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Jack: Kyle and summer are having their italian adventure with harrison, getting closer and closer as a family, and of course they are so excited about planning their wedding.

Billy: That’s good. I’m happy to hear that.

Jack: Yeah, so am I. They deserve a happy ending. So, listen, if you want to ride in the jabot corporate jet with me, let me know, okay?

Billy: Thank you, but I won’t be attending.

Jack: Why not?

Billy: Well, I’m assuming kyle is gonna want to keep it small. And, you know, we have a complicated history. I wouldn’t want to taint their big day.

Jack: Oh, I think you sell yourself short here. They wouldn’t have invited you unless they want you there.

Billy: Well, that’s sweet, but, uh — yeah, to be honest, I’ve got a lot going on here with chanccomm. And I’m already having to take some time off for victoria and ashland’s shindig, so…

Jack: And how are you feeling about that wedding?

Billy: Well, I’m doing my best to be civil and supportive. But I have to say my investigative journalists at chanccomm keep digging up reasons for me to believe that victoria is making a terrible mistake.

Nick: So, what’s the latest with your investigation into ashland’s past?

Victor: Yeah, well… I wish I could tell you something, but there are no records of his early life, not until he started working for that tv station, which he ended up buying.

Nick: That’s strange.

Victor: Yeah. So I invited him to a one-on-one conversation, trying to draw him out.

Nick: And?

Victor: He yielded nothing, except to say that he was most reluctant to talk about his past.

Nick: Well, honestly, dad, there could be a lot of reasons why somebody doesn’t want to talk about their past.

Victor: My instinct tells me that he’s hiding something.

Victoria: What do you mean — billy is right? Have you been hiding something?

Ashland: I-I probably should have shared this with you earlier.

Victoria: Uh, yes, because i asked you if there were any secrets that I needed to know and you said no.

Ashland: This was something I’d hoped you’d never need to know.

Victoria: Okay. Well, whatever it is, I can handle it, but I want to hear all of it. Please don’t hold back.

Ashland: [ Breathes deeply ] There’s a reason th-the trail of information about my past leads nowhere. I covered it up. I didn’t want the world to know the truth about where I really came from.

Mariah: So, what did you want to talk to us about?

Abby: Well, I can’t tell you just yet.

Tessa: Why not?

Abby: Because we are waiting for someone else to join us.

[ Doorbell rings ] Right about now.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Don’t look at me.

Devon: Hey.

Abby: Hi. Come on in.

Devon: Yeah. Thanks.

[ Door closes ] Hey, you guys.

Mariah: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Abby: Thank you so much for coming. You are a big part of this.

Devon: I am a big part of what?

Mariah: That is exactly what we are wondering.

Abby: Well, it’s a family meeting of sorts. I was hoping to wait to do this until chance comes home, but i have no idea when that is gonna be, so I’m gonna do what i promised him the last time we had communication. So, I am forging ahead with my life and with the baby, and I am starting to plan dominic’s baptism. And I would love it if the two of you would be dominic’s godparents. Your mission:

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Devon: Abby, I would be honored to be dominic’s godfather.

Abby: Ah. That means so much to me. I am the one who’s honored.

Tessa: Well, it’s such a wonderful thing to ask, but it is a big request.

Mariah: It is. It is. But I would — I would be honored, as well, yeah.

Abby: Look, I don’t want you to feel pressured at all. I mean, if it’s too much responsibility, I completely understand.

Mariah: Well, I never had godparents, so I need to genuinely ask — what’s the responsibility of godparents?

Abby: Well, it’s not like the old days where you take responsibility for the baby if something happens to the parents. It’s more like a promise in front of friends and god that you’re gonna love and guide the baby throughout his life.

Devon: Yeah. I’m all in for that responsibility.

Mariah: Yeah. I’m all in, too.

Abby: Ah, this makes me so happy. Well, now that that’s settled, we can move on to the next item on our agenda — choosing a nanny.

Mariah: Wait. You’re gonna hire a nanny to take care of the baby? You mean not one of us?

Victor: I won’t jump to conclusions because of ashland locke’s reticence to talk about his past, but I want to know more about him.

