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hey, curtis! Hey. I was glad to get your text. Yeah. Um, I’m sorry. Why? Well, because I asked you to come down here, and I’m all… caught up with this. Oh, curtis, it’s not a big deal.

[ Chuckles ] Is there a problem with the club? No. No, no. Everything’s good with the club. I’m working on a case. Oh. I thought you left all that P.I. Stuff behind you. I did. But this one’s personal. Did I ever tell you about my good friend drew cain? Yeah. He was oscar’s dad, right? Sam’s ex? Yeah. Well, uh, he disappeared in a plane crash a few years ago. Sam has reason to believe that he might still be alive. Oh, my god. Really? Yeah. So…

[ Footsteps approach ] …Entertaining that theory could set us up for either really good news… or something very disappointing.

[ Sighs ] Good morning, bride-to-be! Hey! Good morning. Did you sleep? I slept a little, yeah. Yeah, I was up a lot, too. I’m so excited. Uh, trina wanted to say hi before things got too crazy. Happy wedding day! Thank you. I know you and jason will be really happy together. That is the plan. Hey. Sorry about this, man. I know you’re not the one that wanted the fight, but you’re the one I got to hold. Previous charges were just dropped two months ago against you, so the D.A. Wants to, uh, go over the entire incident report. It’s bureaucratic B.S. Yeah, well. Don’t worry about it. I-I don’t want special treatment. I’m not giving you special treatment. So here we are again, huh? Opposite sides with so much that connects us. You know, it’s too bad you don’t just ditch the career-criminal thing, man. We could break bread one of these days. Trina: Did your dad tell you he called me? He did? Random, right? Asking all sorts of questions about the sauce. Must’ve been a big hit. Yeah… oh, no! Did it go bad or something? No. The sauce was delicious. Okay. Phew! But — and I know that this is gonna sound totally insane… but, trina, I swear that sauce… tasted exactly like sonny’S. Sonny: I’m mike. That’s who I am. I’m the guy who cares about you. I get that you don’t want my past life crashing down on you. You don’t want to be hurt again. That’s why you came to nixon falls, to let go of your past. So you understand? Well… and I’m gonna do everything I can to prove to you that I do. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it… but I will because I’m — I’m in love with you. Oh, my god. What happened?! Lenny left us a surprise.

[ Exhales sharply ] None of these names are ringing any bells. Shawn, I’m sorry, but I think we need to brace for the possibility that this manifest of naomi dreyfus’ flight is another dead end. No, no, no. I-I can’t accept that. No, there’s got to be something in here to lead us to hayden’s shooter. Because whoever it was wanted her dead so badly that when I started asking questions six years later, they offed her mother. To go through that much trouble, this person has something major to hide, and I want to find out what it is. Spencer: Dad. Look up.

[ Camera shutter clicks ] Esme wanted us to have a fun day. I am having fun. Really? ‘Cause it looks like you’d rather be literally anywhere else. I’m sorry. The six weeks are up, and as soon as ava gets scott back to work, our divorce will be finalized, so you’ll forgive me if I’m not in a festive mood. But I would understand if you were. Yes, I’m aware that the paperwork is ready. But like I’ve told you, I’m — I’m just not ready to go through with it yet. Does it sound like I care what you think?

[ Footsteps approach ]

[ Gasps ]

-Hey, sam. -Hey. You said you had an update on the lead from last night? Yeah, so, I talked to the nurse who took care of nina at crichton-clark. She gave me the contact information of a guy she worked with in the records department. Apparently, he dealt with both patients and the parent company. That’s amazing. There’s just one catch. Dante: Yeah, there is no charge. Well, I would, but the system’s down, and I can’t have access, and I need authorization, so can you put it through? Look. There’s no silver bullet here, okay? He’s not going to prison. It was a drunk and disorderly, and he wasn’t even drunk, so make it happen.

[ Beep ] Hope this doesn’t, uh, mess up your wedding day. It is what it is. You know? As for me, I just got to put a suit on, so… is, uh, carly gonna make you wear a tie? That, I don’t know. Hm. I guess I’ll find out when I open the garment bag. Well, this must be strange for you, me marrying carly after all the years she’s been married to sonny. Yeah, not really, though, you know. I-I — I think sonny would approve. I mean, it’s always been the three of you, right? Even since I first was working undercover, you guys were a unit, you and sonny and carly, even when they weren’t together. It was… I remember being amazed at how devoted you guys were to him. That’s because of everything he did for us. He was just a great friend, a great mentor, and just a stand-up guy. Yeah, I didn’t, uh, see it that way. When I first got here, all I could think about was sending him to prison, so I put that case together against him. But, uh — [ Chuckles ] You know, even then, man, there were days where I didn’t want to do it. You know? When he shot me, I found out he was my father. But you didn’t think of him that way yet. No. But you know what? All these years later, I sure am glad that I didn’t put him away. Jason: I’m still gonna be your safety net. And I’m counting on you to be mine. You don’t need a safety net. But I need you to stand by me. No matter what. I’ll always stand by you no matter what. Okay.

