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Just tell me, is my mom okay? Did she contact you? Okay. Sorry. I didn’t mean to mislead you. I haven’t actually heard from your mom. But you — you just said —

[ Knock on door ] Hold on. Oh. Hiya, maxie. Hi. Hey, britt. Wait a second. Wait a second. Is this about liesl? Okay, I spoke with nina, and I have some information on liesl’s disappearance.

[ Cellphone ringing ] What’s up? Hey, are you busy? Kind of. I’m at the gym. Volleyball practice got canceled. Ah, I see. Well, how long until you’re done? About an hour. Why? Well, I’m with trina at charlie’s right now, and she wants to run a theory by you. Mm, I kind of want to finish my workout. Can it wait an hour? Did kevin leave? Yes, just now. Where’s esme? She left a little while ago. Kickboxing, and she mentioned something about going to some interior design boutique after. She wants to redecorate her room.

[ Chuckles ] Boy, she’s full of ideas. Yeah. Esme is all about creativity and thinking outside the box. And you chose to miss all of that to hang with your father? Lesser of two evils.

[ Chuckles ] You okay? Yeah. I mean, sonny’s back. I’M… beyond grateful that he’s alive. Yeah, me, too. But underneath all that joy, I just keep wondering… …what happens next?

[ Sighs ] You stalking me? No, I, um — I was taking this to my brother’s grave site, and I saw someone here, and I wasn’t sure if that was you. You didn’t recognize the wardrobe? Partly. But I didn’t know that you’d be up and around so soon. I know you left the clinic against medical advice. H-how — how you doing? A-are you feeling any after effects from that smoke inhalation — you don’t get to do that. Do what? Act like you give a damn. This is the grave site where my family grieved because of you. Don’t you think for a second… …that I’ll ever forget that!

Turns out, peter was tracking me. He knew I went to texas, and then he followed me when I went to visit nina in nixon falls. When I left, he approached nina and pressured her to help him find louise. And when she refused, he tried to kill her. Is nina okay? Yeah, no thanks to peter. He tied up her and her friend and set the building on fire. Aw, for crying out loud, maxie, what does this have to do with liesl? Peter told nina liesl had been handled. Handled? What — what does — what does that mean, that — that he killed her? No, maybe that’s just what he wants everybody to think. I mean, “handled” could mean anything. Typical peter double-speak, you know? I mean, besides, he’s on the run, trying to find louise. Why take the time to abduct my mother? I was just about to get to that part. Hello, liesl. Finally. It’s been days. I’m going stir-crazy in this room. Your minions barely talk or look me in the eye, just a lot of nodding and smiling. I warned them not to fraternize. Well, I can’t have you charming my people into doing your bidding the way you did that poor fool kirk in geneva. I didn’t charm dr. Kirk. I survived him. Where have you been? I wanted to give you time to adjust to your… new reality. All you’ve done is give scott and britta time to find me. Now, why would they be looking for a dead woman? I’m glad esme’s making her room her own. I want you both to feel comfortable here. Oh, don’t worry. Esme is comfortable wherever she goes. Well, that’s an admirable trait. I’m glad to get to know more about the girl who’s captured my son’s heart. Esme is the coolest. She’s beautiful and smart. She tells it like it is. I never connected with anyone the way I connected with esme. Esme sounds very special. It’s good to have someone like her in your corner. That she is. Esme’s the best. Joss is at the gym right now. Are you good to hang out here for a while while she finishes up? Mm-hmm. Uh, hey, joss. Bottom line — esme’s up to something, and she’s dragging spencer

along with her. I’ll be right there. Josslyn, hi. Are you in the kickboxing class? Actually, I’m on my way out. Enjoy your class. Oh, josslyn, wait. You can’t leave. Sonny: You like my headstone? My family wanted to leave me a marker, even though they didn’t find my body. This is the place where they would grieve. Of course, I’m one state away thinking, “where’s my — the family who cares so much about me? They’re not looking for me.” You have every right to be angry with me. You’re damn right I do! You knew about this. And I was just going on with my life. You could have stopped it months ago, but you didn’t! I know it’s not enough to say, but I’m so sorry for the pain that I’ve caused you. Me? What about my family, my kids? Avery knew who I was, but donna… didn’t recognize me. I was like a stranger to her. And you say you — you know, you feel bad for what you did to me, but not one word… for my wife, carly. So, how’d it go after I left? Good. Uh, sonny stayed up practically all night with the kids. Yeah. I-I went up to bed to give them some time alone, and, uh, sonny — he slept in the guest room. So, I had, um, sonny’s clothes brought down from the attic, you know, everything I packed away. And he put on one of his suits this morning, and it was really great to see him looking like himself. I bet it was. What about you? Where did you go? Uh, home, to my apartment. You haven’t lived there in a while. Yeah, well, you and the kids needed me here. You don’t anymore.

