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Ciara, what are you talking about?

Ciara: Well, I know it’s a lot to process, but in order for the species to survive, humans have to procreate, and that is reproduce as tiny, little human beings called babies.

Ben: Oh, you think you’re so funny, don’t you?

Ciara: Oh, I know I’m so funny.

Ben: Hmm, and I know what babies are. But are you serious about us having one?

Calista: Well, have a seat.

Steve: Okay. But, uh, we haven’t been introduced. I’m steve johnson. And you must be…

Calista: Calista lockhart.


Steve: Nice to meet you.

Calista: Oh, the pleasure’s all mine, handsome.

[Both chuckle]

Justin: Bonnie’s not here?

Kayla: Um, not yet.

Justin: But wasn’t she planning to come by so you could help her get ready for the wedding?

Kayla: I guess she running a little late.

Justin: That’s strange. She left the house a while ago. Calista did say she had an errand to run, but still, she should have been here by now.

Xander: Settle down! I said I’m coming. You don’t have to bang quite so loudly, mate. You’re practically rattling the bed.

Jack: Gwen… what was snyder blackmailing you with? He must have had something pretty serious for you to agree to run drugs for him.

Gwen: Jack… you have to understand– I never wanted to hurt you.

Jack: Hurt me? How?

[Cell phone rings] Ah, just a minute. Uh, I’ll get rid of this. Uh, julie–julie, look, I-I’m sorry. I’m in the middle of something. Can we– what?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Jack: Julie, look, I’ll be there as soon as I can. All right, all right.

Gwen: What’s wrong? What’s happened to julie?

Jack: I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We’ll continue this conversation later. She’s locked in the freezer at julie’s place.

Gwen: Okay. Yeah, we’ll talk whenever, then.

[Door opens, closes]


[Dramatic music]


Ej: I apologize if I made my presence known a little too forcefully. You weren’t answering, and I thought you’d like to see your employment contract.

Xander: Oh, nicole signed it?

Ej. Even dotted the I. Ah, ah, ah, not so fast. I’d like my money first.

Xander: Huh. That’s why you were so enthusiastic. You’ll get your money once I’m sure that you did what you said you would.

Ej: I assure you this employment contract is on the up-and-up.

Xander: I’ll be the judge of that. Sit tight. This might be a while.

Kayla: You are acting like a nervous groom.

Justin: I’m not acting. I mean, it takes a while for a bride to get ready for a wedding, right?

Kayla: It depends on the bride.

Justin: Well, bonnie isn’t exactly your rush-through-it kind of gal.

Kayla: Well, I will agree with you on that.

Justin: So why isn’t she here to start the process?

Kayla: You know, I really– I wouldn’t worry about bonnie.

Justin: Easy to say, but you and I both know that bonnie can be… unpredictable.

Kayla: Granted. Okay, as matron of honor, I will–I will figure it out. I will… I will track her down.

Justin: Oh, thanks.

Xander: There aren’t any surprises in here, are there?

Ej: Of course not. You’re welcome to take as long as you need, but you’ll see that all the terms and conditions are very clearly laid out.

Xander: I hope so.

Ej: This is what I do, xander. My contracts are iron-clad. Nicole couldn’t back out of this even if she wanted to.

Xander: Well, she had better not try.

Ej: Don’t worry. She’s on board with this deal. As you can see, her signature is right there, and everything is in order.

Xander: [Sighs] Did you hear that? On the outside, I looked fine.

Steve: So… calista lockhart.

Calista: Steve johnson.


Steve: You’re bonnie’s sister-in-law, right?

Calista: Sort of. She was married to my brother david.

Steve: Right. Are you and bonnie close?

Calista: Well, I am at her wedding. Just like you’re here for your brother-in-law justin, right?

Steve: Well, I guess it’s similar.

Calista: Well, how exactly are you two related?

Steve: Justin was married to my sister adrienne. She passed away.

Calista: Oh, I see. I lost my husband, too.