[ Inhales deeply ] Uh, then we’ll just, you know, figure the rest out.

[ Doorbell rings ] Monica. Carly. I know you have a very busy day. I just wondered if you had a little time to talk. Lenny was always complaining about the ceiling. Yeah, he mentioned that there was a bad leak a couple of years ago. Plywood’s all rotten, and the beams have to come down. Yeah, and then he — he, uh… decided to redo it. So he was — he was gonna, you know, take down the wallpaper and then paint the whole place. Yeah, that seems pretty ambitious. Yeah. But, um… he ordered the supplies before his diagnosis, so the lumberyard just came this morning and the next order’s coming later. Yikes. Can you return it? No, a lot of the stuff’s custom, but you know what, I… lenny wanted it, so I felt like I owed it to him to give it to him. Yeah. But in the meantime, there’s not a lot of room for customers. I don’t think it’s a problem for phyllis. Yeah, she’s not in a rush to open the tan-o without lenny, huh? Just another argument for the renovations. You know, if the tan-o opens with a different look, there won’t be so many memories attached. Well, now you know what I’m planning to do for the next two or three months. You — if, you know, you could, I mean, if you want to pitch in. Me? Well, you know, you run a magazine. You have great taste. You can be the designer consultant. Oh. That is if I didn’t scare you off. So what’s up with you? What do you mean? Something’s obviously wrong. No, I-it’s nothing. Trina. I guess I’m feeling guilty. About what? Not liking spencer’s girlfriend. Don’T. You scared me half to death.

[ Laughs ] I’m so sorry. I’ve been told I have a knack for sneaking up on people. I swear it’s not intentional. I’m esme prince. Esme.

[ Chuckles ] You’re spencer’s friend. Spence is my boyfriend. He’s told me so much about you. I’m sure. It’s nice to meet you face-to-face. Pleasure’s all mine. Is there something I can do for you? Yes. Uh, I came by to look at your works, and I was thinking about purchasing a piece. Oh? My parents strongly advised me to invest in artwork as I got older. Oh. I-I take it you were born into money, then? Yes and no. I mean, my parents couldn’t have children of their own, so my siblings and i were adopted. Adopted and rich. Lucky you.

[ Chuckles ] Yes, I am quite fortunate. It sounds like you had a very happy home. No? I suppose everyone was happy enough. My parents were very cool with each other. There was love there, but nothing like, um, you and spencer’s father.

esme’s been nothing but nice to me. I don’t know. Maybe I don’t like her because I was into spencer. You don’t like her because there’s nothing to like. Tell me how you really feel. She’s a bitch with a capital “b,” okay? Joss! No. I mean, you see the way she treats spencer, like he’s her property or something. She is clearly threatened by you. You really think so? Yes, trina. My god, it’s so obvious. So don’t trick yourself into looking for something that isn’t there. Sweet, innocent esme doesn’t exist. Spence told me all about you and his dad, and you have to admit, it’s romantic. Nikolas doesn’t want to let you go. It would have to be something uber extreme to get him to stay away. Yes, I thought of that. Just wasn’t sure how far I wanted to take it. Anyway, unfortunately, all my pieces are spoken for. Too bad. Well, let me know if anything changes. I certainly will. Safe travels, ava. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Clears throat ] Hey, it’s me. That thing we talked about — I’m convinced. Do it. Nikolas: Before I disappeared, I don’t think you were aware of how far I had fallen. I crossed some serious lines, spencer. Done some unforgivable things. Like what? I don’t want to get into details, but to put it bluntly, I was a bad person. And it was ava who motivated me to change my ways, so you think what you want of her, but ava is the reason that I am more the man and the father that you remember than the man I had become during those dark times.

