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After rescuing Julie from the freezer, Jack wants to take Julie to the emergency room. Julie refuses to go anywhere until they find Doug. Jack promises that they will but Julie asks how when he’s not answering his phone. Julie then declares that she thinks she knows what happened.

Kayla tells Steve that she doesn’t get why Bonnie isn’t coming to get ready. Steve explains that she said she got hung up getting a manicure and said it’d be easier to get ready here. Steve adds that he’s calling because Bonnie needs her makeup bag. Kayla guesses they are on their way then and hangs up. Justin asks what’s going on with Bonnie. Kayla responds that she has no idea.

Xander informs Gwen that Bonnie came by to invite him to the wedding, saying she wanted him to represent the Kiriakis family since the others refused to attend. Xander says he thought it was odd but she reminded him that she volunteered to be Sarah’s maid of honor at the last minute. Gwen wonders if it was all just pretense so she could come in and steal the million dollars from the briefcase. Xander says he would, except he saw her leave without it.

Bonnie demands Calista give her the gun. Calista says she’s sorry but she’s not getting the gun. Calista then turns the gun to Bonnie and declares that she’s getting the bullet. Bonnie asks what she’s talking about since she gave her the money. Calista complains that Bonnie stole her husband’s life so now she is going to pay with her’s. Bonnie argues that she can’t do this on her wedding day. Calista tells Bonnie to forget about becoming Bonnie Kiriakis and declares that today, she dies.

Xander says Bonnie must have taken the money since she was the only person there before EJ came. Xander mentions that he checked the briefcase once an hour to make sure it was there. Gwen questions what happened if Bonnie didn’t leave with it. Xander thinks back to Bonnie’s visit and realizes the key card is not where he left it, so Bonnie must have swiped it and got back into the room to steal his money. Xander declares that Bonnie will rue the day that she crossed him.

Bonnie pleads that Calista can’t shoot her as she doesn’t know the whole story. Calista says all she needs to know is that Bonnie killed her husband. Bonnie argues that she did everything she asked and got her a million dollars. Bonnie asks what more she wants. Calista calls it an eye for an eye. Bonnie argues that she hasn’t thought this through and asks what about when Xander comes after her since he will figure it out. Calista argues that Xander will pin Bonnie for stealing the money. Bonnie says she will tell him the truth but Calista points out that she’ll be dead. Bonnie brings up EJ and the DiMeras, suggesting she take the money and run. Calista says this will only take a minute.

Julie tells Jack that Doug locked her in the freezer to protect her since there was a robbery nearby so she worries that Doug has been kidnapped.

Doug is at the Brady Pub, ordering a burger and fries from Roman.

Gwen tells Xander to slow down asks why Bonnie would steal a million dollars from him when she’s just about to marry a multi-millionaire. Gwen questions how Bonnie even knew Xander had the money. Xander decides he’s going to show up at her wedding and find out. Gwen blames herself, saying it’s all her fault because Xander confessed to her crime and now he’s tangled up with EJ with the money gone as well as his job. Gwen notes that he did all this because he tried to protect her. Xander says it was his choice, but asks Gwen not to tell Jack that she had her miscarriage before Abigail pushed her down the stairs because if she does that, everything he’s done will be for nothing.

The wedding officiant arrives at the Kiriakis Mansion and asks if he’s in the right place. Steve assures that he is. He sees the photos of Justin and Adrienne then assumes it’s a remarriage but Steve explains that it’s not a remarriage. He questions the photos so Steve explains that it’s not Bonnie, but his late sister Adrienne. He questions if Justin fell in love with Adrienne’s twin. Steve guesses he’s wondering what he got himself into. He responds that life can be complicated. Steve hopes that all the drama is behind them now that the wedding day is finally here.

Bonnie tells Calista that she can’t kill her and warns her about Victor. Calista argues that Victor wouldn’t even come to her wedding so she bets he doesn’t care. Bonnie reminds her that Steve is downstairs and will catch her so she will lose her money and go to prison. Calista responds that she knows how to get away with murder because she watched her. Calista declares that she will use a silencer so no one will know it happened or care.

Julie tells Jack that they have to call the police. Jack thinks she may be getting carried away. Julie worries that Doug is in danger. Jack thinks there could be other explanations. Jack asks if it’s possible they had a fight. Julie says of course not but notes that Doug was miffed when she changed out his espresso for tea. Julie then admits that they had a small fight and Doug can show his temper when his blood sugar gets low. Jack suggests maybe Doug decided they needed to cool off a little bit and asks if that’s possible. Julie guesses it is but questions where Doug would go when he’s 96 years old and couldn’t get far on foot. Julie declares that she’s going to go find him and rushes out of Julie’s Place.

