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Rafe: Hernandez.

Ava: Hey, hey, hernandez. Vitali here.

Rafe: Vitali–well, this is a nice surprise. Is everything okay?

Ava: No, all’s good. I was just calling to ask you to wish me luck.

Rafe: Okay. What for?

Ava: Well, I am currently standing outside of julie’s place waiting to go in and see if she’s looked at my application. Maybe even get an interview.

Rafe: All right. Well, I ll wish you luck, but you’re not gonna need it. And julie would be crazy not to hire you.

Ava: Well, given my previous occupation, my resume’s a little unconventional.

Philip: Do I have to have a reason to call you?

Chloe: Usually, yes. It’s the middle of the workday.

Philip: Maybe I just wanted to say hi. See how your day was going.

Chloe: Oh, okay. Hi.

Philip: After I followed you to pennsylvania, I thought you deserved an attentive boyfriend.

Chloe: You mean not a crazed and jealous one?

Philip: Something like that.

Chloe: Well, my day is going just fine. Thank you for asking. What are you doing?

Philip: I’m actually grabbing a bite to eat at julie’s place. Hey, you want to join me?

Chloe: Oh, I’d love that, but brady really needs me to finish these quarterly projections.

Philip: Of course. Wouldn’t wanna disappoint brady.

Gabi: Brady, thank you for agreeing to meet with us.

Brady: Sure. Your phone message was a little vague, but if this is about the collaboration between gabi chic and basic black–

Jake: It’s not.

Brady: Okay, what’s it about?

Gabi: It’s about you spying on titan.

[Soft dramatic music]


Bonnie: Thank god. Am I finally getting out of this joint?

Calista: [Laughs] You wish. Honey, you are not seeing the sunshine for a good long time. There is nobody left to help you. Even your fiancé has abandoned you.


Steve: Hey.

Justin: Hey. I didn’t hear you come in.

Steve: Well, henderson told me you could probably use some company. How’re you doing, man?

Justin: My fiancée is in jail for larceny and murder. Other than that, doing great.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Brady: You think I’m spying on you.

Jake: Well, you got booted out of titan. Maybe you were looking for revenge.

Brady: Booted? I left titan.

Gabi: And now you’re the competition. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how rampant corporate espionage is these days.

Jake: Maybe you were looking, I don’t know, to get a little bit of an edge so you figured you’d hack us.

Brady: Okay, is this about that keylogger incident that was found on your computers? Because I already talked to philip about it and told him I had nothing to do with it. And I’ll be completely honest with the two of you. I didn’t know what the hell a keylogger was.

Jake: Yeah. Join the club.

Brady: Gabi, I don’t know why you think I’d be involved in this, but I didn’t touch your computers. Please tell me that you don’t think I would do something like that.

Gabi: No, I don’T. I was pretty sure we were on a wild goose chase. That–that this is about philip having a personal vendetta against you.

Brady: Hm.

Philip: Are you sure I can’t persuade you to join me? Just a quick bite and then I’ll have you right back to the office.

Chloe: I’m sorry it’s just too busy here today for lunch. But rain check?

Philip: Yeah, sure. I’ll see you tonight.

Nicole: We’re not that busy. You could have gone to lunch.

Chloe: Yeah, but I– I really need to finish those projections.

Nicole: Ah. Was it a good offer?

Chloe: It was philip. He’s at julie’s place.

Nicole: Oh, well I hope he wasn’t too disappointed.

Chloe: Nah, he’ll be fine. He was just calling to check to see how I’m doing today.

Nicole: That’s sweet of him.

Chloe: Yeah.

Nicole: It–it isn’t?

Chloe: Well, normally yes it would be, but I can’t help but wonder if he was just calling to check up on me.


Ava: Hello, philip.

Philip: Ava! Here to shake down julie for some protection money?

Ava: [Chuckles] That’s funny.

Philip: I wish I was joking. Hopefully you’re here for lunch?