[ Knock on door ] Mom? Tj, what a surprise. Hi. Even if I’m about to cancel our dinner? Oh, never mind. Get out. I know, I’m sorry, but molly and I have this — hey, son. What’s going on, man? Hey. W-what’s going on? I, uh, I’m just helping jordan with an investigation. A little out of your wheelhouse, no? Well, it could lead to finding out who really shot hayden barnes. I thought you decided to move on with your life. Oh, I did. Oh, but some things need closure, and… this is one of those things. I get that. Look, my guilt became this person’s shield, prevented a real investigation, kept me from getting to be a father. Yeah, but you taught me how to drive, shawn, how to shave, how to put on a tie, how to ask out my first girlfriend. I-I’m not saying you shouldn’t pursue this — I think you should — but don’t forget, you were already a father in all the right ways, even before we knew it. That’s a hell of a thing for a cop to say, huh? “I believe in law, but I didn’t apply it in that instance.” I mean, I-I think it was your call. And who — who were you hurting? You’re the one who got shot. I mean, if you didn’t want to turn sonny in or you wanted to cover for him and didn’t want to see him prosecuted in that moment because he was your friend, that’s your decision. Yeah, like I said, I don’t regret protecting him. That’s good because all of our lives would have taken a completely different path if you hadn’T. Yeah, you know, the truth is I don’t think I’ve had a chance to wrap my mind around the fact that he’s gone. I’ve been thinking that with all this talk of you and jason getting married, I have never given you my blessing. Not that you need or want it. You don’t have to pretendto like me, monica. I get it. You’re A.J.’S mom. I don’t expect you to see all the issues we had from my side. See, that’s just the thing. With the truth coming out about austin in all of this, it’s — it’s occurred to me that we quartermaines can be very cruel to each other. Cause a lot of pain — the cheating, the backstabbing, blackmailing. But we manage to — to get past it because we’re family. And now, whether I like it or not, it’s what you’re about to become. I know I put you on the spot when I told you that I loved you. And there you go again. I’m sorry. I just can’t — I can’t help it. I didn’t sleep very much last night. I’ve been wrestling with all of this. I don’t — I don’t — I didn’t mean to make you wrestle with anything. No, I know. I know you didn’T. I just had to tell you how I felt. And I-I don’t want you to feel any pressure… to feel the same way. Mike… how could I not feel the same way?

Well, we are running low on coffee. I’ll get us some refills. Hey, tj, want one? No, I’m good. Thank you. What?

[ Chuckles ] Come on, mom. Since when do you let civilians assist you in police investigations? We enlist outside investigators all the time. Which shawn is not. What’s your point, tj? You are bending a lot of rules, and I know that’s in large part for me. So thank you. Well, I love you a little bit, so… we’ve been talking a lot about shawn’s role in my life, and I know why. I just… I don’t want you to forget how important you are to me, what a — what a spectacular mom you are. My hero. I’m your hero? Tj, do you have any idea how proud I am of you? My son, the doctor, the smartest, most compassionate, loyal, and loving person I know. There’s very little credit to be had here. You are who you are because you are an extraordinary person, and to whatever extent I was able to guide you, to love and support you, well… is the best thing I’ve ever done. You are the best thing I have ever done. I love you so much. I love you. Sam: What’s the problem? Is this guy really far away or something? No, it’s, um, somewhere near the finger lakes. Well, that’s lucky. Yeah, but what we’re asking for is access to corporate and patient files. You know, this guy was hesitant about releasing them unless we agreed to meet in person. Great. Finger lakes, here we come. Well, a-are these medical files you’re talking about? Um, some of them, yeah. Well, then, you’re gonna need to fill out a hipaa form, unless you actually have a doctor with you. How convenient. We have a really great doctor right here. You know, I’d barely been home… when sonny disappeared. And I was so messed up before I went away. Not that there was anything wrong between me and sonny, but, you know, all the good stuff, it dwindled, you know? We didn’t get a chance to rebuild it over a yankees game, have a meal, hang with rocco together. Yeah, all the things that made you see how much you and sonny have in common. Yeah, let’s face it, I never knew him the way most kids know their dad. But over time, you know, I grew to admire him and look up to him. He was more like A… like a father/friend, you know? Yeah, I mean, we used to, you know, we used to call each other brothers, but it was just as much a father-son thing. For sure. I mean, sonny was, you know, aside from carly, the first person who treated me with respect. After your accident? Yeah, I mean, he taught me, uh… he taught me so much. Not a lot of people approve of it, but I was always, uh, I was always grateful and it was always my choice. You know, it’s not like he forced a gun in my hands, and he made sure I knew what it meant to pick one up. Yeah, I guess my line of work isn’t what he would have chosen for me.