didn’t you say that there weresurveillance cameras in the parking garage? That’s how they knew you didn’t shoot jason. Maybe I can get my mom to see if the hospital security will let me look at the footage to see if esme was anywhere near ava’s car that night. I’m gonna be honest. I think involving your mom is a bad idea. I mean, do you remember the trouble I nearly got my mom in when I accessed the hospital records using her password? I get where you’re coming from. Then we’re back to trapping esme and spencer into confessing that they’re the stalkers. I don’t think that’s the right way, either. You sure are coming up with a lot of obstacles. How about you come up with some solutions? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I just personally think that the best option is being straightforward. I mean, maybe if you, me, and joss, we talked to spencer — I already tried confronting esme and spencer, and it was a disaster. And, I mean, think about it. If they’re guilty, why would they just admit to it? You have a history with spencer. Is he the confessing type? No. Spencer’s fallback is always deny, deny, deny. Okay, then. We have to be as devious as esme and spencer. We have to lay a trap for them. I can’t leave? Why not? I just, uh, get the feeling you’re avoiding me. No. I need to be somewhere. Oh, too bad. I thought this would be a good opportunity for us to spend some time together, you know, hang out. Spence told me what a good friend you’ve been to him, and anyone important to him is important to me. Well, it sounds like things are getting pretty serious. Definitely. Did you know we just moved into wyndemere? I think he mentioned it, um, but things have been so crazy since sonny came back. Wait, what? Sonny corinthos, spencer’s uncle? I thought he was dead. Yeah. Turns out he’s not. Um, I’m sorry, esme. I-I have to change. People are waiting for me. Oh. No worries. Uh, there’ll be plenty of time to get together. I’ll be around. You know, I was really surprised when you introduced me to esme. It was a night of surprises. Starting with a party you hadn’t cleared with me.

[ Scoffs ] And ending with you terrorizing me and my guests. I hope you’ve found a way to forgive me for thinking you were ava’s stalker. We’ve already hit the reset button on that, haven’t we? I applaud your capacity to let go. I know how difficult that can be. Forgiveness does not come easy to us cassadines. Check. You stole months of my life to get back at carly. No, that’s not what it was about. Then why? Because I… because carly was t-trying to take wiley away from me. She was trying to erase me from his life. And you wanted to erase me from carly’s life. So you wanted to punish her, make her pay. All the talk about y-your grandson’s other grandmother and how unfair it was? No, but everything I said was true. I just want to be in his life. You even told me to fight for wiley. I did not say that! That was mike. Mike doesn’t exist. He’s a phantom and — and my name on the back of my father’s watch. I clung to that, to phyllis, to lenny, and — to me. I didn’t think I’d find you in nixon falls. I didn’t expect to — to keep you a secret, certainly not for all those months. I admit, at first, it was about carly. But the second I knew what happened to you, I picked up the phone, sonny, to tell her. And she — she threatened me with legal action, and I just froze. I couldn’t do anything. Yes, I held back. You wanted to hurt her. Yeah, I wanted to hurt her, as much as she hurt me. But that all changed when I got to know you as mike, sweet mike. And we got closer and closer. I didn’t plan any of this. I didn’t expect things to wind up the way they did.

[ Sniffs ] That’s it? That’s your excuse? That’s what — no. It just happened? No, there’s no excuse for any of it. I’m — I was just hoping that maybe… you’d understand. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I understand. You stole my life from me. You know, I kept thinking about how, um, I thought we were gonna get so much pushback when we told people that we were getting married. And in the end, almost all of our family and friends said, “of course. It makes sense.” Because it did. You know, we got married because we thought sonny was dead. Otherwise, we never would have done it. Right. And now sonny’s back with his family where he belongs. But, jason, I can’t help but think… …if things would have been different… …we would have had a wonderful life together. Yeah, I think so, too. But, you know, that’s not — that’s not what happened.

