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Jake goes home with a pizza and complains to Gabi about his day at Titan. Jake questions Gabi leaving early. Gabi informs him that she’s been spying on Philip’s laptop and she finally has what she needs to bring him down.

Philip is in his office, typing an e-mail to Brady, requesting he stop trying to seduce Chloe while he’s in a relationship with her, warning that he will pay the price if he doesn’t keep his damn hands off of her.

Belle and Shawn are at the Brady Pub. Belle is on the phone with Chloe, who tells her about Philip showing up in Pennsylvania. Belle tells Chloe that she will talk to Philip and encourages that everything will be okay. Belle hangs up and Shawn asks what that was all about.

Justin asks Bonnie if something is wrong but she says no and the ceremony continues. When it’s asked if anyone has any objections, Xander arrives and declares that he has an objection. Justin asks what the hell he’s doing here. Xander responds that Justin’s bride stole a million dollars from him and he wants it back. Justin tells him to leave now. Xander guarantees that Justin is going to want to hear this and he might even thank him. Kayla asks what this is about. Xander explains that he had a briefcase full of cash in his room that has gone missing and the only person who could’ve taken it was Bonnie. Justin asks why Bonnie would be in his room. Xander says he could think of one million reasons, but suggests asking her.

Shawn questions Belle just leaving as he’s confused because they were having dinner. Belle says she’s just going to see Philip for two seconds at Titan because Chloe asked her to talk to him. Belle mentions a boneheaded move Philip just made. Shawn asks what he did but then decides he doesn’t want to hear it unless it involves a crime and he gets to arrest him. Shawn questions Chloe not being able to handle her own relationship issues. Belle asks what kind of friend she would be if she didn’t have Chloe’s friend. Belle assures that she will be right back and tells Shawn to order their dinner. Belle kisses Shawn and then exits the Pub.

Eli and Lani are back at home. Lani puts the babies to sleep while Eli pays the nanny. Lani talks about being lucky they found their nanny. Eli agrees and asks how Lani’s first day back at work was. Lani says it was great, but admits she really missed their babies and was looking at their pictures during her breaks. Eli tells her they can do whatever she wants.

Justin asks if Bonnie went to Xander’s room. Bonnie admits she did but claims it was to invite him to the wedding because he’s family, so she thought inviting his cousin would be a nice surprise. Xander says the only surprise was her running off with all his cash, but notes that with her history, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. The justice of a peace decides to give them some time. Kayla remarks on Xander’s new habit of crashing private parties with scandalous claims. Xander points out that in the case of Eric and Nicole, he merely stated facts and that party is relevant because that’s how he earned the million dollars in question and his claim was true then, just as it is now. Xander asks Bonnie if that’s right. Bonnie asks Xander to just leave. Steve offers to show him out but Justin wants to clear this up. Justin asks if Xander witnessed Bonnie taking his money. Xander admits he didn’t because he was in the shower, but he thought he heard someone come in. Justin questions how he could be so sure it was Bonnie. Xander explains that when he came out of the shower, his key card was moved so obviously Bonnie swiped it and slipped back in to help herself to his money. Justin calls that pure conjecture. Xander understands why he’d want fair compensation to marry Bonnie but remarks that he’ll have to find some other sucker to pay. Bonnie holds Justin back. Justin turns to Bonnie and asks if any of what Xander is saying is true. Bonnie thinks back to sneaking in and stealing Xander’s money. Bonnie then asks who Justin is going to believe, Xander or the woman he loves?

Eli brings Lani candy, chips, and soda while joking about going on a stakeout to watch over their babies in the nursery. Eli says he has to ease her back in on her first day back at the job. They jokingly fight over the chips until their phones go off with a text.

Paulina tells Abe that she texted Lani and Eli to come over so she better start cooking. Abe notes that she loves having them over. Paulina asks if Abe wanted it to be just them tonight. Abe points out that they just spent Labor Day weekened together. Paulina feels that’s why they need to have them over, so they can rehash everything that happened. Abe notes that could take awhile since it was a pretty eventful weekend. Paulina adds that she knows it’s Lani’s first day back at work so she told her to bring the kids. Abe calls that very thoughtful. Paulina thinks Abe doesn’t like this idea. Abe thinks they just might be exhausted. Paulina gets a text back from Lani, saying they would love to come and will bring desert. Paulina wants to get started on the chicken so she heads to the kitchen. Abe laments that they could’ve just ordered pizza and then follows in to the kitchen.

Gabi informs Jake that Philip took the Titan jet to Wilkes-Barre, PA. Jake questions what is there. Gabi says Brady and Chloe are there so Jake says that just got a lot more interesting. Gabi explains that Brady and Chloe had the DiMera jet which had mechanical issues and they got stranded for the night, so Philip flew out there and caught them together in bed which Jake laughs at.

