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Ciara asks Ben what if they had a baby. Ben questions what she just said and asks if she’s serious about them having one.

Steve goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and meets Calista Lockhart. Calista flirts with him and says the pleasure is all her’s.

Justin goes to Kayla’s to bring Bonnie her makeup bag but Kayla informs him that Bonnie is not there yet. Justin questions that since Bonnie was coming by so Kayla could help her get ready for the wedding. Kayla guesses she’s just running a little late. Justin finds that strange since she left the house a while ago and should’ve been here by now.

EJ knocks on Xander’s door so Xander gets out of the shower and answers, complaining about him knocking so loudly, while Bonnie hides underneath the bed.

Jack questions Gwen about what Dr. Snyder was blackmailing her with to get her to agree to run drugs for him. Gwen says he has to understand that she never wanted to hurt him. Jack asks how she would hurt him. They are interrupted by Jack getting a call from Julie. Jack tries to say he’s in the middle of something but Julie tells him something that causes him to say he will be there as soon as he can. Jack hangs up so Gwen asks what’s wrong. Jack informs Gwen that they will finish this conversation later because Julie got locked in the freezer at Julie’s Place. Gwen says they will talk whenever then as Jack rushes out of the house. Gwen then exits as well.

EJ apologizes to Xander if he made his presence known a little too forcefully since he wasn’t answering, but he thought he’d like to see his employment contract, signed by Nicole. EJ says he would like his money first. Xander realizes that’s why he’s so enthusiastic. Xander says he will get his money once he’s sure that EJ did what he said he would do. EJ assures him that the contract is on the up and up. Xander says he’ll be the judge of that as he takes the contract to look it over. Xander tells EJ to sit tight as it might take awhile. Bonnie remains hiding under the bed.

Kayla feels Justin is acting like a nervous groom. Justin points out that it takes awhile for a bride to get ready for a wedding. Kayla says it depends on the bride. Justin says Bonnie is not one to rush through it and questions why she’s not here to start the process. Kayla encourages him not to worry. Justin says they both know that Bonnie can be unpredictable. Kayla decides she will track her down, so Justin thanks her.

EJ tells Xander to take as long as he needs but all the terms and conditions are clearly laid out. EJ assures that his contracts are iron clad so Nicole couldn’t back out of it. EJ adds that Nicole is on board with this deal and points out her signature and that everything is in order. Kayla calls Bonnie, causing Bonnie’s phone to ring from under the bed. EJ asks Xander if he heard that.

Calista explains to Steve that Bonnie was married to her brother David. Steve asks if they are close. Calista points out that she’s at her wedding and asks how Steve and Justin are related. Steve explains that Justin was married to his sister Adrienne until she passed away. Calista mentions losing her husband too. Steve asks what happened. Calista responds that he was murdered and the killer was never caught. Steve asks when that happened. Calista notes that he asks a lot of questions and it makes her wonder why he’s so interested in her.

Xander says he didn’t hear anything. EJ thought he heard a phone buzz but guesses it was a room next door. EJ asks if they have a deal or not. Xander says they do and signs the contract. EJ wants to open the briefcase to make sure the money is all there.

Kayla leaves Bonnie a message, saying that she and Justin are wondering where she is. Justin questions why she’s not picking up. Kayla suggests she could be at the hair salon. Justin argues that she would tell her that. Kayla decides to text Bonnie and says that she and Justin are wondering when she’s coming to the house. Kayla gets a text back from Bonnie, claiming that she’s hung up at the nail salon but will be there any minute. Kayla tells Justin that there is nothing to worry about.

Xander assures EJ that the cash is all there and it would be stupid to try and trick him now. EJ gets a business call and says he has to answer it outside. EJ warns Xander that if a penny is missing from the briefcase, he will back for his pound of flesh. EJ says it was a pleasure doing business as he takes the briefcase, answers his call, and exits the room. Xander declares tha the is back in business, then goes back to the bathroom to finish shaving. Bonnie then sneaks out from under the bed and runs out of the room with the stolen money in her purse.

