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Kayla: Hey, girlfriend. How is my little henry?

Allie: He’s good; he just had his one-year check-up. He’s doing great.

Kayla: Ah! Well, I bet you could have told him that yourself, huh, pal?

Allie: He is in the 98th percentile for his height.

Kayla: Really?

Allie: Mm-hmm.

Kayla: Well, you better get him a basketball.

Allie: I should.

Kayla: Definitely. All right. Well, I’m off. Good to see you.

Allie: Um, aunt kayla, before you go, can I ask you something?

Kayla: Sure. Is anything wrong?

Allie: No. I just… I just wanted to know how’s tripp doing.

Chanel: [Breathing heavily]

Tripp: Hey, hey, hey. You need a hand?

Tony: Are you sure you don’t wanna go out? We can have lunch. We can drive to the lake.

Anna: Nope! I just wanna spend this afternoon with you, right here and all alone.

Tony: Yeah, for once it doesn’t seem like grand central station around here.

Anna: Ugh! I know. It’s almost like we have– what is that word we never use? Privacy.

[Both laugh]

Tony: Oh, hon, let’s make the best of it.

Anna: Oh, yeah. What?

Tony: I don’t know.

Anna: What’s wrong?

Tony: I have a feeling we’re being watched.

Anna: Well, it’s that darn picture of— you know, sometimes I swear it’s following me with his eyes.

Tony: No, it’s not the portrait, no. It’s something else. Harold? Is that you?

Johnny: Okay, are we ready for the closeup?

Anna: Johnny? Hi!

Steve: I need to brace myself? Why?

Justin: It’s about bonnie.

Steve: Okay.

Justin: And stating the obvious, I know she’s not your favorite person. And I know that our double date a while ago was an absolute disaster. Bonnie pretending to be adrienne was in poor judgement. She knows that now. Anyway, I’m just hoping that we can just–

Steve: Okay, hey, hey, hey, hey, stop. Justin, I don’t have a problem with bonnie anymore.

Bonnie: Ooh. No. Bonnie…

[Gasps] Kiriakis. Yeah, baby. That’s the one. Has a ring to it.

[Sighs] Man, adrienne. Girl, I did you wrong in every way possible. And I’m gonna spend my life making up for that. The best way I can do that is to do my damnedest to make sure I make justin just as happy as you did.

[Clattering] Oh, my god. I can’t believe it. You’re alive.

[Dramatic music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Kayla: As far as I know, tripp is fine. Is there something bothering you that you want to talk about?

Allie: No. No. You were on your way out. So maybe another time.

Kayla: How about now? I was just going to meet steve at the pub, and he is excellent at entertaining himself without me, so… what’s up?

Allie: Okay. Well, the other day, trip told me he loved me. And I didn’t say it back.

Kayla: Okay.

And I don’t know if he talked to you about this. I mean, I don’t want to break a confidence or anything. But after I didn’t say it back, things got kinda awkward. And I don’t know, I just– do you think he’s upset about it?

Tripp: Thank you.

Chanel: Thank you for helping me out with that.

Tripp: Yeah, what the hell was in that box, a couple of anvils?

Chanel: It was an industrial stand mixer. It can knead bread dough for up to eight loaves.

Tripp: And mix concrete?

Chanel: Probably. Anyway, it’s crazy expensive. If I had dropped, it would have cost us a week’s profits.

Tripp: Actually, speaking of “us,” shouldn’t allie have helped you out with that?

Chanel: Oh, she would have. But henry had a doctor’s appointment this morning. He’s a year old, so I guess they have to change his oil and rotate his tires.

Tripp: God, I can’t believe it’s been a year.

Chanel: What a year it’s been. A year ago, I was all that. Now I’m the salemsbury dough girl.

Tripp: I still think you’ve kind of all that.

Chanel: Oh, yeah? And what makes you say so?

Tripp: Maybe because allie told me that you’ve already landed someone new?

Tony: Johnny, look at you. It’s so wonderful to see.


Anna: We were in the cotswolds when you came back, so we weren’t able to see you. Because we weren’t here. Because we were in the cotswolds.

Tony: Oh, yeah. Yeah. Anna, I think he worked that out.

Johnny: Oh, aunt anna, I’m so happy to see you. And look at you. You haven’t aged a day.

Anna: Oh, well, no, that’s not true. I don’t eat refined grains anymore.

