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We have to talk a little bit.

chase: I really am grateful for having you in my life. Willow: Me, too.

How many people

can say

they loved

as deeply as we have?

Not many.

[ Knock on door ] Finn: Hey, coming in. You’re walking. Look, ma, no hands. Chase, that’s incredible. Thanks. Just one question. Why didn’t you tell me? I didn’t know you were working from home today. Yeah, yeah, that’s the, uh, luxury of being your own boss. That is a perk. Where’s wiley? At the pool with the nanny. It’s a perfect day for it. Yeah, yeah, it is. And, um… I missed you last night. I missed you, too. Michael, I hope you understand. That after returning chase’s wedding ring, you needed a minute? Of course. Of course I understand. I did need a minute. But what I really need… is you. Well, you got me. For as long as you want me. That could be a long time. Well, I’m counting on it. Oh, you are getting heavy. Gonna have to lay off the formula.

[ Chuckles ] No, I’m just kidding. You get as big and as strong as you can, baby girl. You show the world what you got. But first, it is nap time. Now, where’s your favorite binky? Oh, no, don’t tell me we lost it. Carly: Okay, great. Thank you. There she is — just the person I was looking for. I have been up since dawn batting around ideas for your wedding. Oh, yeah? Yep. I even came up with some for jason. How do you feel about motorcycle ice sculptures? Hey. Hey. Is everything okay? Yes. No. Um, do you have a second to talk? Sure. If you don’t, it’s no big deal. No, I’m fine. I’m good. Okay. What’s going on? I had dinner with my mom and my dad last night. I’m sure my mom told you. Yes. Yeah, she mentioned it. How’d it go? It was terrible. Hello, schatz. Hi, mom. What has you so enthralled? I don’t know if “enthralled” is the right word. More like resigned. They set a date. Phyllis, I to– I had it covered. I was going stir crazy at the house, all those well-meaning neighbors stopping by, and the clinic insisted I take a week off. Can you believe that? Don’t they know that work is the best thing for me now? Your neighbors, coworkers — they care about you. They’re trying to help you, like I am. You want to help me? You know I do. Then tell nina how much she means to you. Trust me, mike. She can be taken away tomorrow, and all you’d be left with is regret. Nina, thanks for letting me crash at your place last night. As if I had a choice. You threatened my nephew. I would never hurt james. No, you would just take him away from his mother. Like louise was taken from me? An eye for an eye, nina, as they say. Or in this case, a child for a child.

[ Deep inhale ]

Claritin-D. Get more airflow. I didn’t tell anyone about my progress. Not even willow? Especially not willow. Especially — because you want to surprise her. That was the idea. But then… I found something out and decided to keep it from her on purpose. Hey, slow down. What’s happening right now? Michael and willow are together. Together, together? Michael, your best friend, and willow, your wife? Not anymore. Willow wants an annulment. Since when? Since she’s in love with him. Michael: So how’d it go? With chase? Yeah. Unless you don’t know, you know, you don’t want to talk about it. No, no, it’s — it’s fine. Once we were alone and faced that it was time to put an end to all the lies, all the pretending… I don’t know. The — the anger and resentment kind of washed away. I mean, the pain was still there, obviously, and the sadness over what was lost. But chase and I went back to how we started — two people who only want the best for each other. That sounds like chase. Doesn’t it? Do you, uh, think there’s a way forward and we can all be friends again? I think so. Not now, while everything is still so fresh, but… hopefully, one day. I hope so, too. God, it feels strange, doesn’t it? Not having to hide anymore. We can just…be us, michael and willow. Or, uh, willow and michael. You know, ladies first. If you insist. Are we interrupting?

[ Clears throat ] Remember, we said “understated”? Remember when I said, “wedding of the century”? No melting motorcycles, maxie. Okay, my ice sculptures don’t melt, but whatever. Thank you. What about the color palette? Alright. What are you thinking? Well, I was thinking yellow, but not sunflower yellow. More like a soft butter yellow with accents of cream, and we can pick it up in the bouquets and boutonnieres. Oh, you know how much jason loves a boutonniere.

