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Recap written by Christine

The party continued at The Grand Phoenix. Nick had just witnessed Jack drying Phyllis with a handkerchief. He looked at Phyllis, with her wet hair and makeup running down her face, and asked what was going on. Phyllis excused herself to prepare for the presentation. Nick turned to Jack, who’d been standing with them, and asked what happened.

Phyllis gave her team instructions through the headset. Victor approached and brought up the spectacle she made with Sally. Phyllis noted that Sally threw a drink in her face. He asked Phyllis to kindly refrain from any other antics. She couldn’t be responsible for who Adam escorted here. She said Sally was trouble. Victor told Phyllis to behave. He didn’t want to regret having his party here. She thought he should regret hiring Sally. He noted that Phyllis threw ice water on Sally. He enjoyed the spectacle, and he said to let him deal with Sally. Phyllis thought he should deal with Adam too because Sally and Adam were a match made in hell.

Elena returned to Nate after her patient was stabilized.

Lily asked Billy if he was going to let Nick stop him from getting the scoop before the launch. Billy thought they should launch themselves out of this dud of a party. He didn’t find anything during his snooping, and it made him wonder if this launch was all smoke and mirrors. She thought that he wanted to leave because he was bummed out by all the positive buzz Newman Media was getting. She said they could still try and outmaneuver Newman Media. He was nauseated by watching everyone from Newman Media pat each other on the back. He was dying of boredom, and he wanted to go to Society. she said if he died of boredom he couldn’t participate in what she had planned later.

Adam and Sally shared a passionate kiss in the suite. He asked where that came from. She thought, instead of questioning it, they should follow their impulse and see where this lead. He told her it’d be a massively bad idea. She tried to entice him into another kiss and asked if it would actually be a good idea. He admitted it was both, but the bad outweighed the good. She asked if it was because he was her boss. He said that was another good reason they shouldn’t do this. His main reason for putting on the brakes was that he was toxic. She suggested he was exaggerating, but he was serious. He felt attracted to her, but whenever he acted on that impulse with people, he left a wake of destruction behind. She strongly disagreed that this would be a mistake, but since this was an important night for him, she wouldn’t argue. She admitted that her own romantic track record was toxic too. He was clear that this was not a reflection on her. She thought it was a shame, because it could’ve been pretty spectacular. He said that this way it could stay spectacular in their imaginations.

Downstairs, Jack told Nick that Phyllis and Sally should be kept apart for the rest of the night, or the rest of their lives. Nick was no fan of Sally’s. Jack couldn’t defend her either. They saw Sally and Adam return, and Sally went out to get fresh air. Across the room, Nick said he was trying to make sense out of that pair. Jack didn’t question it – to each their own.

Nikki congratulated Nate on his promotion. Elena proudly said that he’d be a brilliant chief of surgery. She mentioned his idea to expand the hospital’s surgical wing. Nikki was all for that happening. She said she still had her granddaughter because of that surgical department. As Victor walked up, Nate mentioned that Elena was the new face of AskMDNow. Victor was disappointed because Adam was planning to ask Elena to be the chief medical journalist at Newman Media. Victor said that if Elena hadn’t signed a contract with ChancComm, she could jump ship for a far more successful media company. Elena was flattered, but while she didn’t sign the contract, she gave ChancComm her word, and she wouldn’t go back on that. Victor admired the loyalty. Nikki and Victor went off to mingle. Nate was impressed. Not many people had the guts to turn Victor Newman down flat. Elena said she wasn’t going to abandon Lily and go to a competitor – what kind of person did that? She felt good about being wanted though. He said he wanted her too.

Victor told Adam that his girlfriend, or date almost ruined tonight’s festivities. Adam said it was under control. Media companies thrived on headlines, even when they created some scandalous ones. Victor wanted headlines about the successful debut of the company. Adam promised they’d come out like champions. Victor stated that it was Adam’s night. Adam asked everyone to join him in the ballroom to witness the rise of the next generation of media companies. Victor looked at Billy. Everyone but Billy and Lily followed Adam. She said she’d go, because she understood he wanted to skip this part. She left, and he ordered a scotch.