Ciara questions why Ben looks so uncomfortable. Ben says he’s just surprised. Ciara says they have talked about having a baby before and asks if it’s really such a surprise that she brought it up. Ben says it just caught him off guard because they got married a week ago and are still on their honeymoon, so he’s surprised that she chose now to bring up such a big step for them. Ben thought they’d wait until they got back to reality in Salem. Ciara says she probably would have wanted to wait if it had actually been a week since they got married, but in every way that counts they have been married since last July and should’ve been together all this time if not for Eve, Vincent, Rhodes, and Evan. Ben acknowledges that they lost a year because of them. Ciara is thankful it was only a year, but now they are back together and have their entire future ahead of them. Ben questions what the rush is to have a kid now then. Ciara clarifies that she’s not in a rush but when she’s with him, she can’t help but to imagine a future with him and the dreams they share. Ciara reminds him of their dream of having a baby boy named Bo, but notes that she doesn’t care what the gender is as long as Ben is the father. Ciara declares that she finally has him back and they are finally together, so she can’t wait to make all those dreams come true, but only if he is also on board. Ben tells Ciara that when he had that dream of them having a baby together, he thought he lost her. Ciara says she’s here now so that doesn’t have to live in his head. Ben says it was just one of many dreams about all the things he wants them to share together and thought he would never have. Ciara asks if he doesn’t want those things anymore. Ben says of course not, but they were in his head and this is reality. Ben notes that a baby is a huge responsibility that costs a lot of money. Ciara says it’s not like they don’t make any income. Ben jokes that he’s not getting rich at the garage. Ciara suggests she could work at Titan again. Ben asks if she’d really want to do that since she only did before to prove Victor was framing her for Jordan’s murder. Ciara thinks she’d be really good at that job. Ben asks if Victor would really want her back in the company. Ciara assures that Victor forgave her for everything. Ben worries that Victor will use it against her one day but Ciara is sure that Victor will be on her side, especially if he finds out that she’s carrying his great grandchild.

Gwen goes to Xander’s room. Xander is surprised to see her as he thought they already said their goodbyes. Gwen confirms that they did. Xander reminds her that they can’t be together because Jack thinks he’s a scum of the earth drug dealer. Gwen acknowledges Jack’s article was harsh and says that’s actually why she is here. Xander doesn’t follow. Gwen explains that she couldn’t let Jack think those terrible things about him as it wasn’t fair. Xander says he’s used to people thinking he’s a terrible person. Gwen argues that he’s not because he helped her and kept her safe. Gwen reveals that she told Jack the truth that Xander has been covering for her. Gwen clarifies that she didn’t tell the whole story, just that Dr. Snyder was blackmailing her in to being his drug mule but then Julie called Jack for an emergency so she didn’t get to tell him why she was blackmailed. Gwen and Xander laugh about Julie being stuck in the freezer.

Jack rescues Julie from the freezer at Julie’s Place. Julie complains that she can’t feel her feet as Jack brings her hot tea to warm her up. Julie thanks him for rescuing her. Jack is sorry he didn’t get there sooner. Julie worries about if it was a few more minutes. Jack doesn’t understand how she ended up stuck in the freezer in the first place. Julie reveals that Doug locked her in the freezer. Jack questions why he would do that. Julie says he will have to ask him. Julie explains that they were setting up for dinner and she went back to the freezer but then got locked in. Jack suggests it was an accident but Julie says that Doug looked through the window of the freezer and walked away. Julie adds that she thought Doug must have gone for help but he never came back.

Ciara tells Ben that she gets that their life has been unstable, but they don’t have to be rich to have a baby as she’s pretty sure their jobs will be enough. Ben asks who is going to take care of the kid if they are both working. Ciara says she will work remotely sometimes and they will arrange hours or hire a nanny. Ben questions both working like crazy to earn enough but then hire someone to watch the baby while they are working. Ciara says they will make sacrifices but people do it all the time so they can manage. Ben questions setting the bar for parenting at managing. Ciara questions why Ben is arguing every point she makes and asks if she’s missing something or if he just doesn’t want to have a a baby with her.