Nick: Yeah. I get it, dad. I’m just not convinced that we’re gonna find out anything about him if he has scrubbed his past completely clean, you know? Maybe it’s just something he’s ashamed of, something that we don’t have any business knowing.

Victor: Well, you don’t want to get to the bottom of it?

Nick: Well, of course. If it’s something that’s gonna harm my sister, yes, but — I don’t know, dad. Is digging around in her fiancé’s past morally the right thing to do?

Victor: Son, what is morally the right thing to do is to protect my family and my daughter.

Billy: We haven’t been able to find anything on ashland locke from before he bought those two news stations, as in, there’s nothing to find.

Jack: Wow. Sounds a lot like victor’s history. Both of them shrouded in secrecy, identity at the center of the whole mystery.

Billy: Yeah, but victor is an open book. I mean, he never misses an opportunity to brag about how he overcame his impoverished childhood at the orphanage.

Jack: That’s who he is now. Years ago, he kept things very close to the vest. Now it sounds like victoria has fallen in love with a man who’s every bit as mysterious and enigmatic as her father.

Billy: Ah, jack, always making it sound charming. To be honest, I see nothing romantic about this. All I see is trouble.

Jack: Have you shared your misgivings with victoria?

Billy: Yeah, of course i have. She doesn’t want to hear it. She wants me to drop the entire thing.

Jack: Well, there it is. You have to back off.

Billy: Jack, I’m not just gonna sit back and do nothing.

Jack: Traci and I have both told you, you need to respect victoria’s decision to be with this man. Even if you dig up something substantial, she’s only going to resent it.

Billy: Well, maybe that’s true, but like I said, I can’t sit back and do nothing. This is bigger than me. I’ve got to protect my kids in this.

Jack: No, I’m thinking about johnny and katie, too, and harrison. Ashland locke is only going to be in victoria’s life for a few more months, best-case scenario, a couple of years. You are going to be co-parenting with victoria for the rest of your life. You get into a fight like this with the mother of your children, that’s not gonna be good for the kids. And that’s what it’s gonna turn into if you keep digging when she repeatedly asks you to back off. Think this through. Is finding dirt on ashland locke really worth it?

Victoria: I’m — I’m here to listen, not to judge or anything like that, so whatever you have to say, you can tell me.

Ashland: It’s not something I talk about ever, with anyone. I — I-I-I don’t even know where to start.

Victoria: Well, just take your time.

Ashland: Well, the story that I’ve always given reporters about my upbringing was that i had an ordinary suburban childhood in a — in a happy family. But…that’s pretty far from the truth.

Victoria: Okay.

Ashland: We weren’t happy, and we didn’t live in the suburbs. My father was abusive and violent, and my mother turned a blind eye to it. We subsisted well below the poverty line, and when we did get money, it was gone instantly because alcohol was the priority in my house above everything else, including food.

Victoria: I’m so sorry.

Ashland: The circumstances and the abuse ultimately became too much to take. So when I was 16, I left home, and I put that family and that life behind me. And I never looked back.

Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Jack: Hey, nick.

Nick: Hey.

Jack: Everything okay?

Nick: [ Breathes deeply ] Yeah. Just kind of wrestling with something.

Jack: Well, I hope it’s not anything too troubling.

Nick: Can I ask you a question?

Jack: Yeah. Of course.

Nick: Do phyllis and I seem like a good fit to you?

Abby: There is no need to worry. I am having every nanny candidate thoroughly vetted, and I think we have a great group of people with excellent referrals. I’m not gonna hire anyone that you don’t feel comfortable with. That’s why I wanted you and devon in on this whole process. I want to find someone that we all love.

Devon: When you say you’re having the candidates vetted, you having background checks ran?

Abby: Absolutely. Safety will not be an issue.

Mariah: You know, I-I’m more than happy to pitch in whenever you need help.

Abby: Look, I really appreciate the offer. I do. But I know you and tessa — you’re probably gonna move out at some point, and I think it’s best that we get dominic on a routine now. And I’m gonna be with him as much as possible, but obviously I can’t bring him to society. And, mariah, I know that you have a job at jabot that I’m sure you’re very eager to get back to.

Mariah: Well, I can — I can make myself available. I mean, jack said I can take as much time as I needed.

