Ava: Enjoy the muffins, jake. Might be your last homecooked meal.

To be a thriver with

metastatic breast cancer

Gabi: The nerve of her. Just barging in here. Do you think that she put a nanny cam in here? She put a nanny camera in here! Ava, we are on to you! You can take your nanny camera and shove it where the sun don’t shine!

Jake: You’re being a little paranoid, don’t you think?

Gabi: Really?

Jake: Yeah.

Gabi: She walked in at the exact moment we were about to make love. It’s like she knows, or she can see what we’re doing in here. Who would do something like that?

Jake: Who?

Gabi: Uh-huh .

Jake: You. You would do something like that.

Gabi: Oh, don’t eat that!

Jake: What, you really think she poisoned the muffins?

Gabi: Are you kidding me? Oh, that is nothing compared to what she’s done. Poisoned muffins is like a practical joke to her. I mean, I can’t believe rafe has sunk this low.

Jake: Okay, I’m just gonna run something by you real fast. How about we find another place to live?

Gabi: No. No, no. This is my family’s house. I’m not gonna let her win.

Jake: Is it really winning if you’re miserable 24/7? Because you have been miserable 24/7 since the moment we moved in here.

Gabi: I can outwait her, okay? I’m not gonna let her get away with this.

Jake: Let her get away with what?

Gabi: I don’t know! I don’t know what–she’s up to something. The question is what.

Chloe: Well, everyone’s really missed you.

Maggie: I missed all of you. So much. Oh, and victor, of course. Oh, dear. Has he been difficult?

Chloe: Not really.

Maggie: Oh, that bad, huh? Oh, I’m gonna have to see what I can do about getting him back in his… cage?

Brady: You’re the only one that can, maggie. You should have heard his voice, though, when I– when I called him and told him you were coming back. He had that grumpy lion voice of his, which we all know means he’s feeling something inside, so…

[Cell phone beeps]

Philip: Ah. I’m sorry, maggie. I have to run.

Chloe: Is everything okay?

Philip: It’s just a work thing. So good to see you.

Maggie: Thanks, philip.

Philip: When I get home tonight, we’ll have a proper celebration.

Maggie: Well, it’s wonderful to be back.

Philip: Chloe? I’ll see you later. Brady, good to see you.

Maggie: So are you and philip getting along?

Brady: Oh, yeah. Yeah, absolutely.

Maggie: Yeah. I didn’t think so.

Smails: So in the first motion to dismiss, ej dimera was mr. Cook’s representation.

Gwen: That’s right.

Smails: Then I don’t see the problem. Mr. Cook already has a capable defense attorney for the case.

Gwen: Yes, but not anymore. The creep dropped xander as a client. I supposed he felt like he couldn’t squeeze any more money out of the poor guy, and now he’s in jail. Xander, that is. And he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Smails: The fact that mr. Dimera dropped him as a client is not a reason for me to change my recommendation.

Gwen: Yes, but you changed it for–

Smails: And if mr. Cook doesn’t have an attorney, the court will appoint one.

Gwen: But it doesn’t seem fair. He trusted dimera, and now he’s left him high and dry.

Smails: I’m sorry. But as the presiding judge, there’s nothing I can do.

Gwen: Really? But you were able to dismiss the case before. And then dimera was able to just go in there and get it reversed. How could he do that? I mean, you ruled that there was no case, and now xander is going back to trial in your courtroom!

[Tense music]

I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I know I don’t know the law like you do. Just that, well, you said that there wasn’t enough evidence, and you dismissed the case before, so why isn’t there just a way that you could dismiss the case again?

Smails: Ms. Rizczech…

Gwen: I’m so sorry. I know–now I’m getting emotional. I just–it’s so frustrating. You see, I would do anything to help xander. I mean anything.

Justin: It’s genius? Ha! Look, even if judge smails is corrupt…

Xander: You know he is, though.

Justin: He didn’t get where he is by being easily duped. You don’t think he’s gonna be wary when your girlfriend shows up out of the blue and suddenly offers herself to him? He’ll have her arrested before she even gets out of the office.

Xander: I know that! That’s-that’s why I told her not to confront him with the evidence herself. I told her to bring the tape back to me.

Justin: Whoa, what am I missing? What are you gonna do with the tape? Invite the judge to your cell for a little chat?

Xander: No. I’m not going to confront the judge with the tape. You are. Shingles? Oh… you mean bill.

Justin: Have you heard a word I said? I am not going to have any part in this.

Xander: You might not have a choice.

Justin: And just what is that supposed to mean?