Kayla tells Justin that the mystery is solved and Bonnie will show up with freshly painted nails. Justin is relieved and apologizes. Kayla doesn’t think there is anything to worry about. Justin admits he was more worried that Bonnie got cold feet. Kayla assures that Bonnie is crazy about him. Kayla adds that Bonnie went on and on about how much she loves him last night and she can’t wait to be his wife. Justin asks if Bonnie wasn’t concerned at all. Kayla says not about him, but she was worried about Calista.

Calista tells Steve that she doesn’t mind his questions since it’s been awhile since she’s been showered with attention by such a handsome man. Steve says he’s just a curious guy. Calista asks about Steve’s eye patch and how he lost his eye. Steve reveals it was in a knife fight. Calista calls that dramatic and sexy. Calista mentions that weddings put her in a certain mood and invites Steve upstairs, claiming she’s getting a vibe between them. Steve then reveals that he’s married to the matron of honor and very happy. Calista says she understands but jokes that she won’t tell if he won’t.

Ben tells Ciara that he does want to have a baby with her. Ciara feels it really doesn’t seem like it. Ben says that’s only because he’s spent the entire year wanting to do anything to have one more minute with her, so now he’s trying to soak it all up because he knows every moment with her is a gift and he loves being with her, just the two of them. Ciara asks if he thinks a baby is going to ruin that. Ben says he’s just worried about skipping steps. Ciara says she gets that as they think they have all this time, but they don’t know how much time they will have. Ben adds that no one understands that better than he does, but being with her like this on their honeymoon is the happiest he’s ever been in his entire life. Ben says he may be selfish, but he’s not ready to give that up yet. Ciara tells him the honeymoon won’t last forever. Ben jokes that it can last a little bit longer as he kisses her. Ben adds that he lost her for too damn long, so now he wants her all to himself. Ciara questions him not wanting to have the baby conversation at all. Ben asks if it would be alright to postpone talking now.

Justin asks Kayla about Bonnie’s concerns with Calista. Kayla says she doesn’t know but Bonnie was upset, and when she asked her about it, she just said it was Calista. Justin brings up Bonnie being really jumpy when Calista barged in to their bedroom. Justin says he’s still a little unclear about their relationship. Justin asks if he should talk to Bonnie about this before the wedding. Kayla says it’s his call but she doesn’t think there is anything to worry about since Bonnie is completely in love with him. Justin says the feeling is mutual which makes Kayla happy. Justin admits he never saw her coming, but now he can’t imagine his life without her. Justin knows it took Kayla and Steve awhile to come around on Bonnie after what she did to Adrienne. Kayla notes that was a long time ago and they think Bonnie has completely changed. Justin says it means a lot to him that they approve. Kayla jokes that Bonnie will always be quirky but she doesn’t think she’s the same woman who tried to destroy Adrienne’s life and break every law. Kayla believes Bonnie has turned her life around and that maybe motivated by Justin’s love and kindness. Kayla thinks that Bonnie is truly a good person.

Bonnie returns to the Kiriakis Mansion to find Calista trying to make a move on Steve and questions what is going on here. Calista says they were just getting better acquainted. Steve asks what Bonnie is doing here when she’s supposed to be getting dressed at the wedding at Kayla’s. Bonnie says she got hung up so she never made it to Kayla and figured it would be faster to get dressed here. Steve points out that she forgot her makeup bag so Justin was on his way over to Kayla’s to take it to her. Steve offers to call Kayla but Bonnie decides that Calista can help her get dressed. Bonnie asks Steve to call Justin and telling him to bring her makeup bag back. Calista and Bonnie then head upstairs.

Jack asks Julie if she’s sure that Doug saw her in the freezer. Julie says they made eye contact and the Doug she knows would never lock her in the freezer. Julie doesn’t know where Doug is now and thinks something is terribly wrong.

