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Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Eli, Lani, Abe, and Paulina have lunch on the beach. Paulina says it’s her treat and tells them to just enjoy the view. Lani comments on the people watching while Paulina remarks that you never know who is going to show up at your table. Two men then approach the table and demand the ring. Abe asks what’s going on as one of the men pull out a gun. Paulina says she knows exactly what’s going on as a similar thing happened to a friend of hers in Beverly Hills. Paulina tells the thieves that they are not taking her ring as it was a gift from her close friend Michelle. Paulina refuses to hand over the ring. The man warns that he’s a highly trained mercenary and threatens to blow her head off.

John and Marlena greet Anna and Tony at the auction in Zurich. Anna jokes about the language and says that Carrie and Austin are the main reason they are here. Marlena says they are going to try to see them tomorrow. Anna never thought of John as the auction house kind of guy. John says he figured he’d try to find something in his price range but Anna warns it will be expensive here. Marlena asks if they are here for something specific or just browsing. Anna shows them the picture of the sapphire necklace which is the same one they came for. John asks to talk to Anna for a second.

Chad suggests leaving the Penthouse suite when Will doesn’t answer but they are shocked when Sonny’s ex Leo Stark answers the door. Leo jokes that Sonny doesn’t seem happy to see him and questions if Sonny is cheating on Will with Chad. Leo invites them in to have room service. Leo jokes that Sonny has traded up. Sonny yells at Leo that this isn’t a joke. Will then comes out from the back, surprised to see that Sonny is there.

After Billie drags Ben away, a man approaches Ciara to ask her a few questions.

Ben tells Billie that he doesn’t know how the couple that bought the gem got away when they were just in front of them. Billie sees the man with Ciara as he says he wants to show something to her. As the man reaches in to his jacket, Billie assumes he has a gun and rushes back over to tackle him. Ben runs up to check on Ciara as the man tells Billie that he doesn’t have a gun, he was reaching for his badge. He reveals he is Agent Kyle Graham of the ISA and tells Billie that it’s nice to meet her.

John tells Anna that there is something she needs to know about the sapphire but the auction is about to begin. Anna thinks she knows everything she needs to know about the necklace so her and Tony head back inside. John tells Marlena that Anna seems happy to be here. Marlena comments that Anna will be bidding on the necklace and wonders if that’s a coincidence or if Anna and Tony are the people that Shane warned them about. John says Anna has done shady things in the past but he can’t imagine Tony doing that. John says they can’t let them get the necklace either way. Marlena points out that Anna won’t back down so she asks what to do. John says they will outbid her.

Billie finishes a call with her ISA contact, confirming Agent Kyle Graham’s identity. Billie argues that he should’ve identified himself before talking to her contacts and says he pissed her off. She asks what he’s even doing here. Kyle responds that he’s following orders as Shane sent him to be her backup. Billie argues that she doesn’t need help. Kyle questions if she identified the people arranging to buy the gem in the window. Billie explains that the owner sold it to a couple before she got to it which Kyle mocks. Billie insists that she’s got it and just needs until tonight to find out the couple. Kyle reveals that he’s one step ahead of her as he already knows who they are.

Leo swears it’s not what it looks like. Sonny turns around and punches Leo down. Will holds Sonny back as Sonny yells at him to get off of him. Will questions what Sonny is doing. Sonny accuses Will of cheating on him and complains about finding Will with Leo in his robe. Will assures that he hasn’t forgotten who Leo is and what he did. Chad encourages Sonny to let Will talk. Sonny asks Will what the hell this is then. Leo gets back up and tells Sonny that he’s sorry to say, Will only wants him for his Peacock.

The thieves continue to threaten Paulina over her ring. Paulina refuses to give it. Lani urges her to just give him the ring. Paulina cries that she loves it. The man asks if she loves the people at this table so Paulina gives in and hands over the ring then tells them to leave them alone. The two men rush off with the ring while Eli and Lani chase after them.

John and Marlena joke about the auction. The sapphire necklace then goes up for bidding, starting at 25,000 Euros from Anna. John bids 50,000. Anna asks Tony why John is bidding against her. Another man bids 75,000 so Marlena wonders if that’s the man that Shane warned them about. Anna bids 100,000. The official steps away as they have a bidder on the phone. Tony questions Anna’s bid. Anna insists that Austin is counting on them and Carrie’s marriage depends on it.

Austin looks at a picture of the sapphire necklace and remarks that he sure hopes Anna and Tony come through. Carrie comes in to the room and tells Austin that she decided to call Anna to make sure she and Tony got settled in, but she didn’t pick up, so she called the front desk and they have no record of Anna and Tony checking in.

