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Traci: Jack! Oh, jack!

Traci: Ciao, mio fratello jack.

Jack: Ciao, yourself.

Traci: [ Laughs ] I thought my work-in-progress italian was gonna get your attention.

Jack: Music to my ears.

Traci: Listen, I’m on my way to see abby and the baby. Would you to come along with me?

Jack: It’s kind of late, isn’t it?

Traci: It is, but the baby doesn’t know that, and apparently, he is wide awake. So do you want to come?

Jack: You know what? I-I — give them my best. I think I’ll stay here. I got a few things I got to do.

Traci: Like…staring at a wedding invitation?

Jack: Maybe.

Traci: Oh. You know, staring at it isn’t gonna get you to milan any sooner.

Jack: A fella can dream, can’t he?

Traci: [ Chuckles ] You okay?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I’m maybe a little tired. Otherwise, I’m great.

Traci: Is that why you’re transfixed by kyle and summer’s invitation?

Jack: It was addressed to “jack and guest,” and, of course, I’m going solo.

Traci: I see.

Jack: This is the umpteenth wedding I have gone to alone, traci.

Traci: [ Sighs ] So that’s where we are.

Jack: “That’s where we are,” what does that mean?

Traci: Well, it’s just that I’ve seen this before. I mean, it’s a little bit of a cycle. You fall in love, something goes wrong, you swear off love, and then you get a little bit lonely and you start yearning for romance.

Jack: Yearning, huh?

Traci: [ Laughs ] Yes. It’s just part of the pattern. And it just happens you’re at the lowest point right now, and you have been since…

Jack: Go ahead, you can say it. Since mother died.

Traci: But I know that you are going to find someone.

Jack: Yeah.

Traci: The universe would never let somebody with a heart as big as yours be alone for too long.

Jack: That’s my sister traci, the cock-eyed optimist.

Traci: [ Laughs ] Yes, that’s me. So, why don’t you go upstairs, go to bed, and get some rest?

Jack: I wish I could. I’m trying to stay up late so that I can call kyle in italy. He starts his day with a workout, and I’m trying to get him before he gets on the treadmill because I can’t stand talking to him when he’s huffing and puffing.

Traci: [ Laughs ] Okay. Send my love, won’t you? And tell them I can’t wait to see him and summer and harrison.

Jack: Will do. Love you, sis. My son is getting married, and i am still single.

[ Sighs ]

Dina: They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Jack: Hello, mother.

Jack: I’ve been thinking of you.

Dina: I know.

[ Chuckles ]

Jack: You should be at this wedding. It’s a family event.

Dina: Who says I won’t be there? No one’s ever stopped dina abbott mergeron from crashing a good party. I will have a bird’s-eye view, i promise you.

Jack: I should’ve known nothing could ever stop you.

Dina: Of course not. That’s my grandson getting married.

Jack: You’re right, you know. They grow up so fast.

Dina: That’s why you can’t waste a moment, not like I did. You must cherish every second. And, jackie, you must always follow your heart.

Abby: Look who it is, dominic! It’s our favorite great-uncle, isn’t it? The patriarch of the long branch of your family tree.

[ Gasps ] I wish nothing more than for you to grow up and have a heart as big as your uncle jack’S. Is olay better than your clean beauty?

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Abby: Isn’t it miraculous, uncle jack?

Jack: Yes, it is. And you are such a natural.

Abby: I never knew I could love someone this much.

Jack: And he loves you.

Traci: It’s the first love we ever experience — the love of a child and their parent. It’s so innocent and pure and untainted by heartbreak. I mean, look at them, you can feel the love.

Jack: It’s a miracle. And we live our lives as parents trying to live up to promises we made at moments like that. “I will always keep you safe. I will never let anyone harm you. I will never let anyone break your heart.”

Traci: Jack, those are promises you can never keep. No matter how hard you try, you can never protect your children from everything. And heartbreak, it’s — it’s just a part of the human experience. It helps us learn to overcome pain and move on.

Jack: Is that the lesson? I’m supposed to learn to move on?

Traci: Jack, of course not. You’ve had your heart broken over and over.