[ Laughs ] Too bad! Thank you so much for doing this. Really. Uh, I appreciate it. Really? Because I kind of got the feeling you two were humoring me. No, not at all. I mean, for some reason, this has been…hard. I mean, not marrying jason. That’s the easy part, but… it just feels really weird, and I don’t know why. I do. It was just so awkward. They were fighting in this weird, passive-aggressive way that I have never seen before. I mean, I know that they had that huge custody battle when I was a toddler. Yeah, but you don’t — you don’t have any memory of that. Oh, zero. All I’ve ever known is the poster couple for divorced parents. I mean, even during the times where my dad was furious at sonny, and I mean steam-coming- out-of-his-ears furious, my mom and dad always still shared a mutual respect for one another. I take it last night wasn’t like that. Uh, they literally couldn’t hide their resentment.

[ Sighs ] And, uh, the only reason I can think of… is because my mom’s marrying you. I’m so sorry, britta. Why? Because you got your heart broken. My heart is still intact, mother. And not by a man you can easily write off. I can tell that you had real feelings for jason, and now you’ve lost him. And that hurts. And I want to help you somehow. Yes, I’m hurt and angry and doing stupid things like making speeches about toothbrush heads that I won’t bother you with the details of. But do I wish that none of it happened?

[ Chuckles ] It stinks that it didn’t last… but that doesn’t make what jason and I had any… less meaningful. Sonny: Morning. Hi. Peter. This is phyllis caulfield. You’re the author. Peter sinclair. Pleasure to meet you. Same here. I’m so sorry to hear about your husband. Nina told me all about him last night. You were with, uh, nina last night? Oh — yeah, I slept at her place. I have the room, right? So I figured the least I could do is offer up my couch. Yes, I’m very fortunate that I ran into someone not only that I know, but that I’m simpatico with. Simpatico? Peter and nina have both lost children. Yes, and I’m sure I speak for nina when I say neither of us wants to experience anything like that… ever again.

I feel like an idiot. Why? I just had — I had no idea. I mean, I was so… focused on other things. Like saving your little brother’s life? Mm-hmm, amongst other things. You know, willow — she just seemed so loving and supportive. She still is both those things. She’s just not

in love with me anymore. Why didn’t she just tell you? When would’ve been a good time? When I collapsed and was on the brink of death? When I could barely walk and then couldn’t walk? I mean, it was just one thing after another. Okay, okay. What’s michael’s excuse, huh? That’s a pretty crappy thing to do to a buddy. Yeah. And I was pissed off, believe me. But once I thought about it, I mean, michael and willow were married, finn. They’re co-parents to wiley, something I put in motion, by the way. And they fell in love. They wanted to tell me, but there wasn’t really a good time for it. I mean, the timing was downright awful, actually, not because of michael and willow, but… because of peter. I just — I wish it was some trashy affair, you know? Willow lying, running around behind my back, but… it wasn’t like that. And that’s the part that hurts the most. Oh, I can take bailey to the nursery, if you guys want some privacy. Oh, please, bailey better get used to the drama if she’s gonna be in this family. Boy, that’s true. So how’s chase? Hurt. Sad. We both are, but we actually ended up in — well, “good” is the wrong word, but a better place. How very chase of him. Listen, brook lynn, I know you and chase are close, and I just want to say for the record that this was a colossal mess. And it was all my fault. Hey, this isn’t even close to being all your fault. No, I should have told chase the truth a lot sooner than I did. And I hate that I didn’t have the courage to. Michael and I were just having a conversation about this. Oh, don’t worry. No, uh, details were exchanged. Look, sometimes in life, you’re faced with a crazy situation, and no matter what your intentions are, you are forced to live with it. Look, willow, should you have told chase the truth? Yeah, maybe, but when? When he was dying? When he thought he was never gonna walk again? Look, you messed up, but it’s clear that it was out of care and — and kindness, not selfishness. That is very generous. And this is chase we’re talking about. I mean, he — he will find the grace to see it for what it is. Maybe not today, but he will. I’m hopeful for that, too. If we could all be so lucky. What do you mean? No, just, um, chase could have been more volatile, you know? Someone you’re scared how they’re gonna react if you cross them. Oh, you mean like every single member of our family? Yeah, that’s exactly who I was thinking about. It’s one thing to know you’re getting married, to be happy about it, even. And I am. It’s a complete other thing to contemplate spending the rest of your life with someone you didn’t think you’d spend the rest of your life with. You’re right. You’re right. I mean, I need to change my perspective. You know, this is an adjustment, but I’m still marrying jason, still gonna be wonderful, and the wedding will reflect that. It just needs to be significant. But understated. Yes, and that’s where you come in. Okay, well, have you thought about your vows? Do you want to go traditional or do you want to write them yourself? You want me to write jason’s?