Johnny: Ah. Well, that would explain why you look younger than ever.

Anna: [Laughs] Charmer. And you look marvelous. I mean, who would have thought you’d grow up to be so handsome?

Tony: Anna.

Anna: No, johnny knows what I meant. I meant you were the cutest little boy. And now you’re all grown up. Tempus sure fugited. Time flew by.

Johnny: Ah, yes.

Anna: Oh, johnny. Remember–remember the time I caught you using my expensive hand cream to make slime?

Johnny: Yes, I’m sorry about that.

Anna: No. No. I said it at the time. That boy has a creative instinct. Very fine imagination.

Johnny: Well, I hope so. I’m gonna need it to do what I wanna do.

Tony: And what’s that? Spy on people? Okay, we’re not gonna ask for

Johnny: I wasn’t spying.

Anna: Hmm.

Tony: So what is it– what do you call filming people without their knowledge?

Johnny: Shooting footage. And I gotta tell you, uncle tony, the camera loves you.

Anna: [Coughs] Hello? Hello?

Johnny: And it adores you. I’ll make you both stars.

Anna: Stars.

[Chuckles] What do you mean?

Johnny: I’m makin’ a movie.

Anna: On your phone?

Tony: You can do that?

Johnny: Steven soderbergh does it.

Anna: [Gasps] I loved et.

Johnny: Me too. With the right upgrades, you can get a picture as crisp as any movie camera.

Tony: Huh. And in my day, I used to think that call waiting was an innovation.

Johnny: Here, look.

Tony: Huh.

Anna: Look, we do look amazing, don’t we, tony?

[Both laugh] And so natural. Like we didn’t even know the camera was there.

Tony: Oh, we didn’t know the camera was there, anna. Anyway, this is alla completely revolutionize filmmaking, which is actually why I tracked the two of you down.

Anna: You did?

Johnny: I’m in the process of securing investors, and you and anna could bankroll the entire enterprise.

Justin: So you don’t have a problem with bonnie anymore?

Steve: No. You know, I’ve been working to get past it. And I’m really sorry that I was so hard on her at that dinner. It was unkind to her. And to you.

Justin: Well, I understand that it could have been jarring to see bonnie dress like that.

Steve: Yeah, it was. But with time and a little help from kayla, I was able to get some perspective. I know she was doing it to be accepted.

Justin: Right. Right. That’s what she was going for.

Steve: And anyway, I’m happy that kayla has agreed to be bonnie’s matron of honor. She feels honored to be asked.

Justin: I hope she doesn’t feel like she had to say yes.

Steve: No, no, nothing like that. She’s happy for you and bonnie.

Justin: ‘Cause I would feel bad if she, you know, felt like she owed me. Or you feel like you owe me.

Steve: Did you just segue from friend, brother-in-law, to lawyer?

Justin: [Laughs] Okay, all right. I just wanted to put all the cards on the table before I asked you…

Steve: And here it comes.

Justin: To be my best man.

Calista: Wake up!

Bonnie: [Groans] I’m up. I’m up.

Calista: It’s about time. I thought I was gonna have to get out the smelling salts. Is this how you always greet your guests?

Bonnie: [Groans] You kinda took me by surprise, you know? Ow.

Calista: Obviously.

Bonnie: I mean, it’s been… I dunno, how long has it been? I thought you were long dead.

Calista: Well, you thought wrong. Calista lockhart is alive and well!

Tackling tough messes can

take more time than you have,

Bonnie: Well, hi, calista. Long time no see.

Calista: Missed me?

Bonnie: Mm-mm.

Calista: I didn’t think so. I just don’t think you’re happy to see someone who actually knows your history. And not that crap you spin in your book.

Bonnie: You read it.

Calista: Every lyin’ word of it.

Bonnie: Every word was true and from my heart.

Calista: Oh, and I know all the parts that you left out. Like, you didn’t even bother to mention that you killed my brother.

Bonnie: Well, I didn’t mention it because I didn’t do it.

Calista: Oh, I remember the day you married david. I thought to myself, brother, you have made one big mistake.

Bonnie: I am the one who made the mistake. You have no idea what he put me and my kids through.

Calista: Oh, don’t you know you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead? Especially people that you killed?

Bonnie: All right. I think it’s time you go.

Calista: [Laughs] No. Don’t you wanna know why I’m here?