Jack: Well, not that many times.

Traci: And yet you keep coming back for more. You love to be in love.

Jack: You make that sound like a bad thing. Isn’t that what everyone wants? To love and be loved?

Traci: But you’ve elevated it to an art form.

Jack: It was never my choice. I just never found the right person.

Traci: Really? After all these years? Are you sure?

[ Heart beating ]

Jack: Can you hear that? Traci? Abby?

Phyllis: Psst.

Jack: Phyllis?

[ “Cherry moon” plays ] Mother, they’re playing your song.

Traci: [ Humming ] Mother and daddy loved that song, didn’t they, jack?

Jack: Oh, boy, did they. Those are wonderful memories.

Traci: Oh, yes, I can still remember them coming home from the club, still dancing, still laughing. How did they seem so happy, but they really weren’t? I mean, was it all a lie or a façade? Or did something change?

Jack: I guess that’s one of those questions we’ll never know the answer to. Romance is best left to the poets.

Traci: Or the novelists.

Jack: Or the novelists, that’s right. You’re — you’re writing the book on dina.

Traci: I’m looking for answers, jack, just like you.

Jack: Keep looking. Don’t give up. Answers sometimes come from where you least expect them, just like love.

Traci: Love. When it comes to love, you have always been the eternal optimist, haven’t you?

Jack: Well, maybe it’s all just a façade. Like the one mom and dad showed us when they were falling apart inside.

Traci: Do you believe that, jack? Do you believe that’s what happened? That daddy knew on some level that she was inevitably gonna leave us, that she was gonna take off and follow her own heart?

Jack: He had to know how unhappy she was somehow.

Traci: So what changed? Did their love change or did they?

Jack: Another question for the ages.

Traci: Oh, jack, I want to believe that daddy felt that their love was so strong that it could endure anything. That if the circumstances had been different, they would have made it work out. That she would have stayed here and she would have found her happiness here. That their love was just that strong.

Jack: Yes, yes, yes. We all want to believe that, yes.

Traci: I think you do believe that, jack. And that’s why you never got bitter or jaded after all you’ve had to endure.

Jack: Always seeing a happy ending even when there isn’t one in sight.

Traci: I’m guilty, but I’m also right about you believing in love. Even for yourself. Especially for yourself.

Jack: Well, I haven’t given up on the concept.

Traci: No, of course you haven’T. If you had, then you wouldn’t still be yearning to find love. And I know you are. I can see it in your face.

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lavender scented tube

Nick: You just couldn’t let it go, could you? Did you not think that I would find out what was going on?

Jack: Nothing is going on!

Nick: Your own sister knows. What’d she call it, “yearning”?

Jack: But traci was mistaken.

Nick: No, she is polite. Yearning is the nice way to put it. We both know what you’re doing is darker and more depraved.

Jack: Okay, what exactly do you think is going on?

Nick: It’s not what! It’s who. It’s phyllis. How could you do this?

[ Heart beating ]

Jack: I haven’t done anything.

Nick: Our relationship was finally in a good place. We’ve got some balance and we are in love.

Jack: That’s great. I’m happy for you.

Nick: No, no. And you’re doing everything you can to ruin it, jack. I trust you. I respect you. What are you doing?

Jack: You did something far worse years ago, when you went after phyllis while I was still with her.

Nick: Oh, well, does this justify your actions then?

Jack: What actions? I haven’t done anything.

Nick: You put all these thoughts in her head. And now everything’s changed because you’re standing between us.

Jack: That was never my intention. No, I was not making a play for phyllis.

Nick: Really? Then what are you doing?

Jack: I was trying to be honest about my feelings. You’re wrong when you say everything has changed.

Nick: No, you heard me talking about my relationship with phyllis, how I was concerned that we are fated for a disaster again.

Jack: That’s right. I remember. And you told me someone’s words — not mine — had put doubts in your head. You’re a strong, self-assured man, nick. No way that could happen unless you harbored some of those doubts inside.

Nick: You’re doing everything you can to cast blame away from yourself. Why would you tell phyllis that you’re madly in love with her when you know that we are together right now? What is wrong with you?!