Abby: Yeah, my uncle is a very generous man, and I love that you’re willing to take this time and be with dominic. But I think this is the best decision for everyone. And I promise — I promise you are gonna have a vote in the nanny choice. And — and, look, we are gonna find the perfect person who’s gonna keep dominic safe and healthy.

Mariah: Okay. Uh, I understand. Thank you for including me.

Victoria: What did you do on your own at such a young age? How were you able to survive?

Ashland: Oh, I took odd jobs up and down the jersey coast. I made sure never to stay in one place long enough to attract attention.

Victoria: That just breaks my heart. You were just a boy.

Ashland: Well, it wasn’t easy, but I did what I had to do.

Victoria: I just can’t imagine how hard that must have been, to endure that kind of childhood and then be so alone and desperate as a teenager.

Ashland: Being alone was paradise compared to where i came from. All I had to do was take care of myself, and I did that.

Victoria: And your parents never came looking for you?

Ashland: [ Chuckles ] I made sure they couldn’t find me. I took every precaution to stay under the radar because my worst nightmare was my father finding me and dragging me home. Eventually, I changed my name to escape my past for good. And that’s when ashland locke was born.

Billy: Hey there, nikki. Nice to see you out and about. No victor?

Nikki: I’m just picking up a quick bite for us.

Billy: Mm. Well, I’m surprised you have time to even eat, with everything you’re juggling, your high-powered job, you’re a wife, mother, grandmother extraordinaire. You are a real superwoman.

Nikki: Just a woman, actually.

Billy: [ Chuckling ] Yeah. So, how’s the wedding plans coming?

Nikki: Please don’t pretend to care. I know you’re only hoping to find a reason to blow victoria’s wedding out of the water.

Abby: I could watch him sleep all day.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] I know what you mean.

Abby: Thank you for agreeing to be his godfather.

Devon: Abby, you know you don’t have to thank me for that. Come on.

Abby: You know, honestly, i thought that mariah would be more excited, but — I don’t know — she wasn’T.

Devon: [ Sighs ] Yeah.

Abby: Do you think she’s okay?

Devon: I don’t know. I really don’t ’cause she’s good at covering her feelings when she wants to. Is she still having nightmares?

Abby: Not that I know of, but — well, tessa admitted to me that she’s still scared and worried about her safety.

Devon: Oh, I mean, that’s understandable, given what she went through, being trapped in a room for all that time.

Abby: I know. I want to make things better, and I thought that if I asked her to be dominic’s godmother, that it would cheer her up. But she seemed pretty unaffected by it.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: I just — I want things to be perfect. And with the exception of dominic, they aren’T. I mean, chance isn’t home. Mariah’s struggling. I mean, what do I do? How do I fix this?

Tessa: It was thoughtful of abby to ask you to be dom’s godmother.

Mariah: Was it? ‘Cause it sort of felt like a consolation prize.

Tessa: Tell me what’s bothering you.

Mariah: I get to be the godmother, but, sure, let’s hire a nanny. I’m the role model, but a professional needs to take care of the baby.

Tessa: Well, I don’t think that’s how abby sees it.

Mariah: Every minute that nanny spends with the baby is time that I don’t get to spend with him.

Tessa: Um, I understand what you’re saying, but I do think you’ll get to see him all the time.

Mariah: Being named the godmother is just abby throwing me a bone. And she only did that because of what you said to her.

Tessa: What?

Mariah: I overheard the two of you talking. How could you tell abby that I’m a mess and I’m getting worse by the minute?

Jack: Thank you. So, why are you suddenly questioning your relationship with phyllis?

Nick: I got someone else’s take on it the other day, and i was pretty quick to dismiss it, but — I don’t know — I can’t stop thinking about it now. So I’m wondering if I should really figure out where things stand with us. So…what do you think about me and phyllis?

Jack: Oh, I don’t think I’m the right person to ask, I mean, given I do have some history of my own with phyllis.

Nick: Yeah, well, I want to hear what you have to say anyway.

Jack: Well, you — you kind of caught me off guard. I thought you and phyllis were in a good place, living the good life.

Nick: Honestly, about as good as we’ve ever been, yeah.

Jack: So, then what’s the problem?