Phyllis was in the lounge making sure things went smoothly in the ballroom. Nick came up. He said Jack had her back and wouldn’t say much. He still wanted to know what happened. Phyllis admitted she may have provoked things by telling Sally that she wasn’t welcome and that she should leave town. Which might have provoked Sally into throwing a drink, which lead Phyllis to empty an ice bucket over Sally’s head. Phyllis claimed she regretted her actions, but when Nick asked if she really did, she admitted she felt awesome about drenching Sally in ice water. He asked how Jack got involved. Phyllis said Sally was coming at her, so Phyllis lunged for Sally, but Jack and Adam held them back. Nick understood Phyllis’s animosity toward Sally, but he thought she should let it go because Sally wasn’t going anywhere. He was as angry as Phyllis was at what Sally did to Summer, but it didn’t do any good to keep kicking the hornet’s nest. Phyllis conceded that was a good point.

Phyllis gestured toward Billy at the bar and said that was a sad sight. Since Nick had promised Victor he’d keep an eye on Billy, he guessed that was his cue. Phyllis was sorry if she embarrassed Nick. She’d try and move on. He told her to try and stay dry the rest of the night. She got back to work, and Nick went up and asked what Billy was doing. Billy didn’t want to hear Adam droning on about how successful Newman Media was going to be. While Billy wasn’t looking, Nick put some cherries in his drink and walked away. Billy grabbed his glass to take the last sip, but changed his mind when he saw the cherries.

In the ballroom, Victor announced that they were starting a whole new enterprise. He introduced the CEO of Newman Media, his son, Adam. After a round of applause, Adam took the stage. Adam said Newman Media was going to be successful due to the power and strength of family. Victor tried to teach him that for years, and it finally sunk in. They’d be doing charitable work with his brother’s New Hope organization. One day, he hoped to bring his son into the business. They had a lot of new and exciting outlets and platforms in store. Newman Media was coming out swinging, Adam said, as Victor proudly watched from the sidelines.

Later, Elena and Lily went to the lounge. Lily hated to admit it, but Adam put on a surprisingly good speech. Elena wondered if he’d turned the corner. Elena mentioned Devon and Amanda were supposed to be at the party. Lily said they decided not to come because Amanda was leaving in the morning for a trip with her mom and sister. Elena said Devon had been so heroic in Chance’s absence and he’d gone above and beyond to save Mariah and deliver Dominic.

Elena went to Nate, and Billy joined Lily. She told him that Adam and Victor didn’t mention the competition, ChancComm included. She said Adam made it clear he was planning to expand Newman Media. She swore he glanced her way when he said that. Billy said that if Adam came after them, they’d do everything they could to protect their assets. She sensed that Victor wasn’t pleased when Adam mentioned adding on more entities. That excited Billy, because he knew Victor wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to go after ChancComm, so that must mean Adam and Victor weren’t on the same page.

Billy went to Adam and Victor and congratulated them on Newman Media getting through the night nearly scandal-free. “Who asked you to come over here and talk to us? By the way you look like three sheets to the wind,” Victor said. Adam thought everyone would agree that the launch was a grand slam, but Billy said they’d see what happened tomorrow when it was time to actually run the company. Billy said ChancComm was ready for whatever Newman Media had planned. Adam suggested that Billy was paranoid. Billy said he wasn’t paranoid; he didn’t trust Victor. He suggested they talk with Phyllis to schedule their going out of business party. Victor told Billy he’d always be a pain in the ass and wished him a nice evening. The Newmans walked away, and Lily joined Billy to ask what happened. He said he went to congratulate them, and it turned into posturing. He was ready for the after party. She’d rented them a suite since Victoria had the kids tonight. She thought it felt sentimental being back here. She’d rented his old suite because that was where they’d first made love. They went upstairs.

Phyllis asked Jack what he thought. He’d never sing Victor’s praises, but he was happy for Adam and wanted him to thrive. Jack also thought all of Phyllis’s hard work really showed. She hoped the rest of the night overshadowed the dust up earlier, and she thanked him for not letting it go any further. He joked that he couldn’t bear the idea of losing more champagne, but she said it would’ve been worth it. Across the room, Nick watched Phyllis and Jack laughing.