Bonnie: No.

Calista: Well, it’s not to argue over whether or not you killed my brother.

Bonnie: I didn’t do it.

Calista: It’s the fact that you did kill my husband.

Steve: You want me to be your best man?

Justin: I thought that’s what I just said.

Steve: Well, of course. I’d be honored.

Justin: Of course?

Steve: Yeah, but, I mean, don’t you wanna ask sonny, your son?

Justin: I did. I did, of course, but he can’t make it. He’s in the middle of a crisis at work.

Steve: Okay. I mean, have you talked to bonnie about this? I don’t think she’s gonna want me standing there when you marry her.

Justin: It was her idea.

Steve: Oh.

Justin: She thinks if you and kayla stand up for us, it would say the family approves. It would say that we’re not just some kind of novelty.

Steve: Ah, so kayla and i are salem’s good housekeeping seal of approval?

Justin: [Laughs] Exactly. And also, steve, she likes you.

Steve: C’mon, man. You don’t have to say that.

Justin: No, she does. She really does. She likes how you stick up for adrienne’s memory. And she also likes how you always try to do what’s right for kayla. And she also knows how much you both mean to me. She doesn’t wanna screw that up.

Steve: Okay, right.

Justin: But if this is all too weird for you, I completely understand, steve, I really do. And I’ll figure something out.

Steve: Bonnie would know that I turned you down.

Justin: Well, she knows that I’m here with you now, asking you.

Steve: Okay. Well, I don’t wanna do anything else to hurt her feelings. And I don’t wanna mess up your big day. So I would be happy to be your best man.

Kayla: All I know is that tripp cares about you. A lot.

Allie: And I care about him. It’s just when he said those words, it caught me off guard. I wasn’t expecting him to say that, and I could see he wanted me to say it back to him.

Kayla: Okay, I’m gonna chime in right now. Okay? I think you did the right thing.

Allie: You do?

Kayla: Yes. I mean, how many movies are out there where a guy says “I love you” to a woman, and she melts, and she says, “I love you too”? Where are the movies where the woman says, “well, that’s good to know, and I’ll take that under advisement”? No, I don’t mean to be funny. I don’t mean to be funny. I am just saying that saying I love you to somebody shouldn’t be a conditioned response. I mean, saying “I love you” is a really big deal. It shouldn’t be something that you say because you’ve been given the cue or because you feel so bad that you’re gonna hurt their feelings.

Allie: Yeah. Yeah, you’re right. It’s like I couldn’t say it because I’m not sure. I’m not sure if I love him. But I’m also not sure that I don’t love him.

Kayla: Well, this is your timetable. It’s your call.

Allie: But what I do know, I am sure, is, I like being with him. I miss him when he’s not around. But then there’s our whole long, ugly history. There’s henry. You know, if I asked– I asked tripp to wait, if I tell him I need more time, am I asking too much?

Chanel: I actually did meet someone. We went out last night. But you already know that, right? Horton said you guys almost walked in on our date?

Tripp: Oh, yes. Yeah, we did.

Chanel: Well, you should have come in. I could have introduced you.

Tripp: I guess allie just wanted to give you a chance to get to know each other better.

Channel: Yeah, that’s sweet of her.

Tripp: So how’s it going? Do you think it could turn into something?

Chanel: Maybe. We went by his place afterwards, and things started to heat up. But he didn’t have a condom and either did I, so we didn’t do anything.

Tripp: Wow. That’s a romantic story. Just like “romeo and juliet.”

Chanel: [Laughs] Tmi? Well, the point is that, yeah, we’re getting along really good together. So it might turn into something.

Tripp: Well, I’m glad to hear that.

Chanel: Why do you care?

Tripp: ‘Cause I think it’d be nice if you had someone.

Chanel: ‘Cause then I won’t be in the middle of you and allie?

Anna: Johnny, does your film have a vision? Because I think it’s very important for a film to have a vision.

Johnny: Oh, yeah. I mean, this film, vision, yes.

Anna: Well, then I’m on board.

Johnny: Great.

Anna: Do we get to go to the premiere?

Johnny: Yes, of course. And if we get nominated, you get to go to the oscars. And if we win best picture, it would be you two who accept.

Anna: Tony, we have to go to milan. For my dress.


Tony: You know, you’ll find that anna has a kind of genius for prioritizing.

Johnny: I see.