[Inhales] What’s going on? Ava’s leaving port charles. She’s walking away from her entire life because of this whole stalker situation. Okay. But when you called me, you said that this was about spencer and esme. Well, I just ran into esme at the gym, and I am positive I was right the first time. That girl is not to be trusted. There’s just something about her. Right? She’s sketchy. Beyond. What do you think she’s gotten spencer into? I think spencer and esme are ava’s stalkers. They’re acting as a team. Sure, spencer was in wyndemere when ava’s car got torched, but that was also the night that esme showed up. And I know she had a supposed alibi, but it was lame. Look, I’m not defending spencer, but I do not see him torching a car. Because he didn’T. Esme did. Well, if they’re in on it together — maybe esme did it and spencer didn’t know about it, or maybe he did, and he was okay with it. Either way, they’re working together. Cam, you’re pretty silent. What do you think? Look, I know I’ve been pumping the brakes on this, but it is kind of weird, spencer being in town on the down-low for so long. I mean, he was really upset when — when ava refused to testify against valentin. That’s why my grandmother sent him away — for his own good. I mean, spencer, he can hold a grudge. And esme’s working him every chance she gets. I mean, I know that spencer likes to think that he’s all sophisticated, but I think he’s in way over his head with her. Esme’s very persuasive with “spence.” Game. So, why were you surprised by me and esme? What? You said you were surprised when esme showed up as my girlfriend. Why? Didn’t you think I had game?

[ Chuckles ] Oh, I knew you had game. I’d just seen you with trina, and it seemed like you guys were connecting. And the couple times you mentioned her, it sounded like she was important to you. It’s not like that. I mean, trina’s great. And I like her a lot, but as a friend. All I can tell you is that night on the turret, you didn’t seem like a guy with a girlfriend. Nina had peter in her sights and didn’t call the cops? Or anna? So the trip to st. Lucia was a cover-up so that liesl could knock off peter august? That was the general impression that I got. What the hell? She should have called the cops. Okay, nina couldn’t call the cops ’cause peter was blackmailing her. W-what would he be blackmailing her over? Sonny. Sonny? What — what the hell does he have to do with this? I already know, maxie. Jason told me. Alright. You two girls now need to tell me what is going on.

[ Sighs ] Sonny corinthos is alive. You need to say that again, because, uh, I-I-I’m starting to think I’m in the middle of a nightmare. Sonny corinthos is alive and well. He came home last night. Of course he did, because he’s impossible to kill, ’cause he’s like a palmetto bug! Okay, you know what? I think that we should refocus here. Um… okay, liesl told nina to tell peter that there was a lead on louise in st. Lucia and that anna and valentin were hot on the trail. Nina thought that would convince peter to go, but somehow, peter found out what was going on and turned the tables on them. So we were gassed up. They hijacked the plane. Wait a minute. That’s why liesl said that she can’t die. She needs to help nina. Britt: Plane crashes are peter’s M.O. He did it to silence drew cain. I mean, who’s to say he wouldn’t do it again? Yeah, but wait a minute. Why would they chuck me out like a sack of potatoes? I mean, I was a loose end. And — and where’s the evidence of the plane crash? Because there wasn’t one. My mother’s not dead. Victor, let’s stop this cat and mouse. You’ve proven you can get to me whenever you want. That being the case, let me go back to port charles. I have urgent business there. Family business — a grandson, a very troubled niece, and, oh, yes, that bumbling idiot you call a boyfriend. I also have a daughter who needs ihre mutter now more than ever. Yes. Britt’s diagnosis is troubling. Huntington’S. Dreadful disease. Yet one more reason to hate her father. Cesar is dead. Hating him is a waste of time and energy. I must focus… on my daughter. I was supposed to attend a medical conference touching on cutting-edge research for her condition. Remarkable how a symposium on inherited diseases just happened to pop up into your inbox at this exact moment in time. There was no medical conference.

[ Sighs ] It was a trap. Have you no shame?! Why should I be ashamed? Everything’s worked out neatly. I-I’d always planned to bring you here anyway. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. And now you detain me when britta needs me. She needs you alive. You see, I saved you from yourself. Oh, we both know you had bigger plans in st. Lucia than merely attending a medical conference. You took advantage of the situation. You didn’t give a damn about me or my real life. And while I was cleaning beer off of a-a bar, the entire empire that I built, everything that I cared about, was threatened! But you — but you were away from all that.

[ Chuckles ] No, listen. You were away from the mob for once. You weren’t in danger. You were safer in nixon falls than you ever would be here in port charles. So you were protecting me? Is that what you’re saying? For my own good? It’s not your job, and I don’t want it. I’m not some drifter, you know, living off the kindness of strangers. I could — I could have taken all the worry from phyllis and lenny. I could have made a call and — and just erased all their debt, given — I would have given them security. And maybe for just a little bit of time… lenny could have had some peace. What you gave lenny and phyllis was so much more important. You gave them friendship, love, and loyalty. You’re right. I lied to you. I kept you away from your family and your friends and your business. But you’re wrong about mike. He wasn’t just a hapless drifter. He…was loyal. He was hardworking. He was fearless. He was a devoted friend. He was a good man. Maybe the kind of man that you always longed to be. So take it from someone who had the privilege of knowing him up close and…personal. Mike the bartender was just as real as sonny corinthos. This morning, I walked in to the kitchen, and sonny was making coffee. Like always. Did it finally taste right? It did. I missed you. And I worried about you. You don’t have to worry. I’m fine. You always say that. Because it’s true.