[ Chuckles ] Well, why don’t we stick with traditional? I mean, if I have to stand up there and tell the world what jason means to me, we will be there all afternoon.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, traditional it is. This is gonna be a wedding to remember. I have no doubt about that. Typical, right? I finally find the perfect guy, and [Sighs] It turns out he’s bonded for life to someone else. Someone woefully inferior. Maybe. Definitely. Well, carly is a lucky woman.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you for your support. It really means a lot. But while I am pissed off and hurt and… all of the other things, I’m not sorry, mom. And — and that — that feels really good. Because when my other relationships ended, I was left with this feeling of regret, of second-guessing what I did, wishing I’d been different, better. But not this one. And that is something to celebrate. If you say so. I say so.

[ Chuckles ] Come on, lift your glass! There you go. Cheers. I just don’t understand why he has a problem with it. I mean, yes, you are in the business, but you’re a good person. And he knows that, so I don’t understand why he’s acting this way. I mean, unless he’s just flat-out jealous and still in love with my mom and can’t admit it. Okay, just listen for a second. No, just let me get this out, please. Okay. I love my dad with all my heart, but he is just wrong about this. I am so happy that you are marrying my mom. I don’t think that there’s one person on this earth that’s better for her or better to her. And I didn’t always understand that. I mean, at first, I was too young, then you were gone all those years. But when you came back and I saw how happy you made my mom and how she just trusts you and how that makes up for everything else… I don’t know. I just feel so bad that for the first time that I’ve witnessed anyway, my dad’s being a total jerk. I’m so sorry for your loss. I wish I didn’t know that pain, but I do. You’ve lost a child, as well. My daughter. We’ll always wish we could turn back the clock, don’t we? But unfortunately, we can’T. Yes, but how fortunate that we can take solace in other people who understand our pain. How long you staying, peter? Well, that depends. Uh, thanks to nina and her hospitality, I was only gonna be passing through, but now I think I’ll stick around a little while. In fact, we’ve been discussing a project of mutual interest. Oh, yeah? What kind of project?

Willow wouldn’t have an affair. She’s not a cheater. Yeah, I wouldn’t peg her as one, either. So if she’s with michael… that means she loves him. And having been loved by willow before… I know how lucky that makes him. And I can’t even say he’s undeserving. Michael — he’s — he’s a good guy. I know he didn’t set out to hurt me, it just… it happened that way. Wow. You are being way more forgiving about this than I think I could ever be. What choice do I have? Be angry as all hell. I was angry. But now, I’m just… I’m sad. I’m sad for what was. You know, what willow and I had… it’s gone. And I miss it.

[ Sighs ] But in the end, all I want is for willow to be happy. And she is. Okay. You know, you said something about… putting this in motion. When sasha and I lied. So if you could go back and do things different… would you? Speaking of family, can we just discuss for a second how you gave austin the keys to the kingdom? What was I supposed to do, brook lynn? Uh, destroy the evidence, shred it, don’t give it to — basically, anything other than what you did. You do realize there’s another copy of that memo out there, right? And doing something shady will only come back to bite us. You gave austin a leg to stand on, michael. You’re right, I did, and that’s not good. But it also doesn’t prove his case. Really? Yes. All it proves is that grandfather had a conversation with his lawyer. It doesn’t say anything about a will being drafted. It doesn’t say anything about him signing anything. People have wills drawn up all the time with no signature. It means nothing. And you really think the judge will rule in that direction? I don’t know. But I think it’s best to remain transparent. It makes damage control that much easier, and look, I-I know that you care so much about this because you want your father to be the head of elq. And I get that. That’s why when you did all that stuff with bailey and the shares, I stepped aside, and I think it worked. I think that we can retain control of elq. What if we don’t? Look, would that really be the worst thing? I’m sorry, I just — I can’t tell if you’re joking or not. Brook lynn, I hate to admit it, but valentin is a good ceo. He is. Look, we’re all making money. Elq is in the black. And whether or not you like it, I mean, valentin is part of this family now because of bailey, so if austin gets those stocks and he votes valentin in, would it really be the end of the world? Certainly not worth the backlash of doing something unethical. And I get you don’t see things this way because of your father. Michael, you are giving me way too much credit.

