Days: Beyond Update, Monday, September 6, 2021

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

At the National Museum in the Kingdom of Alamania in 1991, someone breaks in and steals the Alamanian Peacock.

30 years later in Zurich, Switzerland, Shane Donovan explains to John and Marlena that the Alamanian Peacock was stolen and says the culprit was Princess Gina, or Hope who was brainwashed in to believing she was Princess Gina. Shane adds that the Peacock featured precious gemstones. Shane reveals that it was just recently recovered and sent back to the Alamain family but the gemstones were missing, though now they have started popping up in different parts of the globe and Lord Sebastian Alamain is putting pressure on the ISA to retrieve them. Marlena calls that a big job. Shane agrees they will need their most skilled agents which is where John comes in.

Ben and Ciara begin their honeymoon in New Orleans. Ciara talks about how they have so much to do and see as she kisses Ben. Ben asks if they should keep walking the French quarter or head back to the hotel room. Ciara remembers Hope mentioning how fun the antique store is so they go over to it, but it’s closed. Ciara sees a voodoo doll in the window and calls it creepy. Ciara is fascinated by a pin with a gem in it in the window and talks about how much she loves it.

Paulina brings Lani, Eli, and Abe to her home in Miami. Abe calls it beautiful while Eli appreciates being in paradise instead of undercover in a seedy hotel. Eli talks about hopping off a jet to a limo to a mansion. Lani acknowledges that Paulina likes to live large. Paulina tells Lani to enjoy it, reminding her that it’s her last fun before maternity leave ends at work. Paulina calls Lani her favorite niece. Abe looks out the window and admires the view. Abe questions Paulina voluntarily leaving all of this to move to Salem. Paulina admits it was a sacrifice at the time, but she’s so glad she did or else she never would’ve met Abe. Paulina says they are going to shake up the town.

Chad arrives in Phoenix and visits Will. They hug and Chad says he missed him so much. Will mentions they were so happy to get his call. Will calls out to Sonny that Chad is there. Sonny (now played by Zach Tinker) rushes in to excitedly hug Chad. They ask how Chad is doing. Chad says he’ll be better when Abigail gets home from Boston. Chad asks about Arianna since he brought her a present. Will says that Arianna is on a play date with a friend. Chad says his kids are doing the same with Jack, so he flew out to hang with his best friends. Chad says he’s really missed them and apologizes for not keeping in better touch. Chad notes that it’s early so they can start catching up right now. Will wishes he could stay and hang out but he has a meeting he can’t miss. Will asks Sonny if he doesn’t mind playing tour guide for the day. Chad says if they are busy, he can chill. Sonny remarks that he’s never too busy for the people he loves…

Anna and Tony arrive in Zurich and go to Carrie and Austin’s apartment. Anna advises Tony not to say anything about marriage troubles. Carrie answers the door, surprised to see Anna and Tony. She asks what they are doing here. Anna tells Carrie not to worry but she’s here to save her marriage. Carrie asks Anna to keep her voice down, because she doesn’t want Austin knowing that she went running to her mother about their marital problems. Austin then walks in and says it’s a little late for that.

Shane informs John and Marlena that the sapphire is here in Zurich as part of a necklace going out for auction tonight. Shane says they need someone to go undercover and suggests John and Marlena. Shane adds that all expenses will be covered by the ISA. John asks what happens after they win the necklace in the auction. Shane says he will get it back to the Alamains as quick as possible. John asks how high he can bid. Shane says as high as he likes but to try not to break the bank as their budget is not what it used to be. John calls it simple enough but Shane reveals there’s a little more to it.

Ben tells Ciara that he’s buying her the pin. Ciara says he’s so sweet but it probably costs a fortune. Ben says she’s worth a fortune and calls it a wedding present. Ciara agrees only if it’s not crazy expensive. Ben sees the shop owner about to go inside so he asks her about the pin in the window. She informs him that she’s already holding it for a long time client, who made an appointment for a private viewing. Ben asks if they can at least make it an offer. She says that would be pointless because her client is royalty, Princess Gina Von Amberg, which shocks Ciara.