Anna: Oh, you know, tony thinks I don’t know that he’s making fun of me. But I do. And I don’t care. Thank you. It’s an honor to just be nominated.

[Laughs] Tony, can’t you just imagine it?

Tony: Yes, I can. I can see you taking hollywood by storm.

Johnny: So does this mean you’ll do it?

Ej: No. He won’T.

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Johnny: Hey, dad. Bringing the party with you as always.

Ej: A party? No, I walked in on an investment pitch. A very amateurish investment pitch.

Anna: No, ej, it was great. Tony and I are both very excited.

Ej: Well, you’ll have to find another auteur. Fellini here is joining dimera enterprises.

Johnny: Not that I recall. I recall saying no, dad.

Ej: You astutely turned down the first offer. It was a negotiating ploy.

Johnny: It was a no.

Anna: Well, I have an idea. Johnny could run the dimera film division.

Ej: There is no dimera film division.

Anna: Well, then he could start one. And we could call it dimeraflix.

Tony: I think we should leave ej and johnny alone to speak privately.

Ej: Don’t go yet. Our agreement was that I would take over dimera so you could enjoy the rising profits without actually having to do any work. I’m fine with that. Against the best interests of the company. Financing johnny’s movie is a acting against the interests of the company. Understood?

Tony: Sometimes you forget who you’re talking to. You presume too much. I’m sorry, johnny. Maybe sometime down the road. It’s just not the right time. I hope you understand.

Johnny: Of course I do, fredo.

Justin: So now that you’ve agreed to be my best man, can I ask one more thing?

Steve: Oh, now you’re really pushing it, man.

Justin: Will you not hold it against me for the rest of my life?

[Both laugh]

Steve: I’ll do you one better and I’ll tell you, I think it’s a good idea.

Justin: Ah, really?

Steve: Yeah. I mean, kayla has agreed to be matron of honor. She’s usually right about– well, about everything. But especially about family. And you and I, we’re family because of adrienne. And I know that adrienne would want us to stay family.

Justin: Yeah. She would.

[Sighs] This means a lot to me, steve. And I can’t wait to tell bonnie.

Steve: Yeah. And you know, I shouldn’t have been so high-handed about all the things bonnie did in the past. I mean, all the crap that I did and I was forgiven for.

Justin: She’s been really upfront about everything that she’s done. And she’s really serious about just leaving that past behind her.

Calista: You do remember my husband, harrison lord? The one you plugged full of lead?

Bonnie: Shh! That’s not what happened.

Calista: So you’re denying that you shot my husband to death.

Bonnie: Please! I don’t have time for your grieving widow act.

Calista: Well, honey, I think you better make some time.

Bonnie: You know what one of the loveliest things about living in a place like this? I can just push a button right here, and two big men would come in here and just throw you out on your bony ass.

Calista: Oh, bonnie. Trust me. I don’t think you should do that.

[Humming] I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Bonnie: What’s that for?

Calista: Well, what do you think?

Bonnie: No, you can’t kill me. No, you’d be caught red-handed in 30 secs. Please, you would–please. If I die, I can’t marry justin.

Calista: Oh, calm down. I’m not gonna kill you.

Bonnie: Why the gun?

Calista: Oh, you don’t recognize it? It’s the one you use to send harrison to the hereafter. I just wanted to make sure that you saw your prints are still on it. May I remind you that in a murder case, the statute of limitations, much like your self-absorption, never runs out.

Bonnie: Your point?

Calista: Well, I can use that gun to put you back in the slammer any old time. That is, unless you pay me what’s mine.

Allie: One of the things I love about tripp– god, that word again. That he– after all of the horrible things I said to him– god, I accused him of rape. Held a gun on him. But he’s put all of that behind him. Like I’m not the person who did those things to him.

Kayla: Well, in a way, you’re not.

Allie: He even says he understands why I thought he was the one who–you know. Talk about forgiveness. Not only forgave me, but you should see with henry. I mean, I had no idea that little boys thought it was hilarious to be held upside down, but tripp did. And not to be crude, but he’s not all that bad looking.

Kayla: But?

Allie: He ticks every box. He answers every prayer. But a part of me wonders if what I feel for him is guilt. Like I owe him. Or gratitude because he loves me and he takes care of my child.

[Sighs] Maybe I can’t be honest with him because I’m not being honest with myself.