Belle goes to the Titan office. Philip tells her that he’s busy but Belle shuts his laptop and calls him an idiot, revealing she just got off the phone with Chloe. Belle complains that she gave him a million reasons not to go after Chloe and Brady, but he did it anyways. Philip says he caught them in bed together. Belle argues that nothing happened because Chloe is with him. Philip complains that they were spooning, so if he didn’t get there, he can guess what would’ve happened. Belle tells him that Chloe is ticked off that he doesn’t trust her. Philip argues that he does trust Chloe but there’s no chance he trusts Brady, especially after this latest stunt.

Xander says he’s not surprised that Bonnie would resort to name calling but argues that he’s not a criminal. Xander warns Bonnie about invoking his reputation when she has quite the reputation herself. Justin argues that Bonnie has changed. Steve brings up that Xander has been running drugs but Xander says those charges were dropped with no proof. Justin shouts that Xander has no proof of these absurd allegations against Bonnie, so he tells him to get the hell out now. Xander decides he’ll just go upstairs and get what he came for then. Bonnie stops him and tells him that he can’t go up there. Kayla questions why not. Bonnie thinks back to shooting Calista and telling Kayla that she was asleep. Bonnie says it’s because of Calista. Xander questions who that is. Kayla notes that she is Bonnie’s sister in law. Justin then asks what is going on with Bonnie and Calista.

Abe and Paulina finish cooking and drink wine. Abe toasts to a team effort. Paulina asks where Abe learned his way around the kitchen. Abe says it was out of necessity at first and he enjoys it. Paulina says she is impressed. Abe asks why eat take out when it’s so easy to create a meal. Abe notes that everything is done and they are just waiting on Eli and Lani to bring dessert, so he thinks they have everything covered. Paulina says she can’t wait that long for something sweet as they kiss. Paulina calls Abe quite a catch. Abe jokes that he’s the one who caught her.

Philip shows Belle the memo to Brady that he’s typing, saying he warned Brady to stay away from Chloe more than once and if he doesn’t stop, he will come after him and hurt him until he gets it through his head that Chloe is his. Belle says this is enough. Philip argues that he’s just getting started. Belle warns him that if he’s not careful, his anger towards Brady will bring himself down.

Gabi tells Jake that Philip’s anger towards Brady will be his downfall and shows him the memo that Philip is typing to Brady. Gabi explains that the keylogger she installed is showing everything in real time that Philip is typing. Jake reads it and calls it next level anger. Gabi says they just need to get Philip to act on his anger, so once he’s proven to be a jealous maniac then Victor will fire him and she can take over. Jake says or him. Gabi says they either wait for the right moment or create it. Jake asks if she’s saying they trigger Philip to go after Brady. Jake warns that if they are not careful, someone could get killed.

Bonnie reminds Kayla that Calista is sleeping upstairs. Xander promises to be very quiet. Xander exits the room, so Bonnie chases after him. A confused Justin then follows out as Steve and Kayla watch on.

Eli and Lani go to Paulina’s with a strawberry pie and their babies. Lani hopes they don’t mind that they brought the twins since they couldn’t get a babysitter. Paulina reminds that that she said to bring them. Eli comments on the food smelling good. Paulina credits Abe and jokes that he saved her from ordering pizza. Paulina gives them glasses of wine. Abe says they all spent a wonderful weekend together and they can’t get enough of them. Lani feels the same. Abe is glad that they could make it tonight. Paulina says they have a lot of rehashing to do because they had a Labor Day weekend to write home about. Lani agrees it was one for the books as they toast their wine.

Xander goes to Bonnie’s room and says after a quick look around, he will let Calista rest in peace. Xander finds Bonnie’s bag but Bonnie runs in to stop him, arguing that it’s not what he thinks. Xander states this is the money she stole from him. Bonnie tells him that he can’t have it. Xander tells her that she’s about to marry the man she loves, so if she lets him take what is his then they will both have their happily ever after and they’ll never mention this again. Bonnie agrees and tells Xander to take it, so she lets go of him but accidentally causes Xander to drop the bag which leads to some of the money and the gun falling out. Bonnie quickly picks up the gun but Xander questions what she is doing with a gun. Justin then walks in and asks Bonnie as well what she is doing with a gun.

Jake tells Gabi that Philip is a powder keg, so if they are not careful, something could go seriously wrong. Gabi questions if he really thinks Philip has the guts to murder Brady. Gabi thinks it will just be a loud, public confrontation with fists thrown so everyone will find out that Philip is an unhinged jealous maniac and they can back it up with a trail of e-mails fired off to Brady. Jake agrees that it will go against his CEO image. Gabi notes that there is more as she was researching Titan documents and found out that Philip was laundering mob money through Titan when he first started until Xander ratted him out. Jake points out that Xander ended up on the streets, not Philip, so family protects family. Gabi feels that if Philip hurts family by assaulting Brady then Victor may come down on him with some tough love. Jake agrees to find a way to push Philip to the brink of that edge.