Nick: I don’t know. Maybe it could be going too smoothly?

Jack: How could that be a bad thing?

Nick: Well, if the past predicts the future, you know, are we fated for another massive train wreck?

Billy: With all due respect, I think you have me wrong. I’m not trying to blow up victoria’s wedding.

Nikki: Well, then why do you continue to insist on digging up information about ashland?

Billy: I don’t have to remind you how the press works. They find something newsworthy, and they cover it.

Nikki: Now, who might “they” be in this scenario? This is all “you,” billy.

Billy: Well, nikki, I am simply doing my job as the head of a media company, and this wedding is making headlines.

Nikki: Mm-hmm. For the right reasons — two notable people getting married, a high-society affair. But your personal agenda should not be making news. But if you hurt my daughter in the meantime, I promise you, you will regret it.

Billy: Well, threat noted. But let me be very clear. The last person I want to see hurt is victoria. I’m actually on her side. And I’m surprised that you’re not more concerned about who ashland locke really is.

Nikki: I happen to trust victoria’s judgment.

Billy: So, you’re not the least bit worried that there’s basically no documented history of the first two decades of his life? I see. Victoria didn’t share that information with you, did she?

Ashland: I’m not looking for pity. I emerged from the hell-hole i called my home stronger and more driven. It made me focused and gave me goals. And when one of those jobs landed me in the small news station, I found my calling. Everything about the work that i did — it fascinated me. And I knew that was gonna my life.

Victoria: That’s when you met your mentor.

Ashland: Yeah. Camilla rhodes. I started at the bottom of her business, and I worked hard and learned the ropes. And eventually I caught her eye.

Victoria: You know something? Your life has been an incredible journey, from such sad beginnings to buying camilla’s stations, building an entire empire.

[ Chuckles ]

Ashland: I’m not, uh — uh…

Victoria: What?

Ashland: I…

Victoria: Ashland, what is it?

Ashland: [ Exhales heavily ]

Victoria: Talk to me.

Ashland: [ Breathing heavily ]

Victoria: Ashland? Ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete,

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Tessa: First of all… I never called you a mess.

Mariah: Close enough. You said that I was “struggling” so much that I need help? That’s probably where abby got this nanny idea from. She thinks I can’t be trusted around the baby.

Tessa: I’m sorry if i over-stepped by confiding in abby. But I thought I was doing the right thing. And abby really only wants to help.

Mariah: Because I need so much help?

Tessa: There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.

Mariah: I told you what i told you because I love you. And I trust you. I tell you things that i wouldn’t tell anyone else. And having you repeat all that to abby — that feels like a betrayal. God knows what she thinks of me now.

Victoria: Hey. How are you feeling?

Ashland: Oh, I’m okay. I’m so sorry for scaring you.

Victoria: It’s okay. Look, maybe we should call your doctor — or nate.

Ashland: No, I-I always get a little anxious when I think about my past, let alone talk about it. I’ll be fine. I just — just need a minute to rest, if it’s okay. How are you feeling about what i told you? I can imagine it changing how you see me.

Victoria: Well, I — I have to admit I’m a little surprised. It’s not something that I ever expected to hear. But you know what? I can understand why you wanted to keep all of that a secret. And I admire you more than ever for everything that you’ve overcome. Believe it or not, I feel closer to you now than I did before. It’s like you let me in and like I know you in a way that nobody else does.

Ashland: You know, it feels so strange to be so open and honest with you, to love and trust you enough to tell you everything.

[ Doorbell rings ] I really don’t feel like any company right now.

Victoria: Don’t worry. I will get rid of whoever it is.

Ashland: Alright. While you’re at the door, I’m gonna get some water.

Victoria: Mama, now is really not the best time.

Nikki: Honey, I’m sorry to intrude, but I just had a run-in with billy.

Victoria: Well, that is the last person that I would like to discuss right now.

Nikki: No, you’re gonna want to hear this. Apparently ashland’s past is a lot more mysterious than it seems.

Victoria: Would you all please just stop? Dad, nick, billy, and now you’re jumping on the bandwagon. Look, do you not get it? Nothing that they can dig up about ashland’s past is gonna make me change my mind about him. I love him. Period. I would hate to have my wedding without you all there, but if you don’t get on board with this, you leave me no choice.