Steve: I heard about that. I’m sorry. You mind if I ask what happened?

Calista: He was murdered. And the killer was never caught.

Steve: Well, that must’ve been terrible for you. When did this happen?

Calista: Mr. Johnson–

Steve: Steve.

Calista: Steve… you ask an awful lot of questions. Makes me wonder why you’re so interested in me?

Xander: I didn’t hear anything. My ears are full of water from the shower.

Ej: I thought I heard a phone buzz. It wasn’t mine.

Xander: Doesn’t look like it was mine either.

Ej: Must’ve been one of the rooms next door. These walls have always been paper-thin. So… do we have a deal or not?

Xander: Oh, we have a deal.

Ej: Thank you. You don’t mind if I open that to make sure the million’s all there?

Xander: Be my guest.

[Breathes deeply]

Kayla: Anyway, uh, bonnie, I am here with justin, your dashing groom, and we’re just wondering where you are. So, when you get this message, if you could call me back, it’d be great. Thanks

Justin: Why isn’t she picking up?

Kayla: I don’t know. Maybe she’s at the hair salon, and she’s under the dryer, and she can’t hear anything. Okay, okay, okay–

Justin: Why wouldn’t she tell you that she was at the hair salon?

Kayla: I’ll text her, okay?

Justin: Thank you. That’s a good idea.

Kayla: Text bonnie lockhart. Bonnie, this is kayla. I’m here with your handsome groom-to-be, and we are wondering when you’re coming to the house. So, uh, get back to me when you get this message, okay? Send. There.

[Cell phone beeps] Oh.

Justin: Is that her?

Kayla: Yes, it is. And you know what? I was not that far off. She’s at the nail salon, and she’s a little hung up, but she said she will be here any minute. So, you see, nothing to worry about.

Xander: The cash is all there. I’d be awfully stupid to try and trick you now, wouldn’t I?

[Cell phone rings]

Ej: [Sighs] I have to take this outside. It’s a time-sensitive deal for dimera. Just know that if there’s a penny missing from this briefcase, I’ll be back for my pound of flesh.

Xander: Duly noted.

Ej: Pleasure doing business with you.

Xander: If you say so.

[Cell phone beeps]

Ej: Ej dimera.

Xander: [Sighs] We are back in business. Oh, bloody hell! Why didn’t he say something?

[Dramatic music]


Ciara: Um…

[Chuckles awkwardly] Why do you look so uncomfortable?

Ben: I’m not, baby. I’m just surprised.


Ciara: Yeah, but, I mean, we’ve talked about having a baby before. Is it really such a surprise that I brought it up?

Ben: I guess not. No, it’s just that, you know, we– I don’t know. You just caught me off guard. We got married about a week ago, and we’re still on our honeymoon.

Ciara: Oh, is that why we’re having such a good time?

Ben: Yes. And it’s the reason why I am a little bit surprised that you chose right now to bring up such a big step for us. You know, I thought that maybe we would wait until we at least got back to reality in salem.

Ciara: Yeah, well, I probably would have wanted to wait if it had actually been a week since we got married. But, ben… in every way that counts, you and I have been married since last july.

Ben: And I have certainly felt that way.

Ciara: We would have been together all of this time. We should have been together all this time. If it hadn’t been for eve and vincent and…

Ben: Rhodes and evan.

Ciara: Yeah.

Ben: Ciara, we lost a year because of them.

Ciara: Yeah. Thank god it was only a year. But now we’re back, ben. We’re back together, and we have our entire future ahead of us.

Ben: Yeah. Then what is the rush to have a kid right now?

Ciara: [Scoffs] I’m not in a rush. It’S… it’s just… when I’m with you, I can’t help but imagine a future with you… and all of the dreams that we share together.

Ben: The dream of us being parents together.

Ciara: Yeah. Remember? You, me… a little baby boy named bo.

Ben: Of course I remember

Ciara: Although I really don’t care what the gender is. I mean, it could be a boy, a girl, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are the father. Ben, I finally have you back. We’re finally together. And I just–I can’t wait to make all those dreams come true. But only if you are also on board. This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Ben: Ciara, when I had that dream about us having a baby together… I thought I lost you.

