Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 14, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip ran into Ava at Julie’s restaurant. Philip talked to her about her connections with the mob. He wanted her to break Brady’s legs. Ava thought the problem was over a woman. He talked to her about Brady going after Chloe. Ava said she knew how he felt. She talked about Rafe and Nicole. Philip asked if she could get over the jealousy. Chloe talked to Nicole about the way Philip was acting. Chloe asked how she doing. Nicole said she was getting divorced and couldn’t see Rafe anymore. She said Rafe told Ava that he had feelings for her. Chloe wanted to know how she felt about that. Gabi and Jake ran into Brady. They said he was spying on Titan. Brady said he had nothing to do with the keylogger. He said he didn’t know what a keylogger was. Gabi said she believed him. She said she was worried about Philip’s behavior. Gabi and Jake told Brady that they were worried about Philip running Titan into the ground. Brady said he was glad not to be the only one who saw that. She told Brady to talk to Victor. Brady was suspicious of their motives. She said she was concerned about the future of Gabi Chic. She said Titan was Rachel’s legacy. She said he should protect it. Philip showed up and wondered what was going on.

Rafe questioned Bonnie at the police station. He asked if she wanted to tell her side of the story. She said she shot Calista in self-defense. He asked why Calista wanted to kill her with that gun. She said she didn’t know. He asked if it had anything to do with the gun being used to kill Calista’s husband and stealing his money. She said that wasn’t true. He said the evidence said otherwise. He said she was going down if the case went to court. Steve told Justin that Bonnie didn’t make bail. Justin was glad she didn’t make bail. He said he never wanted to see Bonnie again. He said he was glad he got out when he did. Steve reminded him that he was the one who told everyone she changed. Justin said he was wrong. Steve asked if could be wrong again. Justin was shocked that he was defending Bonnie. Steve told Justin there was more to Bonnie’s story. He said there was something off about Calista. He said he knew he felt betrayed, but it wasn’t like him to turn his back on Bonnie. He told Justin to visit her and hear what she had to say. Justin said he didn’t want to be played for a fool again. Steve said he still loved her. Rafe asked why Bonnie took Xander’s money. Justin came in the interrogation room and said the interview was over. Rafe wanted to know who said the interview was over. Justin said he was Bonnie’s attorney.

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