Phyllis: Nick, stop!

Nick: Why? I’m not saying anything that jack doesn’t know already.

Phyllis: Jack is not the reason for everything that’s going on between us.

Nick: What is going on between us?

Phyllis: Do I need to say it out loud?

Jack: Wait, wait, wait. Don’t — don’t say anything rash. Look, I may be at fault here. I may have crossed the line in telling you what I was feeling. I did not mean any harm. The last thing I want to do was cause trouble between the two of you.

Phyllis: You’re not responsible for any of this.

Jack: Listen to me, phyllis. These feelings that I have had for a very long time, I should have kept them buried. I had no right to blurt them out to you or anyone else. I had no business taking all of my issues and dumping them in your lap.

Phyllis: No, it was fine. It was the purest kind of honesty. It was beautiful. Unbridled. You were telling me your truth.

Jack: Nick, I’m sorry. You were right. I could never let her go. I never moved on.

Sally: I couldn’t agree more. You should’ve let go of phyllis a long time ago, jack.

Jack: Sally.

Sally: We could’ve had a chance if you had only moved on. I promise that I would have loved you way more than your ex ever did. What can I du with less asthma?

Sally: You made a huge mistake, jack. Legendary screw-up. You could have had this. But instead, you made a play for an old, painful error in judgment named phyllis.

Jack: I didn’t make a play for her.

Sally: We had so much potential. Off the charts. We could have been genoa city’s power couple.

Jack: I think you’re misremembering what happened between us.

Sally: I have total recall. I know exactly what we had. It was magical. You blew it.

Jack: I — it’s my fault?

Sally: I may have made a mistake or two, but mostly, you’re to blame because i genuinely cared about you, jack, and part of me still does. But at least I can recognize when it’s time to give up and walk away. You need to shut the door on your past or you’re gonna miss even more opportunities in life.

Jack: Wow, you’re good. You actually had me questioning whether this was my fault, whether I ruined any chance of having a life with you. No, it was you. It was your lies, your deceptions, your insistence on sabotaging my son’s relationship.

Sally: That’s not fair.

Nick: Remember summer?

Sally: Ha, another country heard from. Yes, summer. I am so sorry that I got her that fabulous job in that very glamorous city. What a tragedy. I mean, how will she ever survive?

Jack: You were right about one thing. You had enormous potential.

Sally: Oh. Well, thank you.

Jack: I recognize that part of you wishes you could do it without all the dirty tricks. You’re talented. You just don’t trust it. I know you have a moral compass. You just forget to look at it. We could never have had anything because you didn’t know who you were or who you wanted to be.

Sally: I actually know exactly who sally spectra is — the good and the bad. You just couldn’t accept it. And let’s be honest here, did i really do anything worse than phyllis has done over the years? I mean, I never ran anybody over with my car, so why should she get a free pass?

Both: Because she’s phyllis.

Sally: Lovely. She has her own fan club. And I’m so sorry that you couldn’t have forgiven me the way that you forgave phyllis countless times before.

Jack: I am sorry.

Sally: We could’ve had fun, jack.

Nick: Fun and games don’t last forever, huh, jack?

Jack: Yeah, yeah, I guess — I guess that’s true.

Sally: And now you don’t have a date to the wedding. Maybe you should ask phyllis.

Nick: Don’t even think about it.

Jack: Nikki! What the hell are you doing?

Nikki: Taking away the bottle won’t stop anybody from drinking, jack. You know that.

Jack: I also know I can stop you for the moment. Why are you drinking in the first place? What has victor done now?

Nikki: It’s not victor. I don’t know why you would assume that. You have no understanding of our relationship. Victor and I have been happy for years. Through all the ups and downs, we have each other. What do you have? Nothing.

Jack: I have plenty of things that bring me happiness.

Nikki: Oh, yeah, what? Name one.

Jack: My grandson, harrison.

Nikki: [ Scoffs ] Who lives in italy. Try agaiN.

Jack: Why are you attacking me?

Nikki: Because you deserve it.

Jack: Because I said something negative about victor?