Roman asks Doug where Julie is since he never sees them here alone. Doug responds that Julie is very busy, watching his cholesterol. Doug says he prefers good red meat and fries. Doug makes sure Roman won’t tell her about this. Roman agrees not to tell Julie as Doug has a beer. Doug says that’s awfully nice of him and accidentally calls him John. Roman corrects him but says it’s not the first time since John went by his name for the better part of a decade. Doug says those were wild days when everyone thought Roman was dead and John got back together with Vivian. Roman points out that he means Marlena. Doug questions how he could mix up Marlena with Vivian and remarks that he must be losing it as he calls him John again.

Gwen reminds Xander that she already told Jack that he was lying to protect her and she was the one running drugs or Dr. Snyder, so she can’t go back on that and Jack will be looking for answers. Xander encourages her to lie and asks if she will. Gwen questions lying to her father. Xander points out that if she tells Jack that she falsely blamed Abigail for her miscarriage which caused her to leave town and quite possibly destroyed her marriage, there’s a chance that Jack’s forgiveness wore thin. Gwen argues that she’s his daughter too. Xander asks how she thinks it will turn out if he blames her for losing his other daughter. Xander asks if she wants to throw everything with Jack away because of his reputation. Gwen feels that Xander doesn’t deserve this. Xander insists that he’ll be fine. Gwen points out that nobody has ever sacrificed so much for her before. Xander responds that she’s worth it.

Julie returns to Julie’s Place and tells Jack that one of the cooks saw Doug walking out the front door and he kept on walking when she waved. Julie gets a call from Roman. Julie tells him that she can’t talk now because Doug is missing. Roman informs her that he’s not missing, he’s at the Pub. Julie lets Jack know and is relieved as she’s been worried sick. Julie tells Roman to tell Doug to come back to Julie’s Place immediately. Roman thinks it would be better if she came here.

The wedding officiant mentions to Steve that he didn’t eat lunch, assuming that a wedding at the Kiriakis Mansion would have a big spread, so Steve sends him to the kitchen to eat. Justin and Kayla then arrive. Steve mentions not seeing Bonnie since she went upstairs with Calista. Kayla decides she will go see what’s going on.

Calista asks Bonnie if she’s ready to go to Hell. Bonnie says they will see who goes there first as she grabs the gun and they struggle over it, until the gun goes off and Calista is shot. Calista then collapses onto the bed.

Julie and Jack go to the Brady Pub to find Doug. Julie is thankful that he’s alright. Doug says she caught him in the act as he needed some meat. Julie says she doesn’t care about the burger. Doug invites her to join him and orders beers on him. Julie clarifies that she didn’t come to drink even though her blood still needs to be thawed out after he locked her in the freezer and walked away. Doug questions her and says he would never do that. Julie explains that he did and she had to call Jack to rescue her. Doug is glad she’s safe but thinks she’s confusing him with someone else and asks if she’s sure she’s okay. Jack suggests he and Doug get Julie home. Doug points out that he hasn’t finished his burger and he wanted a piece of cake. Roman says he’ll wrap it all up.

Steve offers Justin a shot of whiskey for his nerves. Justin claims he’s not nervous, but worried about Bonnie since she’s been real jittery since Calista showed up. Justin mentions them planning to have breakfast but she took off on some errand without a word and then didn’t show up at Kayla’s. Steve adds that Bonnie was definitely jittery when she got here this morning. Justin brings up that Kayla said Bonnie seemed really upset last night about Calista but she didn’t want to talk about it. Steve confirms that Kayla told him the same. Steve remarks that Calista is quite the character as she made a pass at him. Steve adds that Calista was very cagey about being asked questions and asks if Justin knows much about her. Justin admits he doesn’t as Bonnie never mentioned her before she showed up. Justin hopes that Calista will disappear to where she came from when the wedding is over.

Bonnie begins to panic as Calista is dead. Kayla knocks on the door. Bonnie cries that this can’t be happening. Bonnie tells Kayla that she’s not decent. Kayla asks if she needs help getting ready. Bonnie claims she’s good but Kayla doesn’t think so since she has her makeup bag. Bonnie tells her to just leave it there. Kayla reminds her that she’s the matron of honor so it’s her job to help her get ready. Kayla then begins to open the door.

Jack and Julie get Doug home and to bed. Julie tells Jack that Doug didn’t get any sleep last night which is why he was a little off. Jack informs her that Roman told him that Doug called him John earlier. Julie blows it off as being confusing for years. Jack adds that Doug also confused Marlena and Vivian. Jack knows nobody wants to think about this, but he thinks Doug should see a doctor. Julie tells him not to even say that as he’s just tired and needs some rest, then he’ll be fine.

Xander asks what Gwen will tell Jack. Gwen says she doesn’t know. Gwen adds that one positive is that Jack won’t think Xander is a drug runner anymore, so he won’t get in the way of them potentially seeing one another. Xander asks if that’s what she wants. Gwen says maybe, but he needs to go get his money now and she needs to think about what she’s going to say to Jack. Xander stops Gwen and kisses her. Gwen asks what that was for. Xander says it was for luck as Gwen then exits.

