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How’s ryan enjoying his afternoon excursion? Ryan’s in his room resting. This is chris. I know ryan’s presence here concerns you. Ryan’s presence does more than concern me, it alarms me and fills me with dread. Every time I walk in here, I have to brace myself, worried that he’ll be in here. And every time you see him, is there any change? Ryan’s been reduced to an invalid. He’s no threat to anyone. Says every teenager in a horror film right before the guy with the chainsaw shows up. Okay. You know what? I’m not responsible for ryan being here. I didn’t even ask to be assigned to him, but my job is to care for him, so I’m gonna do that to the best of my ability. But don’t mistake that for liking him or defending him, because I don’T. It’d just be easier to believe you if I didn’t know how susceptible you were to a certain kind of monster. Sam: Ah! Whoo! Strike three. I think —

[ Chuckles ] Well, I didn’t know you were counting balls as strikes. Good thing the game wasn’t riding on that because you missed by a mile. Really? Well, I did, but I think it was because I was distracted a little bit. Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm. I wonder why.

[ Chuckles ] Ah! Oh. You’re lucky, drew. Your ribs are only bruised and not broken.

[ Exhales sharply ] Guards must be slacking. Well… at least they spared my pretty face this time. I still think your plan is insane. Well, it worked, didn’t it? I turned you in for stealing a pen. Which gave them a reason to trust you. You’re a navy seal, right? Yeah. Yes. So didn’t they teach you how to turn a pen into a howitzer or something? Well, maybe not a howitzer. How about a lock pick? Possibly, yeah. Okay, so why didn’t you escape? Leave you here? No way. Okay, so we’ve lost the pen, you have multiple bruises and contusions, and maybe the guards trust me. What do we do now? We get the hell out of here. Josslyn: Hello, spencer. Or should i call you victor?

[ Chuckles ] Victor? You can’t possibly be mistaking me for my late and unlamented great-great-uncle. No, I was mistaking you for someone who had grown up a little bit, maybe even achieved some decency. My bad. You’re taller, but you have not grown at all inside. You are still as selfish, spiteful, and dishonest as ever. But how do you really feel? I really feel like punching you in the face, but that would just give you another excuse to feel sorry for yourself. What are you talking about? Poor, poor, pitiful spencer, with his trust fund and his mansion and his boarding school in europe. You don’t get along with daddy, so that justifies you lying and using people, right? Getting trina to keep your secret and telling her that your name is victor. And for what? It’s all just gonna blow up in your face. You know why? Because the truth always comes out. Always. What do you want? Look, I’m just trying to spare the people I care about as much pain as possible. That actually includes phyllis and nina. Well, there’s not gonna be any pain once you leave town. What? Wait, nina hasn’t — she hasn’t talked to you yet? No, no. I just — I lost my phone, came to look for it, it’s not here. So you still don’t know the truth. Well, you make that sound like it’s a threat. I don’t give a damn about your truth. I just want to find nina so we can get on with our lives. It’s a little late for that. Always has been. Peter, just go. Leave us in peace. You know, the longer you’re here, the greater the chance that you’re gonna get discovered. Oh, I intend to leave, and soon. But you and phyllis won’t be. In fact, the two of you won’t be setting foot outside the tan-o ever again. Don’t worry, phyllis. It’s gonna be okay. I know peter. He’s a big talker. He’s just your typical insecure bully, and you’re going to crumble like a paper cup when valentin alerts the police. Nice try, nina. But even if valentin did pick up on your feeble attempt to warn him, I’m gonna be long gone before law enforcement ever shows up. You and phyllis, on the other hand, will succumb to a different fate.

wait, I thought you were the one that had thousands and thousands of hours of experience with baseball and softball. I think I said tens of thousands of hours. Oh, yeah? Well, I think that time was wasted… really? …Because you have a serious flaw in your swing. I got a flaw in my swing? Yes. So you’re the expert now. Alright. Samantha, why don’t you show me how it’s done? Oh, no way. I am not giving my tips out for free. Besides, my team is going to the championship, just as I predicted. And where’s your team going, dante? Nowhere, because you guys got beat. Home. Home. Yeah, I know. And you know what? You’re just like I thought. You’re all talk. Hold the bat tight. Hey, hey, hey. Mm-hmm. Not — not so tight. That’s too tight? Yeah. Okay. Now I need your knuckles aligned. Aligned? Uh-huh. Okay. Like that. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Feels kind of funny. Shoulders back. Mm, okay. Face toward the pitcher. Yeah. Choke up. Come on. Yeah. Yeah. Choke up. You have no idea what you’re talking about, do you?