Nikki: No, for being jealous of victor and me. You always have been. Victor and I have love and devotion, and that’s what you want, isn’t it? Isn’t it?! You’ve always wanted that, and that is why you hurt nicholas.

Jack: Wait, wait, what are you talking about now?

Nikki: Phyllis broke his heart again, thanks to you. And I don’t like seeing my son in pain.

Jack: Whoa, wait, that is why you’re drinking?

Nikki: Nicholas has had his heart crushed over and over. How could you, of all people, do that to him?

Jack: Has everyone gone mad? All I did was tell phyllis she was still in my heart.

Nikki: Ah! And that you have never stopped loving her.

Jack: Why would that make any difference for nick and phyllis? Why does what I feel matter at all? Look, they’ve found happiness. I’m happy for them. I care about them. I would never do anything to jeopardize their relationship.

Nikki: Are you sure about that?

[ Heart beating ] Here’s a good halloween trick.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Nikki: How can you sit there and claim your innocence? You went to phyllis and you confessed! You bared your soul to her. You wanted to destroy her relationship with nicholas so you could take his place.

Jack: No, that is not what i meant. Look, I regret now having told phyllis everything that I was feeling. It was late, and I had one too many glasses of wine.

Nikki: Oh, I hope you’re not gonna use that excuse with me.

Jack: I’m not saying it completely absolves me. I’m just saying the alcohol lowered my inhibition. I thought I could speak my mind with phyllis. I went too far. I never meant to harm anyone.

Nikki: You shouldn’t have done it, jack!

Jack: I don’t know why it matters to you. This is something that could so easily be written off or forgotten. I don’t know why it hasn’t been.

Nikki: At least be honest with yourself, jack.

Victor: And stop pretending you’re a saint. You have fooled too many people for too long in this town. I know your real M.O. I’ve watched you do your devious, underhanded stuff in order to get what you want. But you always put a sheen of respectability and righteousness over it all. You fooled a lot of people, but you don’t fool me. I know the truth.

Jack: Oh, I suppose you’re the saint in this scenario.

Victor: Not all. Never pretended to be. With me, you get what you see. I’m ruthless. But I do not whisper sweet nothings into my old flame’s ear whilst knowing that she’s involved with someone else.

Jack: Okay, I am not going to argue about phyllis with you of all people.

Victor: I don’t give a damn about phyllis.

Jack: So you agree with nikki, that I interfered with nicholas’ relationship with phyllis?

Victor: Nick will move on. Always does. He changes women the way he changes careers.

Nikki: Doesn’t make the heartache any less painful. What does everybody else think?

Jack: Wh– okay, what is this? What is going on?

Nikki: We all have thoughts about what you did.

Jack: I don’t regret what is in my heart. It is part of who I am. As long as I don’t act on those feelings, it’s none of your business. And, yes, having a partner would have been better than spending the rest of my life alone, but sometimes loneliness is just part of life.

Traci: Poor jack.

Nick: My heart bleeds.

Traci: You could still find love again, jack, just not with phyllis. You need to keep looking.

Victor: Jack, you’re a hypocrite.

Sally: You made a huge mistake. You could’ve had this.

Nick: You know how I feel.

Jack: I know how you all feel. It doesn’t matter. I’m not looking for sympathy. I don’t care what any of you think or feel.

Nikki: Apparently, you do.

Jack: I didn’t hurt anyone. I didn’t break any laws telling phyllis that I still have feelings for her. I hold each of you in my heart to some degree. My family, my friends, the people I work with. I have love in my life. It’s more than enough for me.

Phyllis: Jack. You have to be honest with yourself.

Jack: I am telling the truth.

Phyllis: You have to stop saying what you want to be true and admit what really is. The love that you have from your friends and family and memories, it’s not enough. You don’t to go to that wedding alone. You don’t want to be alone anymore. What you really want more than anything is to be with —

Jack: [ Sighs ] Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

Jack: Thank you. Maybe the reason I didn’t move on with my romantic life was… ’cause I already was with the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. Maybe you set the bar too high, red.

Phyllis: [ Laughs ] Listen, I don’t — I don’t think you should say things that you might not mean.