[ Gasps ] Maxie! Hi, liesl, britt. When did you get back? Uh, yesterday, and I’ve been nonstop busy ever since. Was your time in texas healing? I’m never gonna fully heal until louise is home and peter is behind bars, but, yes, being with family helped. So did seeing nina. You saw nina? Yeah, I stopped in nixon falls. I was hoping to spend some more time with her, but she convinced me to come home. Well, welcome back. Thank you.

[ Chuckles ] So what’s got you so busy?

Deception stuff? Yeah, that, and I’m up to my eyeballs planning jason and carly’s wedding.

Wie bitte? It sounded like you said “jason and carly’s wedding.” Because I did. Have you lost your mind? Your dad loves you, and he’s concerned about you. And I’m not gonna lie, he has every reason to be because the life your mother and I lead is — it’s not a normal life. Oh, that’s one way to put it. So jax is allowed to have a problem with that. But with that being said… I think marrying your mom is the right thing. And nothing your dad does is gonna change my mind or your mom’S. Oh, god, no. I mean, not that my mom has any doubts, but even if she did, the fact that my dad is acting this way would only make her more determined.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. Now, that sounds like carly. I guess mike doesn’t know the unwritten rule between author and editor. We never kiss and tell. And we don’t keep secrets. Is that so? Yeah.

[ Door opens ] Phyllis, I just wanted to offer my condolences and check in to see how you’re doing. Oh, that’s very kind of you, ralph. You remember mike and nina, right? Hard to forget. This is nina’s friend, peter sinclair. I know you.

If I had to do it all over again, the selfish part of me would say yeah. Because I love willow, and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. But the way it turned out… the most important thing happened. Michael and willow got wiley.

[ Sighs ] You made quite a sacrifice. I don’t know about that. Nelle was a horrible person. That custody suit could’ve went a lot of different ways, not a lot of them good. And in the end, I guess I would… do it all over again. Proud of you. You’re a good man. Nah, please. You’re crummy at accepting compliments, but you’re a good man. Yeah, I hear that runs in the family.

[ Chuckles ] So what now?