Kayla: I think you were honest with him. You didn’t parrot back “I love you” because you didn’t know if you did. And like you said, it’s not that you don’t love him. It’s just that you don’t know, one way or the other, right? But this is what I know for sure. In time, you will know one way or the other.

Allie: [Sighs] But what–I mean, he’s just supposed to put his life on hold while I sort out my feelings? I mean, newsflash, he is a sensitive hunk who’s going to be a doctor. I mean, those are a hot commodity. They go fast in this market.

Kayla: You know what? I have seen the way he looks at you. And the way he talks about you. I think he’ll wait for you.

Tripp: You’re not in the middle of me and allie, okay? I just meant that–

Chanel: I know what you meant, and it’s okay. See, I agree. It would be a lot easier on all of us if I had someone else. Then we could just forget that I ever had feelings for allie.

Tripp: I’m glad you feel like that. I mean, you two are such good friends. I’d hate for it to be awkward.

Chanel: Yeah, me too. We work together.

Tripp: Yeah. Hey, I have an idea. You know, why don’t you, me, allie, and the new guy go out together sometime?

Chanel: You guys busy tonight?

Tripp: No. Hey, have you tried that new bar off the square? They have great happy hour.

Chanel: I do love a great happy hour.

Tripp: Yeah, I remember.

Chanel: Okay, and I promise not to stick you with the check this time. Although I may have to pay for my date. Giovanni is having some financial difficulties with his dad.

Johnny: I’m sorry, uncle tony. I’m so sorry. That’s–

Tony: You know, he should know better. But it’s okay.

Johnny: No, it’s not. It just–it came out.

Anna: Honey. Honey. Sometimes, when someone is acting like an imperious jerk, it’s not the imperious jerk who gets yelled at.

Ej: Another county heard from.

Tony: Yes, well, we should take our leave. Try to understand where your father’s coming from. He wants you to follow in his footsteps. He wants you to do something that is stable, secure, safe. Just like racecar driving. Good luck. But I always remember how well you reacted to direct orders.


Anna: Johnny, don’t forget to send me the rushes.

Johnny: Well, thanks for doing that publicly. I know I really enjoyed it.

Ej: It was family business.

Johnny: Really? That’s great. I mean, if that’s how the family business goes, I can’t wait to join the firm. Damn it, I was having a private conversation, and you barged in and start issuing orders everywhere?

Ej: You were grubbing for money from your uncle after I turned you down. It seems to me you want all the perks of being a dimera without any of the responsibility. And to be clear, I wasn’t issuing orders.

Johnny: I think uncle tony would disagree with that.

Ej: I’m making you an offer. An offer you have now turned down twice without bothering to listen to what the offer is. You haven’t asked what you’d be doing. You haven’t even seen the offices. How do you know you won’t like working there if you haven’t even tried it? Let’s start from the beginning. I’m happy you’re back. I would like to work with you. I would like you to come with me to the office so I can fill you in on the details. Answer any questions you might have. Spend a little time with my son. Pool floaties are like whooping cough.

Ej: So what do you say?

Chanel: Thanks, harold. And remember, sweet bits is right on the square.

Johnny: Chanel, what are you doing here?

Chanel: Looking for you.

Johnny: Ah.

Chanel: Oh, hi. Are you johnny’s dad?

Ej: That’s right. Ej dimera. Pleased to meet you.

Chanel: I’m chanel dupree. Sorry to interrupt.

Johnny: No, it’s no problem. I’m glad to see you.

Chanel: I probably should have called. And mr. Dimera, I do have to compliment you on your amazing home. Talk about curb appeal. My mother’s in real estate. And the only thing you’re missing is a moat and a drawbridge.

Ej: Zoning laws.

Chanel: [Laughs] She could help you with that.

[Both laugh] Anyway, I came by to see if you wanted to join me for a happy hour at this new bar we’re trying out. I want you to meet my bff and her boyfriend.

Johnny: That sounds great.

Ej: But unfortunately, he won’t be able to join you.

Johnny: I won’t?

Ej: You have plans.

Johnny: No, you know, actually, I don’t have any plans and you have incredible timing, because I was just trying to find something to do. So let’s go. As always, great talking to you, dad.

Allie: You really think he’ll wait for me?

Kayla: Yes, I do.

Tripp: Hey, how’d it go?

Kayla: Hey, I thought you were off today.