Ava: Actually, it’s work-related.

Philip: Whatever it is, I want no part of it. One thing I learned from being around you–crime doesn’t pay.

Bonnie: You can’t be here.

Calista: Yeah, right? I know. I mean, for a police station this place has a really lax security system.

Bonnie: No, I mean, you can’t–can’t be anywhere. You’re dead.

Calista: Tell me about it. Thanks to you. But, hey, look what I found in the evidence room.

Bonnie: What are you gonna do with that?

Calista: Do you really need to ask? Bonbon, you are the one who was supposed to die. So I’m just here to finish the job.

Bonnie: No! Don’t! Don’t shoot me!

Rafe: Take it easy bonnie. I’m not gonna shoot you.

Bonnie: Rafe?

Rafe: The gun’s in a bag. It’s not even loaded. What’s going on? Why are you so scared?

Ava: If you must know, I’m here to check on my job application.

Philip: I’m sorry. Did you just say you applied for a job at julie’s place? This fine, upstanding establishment?

Ava: That is right.

Philip: As what?

Ava: As a chef.

Philip: That’s funny.

Ava: Why is it funny?

Philip: It seems like a unusual career path for a mob boss to cook.

Ava: Well, I’ve been cooking my whole life. I know more than most chefs. But if you’ve got a problem with honest work–

Philip: Not at all. Just not sure it’s a suitable career path given your history. Stealing, and murdering people, and all that.

Ava: It’s not any of your business, but I left that life behind.

Philip: Since when?

Ava: Since I decided to make a change. Oh, and by the way, I’m in a relationship with the police commissioner. I will never go back to organized crime, or the person that I was before.

Philip: If you say so.

Ava: I do, which is why I am here seeking gainful employment. So doubt me all you want, but I have gone legit. And I’ve never been happier.

Philip: Well, if that’s the case, I’m happy for you I guess.

Ava: What do you mean you guess?

Philip: Well, nothing really. I–if you had your old connections, you could have found someone to break brady’s legs for me.

Brady: So now you don’t think that I was spying on you?

Gabi: No, you know, I’m sorry for even suggesting it. I shouldn’t have let him get in my head.

Jake: Are you sure about this?

Brady: You’re talking about philip, right?

Gabi: You know, I had my doubts, jake. And obviously they’re competitors, but I don’t think brady would sink that low.

Brady: Philip told you that I was spying on you, right?

Jake: Man, he wouldn’t shut up about you. He said you’d resort to any means to bring him down. Eh.

Gabi: He was furious. There was no way of talking him out of it.

Brady: Yeah, that sounds like philip.

Ava: I get it. Obviously, titan and dimera are rivals, but this was not an ordinary rivalry. It was like he was possessed.

Jake: You happen to know why?

Brady: I do jake. The guy’s a jealous maniac, and he thinks I’m after his girlfriend.

[Soft dramatic music]


Nicole: Why would philip be checking up on you?

Chloe: Oh, you haven’t heard? I can’t be trusted.

Nicole: Oh, things must be great in your relationship.

Chloe: Yeah, they were fine, but lately philip is just so jealous of brady and he’s convinced that there’s something going on between us.

Nicole: But there’s not?

Chloe: No, he’s my friend and we work together, but that’s it, but then a few days ago, he and I got stranded at wilkes-barre and philip decided to fly all the way over there to just barge into our motel room like a crazed bull.

Nicole: Wait, you and brady were in the same room?

Chloe: Yeah, the motel was fully booked, and there was only one room available.

Nicole: Well, that must have been uncomfortable.

Chloe: It was worse than that.

Nicole: You sure he has nothing to worry about?

Chloe: Are you saying that philip was justified in flying all the way to pennsylvania to just barge into our room and catch us?

Nicole: No, that is a little extreme, but you did have feelings for brady.

Chloe: Yeah, I did.

Nicole: And heck I’m the one that encouraged you to go for it with brady.