[ Sighs ] I mean, things will just go back to the way they were. You know, it’s all we can do. You got a life and a — and a family with sonny. You’re a huge part of that life. Please tell me that’s not gonna change.

maybe we could somehow record spencer and esme without them knowing. What if I accuse them and then leave? Then they might say something incriminating when they think they’re alone. So you’re talking surveillance equipment? Okay, don’t hate me, but I’m the one having second thoughts now. I mean, esme is one thing, but do we really want to trap spencer? What if it exonerates him? That’s the outcome I’m hoping for. Joss, I think you’re right. Spencer’s in over his head with esme. But before she came and I was getting to know him, sure, spencer’s a lot, but beneath all that posturing and arrogance, there’s some real vulnerability, maybe even some kindness. I’d agree with that. Spencer can be astonishingly sweet… when he’s not being totally self-absorbed and oblivious. That’s why, despite everything, I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. Despite myself, I’ve kind of gotten to like him. Spencer: Trina and i were good friends. Was that all? Because before I met esme, I thought the two of you were heading toward something. Okay, sure. There was an attraction, a spark. Trina’s beautiful, smart, direct. And she’s just a good person, you know, one of those people who genuinely wants to do the right thing without being too preachy. Why wouldn’t I like her? But it can’t go anywhere. Esme’s my person. Oh! Good, you’re together. Hey, what happened to, uh, kickboxing and home decor? I had to rush back to tell you. Spencer… your uncle is alive. What are you talking about? Sonny corinthos? He — he came home last night. Josslyn just told me. Uncle sonny’s alive? That’s fantastic! He’s — wait until you meet him, esme. Uncle sonny’s the best. If sonny’s back, avery’s protected. Ava won’t have to worry about her daughter so much. Uh, thank you, esme. I have to go.

[ Door opens, closes ] Why are you standing there grinning like the cheshire cat? Because my uncle, who I love, is alive. And your father just took off so fast that he left a vapor trail. Can’t you see this is a disaster? When I intercepted you, I also let peter know that he nearly walked into your trap. He was most appreciative. You will regret your dealings with peter. Everyone does eventually. And to be clear, that degenerate has threatened to kidnap my own beloved james and use him as a substitute for his own lost child. If that happens, if peter gets his hands on james or harms nina or maxie or my britta, I will hold you responsible. Oh, I’m well aware of the hazards associated with peter, though I still think henrik suits him better. If you’re trying to win me over by disparaging peter, don’t waste your breath. I loathe him. But that doesn’t make me feel any warmer towards you. It’s not good strategy to antagonize me, liesl. Have I hurt your feelings? You’re acting against your own interests. Britt may not have long before her symptoms manifest. Do you really want to spend what could be her last healthy months here, locked up in this room? What do you want? Forget your foolish, stubborn pride. And let me back into your heart. Whew! No, I-I’m okay. Okay, I’m just relieved. I was really afraid. Look, I-I pray that you’re right, but what makes you think that liesl still alive? Scott just said it. He’s a liability. Peter hates loose ends. If he wanted to kill my mother, he would have crashed the plane, whether you were on it or not. Maybe he’s holding my mother hostage for leverage. Oh, this is the first time I feel confident that we can find my mother and rescue her, assuming she doesn’t rescue herself first. Well, now, wait, I wasn’t just, you know, given the bum’s rush and thrown out of that plane. I’m here. I’ve got a new mission, and that’s to save your mother’s life. Just because I remember who I am now doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten… what happened… the last nine months. I remember when you came to me, we — we were talking. We were dancing. Mm. I remember everything. How you led me on and didn’t say anything. That’s unforgivable! I know. That’s all you got to say? I have plenty to say, but none of it’s gonna make a difference. All my reasons, my justifications, my excuses that I made to myself, it’s not gonna make a difference. Yes, I was angry with carly. But nothing I did in nixon falls was malicious. Just the opposite. I would see you… how you were there. You were laughing. You were at peace. I wanted to give that to you. I didn’t know what I’d lost. I didn’t know what your lies took from me. I hope I didn’t cause any problems between you and carly. I know you’re not going to believe this, but all I ever wanted… was for you to be happy. Jason: I’m not going anywhere. No matter what it costs? It costs me nothing. You can’t lose what you never had. And what you have with sonny, that’s — that’s real. So, did he say anything else about where he’s been? Um, just, um… a small town in pennsylvania and that the locals were good to him. I think he’s waiting to talk to you about it, I think. Yeah. Yeah, probably. Sonny’s never gonna understand the big hole he left in our lives when he disappeared. Or the void I would have fallen into if it weren’t for you. Yeah. We were there for each other. Like always.