Tripp: I just wanted to hear about henry’s appointment. Hey, buddy. How’d he do?

Allie: Great. He’s in perfect health.

Kayla: He’s in the 98th percentile on height.

Tripp: Wow. That explains how much he’s been eating lately.

[Laughter] Well, guess who I just ran into. Chanel. She wants us to meet her at that new bar off the square for happy hour, check out the new guy.

Allie: Oh.

Tripp: What do you think?

Allie: I’d have to find a sitter for henry.

Kayla: Ha, no problem. Steve and I would be happy to do it.

Allie: No, I can’t ask you to do that.

Kayla: You’re not asking me. I am volunteering.

Allie: Okay. Thank you.

Kayla: Have a good time.

Tripp: Thank you.

Kayla: Bye.

Tripp: Okay, kayla took over just now. I mean, if you don’t wanna go, if you’re tired or something–

Allie: Tripp–

Tripp: It’s okay.

Allie: I would love to go.

Tripp: Good.

Allie: Besides, can’t wait to see who chanel has her sights on now.

Tripp: Yeah.

Steve: Okay. So when is the wedding?

Justin: Tomorrow.

Steve: Tomorrow?

Justin: Yeah.

Steve: Wow. Okay, that’s soon.

Justin: Oh, yeah, you can still make it, right?

Steve: I’ll clear my schedule. And I will do my duty as best man, and I will get you to the church on time.

Justin: Hey, steve. Really, thanks. I really do appreciate this.

Steve: Welcome, dimples.

Justin: [Laughs]

Bonnie: Pay you? What am I supposed to pay you?

Calista: The money, of course.

Bonnie: I’m not following.

Calista: Okay, so you want me to tell you the whole story? Fine. You remember when buddy’s burger barn had that promotion? Buddy bucks? You’d get one with your meal, and you’d scratch off buddy’s little gold teeth to see what prize you won, and if it said million, you won a million bucks.

Bonnie: Vaguely.

Harrison worked at buddy’s corporate office. He had access to all the buddy bucks. Knew exactly which ones were the winners. But he couldn’t turn it in himself, so he came up with a scam. He asked you to do it in exchange for a cut of the money. He was about to make you a very rich woman. But that wasn’t enough for you, was it? So you killed him and ran off with the money.

Bonnie: But that’s–

Calista: No buts! Those buddy bucks were ours. Harrison might be gone, but I am not. And I want that money. Now.

Kayla: Hey.

Steve: Hey, wait a minute. Did we just have another kid that I didn’t hear about?

Kayla: Very funny. No, we’re gonna babysit this little pumpkin.

Steve: Oh. The day keeps getting better and better.

Kayla: Something wrong?

Steven: Justin asked me to be his best man.

Kayla: And you got in another fight about bonnie?

Steve: No. I said I’d do it.

Kayla: You did?

Steve: Yeah. You know how much I love wearing that monkey suit.

Kayla: Well, it looks so nice on you. But still, I’m surprised you said yes.

Steve: Well, you see, justin said it was bonnie’s idea. And I thought, what the hell? If kayla can do it, so can I.

Kayla: You know what? I’m proud of you.

Steve: Thank you, sweetness.

Kayla: And I think bonnie’s gonna be very happy.

Steve: Good.

Bonnie: Look, I don’t know what you’re thinking, but i don’t have that kind of money.

Calista: You sure about that? I mean, you’re definitely not hurtin’. Looks to me like you’re living pretty high on the hog.

Bonnie: Oh, come on. None of this is mine. It all belongs to my fiancé.

Calista: Justin kiriakis. Well, honey, how do you think I tracked you down? I know all about the kiriakis family and how rich they are. So why don’t you just get that money from him?

Bonnie: No, no, I couldn’T. I wouldn’t even know how to explain it to him.

Justin: Explain what?

Tony: Ah. So how did things go with johnny? Did you manage to rope him into the herd? I’ll take that as no.

Tripp: Looks like we’re the first ones here.

Allie: Yeah. Did chanel go home to change?

Tripp: No, just to get the new guy. Are you ready for his name?

Allie: Mm-hmm.

Tripp: Giovanni.

Allie: That’s weird.

Tripp: How so?

Allie: My brother johnny, that’s what his grandpa used to call him.

Tripp: Could be a coincidence?

Allie: Maybe. But you don’t think– oh, my god, he said he met someone. What if…

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