Sonny questions Will as to what the hell the Peacock that Leo is referring to. Will explains that it’s a statue of a peacock that was stolen in Alamania 30 years ago and the statue was priceless. Chad questions that. Leo questions him never hearing of the Alamanian Peacock. Will explains that it included six gems but was stolen by Hope as Princess Gina. Will says the case went cold but recently, the peacock was recovered without the gems. Will adds that he got an anonymous tip that he could be led to one of the gems, the emerald, but when he showed up, he found Leo. Sonny questions Will meeting with Leo about an emerald this whole time. Will assures that he headed straight for the door when he saw Leo, but his information sounded legit as he knew enough details to convince him that he’s telling the truth. Will tells Sonny that Leo has been stringing him along for weeks, but yesterday he told him that he could lead him to the emerald so he swears this is the only reason he’s here. Leo remarks that this time, Will is telling the truth.

Billie asks Kyle who the couple is that bought the gem from the shop. Kyle informs her that they are Miles and Sophie Faversham who live in a mansion in the garden district and they’ve been making inquiries but he doesn’t know how they knew the amethyst gem was on the market. Billie recognizes the last name from Lili Faversham. Kyle confirms that they are her grandson and his wife. Ben asks who Lili is. Billie mentions that she knew Princess Gina. Kyle says there is nothing legit about this purchase. Billie adds that there is a network behind this. Kyle says they need to get the broach back and he knows just where to do it as the Favershams are having a party tomorrow. Billie suggests she go dressed as Princess Gina but Kyle warns that it will be very risky. Kyle mentions that he does have a lead on the emerald. Ciara points out that the Favershams know Princess Gina, but not her daughter.

Sonny questions Leo being Will’s source and asks if Will checks for hidden cameras when he comes over. Sonny can’t believe Will is trusting Leo after what he did to him. Will insists that he doesn’t trust Leo and that he’s a slimy informant who has been milking him for everything he can get. Will complains that Leo promised him a source today but then hit him up for a massage. Sonny questions why Will didn’t just tell him instead of sneaking around. Will worried that Sonny would freak out if he knew he was dealing with Leo. Sonny complains that’s because Leo is going to con Will, just like he did to him and he’s going to get blackmailed. Leo reminds them of when they stuffed him in the trunk of a car. Sonny questions Will really thinking Leo has a source and argues that no one would trust him with where to find a stolen emerald. Will gives in and says Sonny wins so they should go home. Leo tells them to go ahead but Chad stops them and says not to go quite yet.

Billie asks what Ciara is talking about. Ciara brings up Princess Gina having a daughter named Greta, so she can pass herself off as her. Kyle argues that the last thing they need is to involve a civilian. Billie argues that Ciara’s parents were great cops, so she thinks she would be fine. Ciara adds that she knows everything there is to know about Princess Gina so they can’t trip her up. Kyle calls it highly unusual but feels they have no choice. Billie says the party is invitation only, but they can get her on the guest list. Ciara asks if she can bring Ben. Ben is unsure but Ciara insists that Greta wouldn’t show up without an escort. Billie says they can just do some ballroom dancing. Ben is unsure of that but Billie encourages that it’s their honeymoon. Billie says to leave it to her and suggests she and Kyle show them some moves. Kyle responds that he doesn’t dance so Billie says she will do the dancing for the both of them.

The auction continues as Anna bids 425,000 Euros. John then bids 450,000. Anna complains that John and Marlena know she wants the necklace so she asks Tony why John is bidding against her. Tony suggests Austin buy Carrie some flowers instead of a necklace for half a million Euros. Anna calls that dumb. The man up front bids 475,000 but then someone whispers to the official and he declares they must stop the action. He calls security to remove the man up front as John wonders if that was the guy Shane warned about.

Abe tells Paulina that Lani and Eli know what they are doing and encourages her to breathe. Paulina complains about the man holding a gun on Lani. Abe calls for police backup while Paulina remains panicked and prays for nothing to happen to her baby. Eli and Lani chase the thieves. Eli manages to tackle one of them, while the other one turns and fires a shot at Lani.

Austin tells Carrie that it is strange that the hotel doesn’t have a record of Anna and Tony checking in. Austin suggests they used another name. Carrie questions why they would do that. Austin points out that the DiMera name is notorious because of Stefano. Carrie says Anna has no problem but Austin suggests Tony might have thought better of it. Carrie comments that Anna always gets what she wants. Carrie decides to go to the hotel to make sure everything is okay.

Anna asks Marlena why John is bidding against her when he knows she’s not going to stop. Marlena explains that they weren’t actually bidding against her. Anna clarifies that she’s not bidding on the necklace for herself, but for Austin so he can give it to Carrie and then she’ll forgive him and they’ll be happy again. Marlena questions Austin and Carrie not being happy. Anna says that might have been indiscreet. Anna asks them to just bid on something else for Carrie’s sake. Marlena is afraid they can’t do that but clarifies that they aren’t bidding for themselves either. Marlena reveals that John is working undercover for the ISA to retrieve the necklace and that he was trying to explain that to her when the auction began. Marlena asks if now Anna understands. Tony says of course they do and tells Anna to stop bidding. Marlena thanks Tony as the auction is then resumed.