[ Laughs ] How many guards have you seen total? I haven’t kept count. 10 all together on different shifts at different times. Any guess on nationality? They seem to be from all over. That could actually work for us. How? Because if they’re mercenaries, that means that they’re in it for the money. They’re gonna do their job, but they’re not gonna risk their lives to stop an escape.

[ Pounding on door ] Guard: Time’s up. If we could only get our hands on some keys. You took that beating so the guards would trust me. Mind a little more pain? What? No time to explain. Start moaning. Ahhh! Again, but louder.

[ Screaming ] Guard, I think he’s punctured a lung. We need to get him to a doctor.

[ Groaning ] He can die for all I care. I’m pretty sure russell cares, and whoever russell works for. Look, someone thinks this man is valuable, and if he dies, who do you think they’ll blame?

[ Groaning ] How much do you know? Or should I say,

think you know? Well, trina told me that you got back to port charles long before your family knew and how the night you met her at her graduation party, you told her your name was victor.

[ Chuckles ] Is that all trina told you? Well, you spent a couple of days playing games, chatting her up, but mysteriously refusing to meet her friends or let her take your photo. But then trina came up to me and cam at the metro court pool, and we introduced her to our old pal, spencer cassadine. She could have busted you right then and there, like she should have. But you let her keep your secret. Things are complicated with my father. Oh, how convenient. Excuse me? I don’t excuse you, spencer, and I don’t feel sorry for you either. You know, it’s a shame that you have a rotten relationship with your father. Other people have it much worse, and they don’t have the luxury of a bottomless bank account or a grandmother who would drop everything to rush to their side. Which reminds me, how could you do that to laura? How could you be in port charles for weeks and not even try to see her? What was so important?! It’s none of your business. Well, when we were kids, that was your tell. Whenever you said something was “none of your business,” it meant that you were lying, hiding, or doing something you weren’t supposed to. Is that still how you operate? Is that why you needed trina to keep your secret? Trina was just being a good friend. No, no, no. You took advantage of trina’s compassion to play mind games with daddy. You flirted with her to get her to cooperate without ever once mentioning that you had a serious girlfriend. See, this is still your fundamental problem, spencer. You have no idea what the word “friendship” actually means. You know, I’m not asking you to forget or forgive my involvement with shiloh or dawn of day. Well, considering what he almost did to my daughters, it will never be forgiven or forgotten. And I went to jail for that. I paid my debt to society, just like you’re trying to do. That’s true. Okay. I’m not in a position to throw stones while I sit here as an inmate. And I admit that you were helpful in giving nikolas notes on ryan’s correspondence. Yeah, well, you want to protect your nephew. I understand that. It’s everything alright with your nephew? Is that what’s troubling you? Well, you know, that and other things. And I know better than to ask what those other things are, so I’m gonna get back to work. That’s okay. I have this friend… who I think is about to make a terrible mistake. I’m trying to minimize the damage here and keep nina from being harmed. You remember that when you get your memory back. I’d call you mike, but we both know that’s not your name. Mike is the only name that I remember, the only name that means anything to me. Nina and I, we let go of the past. All I care about is our future together. Well, the funny thing about the past is you can run from it, you can even hide for a little while, but eventually the past will always catch up with you. And guess what — today’s your day, mike. Peter, your issue is with me, not phyllis. Let her go. I’m not leaving you, nina. There’s no way. Oh, the loyalty between the two of you is quite touching. Do you have any rope in the back? What do you want with rope? What do you think? Go, go get it. And some duct tape. Oh, and, phyllis, hurry. Look hard and look fast. If you’re not back in three — no, you know, let’s make it two minutes, then nina’s blood will be all over your hands. It’s okay. Oh, and before you go, leave all the cellphones on the floor. All the phones, phyllis. Now you’re on the clock, and remember, I have your gun from behind the bar, so don’t even try and think about being a hero again.

