Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah thinks Tessa should carry their child so they can have a family of their own. Tessa tells Mariah she wants to have a family in the future, but it is too soon right now.

Nick refuses to team up with Billy to find out the truth about Ashland. Nick talks to Rey and he suggests that Ashland had to have some help in order to keep his name change out of the public record so Nick should start his investigation there. Nick later talks to Phyllis who tells him to trust his instincts and do what he needs to do to protect Victoria.

Amanda accepts Devon invitation to live with him.

Ashland meets with a man named Gaines whom Ashland has been paying for years to keep his real identity a secret. Gaines wants 10 million to continue to keep Ashland’s secret and when he gets the money he tells Ashland he can die peacefully because nobody will ever know his identity. Ashland is unaware Billy is on the Crimson Lights patio looking through the window as he talks to Gaines.

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