Ciara: Yeah, well, I’m right here. I’m right here right now. So there’s no reason it has to live in your head.

Ben: I know, but that was just one of many dreams that I had about you that past year… about all the things that I want us to share together, about all the things that I never thought I would ever have again.

Ciara: Are you saying you don’t want those things anymore?

Ben: No, of course not. But like you said, they lived in my head. This… this is reality.

Ciara: Isn’t that a good thing?

Ben: It’s a great thing. Baby, it’s a great thing. It’s just that…

[Sighs] A baby is a huge responsibility. Costs a lot of money.

Ciara: No, I know. I know, and it’s not like we don’t make any income.

Ben: Well, I’m not exactly getting rich at the garage, but…

Ciara: Okay, well, maybe I can work for grandpa victor again at titan.

Ben: But do you even really want to do that? The only reason why you even took that job in the first place was to prove that victor was framing me for jordan’s murder.

Ciara: Yeah. Well, thank god he didn’T. And besides, ben, I think I would be really good at that job.

Ben: Would he even want you back at the company?

Ciara: Mm, you know what?

Ben: Hmm?

Ciara: Being dead for a year kind of has its perks.

Ben: [Chuckles]

Ciara: Grandpa victor was so happy to have me back that he forgave me for everything I did at titan.

Ben: Mm, until he decides to use that against you one day.

Ciara: No, I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be fully on team ciara… especially once he finds out that I’d be carrying his great-grandchild.

[Dramatic music]


[Knock at door]

Xander: [Sighs] Gwen?

Gwen: Is that a question?

Xander: No, I’m just surprised to see you.

Gwen: So surprised, you’re not going to ask me to come in?

Xander: No, please. I thought we already said our goodbyes.

Gwen: Yes, we did.

Xander: And obviously we can’t be together because your father thinks I’m some scum-of-the-earth drug dealer.

Gwen: Yeah, right, that article–that was rather harsh. It’s, um–it’s actually why I’m here.

Xander: I’m not following.

Gwen: I couldn’t let my father think those terrible things about you. Not to mention publishing it for the whole bloody world to see–it’s not fair.

Xander: Don’t worry. I’m used to people thinking I’m a terrible person.

Gwen: But you’re not a terrible person, xander. You helped me. You kept me safe. So I told my father the truth– that this whole time, you’ve been covering for me.

Xander: You did? You told him the whole story?

Gwen: No, no, not the whole story. Just that snyder was blackmailing me into being his drug mule.

Xander: I don’t understand. If you didn’t tell jack about the miscarriage, then why does jack think that snyder was able to blackmail you?

Gwen: Well, yes, he did ask the question. He did, and I was about to answer, but then his phone rang. Julie phoned with some emergency.

Xander: What kind of emergency?

Gwen: [Scoffs] Apparently the old bat got herself locked in her own freezer.


Julie: I can’t feel my toes… or my feet.

Jack: Here, here, drink this. It’ll warm you up.

Julie: Oh, thaw me out, you mean.

Jack: Okay, just– there you go.

Julie: [Slurping] Ahh. Ahh.

Julie: Thank you, jack, for the tea and for rescuing me from frozen doom.

Jack: I’m sorry I didn’t get here sooner.

Julie: You got here in the nick of time. Nick of time. A couple of more minutes, and all you would’ve found would be a julie-cicle.

Jack: Oh, my gosh. I just don’t–I don’t understand. How did you end up stuck in the freezer in the first place?

Julie: I didn’t end up. I was locked in.

Jack: What? Who would do that?

Julie: Doug did it! My own husband locked me in freezer. Lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose.

Jack: Doug locked you in the freezer? Are you sure?

Julie: As sure as my new name is ice woman.

Jack: Well, I don’t– why on earth would he do something like that?

Julie: Oh, you’ll have to ask him.