[ Sighs ] I thought she’d never leave.

Well, I’m sorry I don’t meet your lofty standards, joss. Right, because it’s too much to ask for you not to use people. Look, I had a plan for how I was gonna return to life in port charles. Meeting trina was not part of that plan, okay? Meeting her was a total surprise. I thought I was gonna hang out here in town, lay low for a while, stay under the radar until I was ready to deal with my father. Yeah, then you met trina and started lying your head off. Besides calling myself victor, when did I lie to trina? You told her that you’d meet her friends on the 4th of july, but you knew if you’d do that, me and cam would recognize you, so of course you didn’t show up. Oh, that. Yeah, “oh, that.” Yeah, “oh, that.” You left trina twisting, talking about some guy she met who never actually showed up. Look, trina was unlike anyone who I’d ever met at boarding school. We hit it off almost instantly. Please, spencer, that’s the definition of using. You saw that she liked you, and that’s how you got her to keep the secret. Wait, did — did trina tell you that she liked me? Really? That’s all you got from this conversation, just another prop for your gigantic ego? No, did trina say those words specifically, that she’s into me? Why do you care? Because I like her, too. Sorry to keep you waiting, spence. Hello, josslyn. What’d I miss? A lot. Ahhh! Whatever’s going on with him, it’s way beyond my expertise. If we don’t get him to a doctor, he might not make it.

[ Groaning ] I’m gonna go get some help. No, there’s no time. Look, I’m a nurse, remember? I can recognize when someone’s dying.

[ Screaming ] You know how important drew is. If he dies, they’ll kill you, too.

[ Groaning ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunting ] He’s out, he’s out. Probably not for long. Come on. Get the keys. Here. Ahh. Unlock the cuffs. Quick, quick, quick. There we go. You got it. You got it. Okay. Let’s move, let’s move, let’s move. Come on. Here, come on. Let’s keep moving. Let’s go. Let’s go! Alright, how’s that? Is that more to your liking? Yes, that’s — that’s much better. Thanks, coach. But it reminds me, there is one more thing I need you to work on. I — another thing I got to work on? Yeah. What’s that? Your home run trot. Oh, okay. The bat flip, it’s everything. Is it? Yeah. Alright. I’ll remember that. But you’re the one who probably should be practicing that because you actually have something to celebrate. I do? Yeah. The end of your parole. Oh. Yeah. Every time I think about being on parole, it reminds me of why I’m on parole. Because I rid the world of shiloh. I mean, I don’t need to get into any of the details, but suffice it to say, I can relate to him. You know, he’s been trying to do the — the right thing, but the road to hell is paved, et cetera, et cetera. Is that how you ended up in prison? Well, that’s what I tell myself, but the truth is, is that my best intentions were fueled by an addiction to alcohol. Yeah, I guess you could say I’m addicted to men like shiloh, which is a very hard habit to admit to yourself, let alone break. Yeah, I know I have been known to fall under the sway of an unworthy man or two or 10. So what advice do you have for your well-meaning friend? The same thing that I failed to do — stay out of it. You sound like the one who’s running away from something. Or do you expect me to believe that you came all the way out here for nina’s sake? No, I’ll admit I’ve made mistakes. I thought I was doing the right thing at the time, and then I’m driving away the people I care about. You should learn from that. You sound like alexis. Who? A friend. She says I’m too much of a fixer. But one person can’t save everyone, and if you try, sometimes you end up getting burned yourself. You should take her advice and go home. Well, I would, but this isn’t just about nina. Well, what is it about? You and me. So you really thought you could just run away from home, huh, nina? Forget all your troubles, all the damage you caused, and start a shiny new life with a man that wasn’t even yours to begin with. Well, hey, think about it this way. Now you won’t even have to face carly and explain to her why you kept her husband all to yourself. So if you think about it, really, I’m freeing you from a world of grief. And hey, if you’re lucky, nina, maybe there’s a little corner of hell where you and nelle benson can be reunited. Wouldn’t that be nice? You sick, twisted son of a bitch. Your baby is so much better off without you in her life. Oh, I’m gonna find my baby. But you —