Eli jokes that they do not get beautiful views like this in Salem. Lani mentions there only being like 30 houses on this island that they call Star Island. Eli wonders about the celebrities that live here. Abe suggests they could get to meet some of them and brings up Rosie O’Donnell. Paulina says that she moved and talks about how she used to jet ski. Paulina mentions being friends with Gloria Estefan. Paulina says it’s too bad Tamara isn’t here with them as she’s sure she would be thrilled to see them. Lani mentions that they did leave the twins in Salem with Julie. Paulina loves seeing Eli and Lani get some alone time together, so she tells them to make themselves at home while she gives Abe a tour. Eli then asks Lani how she’s holding up. Lani admits she’s missing the twins but she knows Julie and Doug will be happy to take care of them. Eli assures they will be fine and that Julie will text them updates and photos. Lani adds that pretty soon, she will be working double shifts so she needs to get used to it like he is. Eli thinks he has an idea how they can forget missing the twins so much as he kisses her.

Will repeats that he’s sorry that he can’t stay but he’s working on a huge story. Chad says it’s fine as he didn’t give much notice that he’s coming. Sonny remarks that he’s taking his company public but Will is the one who can’t take the day off. Sonny argues that as a reporter, Will sets his own hours and could easily work from home but Will points out that he’s at the mercy of his sources. Sonny argues that he could do it here by video but Will says it’s sensitive information so he has to be in the room. Sonny complains about Will not being able to tell him what the big scoop is. Will assures him that he will know soon.

Austin questions Carrie flying her parents across the ocean because they had a fight. Anna clarifies that Carrie had no idea they were coming. Austin guesses that she must have told them they are having problems. Anna says they are family and they confide in each other, so they just want to be there for them. Tony acknowledges that he and Anna have had ups and downs as well so they are not judging, but hope they will benefit from their experience. Anna asks what exactly is the problem, money troubles or another person or both. Tony asks what they can do to help.

Shane gives John a special gun that won’t set off any metal detectors. Marlena asks why he would need a gun if he’s just bidding on a necklace. Shane points out that they are not the only ones bidding on the sapphire and that two of the gems have already fallen in to the wrong hands.

The shop owner questions Ciara and Ben knowing Princess Gina. Ciara says they know of her. She says she’s sorry that she couldn’t help and tells them to have a nice day as she heads inside. Ben thought Princess Gina was done when Dr. Rolf took the microchip out of Hope’s brain. Ciara says that’s what she thought too and wonders if this is why Hope has been laying low all these months. Ciara worries about Hope being brainwashed again but Ben reminds her that Stefano is dead and Dr. Rolf is in prison. Ciara doesn’t know what is going on but decides she will call her mom to get some answers.

After Will leaves, Sonny tells Chad he’s sorry about that. Chad gets that Will is busy. Sonny remarks that’s that is what he says. Chad asks what that means but Sonny says it’s nothing. Chad knows he hasn’t kept in touch like he should but he’s still his best friend so he can tell something is going on. Chad asks Sonny to talk to him. Sonny responds that he thinks Will is having an affair.

Carrie tells Anna that there is not another woman or another man, at least not at the moment. Carrie says they’ve had a very long trip so she wants to fix them something to eat and heads to the kitchen. Anna asks Austin what that was about. Austin says she’s upset after they had a fight and it’s his fault because he acted like a jackass. Anna remarks that she can picture that but apologizes and tells him to go on. Austin admits he had a few drinks and then threw her affair with Rafe in her face. Anna thought he made peace with that. Austin says he did too but after a few drinks, here they are. Austin knows it was a one time thing while they were separated and he keeps thinking that he’s over it but then he has a weak moment and blurts out something that he regrets. Austin wants Carrie to know how much she means to him, so he’s been thinking he needs to do something big to prove that. Tony suggests asking Marlena for advice. Austin reveals that he had a sapphire necklace in mind. Austin says that it’s going up for auction tonight and he wants to buy it for Carrie.

John doesn’t want Marlena going to the auction if there will be any kind of danger. Marlena asks who is bidding on the sapphire. John reveals that they recently had an incident involving one of the other gemstones, as the ISA located the ruby in South Africa but the retrieval operation went bad and their agent was killed. John feels there is more to the story than he’s telling. Shane says there always is but he’s not at liberty to discuss the details, even with John. Shane warns that the stakes could be high like life or death, but they aren’t anticipating any trouble tonight. Shane notes that John should just be prepared just in case. John feels there’s nothing to worry about and that this should be a piece of cake.