[ Chuckles ] Did sonny wish you weren’t a cop? Yeah, I mean, you’re — you’re his son. You know, he didn’t want to be in opposition to you. He didn’t want have to lie to you, ask you to look the other way. It’s not A… comfortable place to be. No, it’s not. Sonny admired you — your courage, your honor, your commitment to your job, and most of all, he respected you. And that meant a lot. Well, that’s how I know he’d be okay with you marrying carly… because he respected you more than anyone.

[ Cellphone chimes ] And there we are. Finally, you are free to go. Good luck today, man. Thanks.

[ Door closes ] Well, I hesitate to remind you, this is not the first time I’m marrying into the quartermaines.

[ Laughing ] No. Oh, we remember, alright, believe me. You guys weren’t exactly welcoming.

[ Chuckles ] I think I was girding myself for the pain I knew that your marriage to A.J. Would cause. And not just because of A.J.’S troubles. Or the fact that you two were so very good at exploiting each other’s weaknesses. We were experts at that. But it was crystal clear back then to everyone, including A.J., And maybe — maybe especially A.J., That your heart belonged to jason, and jason, for all he loved robin and cared a lot for her, it was pretty clear that the bond between you two was unbreakable. Last thing I expected when I walked through those doors… was to find you. But there you were standing there. I saw you as a sign, mike, a sign that I… that we don’t have to be stuck in the circumstances of our lives. You taught me that if you just let go of the baggage of your past, you can find out who you really are inside. You taught me that. I taught you that? You did.

[ Chuckles ] Well… you know, this place has really become my home, and you are such an enormous part… of that. Three are a million,

million reasons why we should not be together, and with all those reasons and the fear that… what we have together could collapse when you find out who you really are… with all of that, I still can’t stay away from you. There’s a lot of risk and vulnerability when you open up your heart to someone, and I’m willing to do that… with you. And if that isn’t love… I don’t know what is. What do you say? I’m saying that I love you, too, mike.

Esme said something the other day that I can’t get out of my head. What was it? She called kiki “lauren.” No one ever called kiki that — not the staff at gh, not her mom, no one, so how would esme even know that was her name? Maybe from the article about ava’s car being lit on fire? The article referred to her as kiki. Some other legal document, then? I mean, I don’t know. Well, it doesn’t seem to be bothering spencer. He’s busy posting selfies at the metro court pool. Of course he is. So then enough about esme. Please, and thank you. You need to get ready for your mom’s wedding. See you there? I can’t wait. Spencer: Dad, do you think that absolution is possible without atonement? No. I guess not. I think that we should probably talk about something. Sorry I’m late. Looking fabulous, mr. Cassadine. Thank you, esme. Anyone need anything from the bar? I’m good. You? All set. I know that look. You’re second-guessing breaking up ava and your father, aren’t you? I know you. I’ve seen your face in the invader. Nikolas cassadine, right? Yeah, that’s me. Can you hold this for a second? Sure. Thanks. You’ve just been served. I have to run to get to the hospital, but… rain check on dinner. Absolutely. Okay. I wasn’t sure how you took your coffee these days, so I brought a little bit of everything. Sorry, dad, I have to run, but good luck. Thanks, tj. Well, we did one thing right. That’s for sure. You’re telling me.

[ Telephone rings ] Oh. Commissioner ashford. No, no, no, no, that– that’s great intel. Okay. Thank you. Good news? The passenger next to hayden’s mother wasn’t a stranger. They booked their seats together. So they’re close enough to travel together, but he’s nowhere to be found after naomi dies. Guess who’s got his address. Feel like a road trip? Portia coming with us might be our best shot. This client might be more inclined to trust us if we have a doctor with us, if that’s okay with you. Well, I certainly don’t want either of you to break any laws. So if it’ll help, yeah, I’m in. Are you sure? Yeah. Okay, let’s go. Uh, hold on, wait. I’m thinking you should probably stay behind. Why? Look, sam, I know this is very important to you, but just think about it. Imagine if a bunch of people show up at this guy’s door, okay? It could scare him away. But now, if it’s just portia and me, okay, and I can hide under the radar as the doctor’s boyfriend, then they’ll never know I’m a pi. Okay, that makes sense. I’ll keep you posted, okay? Okay, thank you, and good luck. Yeah. So…do you want to drive or should I? I’ll drive. Of course. This really happening right now? Yeah, it’s really happening. You without a past and… me trying desperately to forget mine. We shouldn’t fit, but somehow, we do.