[ Timer beeping ] You’ve run out of time. I guess phyllis didn’t turn out to be that good of a friend after all, right? Phyllis: Don’t shoot! Cutting it a bit close, aren’t we, phyllis? I forgot where the tape was. Yeah, yeah, yeah, excuses. Alright. Tape her hands behind her back, then tie her to the chair. Good and tight. And then I’m gonna tie you. Peter. Hmm? Question — how are you gonna find your baby if you’re in prison? Huh? You should just get out of here while you’re still free, ’cause I’m sure by now, valentin has alerted anna, and you know what that means. If anna knows, then the wsb is on their way. Oh, let them come. I don’t think they’re gonna like what they find when they arrive.

you should hit something. Oh, I would love to, trust me. It’s just that any mention of shiloh reminds me of his connection to peter august and how they were conspiring to hand drew over to helena. Well, that’s ancient history now. Is it? What if shiloh knew who peter used to arrange for drew’s plane to go down? Well, even if he did, shiloh’s dead. Well, there is someone else, someone who was very close to shiloh who is still alive. You know, it’s my job to look after inmates’ health, but I’ve always felt that that included emotional well-being. I’m not dying for a drink, if that’s what you’re thinking. I think you’re lonely, and there’s no shame in that. I mean, the occasional visit from family and friends doesn’t always help. Sometimes it makes things worse. Like when your nephew came with his girlfriend. What about it? Well, as you recall, I had a bad feeling about esme. And you have such good instincts about people? Okay, I deserve that. But I do know trouble when I see it. I mean, why was she so interested in ryan? I don’t know. You know, some people are just fascinated with criminals. I don’t know, fascinated is one thing, but from what I observed, esme seemed to be upsetting ryan. How do you explain that? You should know, josslyn, spence and I have no secrets. Anything you can say to my boyfriend, you can say to me. Anything I have to say to spencer, I’m gonna say to spencer. Trina told josslyn that I was in town before I let anyone else know, that I used a fake name and everything. Everything? Oh. Is there something else I should know? Isn’t it bad enough that I made trina keep my secret? You think I’m proud of that? Oh, poor trina. She’s such A… what’s the word? Human being? That’s two words. I was thinking of idealist. I mean, she always seems to be looking for the best in people. Spend a few years at boarding school, you’ll never be an idealist again. You get to be too jaded. But trina? She must be so disappointed in you, spence. How can I help you make it better?

You can’T. You want to make things right? Start by telling your father the truth. Or you’ll what, tell him for me? Gee, thanks, joss. I’m sorry I don’t have the perfect relationship with my dad like you do. You and I have our own history. I don’t see how. You’re — you’re part of nina’s past. I’m her present and future. Nina is not the first woman you and I have fought over. Hell, she’s not even the second. Okay, enough with the hints. If you and I fought over women in the past, that means you know who I am, right? You know my name, right? What’s my name? Do I have kids? Do I have a family? What do I do for — no. You know what? Don’t even tell me, ’cause everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie. Look, I promised nina that she could be the one to tell you who you are, okay?

[ Exhales sharply ] I can tell you this much — there are people who have risked their lives to hold on to what’s supposedly yours. What is mine… is here in nixon falls… with nina. Peter, I don’t know why you’re going to all this trouble. You know, you could have easily chartered a plane and been on your way to mexico by now. Just wave goodbye to you and phyllis on the way? Ignore the fact that you’re both witnesses? I don’t know if you know this about me, nina, but I am a fanatic about tying up loose ends. But you don’t have any time. See? Mike is gonna be back here any minute. Mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike, mike. Don’t you mean sonny? Who’s sonny? You mean to tell me she didn’t tell you? Tell me what? Don’T. I am so sorry to disappoint you, phyllis, but our friend nina reeves here has known exactly who your friend mike really is all along. In fact, she knows his wife. She knows his kids. She just chose to lie about it all this time.