Chloe: I know. And I did tell him how I felt, and it didn’t work out. He said he was in love with kristen, and so I made the choice to be with philip, and then after I made that choice, brady then comes and tells me that he’s interested in me.

Nicole: But you made your choice.

Chloe: Yeah. I stayed with philip.

Nicole: And are you happy with that decision?


Steve: I thought you’d wanna know, bonnie didn’t make bail.

Justin: Good ’cause I never want to see her face again.

Steve: Well, that’s a little harsh, don’t you think?

Justin: After what happened here yesterday? Steve, you warned me. You always saw her for what she truly is. A con artist. But I couldn’t see the truth. Not even when it was staring me right in the face.

Steve: You loved her.

Justin: Did I? Was I blinded by how much she looked like adrienne?

Steve: I think it was more than that.

Justin: I made myself believe that she didn’t just have adrienne’s face. She had her innate goodness. I created a fantasy about who she was, or her decency.

Steve: Was it really a fantasy?

Justin: Yes. I convinced myself that she had changed, but none of it was real. Bonnie is the same grifter that she’s always been. And frankly, I’m glad that I got out of it before she took everything.

Bonnie: I guess I was having a bad dream.

Rafe: You were awake.

Bonnie: Was I?

Rafe: Yeah.

Bonnie: It’s been a long night.

Rafe: Yeah, I understand you fired your public defender.

Bonnie: I didn’t care that it was free. What loser can’t get the client out on bail? Especially one that isn’t guilty?

Rafe: Right. You wanna tell me about it?

Bonnie: About what?

Rafe: Well, you’re no longer represented by an attorney. Now you still have the right not to say anything, but–you could also answer my questions.

Bonnie: Questions–

Rafe: Mm-hmm. I might be able to help you bonnie.

Bonnie: [Chuckles]

Rafe: If you tell me your side of the story.

Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Chloe: Well, I was happy with my decision until philip started acting like a jealous teenager.

Nicole: Yeah, that can be kind of a turn off.

Chloe: It’s a huge pain is what it is, and can you imagine someone following you halfway across the country to demand that you swear your allegiance to him?

Nicole: So what does that mean? Are those feelings gone?

Chloe: No, I still want to be with him, but, you know, he’s got to stop this whole possessiveness and jealousy. It’s just– it’s ruining everything. He’s getting so paranoid that he thinks that brady is spying on titan.

Jake: Wait, so philip thinks you’re after chloe?

Brady: He’s obsessed with the idea that I’m going to steal her from him.

Gabi: But you work with chloe at basic black, right?

Brady: I do, but he believes that’s a cover-up for our secret affair.

Jake: That would explain why he’s raging.

Brady: Jake, that’s– that’s nothing. We went on a business trip recently, chloe and me, and we had to go to pennsylvania and stayed at the same hotel. When philip found out about it, he hopped on a plane and tracked her down.

Jake: Get out!

Gabi: Oh, this makes a lot more sense now that you’re telling us.

Brady: What do you mean?

Gabi: Well, we’ve just been confused the way philip’s been acting.

Brady: Yeah, it’s like the guy is thinking about you all the time.

Gabi: You should hear the comments he makes around the office.

Ava: Why would you want someone to break brady’s legs?

Philip: It was just a joke.

Ava: Oh, it did not sound like one.

Philip: Forget i mentioned it.

Ava: In my experience, it’s always money or a woman. Oh, it’s the second one. Who is the lucky lady?

Philip: Chloe lane. I’m seeing chloe lane.

Ava: All right. So where does brady come in?

Philip: He’s been obsessed with her ever since he lost kristen. He’s doing everything he can to take her away from me.

Ava: Did he admit it?

Philip: Of course not. He acts like he’s spending time with her for work, but he’s not nearly as clever as he thinks he is.

Ava: You’re really threatened by him, huh?

Philip: I’m threatened because he keeps pulling these moves to get close to her. And then when I call him out on it, he acts like I’m the crazy one.