Jack: I’m not saying this because I’ve had too much to drink. I’m saying it because it’s true. I have never stopped loving you. And I don’t think I ever will. Come on. You can’t be that shocked.

Phyllis: I don’t know what to say.

Jack: Let me be clear about this. I’m not acting on any of these feelings. I know our time is over. I know you’ve moved on. Life has moved on. I know you’re happy with…

Phyllis: With nick. That’s a fact.

Jack: Well, here’s another fact. I still love you… truly, deeply. And I have to live with that. I can’t stop it. It won’t go away.

[ Sighs ]

[ Door opens ] Hey. Thanks for coming by. I know it’s late.

Nick: You said it was important. That’s good enough for me. What’s up?

Jack: I got something I got to get off my chest. I’ve been carrying around for a while, and I don’t see it going away any time soon.

Nick: Yeah, how can I help?

Jack: You can listen. There was a night not long after the newman media celebration at the hotel. I was talking to phyllis. I had maybe had one too many drinks that night. I don’t do that often anymore, but…I was definitely in a mood.

Nick: What happened?

Jack: I told phyllis that she was still very much in my heart.

Nick: Is that all?

Jack: No, there’s more. I told her that I never stopped loving her. Okay, clearly you’re not that surprised. Has phyllis already told you this?

Nick: She didn’t have to. I mean, I’ve known how you felt for a while now.

Jack: Wow, I’m that transparent?

Nick: You’re an open book. Look, with everything that went down with summer and kyle, you guys are spending a lot of time together, you know? You have this history. It’s only natural that you would be reminded of what you used to have with her.

Jack: Then you’re not bothered by my feelings?

Nick: I mean, I’m not threatened, if that’s what you’re asking. I also know your last relationship was with sally, and I know how that ended, so it’s understandable that you might be a little gun-shy about letting someone new into your life. And there was phyllis. And you had this thing together, and, you know, I’m not saying that she’s safe ’cause we both know she’s not.

Jack: No, she never has been.

Nick: But she’s familiar, so it’s understandable that you would still have feelings for her because she’s —

Both: She’s phyllis.

Nick: And she doesn’t make it easy to forget her. And I know what you guys had was pretty special.

Jack: But it’s no more special than what you had.

Nick: Yeah, I know.

Jack: Some of the best years of my life I spent with her. I’m not — I’m not looking through rose-colored glasses here. We had more than our share of problems.

Nick: Look, jack, it’s totally normal for you to, you know, remember fondly what you guys used to have. I do the same, you know, with sharon. I can reminisce about the good times, think about our mistakes. I mean, those things, they make us who we are today. And when you look back, you can change and grow.

Jack: That’s a very mature way of looking at things.

Nick: Look, my relationship with phyllis is a lot different than it was when we met or even after summer was born. It’s no better or worse, not at all the same, but, you know, that’s okay. You got to evolve, right?

Jack: Yeah, yeah. I couldn’t agree more. Let me ask you something. If you knew exactly how I felt about phyllis, why did you confide in me the other day? Why did you ask me those questions about your relationship with phyllis?

Nick: Yeah, I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have. Maybe I was testing you.

Jack: Did I pass?

Nick: You failed miserably.

Jack: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: We’re good, man, honestly. I guess the question is, you know, what happens now?

Jack: Nothing. I made it abundantly clear to phyllis, I want to make it just as clear to you — I would never act on those feelings. I never would.

Nick: Okay.

Jack: I guess I just needed to tell her.

Nick: And then you needed to tell me.

Jack: Yes. I felt you had every right to know. You shouldn’t be kept from any of that.

Nick: I mean, I really, really appreciate that, especially since I definitely don’t deserve the same kindness from you.

Jack: Why do you say that? We’ve been through an awful lot, you and I. I was your stepfather. I was your workmate. I was a friend. I… I look back on all of that quite fondly.

Nick: I do too. For sure. But when it comes to phyllis, man, I did you wrong, and that is a guilt that I carry around with me, even today.

Jack: We’ve been through all that. It’s — it’s done.

Nick: I know. Still.

Jack: The heart goes where it wants to go, nick. We can’t control that.