Lani dodges the shots fired and the man takes off. Lani takes the gun off the man that Eli tackled and holds the gun on him while Eli chases after the other man. Paulina calls out asking if Lani is alright. Lani assures that she’s fine. Abe adds that he has called this in. Eli comes back, revealing the man got away and he only got the end of his license plate. Paulina yells at the first man, asking who put him up to this. He asks why he should tell her. Eli warns that he’s a police officer, so he better tell him as he asks who he works for.

Chad warns Leo that his last name is DiMera and his family has a very long history of dealing with informants and people who don’t deliver on their promises, so he suggests this would a very good moment for Leo to be completely forthcoming. Chad asks if Will had any questions for Leo. Will tells Leo that he booked this hotel room to meet with his contact and asks if there is such a person and when they will get here. Leo swears that there is but he can’t get them here today, but he can tomorrow. Will refuses to pay for another night here. Chad advises Will to not let Leo out of his sight. Leo guesses that means he’s coming home with them and jokes that it’s a sleepover.

Billie plays music on her phone and begins ballroom dancing with Kyle in front of Ben and Ciara and a crowd of spectators. Everyone applauds as they finish.

Lani asks the man who he works for but he refuses to talk. Eli asks what if Lani shoots him. He argues that he knows as cops that they won’t. Paulina wishes she could. Eli suggests maybe he’ll start talking when he realizes no one is going to bail him out.

Ciara praises Billie’s ballroom dancing. Billie says it helps to have a great partner and admits she did not expect that out of Kyle. Ciara jokes that she and Ben should go practice that. Billie says she will work on getting on the guest list and notes that Ben still needs a cover. Billie then gets an idea and gives Ciara her tiara, noting that the people will need to believe she is Princess Greta von Amberg.

Sonny remarks that he hates this idea on 15 different levels. Leo says he’ll get dressed while they figure this out. Leo comments to Chad that every relationship has ups and downs as he steps out. Chad apologizes to Sonny and Will for butting in. Sonny says he’s not mad at Chad. Sonny asks if Will has any idea how much he’s asking him to put up with. Will says it’s only for one night and he really believes that Leo does have a contact. Will adds that it could be a major story for him. Will promises to make it up to Sonny. Sonny says he owes him a lot more than just one night. Sonny complains about thinking Will was cheating on him this whole time. Will is sorry and never wanted Sonny to doubt him. Will promises to take a few weeks off after this story and says they can take the trip to Paris that they talked about. Sonny jokes that this is emotional blackmail but admits it’s kind of working.

The auction official announces that the man who was escorted out was there under false pretenses so the last official bid was 450,000 from John. He prepares to call it but Anna bids 500,000. Tony questions what she’s doing. Anna declares that she’s winning that necklace. John can’t find his paddle to raise a bid but finds that Anna stole it as Tony unintentionally raises it up, bidding 525,000 and the necklace is sold to him.

Eli and Lani rejoin Paulina and Abe at Paulina’s house. They explain that the man was booked for armed robbery but he’s still not talking. Eli says they are sorry but Paulina says she’s the one who should be sorry as she promised them glitz and glamour and ended up with a man taking off with her ring. Lani tells her not to worry as they will find out who did this. Eli promises they will get her ring back.

Austin stops Carrie and asks her not to go. Austin pretends that he just got a text from Tony, claiming the hotel didn’t have a room with a view so they switched hotels. Carrie admits that makes sense and decides she will call Anna but Austin continues claiming that Tony said they were exhausted and going to sleep so they will see them tomorrow. Carrie decides to get ready for bed then. Austin says he will too after he responds to Tony’s text. Carrie then exits to the bedroom. Austin remarks that he dodged that bullet and goes back to looking at the picture of the sapphire necklace.

Tony tells John and Marlena that he had nothing to do with this as he returns John’s paddle. Anna retrieves the sapphire necklace and exits with Tony. Marlena asks John what he will tell Shane.

Ben and Ciara return to their hotel room. Ciara asks if they should start practicing dancing. Ben says he’ll need all the practice he can get after watching Billie and Kyle. They kiss and then Ben jokes that he’s never danced with a princess before. Ciara says that makes him her Prince Charming. Ben adds that he’s never made love to a princess before either. Ciara says there’s a first time for everything as they continue kissing onto the bed.

Will asks if Sonny can put up with Leo for a night. Sonny repeats that he doesn’t like this and he doesn’t trust Leo, but he knows to keep his enemies close. Leo jokes about riding in the trunk and asks Chad to grab his bags for him. Sonny reminds Chad that it was his big idea as they exit.

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