Ava: Well–

Philip: Don’t tell me you agree with him. You think I’m being paranoid?

Ava: Actually, I know exactly how you feel.

Bonnie: So what do you wanna know?

Rafe: Just what I said. I want to hear your version of what happened yesterday. You say that you’re innocent, that you didn’t shoot calista.

Bonnie: I didn’T.

Rafe: Okay, but since she ended up dead in your room, I’m gonna need a few more details. Hey, I am not trying to jam you up. Okay? I just want the truth.

[Soft dramatic music]


Bonnie: The gun went off accidentally. I wasn’t trying to kill her. I swear.

Rafe: Okay, what were you trying to do?

Bonnie: It was self-defense. She was gonna kill me. She had the gun pointed right at me. I knew I had to do whatever it took to save my life. I told her that steve was downstairs and that he’d hear the shot, so she grabbed a pillow from the bed and used it to muzzle the gun. I was desperate. I thought, “this is it. I’m gonna die right here–on my wedding day.” So I lunged for the gun and we struggled. The, the next thing I knew the gun went off. There were feathers everywhere.

Calista was dead.

Rafe: Wow, that is some story. I’m glad you told me.

Bonnie: You believe me, don’t you? My plaque psoriasis…

Brady: What else has philip been saying about me?

Jake: Oh, he does more than just talk.

Brady: What does that mean?

Gabi: Well, it’s like you said. He’s like, obsessed with you. He thinks that you’re messing with every aspect of his life. He’s barely even paying attention to his job.

Brady: So you’re suggesting that he’s kind of letting stuff slip at titan?

Gabi: Look, I like philip, so I take no pleasure in telling you this, but these days, my business depends on titan, and i have to look out for gabi chic’s interests, and I’m just afraid that philip is gonna run this entire company to the ground.

Brady: Have you called him on it?

Jake: He’s our boss. What are we supposed to say? Plus he is past the point of listening, right?

Brady: You could always go to my grandfather.

Gabi: Well, I thought about that, but I don’t think I could salvage a working relationship with philip if i go over his head.

Brady: It’s true. He probably would never forgive you for something like that.

Gabi: I don’t even know if i should be telling you all this.

Brady: No, gabi, glad you are. Okay, it’s good to know that I’m not the only one that has witnessed his insane behavior lately.

Gabi: You’re definitely not. We’re just trying to figure out a way how to handle it. You know what? Why don’t you talk to victor?


Philip: You know how I feel? From personal experience?

Ava: You could say that.

Philip: You and commissioner hernandez?

Ava: When rafe and i started getting close, I was–I was worried something might have been going on between him and nicole.

Philip: I thought they were just friends.

Ava: They were. But when she and eric finally split for good, rafe became her shoulder to cry on, and then i was convinced something was going on.

Philip: Was it all in your head?

Ava: No. Rafe admitted that he had feelings for nicole.

Philip: So why aren’t you breaking nicole’s legs? Aside from the fact that you’ve gone legit.

Ava: I might’ve had an impulse, but nicole agreed she’d stay away from him.

Philip: Well, aren’t you lucky? I wish I could get a similar deal from brady.

Ava: Well, what does chloe have to say about it?

Philip: She said she’d stop seeing him as long as I can prove that he’s spying on me.

Nicole: Wait, so philip thinks brady put a keylogger on his computer?

Chloe: Yeah. And he’s convinced.

Nicole: Well, I know brady’s competitive, but that is not his style.

Chloe: Yeah, I know, I agree. I don’t think he did it. But you know, when philip gets something in his mind, you can’t argue with him.

Nicole: All right, so what’s he going to do about it?

Chloe: Well, I tried to talk him off a ledge, but basically I just had to agree that if he can prove that brady put spyware on his computer, I would stop spending time with brady.

Nicole: So now what? What, philip’s gonna try to prove it?