[Chuckles] We were setting up for the dinner crowd. I said, “I’m just gonna go back to the freezer, pick up a couple of extra rib eye steaks.” Went there, put the doorstop under the door as I always do, and the next thing I know, the door slams shut.

Jack: The stopper just slipped out. It was an accident.

Julie: Yeah, that’s what I thought. So I banged on the door, and doug walked up to the door, and he looked through the little window, and then he walked away.

Jack: What?

Julie: I thought, “oh, it must really be stuck. He’s just gone for help.” He never came back.

Ciara: Oh, I get it, ben. Our life has been unstable…

Ben: Oh.

Ciara: To say the least. But we don’t have to be rich to have a baby. I’m pretty sure our jobs will be enough.

Ben: Okay, so say we’re both working. Who is gonna take care of the kid?

Ciara: Well, I can take time off when the baby’s born.

Ben: Okay, and how about after that?

Ciara: I will work remotely sometimes. And we can arrange our hours. And we can even hire a nanny.

Ben: Okay, so– all right, all right. All right, so we’re both gonna be working like crazy in order to earn enough to then hire somebody else to watch our baby while we’re working?

Ciara: Yeah, well, I didn’t say we wouldn’t have to make sacrifices. But, baby, people do it all the time. We can manage.

Ben: Is that where we set the bar for parenting– managing?

Ciara: [Scoffs] What are you doing, ben?

Ben: What do you mean?

Ciara: You are arguing every single point that I make. Am I missing something here, or… or do you just not want to have a baby with me?

Ben: [Sighs]

Kayla: Well, mystery solved. Bonnie will show up with freshly painted nails.

Justin: Yes. Yes, that’s a relief. I’m sorry I made this a thing. I guess I’m a little paranoid.

Kayla: Well, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. She was just beautifying her hands.

Justin: Yeah. Well, it’s not her hands that I’m worried about. More like cold feet.

Kayla: Are you serious?

Justin: A little.

Kayla: Oh, come on. Bonnie is crazy about you. Remember, she was gonna propose to you herself? Listen, last night she went on and on about how much she loves you, and I have the hangover to prove it.

Justin: Well, things can look entirely different in the cold light of day.

Kayla: It was not the booze talking. She is completely smitten with you. She can’t wait to be your wife.

Justin: So she wasn’t concerned at all?

Kayla: About you? No.

Justin: What does that mean?

Kayla: It means that bonnie was worried about one thing– calista lockhart.

Steve: So was I asking a lot of questions?

Calista: Yes, you were. Not that I mind. I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve been showered with so much attention from such a handsome man.

Steve: Well, when I meet someone new, I can’t help but be interested. I’m a–I’m a curious guy.

Calista: I understand. I’m curious, too.

Steve: Oh? About what?

Calista: Well, for starters, what’s going on underneath that patch? How’d you lose your eye?

Steve: My eye?

Calista: Was that too forward?

Steve: No, no, it’s okay. Not forward at all. I, um–I lost it in a knife fight, actually.

Calista: Wow, how dramatic… and sexy, too.

Steve: Oh?

Calista: You know… weddings put me in a certain mood.

Steve: [Chuckles]

Calista: [Chuckles] We can head on upstairs right now. Nobody would miss us.

Steve: For what?

Calista: [Chuckles] I mean, we the have time, and I’m definitely getting a little vibe here.

Steve: Oh, you’re getting a vibe?

Calista: Mm-hmm.

Steve: Between us?

Calista: Mm-hmm.

Steve: Well… [Chuckles] Well, you know, I’m married…

Calista: Oh.

Steve: To the matron of honor.

Calista: Happily?

Steve: Very.

Calista: I understand. I won’t tell if you won’T.

Steve: Oh, wait. Is struggling to manage your type 2 diabetes

Ben: Ciara weston… of course I want to have a baby with you.

Ciara: Well, it really doesn’t seem like it, ben weston.