hey, lighten up. You’ll love my uncle sonny. He’s a little intense at times, but when he loves you, he’s got your back 100%. That’s what I’m worried about. Didn’t you hear your father? He said sonny could protect avery, which takes away ava’s incentive to leave. Where do you think your father’s heading right now? Ava. Just when we were this close to breaking them up for good. We have to do something. Hey, guys. Uh, is ava around? She wasn’t at the gallery. That’s because she already said her goodbyes. Can I talk to you for a second? I know how close you and ava are. I’m sorry, mr. Cassadine. I have to stop you right there. I can’t tell you anything ava told me in confidence. I get that, but I need to know where ava went. If I can find her, I might be able to stop her from leaving port charles. How? I don’t have time to explain. All I can say is that the situation has changed. Will you help me? You say you’ll let me see britta? Why should i trust your word? Because, as you can plainly see, I-I still have feelings for you. I can plainly see you’re trying to manipulate me, lure me into complacency. Oh, no, just the opposite. You’re a brilliant woman, liesl. I-I want us to help each other.

[ Chuckles ] You have a strange way of asking for my help. A gilded cage is still a cage.

[ Sighs ] Collaborate with me on a certain research project, and I guarantee you’ll have contact with your daughter. And if I refuse? Then you stay here, far away from your last surviving child. All those years you spent devoted to faison, and how did he repay you? By murdering your beloved son. Britt’s all you have left. She’s a lovely woman. She reminds me a lot of you. No sign of huntington’S… yet. And I can give you a way to be with her. All you have to do… is cooperate. Well, I’m glad that, um, we requested donations to the alzheimer’s association in lieu of presents, ’cause now I don’t have to return anything for the shortest marriage in history. I mean, how long were we married? Three hours tops? I mean, I know it wasn’t legal, but, um… …I meant the vows when I said them. Yeah, so did I. We’ll be okay, right? We are okay. You’ve got me, and I’ve got you. No matter what. No matter what.

[ Sighs ] Sonny: Don’t worry about carly and me. I’m at home with my family… where I belong. Good.

[ Sighs tearfully ] I’ll try to stay out of your way. I’m really, really sorry about all the pain that I caused you and your family and the time that I took from all of you. I’m sorry. And I’m really sorry about letting you fall in love with me. I should’ve known better. And I sh-should have known better than to fall in love with you, too.

I could help you, but ava might already be gone. You think she already left? She did say something about making one last stop and some unfinished business. Okay. Thanks. What was that about? Inspiration. I know how we can trap esme and spencer. Don’t over-think this. Ava’s leaving today. She might already be gone. Father can try all he likes. He won’t change her mind. Should we really take that chance? After all our hard work? Our hard work paid off. Ava made up her mind. Any last-minute appeal made by my father won’t make a difference. Mother’s been in tight situations before and survived, okay? We just need a lead. Some idea of where she might be. Look, liesl’s held her own with peter before, okay? Uh, he’s so arrogant and overconfident. Yeah, well, now, that will be his downfall, because letting me live — big mistake, because I am going to find liesl, and I’m gonna take peter august out! I can’t lose britta, not after losing my nathan. I have no choice but to trust that you’ll keep your word. Oh. Don’t worry, my darling. The worst is over now. Wrong again, “darling.” Whatever happened in nixon falls is over. Yeah, you’re back in your life. I accept that. But I can’t pretend the last nine months didn’t happen. Mike will always be in my heart. You need to stop fooling yourself. Mike’s gone. You need to forget that he ever existed. I can’t do that. I will never forget what mike and I shared.

[ Sighs ] You good?

[ Sighs ] Is it weird for you? Yeah, I mean, it’s a little weird. But it’ll wear off. But getting there is gonna be, um… yeah. Yeah. I know. We’ll get there. Well, I got to go. Um, I-I’m gonna have to talk to diane about this whole buscema and novak thing. I know the cops are gonna call, so… hey. There’s still something we need to talk about. What are we gonna tell sonny?

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