Chloe: Yeah. But if brady didn’t do it, then there’s nothing to prove. So I don’t know. Let’s not talk about my jealous boyfriend anymore. What’s going on with you?

Nicole: I’m, I’m okay.

Chloe: Yeah? I mean, I know we haven’t really talked since–

Nicole: My anniversary from hell?

Chloe: Yeah. I mean, I know that a lot went down that night. There was a lot of heightened emotions. But now that some time has passed, I hope that you and eric are working things out.

Nicole: Yeah. Yeah, we’re working out our divorce proceedings.

Chloe: Oh, my gosh, nicole. I’m so sorry. I know this must be so hard on you.

Nicole: Yeah, it’s– it’s harder than I thought. You know, not only do I have to say goodbye to eric, but I have to say goodbye to a part of myself, so.

Chloe: Yeah, I get that. But now is not time for you to be a hero. You need to lean on your friends, lean on me. You have rafe–

Nicole: No, actually, I, I, I can’t lean on rafe anymore.

Bonnie: So I told you what happened. How and why the gun went off.

Rafe: You did.

Bonnie: You believe me, right?

Rafe: Well, I have a few more questions.

Bonnie: Okay, sure. I’m an open book.

Rafe: Okay. Why did your sister-in-law try and kill you?

Bonnie: [Scoffs] Who knows? The woman was crazy.

Rafe: Okay. And why, why was she using this particular gun?

Bonnie: You got me there too.

Rafe: So she just shows up on your wedding day looking to shoot you?

Bonnie: Like I said, the woman was bonkers cuckoo. Who knows what was going on in that addled mind of hers?

Rafe: I see. So it has nothing to do with you using this exact gun to kill her husband?

Steve: Justin, listen. I understand why you feel conned by bonnie. And you have good reason to feel betrayed. But I don’t think we know the whole story.

Justin: What part of the story are we missing? We caught her with xander’s money and a gun. She was ready to say her vows knowing that her sister-in-law was lying dead in our bed upstairs.

Steve: That’s all true. And disturbing.

Justin: These are not the actions of an innocent woman. A woman that I was prepared to spend the rest of my life with. I don’t want to think about what an insult that is to adrienne’s memory.

Steve: My sister wouldn’t see it that way.

Justin: Well, it’s how I see it. All this time, I convinced myself that I could have the kind of life I had with adrienne, the kind of happiness I had with adrienne. And I thought I’d share that with bonnie lockhart of all people.

Steve: You’re allowed to move on, you know.

Justin: But not with her. Steve, you warned me. You kept telling me she’s not adrienne. Okay? “Look at her history,” you tried to warn me, and I wouldn’t listen.

Steve: I’m also the one who changed my mind about her. I didn’t wanna give her a chance. But you told me to keep an open mind. You told me that people change. You convinced me, justin.

Justin: I was wrong.

Steve: Were you? Or are you wrong now? Did you know faded, dingy, and rough fabrics

Brady: You think I should say something to victor?

Gabi: He is your grandfather.

Brady: I don’t know how he feels about that at the moment.

Gabi: Oh, come on. No matter what, victor will always love you.

Jake: I take it you two have a complicated relationship.

Brady: Further complicated by the fact that I left titan and I’m now working for the competition, basic black, yeah.

Gabi: He’ll still listen to you.

Brady: Why would he? I don’t even work for the company anymore, gabi.

Gabi: Well, I know that you’re not the perfect messenger. I’m just saying someone needs to tell him what’s going on with philip. And I think he needs to hear it from family.

Brady: What’s really going on here?

Gabi: I, I told you, I–I’m worried about gabi chic and titan as a whole.

Brady: And this is purely about concern for the company, right?

Gabi: What else would it be about?

Brady: No ulterior motives, gabi? No personal motives, nothing like that?

Gabi: It is all very personal, brady. Gabi chic is my life’s work. And I am in danger of philip ruining it.