Belle warns Philip that he will regret sending that e-mail because there will be a trail of potentially prosecutable threats which would play right in to Brady’s hands. Belle argues that Brady wants Philip to blow up so he can use it against him, so he needs to be smarter than this. Belle encourages that he has Chloe so he should just enjoy it and be happy. Belle knows Philip just needed to vent and that’s why he typed such hateful threats, but now that he’s got it out of his system, he needs to delete the e-mail. Philip agrees with Belle that he probably shouldn’t send it, but he’s going to anyways. Philip tries to send the e-mail but his computer freezes. Belle calls it fate intervening to save Philip from himself.

Kayla tells Steve that she doesn’t understand any of this. Steve thinks everything will work itself out, one way or another. Steve tells Kayla how beautiful she is as they kiss. Steve knows that Kayla is thinking Bonnie is the same old thief. Kayla brings up how Bonnie talked about Justin and their future, so she was really convinced that she had changed and she loved Justin too much to risk what they have. Steve hopes she is right.

Xander calls it obvious that Bonnie was going to use that gun to rob him. Justin asks if that’s true. Bonnie says she did not bring a gun to Xander’s room. Xander doesn’t believe her and collects his money. Justin asks Bonnie what the hell is going on. Bonnie wants to go somewhere else and let Calista sleep. Xander remarks that Calista sleeps like the dead since she hasn’t moved. Xander then walks out of the room. Justin asks Bonnie if she’s sure that Calista is okay..

Eli toasts to Lani. Paulina says she knows Lani loves her job but worries that being a cop is dangerous since she’s a mom now. Lani comments that Paulina is starting to sound like her mom now. Paulina says her days with her babies are precious. Lani says she thought long and hard about going back to the police department. Eli encourages that she wanted her kids to see what a badass detective she is. Lani then gets a call and says they are on their way. Lani hangs up and tells Eli that Rafe said they are needed on a case right now. Lani is sorry to cut the evening short. Abe tells her not to worry about it. Lani asks if Abe and Paulina can watch the twins tonight and hopes they won’t be too late. Paulina says they’d love to and agree to hold off on dessert until they get back. Paulina hugs Lani and tells her to be safe out there. Lani assures they will be okay as she and Eli exit.

Justin walks over to Calista despite Bonnie attempting to stop him. Justin then pulls back the blanket to discover that Calista is dead.

Philip tells Belle that he has his I.T. guy checking out his computer to find out what is wrong. Belle hopes that he doesn’t. Philip questions her being against freedom of expression. Belle worries that it could land him in a world of trouble. Philip says he knows what he’s doing. Belle warns that he’s running on rage right now and it’s not going to end well, so he needs to cool off or he will lose Chloe and everything important to him. Belle then storms out of the office. Philip gets a call from his I.T. guy and questions what he found on his laptop.

Gabi tells Jake that it’s weird that Philip never sent the e-mail and hasn’t typed anything in 20 minutes. Jake suggests he took a break, so maybe Gabi should too.

Kayla calls it so unfair if Justin has his heart handed to him again at another wedding. Kayla declares it can’t be true. Steve hopes she’s right, but doesn’t understand why Xander would make up the entire story about the money. Xander then returns, revealing he found his money. Kayla asks where Bonnie is. Xander informs her that she’s upstairs sobbing to Justin but she’s guilty as hell and will pay for what she did. Xander announces that he’s called the cops. Kayla questions why he did that when he got his money. Xander reveals that Bonnie had a gun and could’ve shot him, but now it seems like Justin is the one who dodged a bullet.

Justin sees that Calista has been shot and questions what Bonnie has done. Bonnie says she can explain. Justin says Bonnie stole a million dollars and her sister in law is dead in their bed, so he asks how she explains that. Lani and Eli arrive and Lani says they would like to hear that answer too.

Jake and Gabi kiss until Philip shows up at the door. Gabi asks what he’s doing here. Philip then questions why the hell she’s spying on him.

Belle returns to Shawn at the Pub. Shawn says it was perfect timing since their food should be out any minute. Shawn asks how things went with Philip. Belle says he was just as stubborn and irrational as usual. Shawn decides he doesn’t want to hear it as he doesn’t care. Belle agrees that he shouldn’t care and she’s sorry for leaving him like that. Shawn informs her that he just finished a nice long video chat with Claire. Belle hates that she missed that as she needs to catch up with her. Shawn reveals that she will have a chance to do that as he just booked them two tickets to South Africa to go see Claire. Belle says she’s so excited and hugs him.

EMTs arrive and stretcher Calista’s body out of the Kiriakis Mansion. Eli arrests Bonnie for suspicion of murder. Bonnie breaks down crying to Justin that she’s sorry as Eli reads Bonnie her rights while they escort her out of the mansion.

Paulina sits with Eli and Lani’s babies and talks to them. Paulina says that everyone in town thinks of her as their great Aunt Paulina, but they can call her grandma. Paulina whispers that it’s their little secret as Abe returns to the room.

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