Ben: I know. But that is only because I’ve spent this entire year thinking about how I would do anything to have one more minute with you. And now I have you back, and I’m trying to soak up every single second of it because I know how precious it is. I know that every moment with you is a gift, and that is why I love being with you so damn much, just the two of us.

Ciara: [Sighs] And you’re worried that a baby is going to ruin that?

Ben: I’m just worried about skipping steps, ciara.

Ciara: [Sighs] I get that. I get it. Um… we think we have all this time, but like you said, we don’t know how much time we’ll have.

Ben: And nobody understands that better than I do. But being with you like this on our honeymoon, riding on the back of your bike, letting the road take us wherever it may… this is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life. So maybe you can call me selfish, but… I’m not ready to give that up yet.

Ciara: Okay, but, you know, the honeymoon isn’t gonna last forever, right?

Ben: Mm-hmm, but it can last a little bit longer.

Ciara: Oh, my god, ben.

Ben: Because I’m not ready for it to stop. I lost you for too damn long, and now I want you all to myself.

Ciara: So you don’t want to have the baby conversation at all?

Ben: Would it be all right with you if maybe we just postponed talk now?

Justin: What are bonnie’s concerns about calista?

Kayla: I don’t actually know. She just was really upset last night. Something was bothering her, and when I asked her about it, she just said it had to do with her former sister-in-law.

Justin: Well, this morning bonnie was really jumpy when calista barged into our bedroom.

Kayla: She did what?

Justin: At the time, I thought it was just a really uncomfortable moment, but, uh… you know, actually, I’m still a little unclear about what their relationship actually is.

Kayla: Well, what did she want?

Justin: She said she was there to give bonnie an old handkerchief that belonged to her late husband.

Kayla: Harrison lord?

Justin: Yeah, right, that’s the guy.

Kayla: Oh.

Justin: Do you think I should talk to bonnie about this before the wedding?

Kayla: Well, it’s your call. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. I mean, the only thing that matters is that she is completely and totally in love with you.

Justin: [Chuckles] The feeling’s mutual.

Kayla: It makes me so happy to hear you say that.

Justin: I have to say, I never saw her coming. Now I can’t imagine my life without her.

Kayla: Well, I know she puts a smile on your face.

Justin: Every day. And I know it took you and steve a while to come around to her. And I don’t blame you after what she did to adrienne. And you were just, you know, looking out for me.

Kayla: You know what? That was a long time ago. And I think that she has completely changed, and so does steve.

Justin: It means a lot to me that you guys approve.

Kayla: Well, bonnie will always be, shall we say, quirky.

Justin: [Laughs]

Kayla: But I don’t think that she is the same woman that tried to destroy adrienne’s life and break every law to get what she wanted. Really, I think that she’s really turned her life around, and maybe it was motivated by your love. But your kindness and your decency has definitely rubbed off on her, and I think that this woman you’re marrying is truly a good person. I believe that.

Steve: Oh, okay.

Bonnie: [Gasps]

Steve: All right, all right, that’s enough. Get up, get up.

Bonnie: What the hell is going on here?

Steve: Ask your sister-in-law.

Calista: Well, hey, bons. Steve and I here were just getting a little better acquainted.

Bonnie: Yeah, I can see that.

Steve: What are you doing here, bonnie? You’re supposed to be with kayla getting dressed for the wedding, aren’t you?

Bonnie: Yeah, well– yeah, but I got hung up at the manicurist. I cracked a nail. And can you believe it, on my wedding day?

[Chuckles] Anyhow, I never made it to your place. And so I just figured it’d just be faster and get dressed here, so…

Steve: Okay, well, you forgot your makeup bag this morning, and justin’s on his way over to take it to you over to kayla’S.

Bonnie: Uh…

Steve: I better call her.

Bonnie: No, um, actually– um… [Clears throat] Actually, I think calista could help me get dressed. That’d be fine, right, calista?

Calista: Oh, absolutely. What are sister-in-laws for? Or is it sisters-in-law? Come on, let’s head upstairs.