Eli and Lani kiss on the couch until Paulina and Abe walk back in. Paulina tells them to do their thing and not mind them. Lani jokes that they will finish later. Lani suggests she and Paulina go show Abe and Eli the sights. Paulina says they will, but first she wants to do lunch. Abe says he doesn’t need anything fancy but Paulina says as long as he’s with her, fancy is what he’s going to get. Paulina opens a safe and pulls out a ring, noting that she’s been saving it for a special occasion like this. Lani asks about it. Paulina calls it a one of a kind orange diamond.

Ciara complains that Hope is not answering her phone. Ben assures that she’s fine. Ciara worries about hearing the name Princess Gina and asks if she contact Shane or John. Ben and Ciara then spot a woman in a tiara approaching the shop window and assume it’s Princess Gina. Ciara goes to confront her but is shocked to find out that it is Billie Reed.

Austin shows Anna and Tony a picture of the sapphire necklace. Anna and Tony talk about how expensive that will be. Tony can’t remember Carrie ever liking expensive things. Austin agrees but feels it’s important for him for her to know how much he appreciates her and doesn’t take her for granted. Austin says he wants to get it as a gift for their anniversary next month, so she knows that he knows how lucky he is to be married to her. Anna calls that so sweet and guesses they don’t really need their help. Austin mentions that the auction is being covered by the press and he wants it to be a surprise. Anna tells him that she and Tony would be happy to go to the auction for him.

Shane tells John not to hesitate to reach out if there’s anything he need and wishes him luck. They shake hands as John says he’ll be in touch. Shane then exits the room. John thought Marlena wanted to see Carrie and Austin while they are in town. Marlena says she does. John suggests calling them up to see if they are free for dinner. Marlena says she’s not free for dinner. John points out that she could be. Marlena knows John wants to see Carrie and Austin too so she suggests they try tomorrow. John realizes he’s not going to win this argument as they kiss.

Abe asks Paulina where she got her orange diamond ring. Paulina explains that it was a gift from her friend Michelle and talks about how they were at a dinner at the white house, where she just gave it to her. Abe calls that really generous. Paulina says she was reluctant at first but Michelle could afford to be generous and is married to one of the most powerful people on the planet. Abe is impressed by them being friends. Paulina says they go way back. Abe questions her wearing the ring out to lunch. Lani suggests putting it back in the safe but Paulina says she was saving it for a special occasion like this. Paulina feels they have to have glitz and glamour.

Ciara asks what Billie is doing here and informs Ben that Billie is Kate’s daughter. Ciara explains to Ben how Billie was married to Bo while Hope was brainwashed by Stefano. Ciara questions Billie’s getup. Billie says she thinks wearing a tiara is a thing. Ciara tells her to cut the crap and asks why she is dressed up as Princess Gina. Billie says she can’t talk about it. Ciara asks if she’s undercover on a case. Billie informs her that she’s trying to locate some missing gemstones and the one in the window is one of them. Billie explains that the store is a front for a criminal enterprise so she figured she could use Princess Gina to get an in with the owner. Ciara explains how the owner said she was holding the gem for her longterm client, Princess Gina. Billie questions Ciara not introducing her to Ben. Ciara apologizes and introduces her to her husband, Ben Weston. Billie congratulates them. Ciara says they are actually here on their honeymoon. Billie then stops and questions him being that Ben Weston, the necktie killer who strangled Will. Ciara explains that it’s okay now as Ben and Will are best friends now and Will was Ben’s best man. Billie finds it really strange but says if Will is okay with it. Ciara adds that Will is living happily ever after in Phoenix with Sonny.

Chad tells Sonny that there is no way Will is having an affair. Sonny remarks that it wouldn’t be the first time. Chad says that was years ago and points out all they have gone through since then. Sonny goes over all they have been through and jokes that it would make an interesting movie. Chad says this is real life and they survived and stayed together. Chad knows they are together in this brand new life. Sonny says he can’t ignore the signs as Will is always busy working. Chad argues that he just has a lot going on. Sonny argues that he doesn’t have secrets. Sonny understands Will can’t tell him everything but now he’s not telling him anything and he caught him deleting his call logs. Sonny insists something is going on. Chad thinks it could be something good like a surprise. Sonny doesn’t buy that Will had a meeting to go to and bets he’s not even at the office right now. Chad informs Sonny that Abigail is still in Boston because a few months ago, he got in his head that she was having an affair with Jake but he was way off base. Chad says he was so convinced that he made a big mistake and let his paranoia over nothing get the best of him, so now he has no idea when or if his wife is coming home. Chad begs Sonny to not make the same mistake that he did. Sonny insists that something is off. Chad decides they should check it out then and find out if Will is at the office. Sonny feels it’s wrong to check up on him but Chad says he’ll do it. Sonny texts Chad the number to the news desk so Chad then calls and asks to speak to Will Horton, claiming he has a big tip for him. Chad is informed that Will is out of the office today and not expected to be in. Sonny realizes he was right that Will lied right to his face.