Xander asks Gwen if Julie is alright. Gwen assures that Jack went to rescue her. Xander asks if Gwen is going to tell Jack that her miscarriage happened before her fall down the stairs and had nothing to do with her fight with Abigail. Xander notes that it’s a big risk. Gwen doesn’t think she has any other way out of this. Xander adds that Jack won’t react well. Gwen worries that Jack will be so disappointed in her since he’s worked so hard to bring her in to his family and make up for lost time. Gwen doesn’t think Jack will ever be able to look at her the same. Xander argues that she doesn’t have to do it but Gwen feels she can’t let Jack keep posting nasty stories about him that are untrue, as it will hurt his reputation. Xander mentions the million dollars he spent on his defense. EJ then knocks on the door, demanding Xander open the door and calling him a thief.

Justin is glad that Kayla thinks Bonnie has turned over a new leaf. Kayla confirms that she does and she trusts Justin’s judgment. They joke about Justin being Bonnie’s lawyer and husband as Justin says they don’t want anything connected to the wedding to feel awkward. Kayla acknowledges that it’s strange that she is Bonnie’s matron of honor and Steve is his best man, but she feels the winding road led them to where they really should be. Justin agrees. Kayla feels they had help from above as she’d like to think Adrienne is smiling down on all of them.

Xander opens the door as EJ questions what the hell he’s tryin to pull. EJ opens the briefcase and shows him that it’s empty. Xander doesn’t understand. EJ tells him not to act surprised. Xander knows the money was there this morning. EJ asks if he left it unattended. Xander assures that it’s been with him the whole day. EJ declares that if he’s not lying, then someone stole it because a million dollars doesn’t just walk away on it’s own.

Bonnie brings Calista to her room and gives her the money. Calista says it’s about time and talks about how sexy Steve is. Bonnie asks her to stop and complains that she almost got caught stealing the money, so she would’ve been thrown in prison on her wedding day. Bonnie talks about hiding under a bed while worrying how disappointed Justin would be. Calista jokes about the kind of woman Justin is marrying. Bonnie argues that she’s not a crook anymore. Calista remarks that she had to live with the consequences of stealing her money. Bonnie says that was years ago and she told Justin that she’s done with that life, so she prays he never finds out about this. Calista says he won’t hear from her as she will just take the money and be on her way. Bonnie stops her and says that she’s not going anywhere until she gives her the gun.

Ciara tells Ben that if he’s not ready to have the baby conversation then they can postpone it, because she wants to spend as much time as she can with him too. Ben asks if she’s sure she’s not upset. Ciara says she was just excited for them, finally having a future and being back together with nothing to stop them. Ben promises he’s excited too and he wants to have a baby with her, just not right now. Ciara says she understands and asks why skip steps when each one is so perfect. Ciara decides they should focus on getting to New Orleans if he’s ready to hit the road. Ben agrees that they are on to their next adventure. They say I love you to each other and kiss.

Julie tries calling Doug but he’s not answering. Julie worries about where he could be. Jack assures they will find him. Julie admits she’s getting scared as she has no idea why he would leave her like this. Julie wonders if something awful has happened to him.

EJ complains that he’s out a million dollars. Xander argues that there must be a reasonable explanation. EJ threatens to send Xander to prison and rips up his contract, saying he can forget about his job. EJ then storms out of the room. Gwen asks Xander if he scammed EJ. Xander assures that he was telling the truth as he thought the money was in the briefcase and he never let it out of his sight. Gwen asks if he let anyone else in. Xander remembers Bonnie coming over and admits that someone else was there.

Kayla gets a call from Steve and tells him that Justin is here and they are still waiting on Bonnie. Steve states that she asked him to tell her that she’s not coming because she came back and decided to get ready at the house with Calista. Steve informs Kayla that he met Calista and admits he didn’t get a great vibe.

Bonnie demands Calista give her the gun. Calista says she’s sorry but she’s not getting the gun. Calista then turns the gun to Bonnie and declares that she’s getting the bullet.


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