Nick: But you were able to control those feelings you had for phyllis for all those years. Me, I acted on them, you know? I couldn’t help myself.

Jack: What do you say we leave ancient history behind us?

Nick: Cool with me. We’ll chalk it up to just another bump in the road that our friendship survives.

Jack: Yeah, I’m glad we did.

Nick: Yeah. I’m sorry.

Jack: I just said there’s no need for that.

Nick: I’m sorry that you haven’t found a woman that loves you as much as you love phyllis.

Jack: Wow. Lot of people saying that these days. I guess it’s kind of a theme.

Nick: Well, I’m just glad there’s other people who know that you deserve an incredible woman in your life. I know phyllis is a tough act to follow. But I know she’s out there somewhere for you. And I really hope you find her. Did you know diarrhea is often caused by bad bacteria in food?

Phyllis: Hey, baby. I expected you back sooner.

Nick: Yeah, I got caught up at crimson lights.

Phyllis: Oh, with sharon?

Nick: Jack, actually.

Phyllis: What?

Nick: Yeah, he texted me out of the blue and said he wanted to talk, so I met up with him.

Phyllis: This late?

Nick: Yeah, he had something weighing on his mind.

Phyllis: Well, is everything okay?

Nick: He told me about the conversation he had with you, the one where he told you he never stopped loving you.

Jack: Buongiorno! How’s my timing, kyle? Have I caught you before your workout? Great. How’s harrison?

[ Chuckles ] Excellent. Listen, I won’t keep you long. I just wanted to let you know how much everyone is looking forward to the big weekend in milan. Yeah, everyone. The whole town’s talking about it. Well, I talked to phyllis and nick, your aunt traci, nikki, victor. They’re all pretty excited.

Phyllis: Well, I’m surprised that jack opened up to you like that.

Nick: That’s all you have to say?

Phyllis: Yeah. I mean, honestly, I’m glad he said something. It was a burden keeping that to myself.

Nick: I mean, why didn’t you just say something? You know, it would’ve been a lot easier for you.

Phyllis: Well, because it was personal to jack, and I didn’t want to — I didn’t want to tell you his personal feelings.

Nick: Yeah, okay.

Phyllis: I mean, he was drinking, so…you know, there’s that. We do and say a lot of things we don’t mean when we’ve had a few.

Nick: Yeah, he did mention that.

Phyllis: Yeah. So I didn’t want to say anything. It has nothing to do with me, really. It has nothing to do with us. It caught me off guard, to be honest with you.

Nick: I know you two have bonded over missing summer and kyle since they moved to italy. Are you sure you didn’t know how he felt?

Phyllis: Yeah. How would I know how he felt?

Nick: I don’t know. I guess I just assumed you understood how unforgettable you are, you know? You’re not somebody that you just get over very easily.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, for sure, I’m not someone you get over easily. I’m glad it’s out in the open.

Nick: Yeah, jack mentioned that he felt badly that he left me in the dark.

Phyllis: Well, that’s nice of him. He’s a gentleman.

Nick: That he is.

Phyllis: This has nothing to do with us. You know that. I mean, this hasn’t changed anything with us. Right?

Nick: No. I mean, I’m — I’m not sure —

Phyllis: You’re not sure? What? We’re solid.

Nick: I know, I know. I just think — that’s all.

Phyllis: Don’t think. Stop thinking.

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Stop thinking. I know how to get you to stop thinking. I know how to make you sure that our relationship is solid, okay?

Nick: Okay.

Phyllis: Okay?

Nick: Okay.

Jack: No, the father of the groom will not be bringing a guest to the wedding. I will be there alone. Don’t you worry about me. I will be surrounded by all the people that matter. There will be a lot of love in milan. Okay, I’ll let you go. Get to your exercise. Give summer my love. Give the little guy a hug from me. Tell him grandpa jack cannot wait to have some gelato with him, and I’ll see you soon. I love you, too. Thanks. See you soon.

Dina: Jackie, you’ll be okay. You’ll find love again. I promise.

Jack: How do you know that?

Dina: You’ll find it because you’re yearning for it. I love you.

Jack: I love you too, mother. [ Sighs ]

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