Xander: I just think that, to an outside observer, or a cop, it might look like you have already taken part in it. Think about it. You came to visit the police station yesterday, and you talked to gwen and me all alone in this room for quite a while. And then this morning, you show up here first thing, at the exact time gwen showed up at the judge’s office. From the outside, it really does look like you are part of this. And what would happen if gwen and I said that it was all actually your idea–in fact, you came to us?

Justin: Are you threatening me?

Xander: I really don’t want to. I want to persuade you. And everything that I said yesterday, that still holds true today. You can use the tape to get the charges against bonnie dropped too. And as you said, as an officer of the court, smails will know, if you have the tape, it won’t be so easy to make it disappear.

Justin: Huh. Wow. You are a true kiriakis.

Xander: I’m not trying to screw you over, justin. I swear I’m not. But this could work out for both of us.

Justin: You don’t give a damn about me.

Xander: But you give a damn about bonnie. And the last I heard, she just got denied bail again. Now she’s got to sit all alone in that cell, waiting for a trial where she’s charged with two murders, defended by the man she was about to marry, until he found a dead body in his bed.

Justin: Shut up!

Xander: Can I just ask you just a quick legal question, justin, if I may? Don’t you think the da is going to want to call you to the stand to testify not just about that dead body, but about what bonnie did to your first wife. I mean, aren’t prior bad acts also admissible?

Justin: I said shut up.

Xander: Gwen and I came up with a stupid plan, a crap plan. But it still has a hell of a lot better chance of helping bonnie than anything else you’ve got.

Maggie: I’m sorry you were worried about me. But you know, when summer died, as awful as it was, it was also a relief that she wasn’t in any more pain. When I went to la and I scattered her ashes over the ocean, it was this sense, I don’t know, of calm that washed over me, ’cause I knew she was finally– she was finally at peace.

Brady: I’m really glad you were with her at the end.

Maggie: Yeah. Me too. But I’m very happy– I’m very happy to be home.

Brady: This place is not the same without you. You have a soothing effect, maggie, especially on you-know-who.

Maggie: From time to time.

Brady: I don’t know if he told you, but he had a party to celebrate bonnie’s arrest.

Maggie: Gee, justin must have really appreciated that. And no, he–victor, he didn’t share that with me.

Chloe: I wonder why?

Maggie: Well, at least there was some good news, happy news, on the home front.

Brady: Really? I’d love to hear it.

Maggie: Oh, come on, brady. Don’t me coy with me. Victor told me the two of you were back together.

Ava: Well, you took your own sweet time getting here.

Philip: Family business. So you got the goods on jake?

Ava: Yeah. I spoke with angelo. He gave me some very interesting information.

Philip: Interesting?

Ava: Damning.

Philip: Enough to take gabi down?

Ava: If she cares about jake as much as she says she does, she’s gonna fold like a house of cards. Because if this gets into the right hands, jake will go to prison for a long, long time.

[Desolate music]


Gabi: The fall line is falling off the shelves. If these projections hold, I mean, sales are gonna exceed all of our targets.

Jake: Great.

Gabi: Did you just-did you just take a bite out of that muffin?

Jake: You want one?

Gabi: That–that’s a bite mark. Does that–that looks like a bite mark to me.

Jake: Okay, it was one bite. All right? I mean, you actually think that ava would–

Gabi: What?

Jake: Would actually–

Gabi: Jake, stop it. No, jake. No! No! Are you serious? No! Stop! Oh my god! Baby… it was an act?

Jake: Who is naive now? Yes, it was an act!

Gabi: Stop!

Jake: And it was a damn good one, if I don’t say so myself. Now give me my muffin back.

Gabi: Oh, you want this muffin?

Jake: Yes! I do! I’m hungry!

Gabi: There you go.

Jake: What the hell?

Gabi: I’m gonna take your mind off of that muffin.

Jake: Are you now? Okay.

Tripp: I don’t get it, dad. I mean, what’s the downside?

Kayla: Okay, guys. What’s going on?

Tripp: Dad doesn’t want to get a flu shot.

Kayla: What? Why not?

Steve: Because I’ve never had one. And I rarely get the flu. And I’m healthy as a horse.

Kayla: Well, that is the lamest reason I have ever heard in my entire life. And I can’t believe that I missed you not having that shot. It’s important. And you, you, mr. Healthy as a horse, could be sick as a dog with the flu if you were exposed. And, you know what? There’s no risk to it. And, being a medical professional, I am going to insist that you get that damn shot and stop acting like you’re so invincible. You hear me?

Steve: Well, I guess she told me.