Brady: Okay. I can’t argue that. I, I think he’s unfit for the position. Hell, I think either one of you would make a better ceo than philip at this point.

Jake: Ha, I don’t know about that.

Gabi: Whether victor listens to you or not, we have to tell him, because we are in danger of philip destroying this entire company.

Ava: You think that brady is spying on you, at work?

Philip: Who else? He wants everything I have. First he goes after my girlfriend. Now he’s going after my company too.

Ava: You know, I don’t know brady all that well, but he seems like a pretty straight shooter.

Philip: That’s what he wants people to believe but I know better. He failed at titan, he failed at marriage. He’s gotten desperate. I see it every time he’s around chloe. Once I find that proof, she’ll see it too.

Ava: I hope that works out for you–without too much injury to your lower extremities.

Philip: So what about you and rafe? You must feel better that he and nicole have agreed to keep their distance.

Ava: I do. You know, the worst thing was like you said, not having that confirmation and letting your mind just wonder. Made to feel crazy for seeing exactly what you were seeing. But you know what? We’ve hashed it out, and now we have a fresh start.

Philip: Are rafe’s feelings for nicole behind him?

Ava: Yeah. They are.

Philip: What about you?

Ava: What about me?

Philip: Can you put it behind you? I mean, you talk a good game, but can you get past the jealousy?

Justin: You’re actually defending bonnie?

Steve: I just think there’s something not right here.

Justin: That’s for sure.

Steve: My gut is telling me that there’s more to the story of calista’s death and that million dollars.

Justin: Like what? Like she was going to use the money to create an orphanage for abandoned baby elephants?

Steve: Okay, the money, the money doesn’t look–I’ll give you that.

Justin: As opposed to the dead body lying upstairs?

Steve: There was something off about calista lockhart.

Justin: Off how?

Steve: Well, for one thing, bonnie was clearly upset when she showed up. And like I told you, when I came over here for the wedding, the woman jumped me. She tried to put the move on me. Within two minutes of meeting her, she was trying to kiss me.

Justin: So that means she deserves to be murdered?

Steve: [Sighs] Why did bonnie shoot her? What the hell was she doing here in the first place?

Justin: Does it matter?

Steve: I think it does. Justin, I know that you’re hurt. I know you feel betrayed, but it’s not like you to turn your back on her.

Justin: What am I supposed to do? Pretend like yesterday never happened?

Steve: No, go down there. Hear her out.

Bonnie: Who told you I killed calista’s husband?

Rafe: She did.

Bonnie: Are you saying she’s not dead?

Rafe: We found this letter among her things. Just got it back from forensics.

Bonnie: Calista wrote a letter?

Rafe: Well, before she died.

Bonnie: But she is dead.

Rafe: Yes, bonnie. Calista is dead. “To whom it may concern. If you’re reading this, it seems my worst fears have come to pass. I have arrived in salem to attend my former sister-in-law bonnie lockhart’s wedding at great personal risk to myself.”

Bonnie: Oh, god, are you serious?

Rafe: “Despite our working relationship, bonnie stole a million dollars belonging to me and my husband, harrison lord.” Is that really his name?

Bonnie: Just keep reading.

Rafe: “And when my dear harrison confronted bonnie, she killed him. I’ve always wanted her to pay for her actions that fateful day. So I’ve held on to this gun all these years. Please have it tested for forensic evidence. I am confident you will find it covered in bonnie’s prints. I came to her wedding hoping to use it as leverage. And to demand that bonnie make restitution and return the million dollars that I am owed. But knowing how harrison made the same request and paid for it with his life, I’m afraid that when I finally confront bonnie about her crime, a similar fate will befall me.”

Bonnie: Well, she’s lying, of course! On the outside, I looked fine.

Chloe: So you’re saying that ava forbade you from being around rafe?

Nicole: Well, nobody forbids me from anything.

Chloe: Yeah, I was gonna say.

Nicole: Besides, it was my idea to stay away.

Chloe: Really? Why?