Justin looks at a photo of he and Adrienne and says part of him can’t believe he’s going through with this. Justin knows that Steve thought he was crazy or that he was only attracted to Bonnie because she reminded him of Adrienne. Justin says at first he was right, even though they couldn’t be any more different. Justin declares that right now he’s not looking for another Adrienne, he just wants to be able to live and laugh again. Justin says if he wasn’t confident that Bonnie has turned her life around, there’s no way he could ever get past what she did to Adrienne. Justin adds that he’s done a lot of things he’s not proud of. Justin knows it took a lot for Steve to agree to be his best man and he appreciates his support. Steve just wants Justin to be happy. Justin says that’s the plan.

Kayla enters the bedroom and asks Bonnie what happened. Bonnie claims a pillow just exploded. Kayla asks about Calista. Bonnie claims that Calista said she wasn’t feeling well and just keeled over. Kayla offers to examine her but Bonnie says she can’t. Kayla questions why not. Bonnie claims she already knows what’s wrong since Calista had mimosas for breakfast and started puking. Bonnie says she finally fell asleep so she doesn’t want to wake her. Kayla relates to the feeling after drinking last night. Kayla comments that Calista might sleep through the wedding when she came all this way for the occasion. Kayla asks if Bonnie is alright. Bonnie claims that she is but Kayla notes her shaking and asks about her broken nail.

Steve pours drinks for he and Justin as they toast to the light being back in Justin’s eyes. The wedding officiant comes back in and praises the food from the kitchen. He’s happy to see there is two people now but warns that it’s getting late and he has another gig, so he asks if they are starting soon. Justin says he sure hopes so.

Bonnie guesses she lost her nail when Calista fell over and she tried to catch her Bonnie starts crying about nothing going right on the most important day of her life. Kayla asks if she’s sure she is alright. Bonnie says Justin is the best thing to ever happen to her and she just wants to marry him before something else goes wrong. Kayla says she will but they need to take care of some rituals first. Kayla suggests Bonnie get in to her dress so she can get married.

Jack tells Julie that she and Doug have been married for more than half of their lives so she doesn’t want to think about it but it could be something treatable or it could be nothing at all. Jack thinks they should get him checked out so she will have peace of mind. Jack thinks Julie should get checked out after being in the freezer too. Julie declares that she’s not going anywhere and neither is Doug.

Steve warns Justin that if they don’t get started, he’s worried that the justice of the peace will move on so he’s going to check on the ladies. Kayla then enters the room with Bonnie. Steve asks Kayla about Calista. Kayla responds that she’s indisposed. Justin asks if Bonnie is ready. Bonnie says she’s more ready than she’s been in her entire life.

Jack sits with Julie as Gwen comes home. Gwen didn’t expect him back so soon and hopes Julie is okay. Julie is sure Gwen was praying that she would turn in to a popsicle. Julie decides to go check on Doug and exits the room. Gwen asks Jack what is wrong with Doug. Jack responds that they are not exactly sure.

Justin and Bonnie’s wedding ceremony begins. When it’s asked if anyone has any objections, Bonnie imagines Calista interrupting.

Gwen asks if Jack thinks Doug has dementia. Jack says he doesn’t know but Julie is in denial that anything is wrong. Gwen insists that she’s really sorry and that Doug is a good person. Jack asks what Gwen was going to tell her before Julie called about Dr. Snyder holding something over her to make her run drugs for him. Gwen wants to talk about it another time but Jack says now. Gwen notes how worried he is about Doug and says she has to run an errand. Jack points out that she just got home. Gwen says she won’t be long and she’s sorry as she rushes out of the house.

Justin asks Bonnie if something is wrong but she says no and the ceremony continues. When it’s asked if anyone has any objections, Xander arrives and declares that he has an objection. Justin asks what the hell he’s doing here. Xander responds that Justin’s bride stole a million dollars from him and he wants it back. Justin tells him to leave now. Xander guarantees that Justin is going to want to hear this and he might even thank him. Kayla asks what this is about. Xander explains that he had a briefcase full of cash in his room that has gone missing and the only person who could’ve taken it was Bonnie. Justin asks why Bonnie would be in his room. Xander says he could think of one million reasons, but suggests asking her. Justin asks if Bonnie went to Xander’s room. Bonnie admits she did but claims it was to invite him to the wedding because he’s family, so she thought inviting his cousin would be a nice surprise. Xander says the only surprise was her running off with all his cash, but notes that with her history, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise. The justice of a peace decides to give them some time. Kayla remarks on Xander’s new habit of crashing private parties with scandalous claims. Xander points out that in the case of Eric and Nicole, he merely stated facts and that party is relevant because that’s how he earned the million dollars in question and his claim was true then, just as it is now. Xander asks Bonnie if that’s right.


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