Tripp: Kind of.

Steve: All right. I’ll be the face of your campaign, and I’ll get the flu shot.

Kayla: Damn right, you will. We’re for those who love to discover.

Kayla: So I think, if you take this over there–oh. Ah! There he is. Were you a brave boy?

Steve: Yeah. I was brave.

Kayla: Uh-huh.

Steve: Partly because I didn’t feel a thing.

Kayla: Mm-hmm.

Steve: And because, actually, I’m grateful to my wife and son for encouraging me to do it. Because now, I really do feel invincible.

Tripp: Well, I’m grateful for you, for actually coming around, dad, because you really are the perfect face for this program.

Steve: Because I’m so handsome, right?

Tripp: Yes, yes, that, and, you know, although everyone should get the flu shot, the target demographic is 65 and over.

Steve: Oh. Now I get it.

Kayla: And I think tripp’s right. You are the perfect face for the campaign.


Philip: Wow, this is damning. If it’s true.

Ava: Well, according to angelo, it is.

Philip: Jake did all this?

Ava: I can even produce an eyewitness.

Philip: Are you sure you want to do that? If a mob informant steps up, gabi would have a pretty good idea where this came from. My guess is she’d be more than happy to tell rafe about it.

Ava: She won’t be able to prove anything. Especially if you say it came from someone you met during our ill-fated association. But deep inside, she’ll know it was me. She’ll know that I’m the one who blew up her life.

Gabi: You know, now that the keylogger’s kaput, we’re gonna need to find something to make sure that philip stays jealous of brady.

Jake: Wow. Talk about hot pillow talk. I just gave you my best stuff, and here you are talking about two other dudes. Really?

Gabi: Oh, come on, don’t look at it like that. The power of your love empowers me.

Jake: Oh. Uh-huh. Nice save, gab.

Gabi: I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. How about I show you some of my best stuff? Speak of the devil, philip wants to see me.

Jake: Anything wrong?

Gabi: No, I don’t think so. He probably just saw the numbers for gabi chic and wants to up my budget.

Jake: Mm.

Gabi: You know, despite ava, this has turned out to be a very, very good morning.

[Gentle music]


Xander: Justin, maybe it’s time that you remember that you’re a kiriakis too.

[Soft dramatic music]


Justin: I can never forget it.

Xander: Look, I know you want to be all legal and everything, but the law doesn’t matter to smails. It doesn’t matter to this da, either. They’re the ones in charge. Smails is a corrupt judge who will sell himself to the highest bidder. The da is a power-mad bitch who will do anything for a headline. And bonnie is a headline superspreader. Two murders, justin! With her record, how many years is she gonna get?

Justin: It was self-defense. Both times, it was self-defense.

Xander: And bonnie shouldn’t be punished for protecting herself. But we both know justin the lawyer can’t help her now. But justin the kiriakis can. Think about it this way. Neither smails nor trask would think twice about doing something like this. Is your high-mindedness really worth bonnie spending the rest of her life in statesville? Can I say one more thing?

Justin: Can I stop you?

Xander: Just imagine the look on victor’s face when you tell him that bonnie’s going to go free.


Smails: What are you suggesting?

Gwen: That, if the case against xander gets dismissed again, I would be very happy to show you how grateful I am.

Smails: You’re a very beautiful woman.

Gwen: Would you like to know a secret about me? I am very, very attracted to powerful men. I just get– I get so excited in their presence.

Smails: Really?

Gwen: Well, you know, you could find out for yourself. I may not have ej dimera’s money, but… I do have other assets.

Smails: I’ve noticed.

Gwen: Mm-hmm. So would you like to come and see me sometime?

Smails: You know, I think I would.

Gwen: Just one more thing, judge. [Gasps] I really like calling you judge.

Smails: Be my guest.

Gwen: I am very sorry to do this, but you–you understand my situation, and I need to be clear, because I know that you and i can have a really good time together. Hmm? I will sleep with you if you promise to let xander go. I believe that they call that a quid pro quo? Agreed?

Smails: Agreed.

Gwen: I’m really looking forward to holding up my end of the bargain.

Justin: Get thee behind me, satan.

Xander: Oh, come on. Smails is a piece of dirt who has it coming. He’s everything you hate. Victor’s a pillar of virtue compared to him.

Justin: This could all be hypothetical, because I’m still not sure that gwen is going to be able to pull this off.

Gwen: You really don’t have much faith in me, do you?

Xander: What happened?

Gwen: Exactly what I said would happen.

Xander: Yes!