Phyllis and Nick went up to her room. She wondered why she took the bait and let that little girl get to her. The last thing she needed was another scandal at her hotel. He didn’t think she should blame herself. Sally was a button pusher. He thought she should be proud of herself for not letting t things get too out of control. She asked if he was still going to pamper her, and he said yes, as soon as she lost the headset. She pretended she was talking with security and told Nick that they wanted him to take off his tie and jacket. Once he did, they kissed.

Jack went home and poured a drink. He pulled out the handkerchief that he’d used to dry Phyllis off after her encounter with Sally. He smiled while holding the handkerchief, then he looked concerned.

At their home, Nikki congratulated Victor on a successful launch. He thought so too, but he was still troubled by Adam flirting with whatever her name was. Nikki said it was Sally Spectra, who couldn’t be trusted after what she did to Summer. Nikki said they’d have to keep an eye on her. They both enjoyed Phyllis pouring ice water on Sally.

Nate walked Elena into Crimson Lights. He teased that Victor only invited him as the plus one of the hot new talent. She couldn’t believe she was so in demand. He was glad he wasn’t the only one who saw how amazing and special she was. She thought it was cool that Nikki offered to help him fund raise for the hospital expansion. She said they were on a lucky streak, and she didn’t want to jinx it. He didn’t think they could. She invited him upstairs. She had tomorrow off, so she could sleep in. he liked the sound of that, and he said he could change his schedule tomorrow.

Adam and Sally were at Society. She thanked him for being so understanding about what happened with Phyllis. She said Victor didn’t seem too pleased. He told her not to worry about his dad, who had bigger fish to flatten. He asked what she thought about the speeches. She said he was a born leader, and he’d proven himself quite the visionary. She had to get home, and she said, despite his warning, she’d probably dream about what might’ve been between them tonight. He watched her leave.

Tessa was playing her guitar in the Chancellor living room when Abby walked in wanting to talk about Mariah. She was worried Mariah would have lasting emotional scars from being held against her will. Tessa was concerned too, but Mariah was resilient enough to get through this -they just had to support her. Abby asked if Mariah had opened up to Tessa. Tessa planned to talk to Sharon about Mariah getting treatment, but Tessa hoped Mariah just needed some time. Abby was going to go see Dominic. Tessa wanted to come along so she could be there when Mariah woke up. She had a surprise for Abby – a lullaby for the baby. Abby was excited to hear it now. Tessa said it needed fine tuning, but she played it.

“My baby needs to live!,” Mariah screamed as she woke up from her nightmare in the hospital. A nurse came and said it was time for Dominic’s feeding. Mariah had already pumped milk, but she asked if it would be okay for her to feed him. The nurse brought the baby in. Tessa’s song played over a scene with Mariah taking the baby into her arms and lovingly feeding him. The song was about waiting all your life to meet a baby and a promise to keep them safe. Back at the house, the song brought tears to Abby’s eyes.

Mariah told the baby that she probably wouldn’t have made it out of there if it weren’t for him. She’d never forget that he’d kept her sane. It felt so different holding him in her arms than it did when he was inside her. She couldn’t believe how natural it felt. She shared a secret with the baby. “I wish I could breastfeed you. But I can’t. It’s in the contract I signed. Don’t worry, okay. That’s my milk. That’s my milk that you’re eating right now,” she said. She promised it would make him strong and healthy. “My sweet precious little Bowie.” Just after this, Tessa and Abby walked in and stopped short when they saw Mariah feeding the baby. Mariah apologized to Abby and said he was hungry. Abby said it was okay if he needed to be fed. Abby wanted to finish the feeding, but Mariah held up an empty bottle. Tessa mentioned that Abby liked the lullaby. Abby said she’d burp the baby, and Mariah handed him over, but she looked uncomfortable with Abby cooing over him and calling him her little Dominic. Mariah looked at Tessa with a strained smile.
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