No one’s following. Yet. As soon as that guard doesn’t check in, they’re gonna know something’s wrong. Come on, come on. I’ve pretty much seen the inside of my cell. You’ve had the run of the place. So where to now? On the other side of that door, there’s a courtyard, where they park their cars and things. Great. I’ll just hot-wire one of the cars, but it’s gonna take me a minute. Good thing we got the keys. How long you been planning this escape? Ever since you took that beating. Could have clued me in instead of making me think it was my brilliant idea. You can give me the credit when we get back home. “Home.” “Home” — now, that’s a beautiful word. Come on, come on. Guard #2: Where do you think you’re going? You want us to go see willow’s mom? Oh, um…you have a lot of catching up to do. So she actually goes by the name of harmony, and shiloh rarely ever made a move without her knowing about it. So he must have had something on her. I don’t think it was something more than it was some sort of an attraction. I think she thought he was charismatic, and that was all he needed. Harmony would basically do anything he asked, including drugging me and kristina to initiate us into the dawn of day. Well, you had every reason to kill that guy. Part of me wishes he was still around so we could question him about drew, but that’s not gonna happen. Well, you know what? We have the next best thing. Are you coming with me? How could esme, or anyone else for that matter, upset a sociopath like ryan? I mean, she came off a little entitled and spoiled, but maybe she’s just a harmless teenager.

[ Laughs ] No. Trust me, there’s nothing harmless about that girl. The smile, the perfect manners — they’re all a cover so she can slip the knife in your back and make off with your wallet. I think you’ve been here too long. Shiloh, he collected esme’s type at dawn of day — beautiful as butterflies but vicious as a nest of vipers.

[ Tapping on table ] Yeah? I’m here. You’ve known spence so much longer than I have. And I’m sure you realize his feelings about his family are complicated. Yeah, that’s one word for it. And just so you know, josslyn, I told spence that it was a mistake for him to mislead you and cameron into thinking he had just come to town, and I was very much against him putting trina in the awkward position of keeping his secret. Well, it’s good to know it’s unanimous. Everyone thinks I’m a jerk. Gee, what a shock. You know I don’t think that. You just need to work on your communication skills and your trust issues, that’s all. Hey, isn’t today your mom’s wedding day? Shouldn’t you be focused on that?

[ Chuckles ] I can multitask. I see. It’s more important for you to threaten to spoil spence’s new understanding with his father. Nina, what is he saying? You know mike’s real identity? Yeah, shame on you, nina. Lying to a nice woman like phyllis, manipulating her. She let you into her home, opened her door to you, sang your praises, and you deceived her all this time. You soulless bastard. Oh, excuse me! I’m not the one that let mike believe he was mr. Nobody. When you knew all along he was sonny corinthos, a married man with a beautiful wife and a whole bunch of grieving children back in port charles. Nina, is this true? Phyllis, please, you have to believe me. The man called sonny corinthos is gone. He drowned in the llantano river. And this much… much better man named mike took his place. Oh, that’s rich, nina. Really, I reinvent myself as peter august, and I’m sick and twisted, right? But you reinvent yourself and you’re what, considered the goddess of love? Is that it? Come on. Yeah, you’re right, peter. We both made a lot of mistakes. But listen, you have a chance to turn everything around right now. All you have to do is go and leave us alone. You know, I think I speak for phyllis here when I say we have heard just about enough from your lying mouth. Time to shut you up, nina reeves. No, listen, peter — no, no, no! I don’t want to die. I know. What can I say? Next time, choose better friends. Actually, you know what? Scratch that. We both know there’s not really gonna be a next time.

Please help me. I saw this prisoner trying to escape, and I’m trying to stop him. Doesn’t look that way. You calling her a liar?

[ Grunts ]

[ Grunts, groaning ] Don’t tell me you were planning that, too? Sometimes you have to improvise. Help me move him. Come on.