Bonnie: Let’S. Uh, steve, would you mind calling justin for me and just ask him to bring my makeup bag back with him when he comes back? You’re so funny. Go.

Steve: Sure, no problem.

Jack: Are you sure that doug saw you in the freezer?

Julie: I’m sure. We made eye contact.

Jack: It’s just… it’s just strange, that’s all. I mean, maybe he was just playing a prank.

Julie: [Scoffs] There’s nothing funny about this. The doug I know would never lock me in the freezer. And now I don’t know where he is. I don’t know what he’s done. Jack… I think something is terribly wrong.

Xander: So julie got locked in the freezer at her own restaurant? How?

Gwen: I don’t know. Probably some angry member of her own kitchen staff. I’m sure they all bloody hate her.

Xander: I mean, is she all right?

Gwen: Yes, I think she’ll be just fine. My dad went off to rescue her. He’s giving her warm broth and cognac now as we speak.

Xander: Okay, but after he thaws her out, what then?

Gwen: [Sighs] You mean am I going to tell him about my miscarriage happening before I fell down the stairs and that my fight with abigail had nothing to do with it?

Xander: It’s an awfully big risk.

Gwen: I know. I know, I know. We shouldn’t have to do it, but, honestly, I-I don’t think I have any other way out of it.

Xander: Jack is not gonna react well to that.

Gwen: [Sighs] God, he’s going to be so disappointed in me, xander. He’s worked so hard to bring me into his family… make up for lost time. I don’t think he’ll be able to look at me the same way ever again.

Xander: You don’t have to do it, gwen.

Gwen: But I do. I can’t let him keep printing these nasty stories about you that aren’t true. It’s gonna ruin your reputation forever.

Xander: [Sighs] Not to mention, I’ll lose the million dollars I spent on my defense.

[Pounding on door]

Ej: Xander! Open up, you thief! Did you know that your toughest cleaning problems

Justin: Well, I’m glad that you think that bonnie has turned over a new leaf.

Kayla: I definitely do. And I trust your judgment, justin.

Justin: It would definitely be a little challenging invoking spousal privilege or acting as bonnie’s attorney as well as her husband.

Kayla: I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to have your wife be your client. I mean, that would be awkward.

Justin: Yes, and we wouldn’t want anything connected to the wedding to feel awkward.

Kayla: You know, I know it’s strange, me being bonnie’s matron of honor and steve being your best man. But I don’t know. I just feel like this windy road has all led us to where we really should be, you know?

Justin: I think so.

Kayla: And I don’t know. Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I feel like we have a little help from above.

Justin: [Chuckles] You think adrienne had something to do with all this?

Kayla: I’d like to think that. I’d like to think that, um, she’s somewhere just smiling down on all of us.

Justin: [Chuckles]

Xander: Is there a problem, mate?

Ej: What the hell are you trying to pull?

Xander: What are you talking about?

Ej: The briefcase!

Xander: What about it?

Ej: Are we really gonna play this game?

Xander: I don’t understand.

Gwen: What’s going on here?

Ej: Who the hell are you?

Gwen: I’m gwen. I–

Ej: I don’t care. Well, I’m waiting.

Xander: Are you really trying to say that the money wasn’t in the briefcase when I gave it to you?

Ej: Oh, don’t act surprised.

Xander: I know for a fact the money was in there this morning.

Ej: Well, it’s certainly not there now. Did you leave it unattended?

Xander: Of course not. It’s been with me the whole time.

Ej: What about your friend here? Did you leave her alone with it?

Gwen: Hey, you don’t even know me!

Xander: Leave her out of this–she just got here.

Ej: Well, if you’re not lying to me…

Xander: Which I’m not.

Ej: Then someone stole it. A million dollars doesn’t just walk away on its own!

Calista: Oh, oh!


Bonnie: Look, here’s your money, all of it.

Calista: Well, it’s about time. Although I did manage to occupy myself with the best man.

Bonnie: Yeah, I noticed.