Nicole: Well, I just decided that it would be best to do so because, you know, they’re in a new relationship and I’m still recovering from losing eric. And it’s the only way I can make sure that I don’t make things more complicated.

Chloe: For them or for you?

Nicole: Both.

Chloe: Hmm, well, that’s very noble of you. I don’t think I would be willing to make that same sacrifice.

Nicole: Ava’s my friend.

Chloe: Yeah. And rafe’s your friend too. Are you willing to just give up that relationship?

Nicole: Well, it’s not gonna last forever, but what choice do I have, right? I mean, we might be friends, but he’s with ava now. And the last thing that I need right now is more trouble.

Bonnie: I don’t care what calista wrote in that letter. It’s lies! All lies!

Rafe: Well, the evidence says otherwise.

Bonnie: What evidence?

Rafe: Well, your prints on the gun for starters. The dead body we found in your room. I mean, the fact that you had in your possession xander’s million dollars.

Bonnie: No, no, no, no, that’s all circumstantial. You can’t–you can’t prove that I killed anyone.

Rafe: Uh-huh. Do you really think that a jury is going to look at all this and vote to acquit? Lady, if this goes to court, you are going down.

Justin: How am I supposed to hear bonnie out? She’s in jail.

Steve: So? Go visit her.

Justin: She already has an attorney.

Steve: Ah, she had an attorney. She fired him.

Justin: She fired her attorney? After one day? What is she thinking?

Steve: Why don’t you go find out? She needs help.

Justin: I’m sure she does. I can’t be the one to give it. I am not going to give her another chance to play me for a fool.

Steve: I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Justin: [Sighs] Steve… I don’t even know if I can believe a single word she says.

Steve: I get that. But listen, man, no matter what bonnie might have or might not have done, you were ready to give your heart to her. To start a life with her. So can you honestly tell me that your feelings for her are just gone? That you don’t still love her? I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Brady: Look, telling victor that his son is unfit to run the company is a serious move. I’m gonna have to think about it before I say anything.

Gabi: Brady, I get it. I get it. You don’t want to cause trouble in your family by ratting out philip to your grandfather, but this is your legacy. Okay? Not just yours, tate and rachel’s too. Just like gabi chic is arianna’S.

Brady: I hear you. Believe me, I, I think about that a lot.

Gabi: Then if you agree that philip’s a threat to this company, you owe it to your family to tell victor.

Philip: What the hell is going on here?

Chloe: I have to admit the way that ava has been treating you and rafe, she kind of sounds like philip.

Nicole: Well, they did work together, right?

Chloe: Oh, you mean when she blackmailed him into laundering money for the mob?

Nicole: Yeah, so they are kind of like co-workers?

Chloe: Yeah. And both have jealousy issues.

Nicole: Yeah. Except ava didn’t go as far as philip.

Chloe: Yeah, but she went far enough for you to worry. I mean, she’s asking you to stay away from one of your best friends because of what’s going on in her mind.

Nicole: Well, it’s, it’s not all in her mind. Ava told me that rafe admitted that he had feelings for me.

Chloe: Oh. Well, how do you feel about that?

Steve: Hey, ava.

Ava: Hey. Going for lunch?

Steve: Yeah, kayla’s meeting me after her shift.

Ava: Nice. Hey, by the way, thank you for your advice.

Steve: You talked to rafe?

Ava: Mm-hmm. We worked things out and things are going really well.

Steve: I’m glad to hear it. Yeah, you know, all you can do is be open and honest. Nothing hurts a relationship more than keeping secrets.

Rafe: You know, this would go a hell of a lot easier if you just told me why you took xander’s money. Now, does it have something to do with the million dollars that calista talked about in the letter? Is that part true? Did you steal from her and her husband?

Bonnie: [Sobbing]

[Door opening]

Rafe: Did you?

Justin: Okay, this interview is over.

Rafe: Says who?

Justin: Says her attorney.

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