Gwen: We’re meeting this eve. Surprisingly, he was even able to name a motel that he found to be discreet. I think maybe he’s done this before.

Xander: Now we have what we need to get him. That is, if justin will help us.

Brady: What–what exactly did victor tell you?

Maggie: That the two of you were back together.

Brady: He was–he was… premature. You know granddad. When he wants something to happen, in his mind, it happened.

Maggie: Yeah, but victor hates chloe. Chloe, I’m sorry.

Chloe: Hey, it’s the truth.

Maggie: But why would he want the two of you back together?

Chloe: To get me away from philip.

Maggie: But that doesn’t mean he wants you with brady.

Chloe: I think he just wants me to disappear.

Brady: And since that’s not going to happen, I think victor’s decided that I hit the bottom of the barrel with kristen.

Chloe: Yeah, and as he so sweetly put it, I was the lesser of two evils.

Maggie: To think I miss that man.

Ava: Oh, well, isn’t this déj vu? Think I just saw you with a muffin.

Jake: Yeah. You did.

Ava: But mine was pumpkin. That looks like blueberry?

Jake: You’re observant. From sweet bits. I didn’t eat any of yours.

Ava: You don’t like pumpkin?

Jake: It’s not exactly my favorite, but that’s not why I didn’t eat it.

Ava: Why? What was wrong with it?

Jake: You made it. Gabi doesn’t trust you.

[Dramatic music]


Gabi: You wanted to talk to me?

Philip: I did.

Gabi: Well, why here? Why not at the office?

Philip: I thought it’d be best to do this in private, in case there was some kind of scene.

Gabi: Did you not see my numbers this morning? Why would there be a scene?

Philip: Because I’m firing you. Serena: It’s my 3:10

Gwen: Ugh, what a sleaze that judge was. I need to have a shower now.

Xander: Gwen, I just hate that you had to go through that. Well, you didn’t have to go through it, but you–you did it anyway, for me.

Gwen: Look, I only needed to come on to some creep. I didn’t even have to follow through, did I?

Xander: It’s just, justin had me so scared.

Gwen: What?

Xander: Well, he kept going on about how this plan of ours could blow up in our faces, especially yours. And I was just so glad when you walked through the door.

Gwen: Look how much you’ve done for me. And you and I are gonna walk out that door together, thanks to justin.

Justin: Sorry to barge in. Your assistant wasn’t at her desk.

Smails: Mr. Kiriakis. I don’t believe any of your cases are before me today.

Justin: No, your honor. I’m here about bonnie lockhart’s case.

Smails: I’m afraid I have a full docket. We’ll talk about it later.

Justin: No, actually, we need to talk about it right now. I’d like to strongly suggest that you dismiss her case, as well as the case against xander cook.

Smails: And why would I do that?

Justin: Because if you don’t, I will be playing this recording.

Gwen: I am very sorry to do this, but you–you understand my situation, and I need to be clear, because I know that you and i can have a really good time together. Hmm? I will sleep with you if you promise to let xander go. I believe that they call that a quid pro quo? Agreed?

Smails: Agreed.

[Dramatic music]

Chloe: Maggie?

Maggie: Sorry. Victor, you know, I can’t turn my back on that man for a minute. It’s time to gird the lion in his den. Oh, it’s a good thing–it’s a good thing that man is so cute. All right, I’m coming, victor.

Brady: I’ll never understand in a million years how she puts up with him. But I’m damn glad she does.

Chloe: Well, she loves him, almost as much as he loves her. And I think he thinks that she walks on water. He’s not always wrong. But he’s a tenacious old coot. I can’t believe he hasn’t given up on trying to push us back together.

Brady: Yeah, well, he never gives up. But don’t worry. I’ll have a talk with him and make it clear that that’s not going to happen.

Ava: Gabi doesn’t trust me? Are you telling me she seriously thinks I poisoned those muffins?

Jake: Actually, yeah.

Ava: Under the same roof as her brother, the police commissioner.

Jake: I told her she was overreacting, but she wouldn’t let me touch them.

Ava: Wow. She really does have a suspicious mind. I mean, come on, what could I possibly do to her?

Gabi: I’m fired? Why?

Philip: Because you put that keylogger on my computer.

Gabi: But it found one on mine.

Philip: Don’t you deny it. We’ve been through this dance before, remember? I’m not gonna play these games with you again.

Gabi: Fine. I’m taking gabi chic with me.

Philip: Actually, you’re gonna sign that company over to me.

Gabi: And why in the name of god would I do that?

Philip: Because if you don’t, I’m gonna send jake to prison for murder.

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