[ Laughs ] You know, I was broken, and you put me back together. Is this a huge gamble? Yes. We don’t know how long this is gonna last. Mike, I want — i need to see this through. Can you say that again? I need to see this — no, I know what you want to hear again. You know what part I want to hear. I love you, mike. Love, love, love you. I don’t know what to do with that, but I love you. I got a few ideas. Yeah? Yeah. Mm-hmm. Carly: You’re right. My heart belonged to jason fully and completely, and I screwed it up big time. And I could have lost him forever, but instead, we landed in this beautiful place. And he’s the best friend I’ve ever had. And I’m sure he would say the same about you. I really appreciate you coming to see me.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I’m — I’m really glad because it could have gone totally the other way.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Look, we’re never gonna be best friends. No, probably not. But… for jason and for michael’s sake, I’d like to try to be civil in-laws. I would really like that. Good. Well, good, then I will see you at the wedding. Yes. Yes, of course. You know, it’s interesting. After all you went through to secure jason’s love back then, you finally get it now.

[ Chuckles ]

Shawn, I’m sorry, but I am going on this solo. Did we not agree to work together on this? Yes, to the extent that we could, but you aren’t a cop. You also aren’t a pi. You have no legal standing, on top of the fact that you and sam were the last people to see naomi dreyfus alive. And you both discovered her body. If I include you to go interview a person of interest… yeah. I mean, it starts to feel like a cover-up. At the very least, or it could taint the investigation or could even be grounds to have potential evidence or testimony thrown out. Which I definitely do not want. If this leads to anything, you will be the first to know — promise. So you’re going alone, huh? I believe I already said that. Now? No time like the present. Okay, just be careful. Shawn, I got this. It’s not my first investigation. I’m a professional. Okay, miss professional. Just be careful anyway. I will. My dad was on some guilt trip that went way over my head, but I realized that he and i will never be able to have a true, honest relationship with this secret between us. And if he stays with ava, will you be able to have a relationship with him then? You have to pick your poison, spence. There’s no way you can live with your father if he’s still with ava. If I had to guess, you could probably get used to keeping this secret from him. And if you’re having a tough time, you’ve got me. I’m always looking out for you. Proved that earlier when I went to go see ava. What about ava? What the hell are you talking about? Wait. This is a restraining order. My wife got the court to say I have to stay 100 feet away from her, and I’m just hearing about this now? She must have filed the paperwork days ago. State of new york allows the filer to choose the method of delivery and notification. Have a nice day. You’ve got to be kidding me. Hey. Hey. I thought I’d find you here. Any leads? Pardon? Curtis is following up on one right now, but I can’t go with him because he doesn’t want me to scare the guy off. Well, you are pretty scary. I thought that maybe you and I could figure out another path to go down. I really think there’s a connection between drew’s flight and lethe unlimited. You want to wait and see what curtis comes back with? Wait. Um…yeah. No, I can’t just stand here and do nothing. Like in general or today? I just heard from olivia. She’s running a little late because of leo. Mom?

Bothering ava when she’s trying to pack up her life? I wasn’t trying to bother her. I was just wishing her well before she left. Little protective, aren’t we? Spencer: Trina and ava got close when they worked together. She’s trina’s mentor. And I’m sure you were like a daughter to her after kiki passed away. You mean lauren? I’m sorry? That’s what you called kiki the other day. Oh, right. Her, uh, given name. And the name on her hospital id badge. You know, the one they found near ava’s car after it was burned to a crisp. Nikolas, you cannot be here. Because of this? A restraining order? Why, ava? Because you’re worried I won’t stay away or because you know you can’t?

[ Doorknob rattles ] Curtis: Jordan? Curtis? What are you doing here? I’m working a case. So are we. What’s special about today? Really? What? Oh, you mean carly and jason’s wedding? Yeah. Yeah, that. Okay, would I like to escape the buzz? Yes. Would I like to be focused on something else? Also, yes. You know what? I think I got a solution for that. Hey. Don’t worry, I’m just here to pick up my suit. I’m not gonna mess with tradition and try to see your mom. Yeah, that’s not gonna be a problem. Mom’s gone.

[ Laughs ] What? So… yeah. What now? Well, I’m thinking this occasion calls for us going to philadelphia.

[ Laughs ] No, no, look, listen. What? Why? Because we’re gonna find a restaurant, we’re gonna listen to music afterwards, and we’re just gonna do it up. “Do it up.” Okay. Yeah. I love that idea. Okay, so great. So I got to — I got to get some stuff organized, sorted out, and then I’ll be at your place in a couple of hours. Okay. Can’t wait. Can’t wait. Alright. I’ll see you later. Later.

[ Door closes ] Jax.

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