Ashland: That’s not gonna happen. This whole thing has gotten blown way out of proportion, and I hate what this is doing to you, victoria. Now, it’s time that we put all of these suspicions to rest once and for all.

Nick: Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t be going down this rabbit hole and probably shouldn’t be coming to you with this, but — I don’t know — I’ve always respected your advice. So, what do you think? I mean, do you think phyllis and I are too good to be true?

Jack: Let me ask you — you love her?

Nick: Crazy about her.

Jack: That’s not exactly the same thing.

Nick: I absolutely love her.

Jack: Okay, well, if you love her and you’re happy with her, why would you question that gift?

Nick: Yeah. I hear you. I just can’t stop thinking about this one thing, you know, that maybe we’re just playing it safe, you know, we stay together ’cause it’s easy and comfortable.

Jack: I understand the temptation to question happiness. I’ve done it myself. Instead of just enjoying it, we come up with reasons that it’s not valid, reasons we shouldn’t be happy. Let me tell you — everyone deserves happiness, no matter where it comes from.

Nick: Well, I agree with you. Phyllis and I definitely deserve to be happy.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Jack: Phyllis’s ears burning?

Nick: Nah. It’s my mom. I got to go. Thanks for the advice, man. I, uh, guess I’m in a strange mood today.

Jack: My pleasure. You hang in there.

Nick: Thanks.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Victor: Sweetheart, I don’t understand the text I just got from you. What’s going on?

Nikki: I think we’re about to get all the answers we’re looking for when it comes to ashland locke.

Victor: Huh.

[ Cellphone pings ]

I may have moderate to

severe rheumatoid arthritis.

[ Keys clatter ]

Jack: [ Breathes deeply ]

Phyllis: I just wanted to make a grand exit, you know? I wanted to leave with my head held high.

Jack: From the moment you walked into this party, I was determined to ignore you.

Phyllis: [ Scoffs ] Wow. Thanks.

Jack: Hey, you wanted to make a big exit. I wanted to show it meant nothing to me. There was just one problem — I couldn’t take my eyes off you.

Phyllis: You couldn’t?

Jack: I watched you circulate… saw your fire and your passion… watched the way you mesmerized everyone in the crowd. And my heart was just screaming out to me, “that’s her! You found her! That’s your life, your love… your soul mate! You found her! Don’t you dare let her go!” I guess that’s what my heart’s been telling me all along. It’s just tonight, watching you down there, I… feeling what you do to me, I… and then dad and gina sang that song, and I — god, the whole thing came together. I… I cannot imagine going through life without you. Whatever problems we have… I want to fix them with you. Whatever obstacles life puts in our way, I want us to take them on together. Don’t go. Don’t walk away from this. Stay. Work with me. Marry me.

Phyllis: I still —

Jack: No, no, no. Then — then there’s really… only one word to say. Say yes.

Phyllis: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Jack: Y-yes, yes, yes, you will marry me?

Phyllis: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Put this on. Put this on, quick, please, before I come to my senses. Just do it.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Victor: What’s this all about?

Nick: I’m wondering the same thing.

Victoria: Well, we need to wait for everyone to arrive first.

Victor: What do you mean, “everyone”? Who else is joining us?

Billy: Hi.

Victor: What the hell are you doing here?

Billy: I was invited.

Victoria: At my request.

Ashland: He was included as a courtesy, nothing more.

Billy: Got it.

Victor: Alright.

Billy: Look, I don’t want to overstay my welcome, so go ahead. Please. What’s the news?

Ashland: [ Sighs heavily ] Thank you all for being here on short notice. I’m aware that there has been a lot of speculation about me and my past. My guess is that you’re all wondering if I’m hiding something dark from my past that will rear its ugly head and hurt victoria.

Nick: Can you blame us?

Ashland: Not at all. It’s a valid concern. You care about victoria. It’s wonderful that she has such a close-knit family ’cause if i had a sister or if I had a daughter who was about to be married, especially to someone with my ruthless reputation, I would want to know everything there is to know about her intended groom.

Billy: Well, with an extended build-up like, it means only one thing. You have a secret we don’t know.