[ Grunts ] That’s the second time that you’ve mentioned spencer’s girlfriend. So if esme is trouble, why do you care? Because you’re not the only one who’s lonely. My daughter and I are estranged, for good reason, but… it means that not only am I cut out of willow’s life, I’m cut out of my grandson’s life, which is just like this really long way of saying that I could use a friend, too. I would really like to pick up that conversation. Right now, though, I have a visitor. Yeah. Mom. Well, that’s a nice surprise. Hi. Hello, there. I’m happy to see you, too, but you’re a collateral benefit. We’re here for another reason. Yeah, more of a professional visit, actually. We want to talk to harmony about a case we’re working on. What happens between you and your dad is your business. However, you need to apologize to trina, and you’re gonna have to work for it, because if you’re going to make me choose between you and trina, I’m gonna choose trina. And it’s not even a hard call. I tried to explain to trina that this wasn’t about her. It was all about me and my father. Spence, listen to josslyn. I believe 100% you weren’t trying to treat trina poorly, but still, you did. Be the good guy I know you are and apologize. Acknowledge that you put trina in an impossible situation, and, you know, that wasn’t fair of you. Me? I did this, all by myself? Spencer, are you saying that there was someone in it with you? You claim to love nina, right? Those aren’t just words, I do love her and she loves me. Okay, then trust her to tell you the truth. Now, she’s probably back at the tan-O. We could go there together. I’m not going anywhere with you. Why not? You don’t trust nina? No, I trust nina. I don’t trust you. So you can go. You can stay. You can do whatever you want. You stay the hell away from nina. Peter: So you still think mike’s gonna save the day?

[ Laughs ] Well, I guess mike’s no more heroic than sonny corinthos, huh? Ooh! Apologies in advance for the fumes, ladies. This is certainly no chanel no. Five, nina. Not to worry. This’ll all be over in just a few minutes.

[ Muffled screaming ] As the saying goes, dead men — and women — tell no tales.

[ Screaming ] You did this to yourself, nina. I was willing to work with you, but you had to run to your aunt liesl, didn’t you? Well, let’s look on the bright side, shall we? Maxie, my daughter, and i will live happily ever after. Oh, and we’re gonna take little james with us. He can grow up calling me dad.

[ Laughs ]

[ Muffled screaming ] Tan-O.

[ Laughs ]

[ Muffled screaming ] I’m sure that there’s gonna be some other guards stationed someplace. It’s gonna be tricky to find the right car. What other choice do we have?

[ Alarm blaring ] I guess they found the guard locked in my cell.

[ Sighs ] Come on.

Or the car. I’m gonna hold off the guards as long as I can. I can’t just abandon you. Look, you’ve got to make it — there we go — somewhere public, okay? Very public. Preferably someplace with security cameras, like a U.S. Consulate or a luxury hotel or something. So I save my own life. Meanwhile, they kill you? No, somebody wants me alive for whatever reason. Now you’re wasting time. Go, go!

[ Alarm blaring ]

[ Grunting ] Ahh! Ah! Ah! Oh! You’re working on a case, and it involves harmony? Look, I don’t know what you suspect me of, but I am doing my best to try to clean up my act. Willow has made it very clear that she wants nothing to do with my life unless I truly change, which is what I’m trying to do, so I can be part of her life and part of my grandson’s life. Wait, wait, you have it all wrong. We are not here to accuse you. We actually need your help. Maybe I’m being too hard on you, spence. I should have made sure that you told your friends you had a serious girlfriend at school. I should have made sure my appearance at your party was expected, not a big surprise. That way, trina would have known your situation, that you were definitely not available, and she wouldn’t have gotten any unrealistic expectations. We just have to admit that we messed up and we’ll do better moving forward. Right, spence? Okay. Um… I have to go. I have to go get ready for my mom’s wedding. Esme, always a pleasure.

[ Chuckles ] Wow, esme. Thank you for throwing me under the bus. As if I did all of this by myself. Like you weren’t a part of me arriving in town early and in secret. As if you haven’t been a part of the stalking. You are the one who set ava’s car on fire, something that we never even discussed. I’m sorry. I just didn’t think it would help our cause if josslyn thought we were in this together. Trust me, this is your chance to make things right with your father. I’m only thinking about you.

[ Muffled screaming ] What the hell? Nina!

[ Muffled screaming ] Nina! Nina! Nina, are you there?

[ Muffled screaming, crying ]

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