Billie tells Ben and Ciara that she’d love to stay and chat but she doesn’t want to blow her cover and she wants to get her wig off. Ben says now that she knows Hope is not Princess Gina again, they can get back to their honeymoon. Ciara wishes Billie luck in the case and says it was good seeing her. Billie says the same as she tells Ben to take care of his wife and then she walks away.

Sonny insists to Chad that Will is definitely cheating on him. Chad suggests Will could be doing an interview. Sonny complains that he’s not in the office where he said he would be and won’t be in all day. Chad argues that it doesn’t mean he’s having an affair. Sonny says he’s been giving Will the benefit of the doubt for weeks. Chad still thinks there’s a reasonable explanation. Sonny complains about how Will has been acting lately and says he can’t believe him anymore. Chad offers to talk to Will. Sonny says it won’t get him anywhere. Sonny adds that every time he asks Will a question, he gets a vague answer or no answer, which is why he stopped trying. Sonny decides looking up Will’s credit card history might give him a clue because he needs to know. Sonny pulls it up on his laptop and shows Chad that Will booked a room at an upscale spa, which he calls very romantic. Sonny decides he’s heading there right now. Chad doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Sonny says he can’t just do nothing. Chad suggests waiting until Will gets home to talk to him but Sonny refuses so Chad decides he’s going with him, so that he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Anna and Tony go to leave, when Carrie comes back with food and questions them leaving already. Anna says they are going to check in to their hotel. Carrie tells them that they can stay here since Noah is away at school. Anna says they don’t want to impose and Tony wants to stay at their favorite hotel, so they will be back in the morning to catch up on everything. Anna and Tony then exit which disappoints Carrie.

Marlena and John sit together, looking at a picture of the sapphire necklace. Marlena calls it beautiful. John jokes that he would buy it for her in a heartbeat if he could. Marlena appreciates that but says everything she needs is right here. John says if they wrap up the auction early, they can go to the wellness spa that he discovered when released from the clinic. John says Marlena is the reason he got better and reminds her that they got remarried right before leaving Salem, so he had his wife which is what healed him. John says the clinic was good but the atmosphere was sterile. Marlena recalls the couples massage at the spa. John suggests they pay it a repeat visit. Marlena agrees once they get tonight out of the way first.

Ben tells Ciara they will find her a gift that wasn’t stolen. Billie returns and stops them, asking if they saw anyone come out of the antique shop. Ben confirms he just saw a couple come out with a shopping bag. Billie reveals they bought the gem right out from under her.

Carrie apologizes to Austin for saying anything to Anna as she was just really rattled. Austin says he was just thrown at first seeing them here but it’s his fault for being a jackass. Austin says he’s actually really glad they did. Carrie thought Anna drives him nuts. Austin says she does, but her heart is in the right place. Carrie acknowledges that Anna cares about them both very much. Carrie asks if he thought it was strange the way they rushed out of here as it seemed so abrupt. Carrie felt like Anna was up to something. Austin jokes that it’s just Anna being Anna so she has nothing to worry about.

Anna and Tony arrive at the auction. Tony has a glass of champagne while Anna says she wants to focus on the mission because that necklace is going to save her daughter’s marriage, so nothing and no one will stop them from getting it. John and Marlena then arrive and greet them, surprising Anna.

Chad and Sonny go to a penthouse suite. Chad suggests the paper could be paying for it and notes that the front desk didn’t mention Will being with anyone. Sonny feels it’s a big room for one person. Chad believes that Will is probably alone. Sonny declares they are about to find out as he knocks on the door. Chad suggests leaving when Will doesn’t answer but they are shocked when Sonny’s ex Leo Stark answers the door.

Billie questions Ciara and Ben about the couple that bought the gem. Ben tries to describe them but Billie drags him away to come help find them.

Eli, Lani, Abe, and Paulina have lunch on the beach. Paulina says it’s her treat and tells them to just enjoy the view. Lani comments on the people watching while Paulina remarks that you never know who is going to show up at your table. Two men then approach the table and demand the ring. Abe asks what’s going on as one of the men pull out a gun.

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