Devon: Abby, I know you want to make the world a perfect place for dominic. I do, too. But, you know, I don’t know if these problems are easily fixable.

Abby: I just feel responsible.

Devon: Well, don’t do that ’cause you’re not. It’s not your fault that mariah got kidnapped. It’s not your fault that your husband’s not here.

Abby: I know, but it’s just — it’s hard to avoid feeling that way. And I am just so mad at ben for the lengths that he went to, to try to get me back.

Devon: I know. I can’t believe he did what he did, but there is obviously something wrong in the head with him. It has nothing to do with you. You just need to focus on the positive right now and the future.

Abby: And I’m trying to do that. I mean, I am so happy to be a new mom. But at the same time, my heart is breaking because my sweet friend who gave me this miracle — she’s struggling.

Devon: Yeah. But there’s not a magic wand that we can wave to make it go away.

Abby: I just — I want to make things better.

Devon: You know, what I think we should do is just give mariah some time — really — ’cause this is — this is fresh. She just had the baby. And she’s a strong person. She’s gonna work herself through it. And while she does, you, me, tessa, sharon — we all just make sure that she knows that we’re there for her.

Abby: Yeah. That’s a good plan.

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: You know you’re my rock, my voice of reason.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

[ Dominic crying ]

Abby: Oh. It is time for dominic’s feeding.

Devon: Is that what it is?

Abby: Come here, baby.

Devon: Here, let me help you.

Abby: Aww, that’s such a good boy. He’s so hungry. Ah. Come on. Come on. Come on. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Devon: There.

Abby: Oh, thank you.

Devon: Yeah, of course.

Abby: There you go. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Devon: Ohh.

Abby: Oh, come on. Shh, shh, shh.

Devon: He’s not happy.

Abby: It’s alright. It’s alright. Here’s your bottle, baby. Got your bottle.

Mariah: Hey. Is everything okay?

Devon: Hey.

Abby: Um, dominic’s not taking his bottle. It’s okay.

Mariah: Oh. Um, do you mind if — if I try?

Abby: Yeah, sure, sure, sure, yeah. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Devon: Got him?

Mariah: Come here.

Abby: There you go.

Mariah: Hi. Oh, yes, I know. I know. I know. It’s not good. It’s not good. Alright. Oh, my. Come on. Open up. Open up. Oh, come on.

Abby: It’s okay, baby.

Mariah: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Abby: It’s okay.

Mariah: Okay. Come on. You’re hungry.

[ Crying continues ] Come on. Your heart is at the heart of everything you do.

Mariah: Come on, buddy. We’ve been through way worse than this.

[ Sighs ] He doesn’t seem to want to take it.

Abby: Okay, um, well, maybe try holding his head up higher? And, um — you know what? — This is his favorite toy.

Mariah: Alright.

Tessa: Hi!

Mariah: Come on.

Abby: Shh.

Mariah: Um, it seems to be distracting him.

Abby: Okay. You know what? Let me take him.

Mariah: Alright.

Abby: Thanks. Yeah. Come here. Come on, baby. It’s okay. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

Devon: It’s okay.

Abby: It’s okay. It’s okay. Mommy’s here. Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Um, you want to give it a shot?

Devon: Yeah, sure. Yeah.

Abby: It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Devon: Of course.

Abby: Ohh, there you go. There you go.

Devon: It’s okay. It’s okay.

Abby: Got him?

Devon: Yeah, yeah.

Abby: It’s okay.

Devon: There you go. There you go. Let’s see if your godfather can do the trick. There you go. There we go. There we go.

Abby: Wow. How did you do that?

Devon: I have no idea. You never know what’s wrong with babies till they’re able to talk to you. We should all be grateful this is working ’cause I don’t think it’s gonna work every again.

[ Laughter ] It’s okay.

Ashland: Thank you, nikki, for gathering everyone here. I know there are people in this room who have gone to great expense to investigate every aspect of my life, and I’m going to save you further expenditure by laying my cards on the table. You deserve to know who stands before you, and I’m going to tell you who that is.

Victoria: But I hope that, once you all hear this story, that you will keep it private

Victor: Ashland, with all due respect, can we get to the point?

Ashland: I am ready to tell you who the man who has fallen deeply in love with victoria really is.

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