Calista: Now, why didn’t you…

[Gasps] Tell me how sexy steve is? Did you know he lost his eye in a knife fight?

Bonnie: Will you stop?

Calista: Well, why are you so stressed out?

Bonnie: I almost got caught stealing this money. I was two seconds away from being thrown in the pokey on my wedding day.

Calista: Okay, that does sound stressful.

Bonnie: Stressful? I was hiding under a bed picturing justin’s face and how disappointed he’d be in me.

Calista: Well, he does know what kind of gal he’s marrying, right?

Bonnie: I’ve gone straight, okay? I’m not a crook anymore.

Calista: Well, don’t take it out on me. If you’re gonna go run off with stolen buddybucks, you better be prepared to live with the consequences.

Bonnie: That was years ago! I told justin I was done with that life, and I meant it. I just pray to god he never finds out about this.

Calista: Well, he won’t hear it from me. I will just take this and be on my way.

Bonnie: Oh, I don’t think so.

Calista: Well, what’s your problem?

Bonnie: Oh, you’re not going anywhere till you give me that gun, girl.

Limu emu & doug

Ciara: [Sighs] If you aren’t ready to have the baby conversation, then… of course we can postpone it… because I want to spend as much time as I can with you, too.

Ben: Are you sure? You’re not upset?

Ciara: No. I was just– I was excited. I was excited for us. We finally have a future. We’re finally back together with nothing in the way to stop us.

Ben: Ciara, I promise you I am excited, too. And I want to have a baby with you. I really do. Just… not right now.

Ciara: I understand. I get it. And why skip steps when each one is so perfect? Like right now. We should be focusing on getting to new orleans, if you are ready to hit the road.

Ben: Mm.

Ciara: [Giggles]

Ben: On to our next adventure?

Ciara: On to our next adventure.

Ben: I love you.

Ciara: I love you.

[Romantic music]


[Line trilling]

Julie: Doug’s still not answering. Where in the world can he be?

Jack: Don’t worry. We’ll find him.

Julie: I’m getting scared, jack. I have no idea why he would leave me like this. What if something awful has happened to him?

Xander: I understand you’re upset.

Ej: I’m out a million dollars is what I am.

Xander: Look, can we just, uh, take a minute here and figure it out? There must be a reasonable explanation.

Ej: Let me know when you find out what that is. In the meantime, I’m getting the ball rolling on sending you to prison.

Xander: [Sighs]

Ej: And you can forget about that job.

Xander: Ej, wait. Come on.


Gwen: [Scoffs] Okay, I know you said that the arrest cost you a million dollars, but did you–

Xander: Did I what?

Gwen: I don’t know. Did you–did you scam him?

Xander: Of course not. I wasn’t lying to ej. I told him the truth. As far as I know, the money was in that briefcase when I gave it to him, and it hasn’t been out of my sight.

Gwen: Is it possible he’s lying, then?

Xander: Did that look like he was lying?

Gwen: Well, I don’t know. Did you–did you let anyone else in here? A housekeeper, maid or anyone, someone?

Bonnie: Hi. Morning, sunshine.

Xander: What the hell are you doing here?


Gwen: What? What? What–what is it?

Xander: Someone else was here.

[Cell phone rings]

Kayla: Oh, sorry. Oh.

Justin: Is it bonnie?

Kayla: No, no, it’s steve. Hi. Hey, um, listen, you know, justin’s here, and, uh, we’re still waiting on bonnie.

Steve: I know. She asked me to tell you she’s not coming.

Kayla: What? Why not?

Steve: Well, she decided to come back here and get ready at the house. She just went upstairs with calista lockhart.

Kayla: So you met calista?

Steve: Oh, yeah, I met her. I got to tell you, baby, I didn’t get a great vibe.

Bonnie: Give me the gun, girl.

Calista: [Inhales sharply] Fine.

Bonnie: [Scoffs] Okay, you did the first part. Now hand it over.

Calista: Oh, I’m sorry, bon-bon, but you’re not getting the gun. You… are getting the bullet.

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