[ Sighs ] Now I get on with the rest of my life. I’m on the mend. I’m feeling stronger every day. That much is clear. I want to get back to work, back to being a detective… brother…. favorite uncle. Violet’s only uncle. Semantics. You know what? That gives me a great idea. You’re assuming I only want to protect my father, and yeah, of course I do. But I also don’t like austin. Period. Like, zip, zilch, like, at all. How about you tell us how you really feel about him? He just, like, shows up in town, like he’s this nice guy who — who’s helping maxie, and then boom. “Just kidding. I’m actually jimmy lee holt’s son, and — and I want all of your money.” Brook lynn, he doesn’t want all of our money. Oh, yeah. I’m sorry. He just wants his fair share. Great-grandfather exiled jimmy lee holt for good reason, michael, and I haven’t seen austin do one good thing that entitles him to be a part of this family. We’d all be better off if we just sent him packing. Can you help me out here? Actually, I’M… with brook lynn on this one. Is there a problem? Yeah.No. There is a big problem. Do you not know jason broke my britta’s heart, treated her like something he scraped off the bottom of his shoe? Mother, did we not just have the conversation that we had? It’s principal, britta. My love and devotion to you as my daughter is one thing. My disdain for that schwein and his hussy is something else. Whoa. Yeah, a little extra, right? You should not be doing favors for those despicable people. Okay, first of all, um, I am sorry about you and jason. Don’t be. But I think in their own way, he and carly actually love each other. Please. If she truly loved him, she’d realize he’s better off with britta and let him go. But no, carly wants what she wants. Who cares about the rest of the world? Do you know who else that sounds like? Who? Us. I’m gonna take off in a minute, but I just want to say this before I go — okay, what’s going on between your mom, your dad, and me, that’s between the three of us, okay? You taking it on yourself, you carrying that weight, that’s probably one thing that we can all agree that we do not want. I know. It’s just hard to separate. I know it is, and I get it. Just be aware, okay? The best thing you can do is just be here for us, love us like you do, support us, and we’re gonna do the exact same thing for you all in our own ways. Very different ways. Yeah. You’re going to college. I can’t — I-I can’t even believe it, you know? But you need to live your life. You need to take advantage of this opportunity. I know. And I’m — I’m so excited. “But”? But it’s just kind of weird because this is kind of the first thing I’m ever gonna do that mom can’t give me advice on. I mean, you know, she never went to college, so she’s imagining what she thinks it’ll be like instead of having gone through it herself. I don’t know. I just — I guess I never realized how much I rely on her experience. I get it. And you’re right. Your mom’s never been to college. But I can tell you what, she has stepped out into a new, overwhelming world and made a place for herself in it. So she might not be able to inform you or talk about, you know, a college experience, but I can tell you this. She has faced a lot of challenges. And she knows how to overcome them, and she’s behind you 100%. So am I. Well, I’ve said it before, but it can’t hurt to say it again. I’m really happy that you guys are getting married. Yeah, me, too. Mm. I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure. Oh, peter’s new to town. But he’s just passing through. Always on the run, aren’t you, peter? You trying to get rid of me already? Well, I just know how much you’re wanted back at home. Ralph: And home is…? We knew each other in port charles. Uh, port charles, manhattan, los angeles, chicago — we’ve known each other in so many places, haven’t we, nina? Um, well, thanks for stopping by, but I know how busy you are. Get out of here.

[ Chuckles ] I’m just a phone call away. I’ll remember that. Isn’t it nice knowing how many people care about you? Mm, nice and exhausting. Could you take me home, if it’s not too much trouble? Absolutely. You’ll be here when I get back? Yeah, I’m not gonna move a muscle. I will be here. Alright. Uh, phyllis, you get some rest, okay? Mm, I’ll try. So nice meeting you. You, too, peter. You just made a fatal mistake.

A camping trip? Camping. Fishing, s’mores, hikes to the waterfall, all that stuff. Not sure I’m hike-ready yet. Alright, so you sit that one out, alright? Look, it’s gonna be beautiful. I mean, who’s gonna help me set up the tent? You said elizabeth and her boys are going. Come on. Look, you’ve been working your tail off to get back into shape. What did you do that for, right? So you can show off your abs at the metro court pool? It’s been done already. Look, get off your butt, you come spend some time with your family. I’ll think about it. How’s that? I’ll take it. You’re thinking about things from a business perspective, and that’s great. But in the time we’ve been together, I’ve come to know your family, michael, to love them, to think of them as my own, and I, too, get major sketch vibes from austin. See? I just don’t know if he has the family’s best interests in mind. So I get why you did what you did. I’m not even saying you’re wrong, but I agree with you. I just — I really love you two as a couple. Oh, my god.

[ Chuckles ] No, really, you are just such a good addition to the family. And that is not to say that I don’t have huge respect for you as a businessman, because I do. No, no, no, no, no, no backpedaling. You are with me on this one. Hey. Oh, jason, perfect timing. I’m being ganged up on over here. You know what? On that note, it is definitely, uh, nap time. We’re going to go find yuri. Good to see you. See you later.

[ Sighs ] Okay, um, well, jason, I texted you to come over here for a couple of reasons. A, I want to give you the heads up about our new family member. His name is austin. Yeah, yeah. Monica filled me in. Oh, okay. Good. The other thing is, uh… willow and i are together again. I ended my marriage with chase. That’s great. I’m happy — I’m happy for you guys. Thanks. You know, actually, I was, uh, glad when I got your text. And why is that? There’s something I need to ask you. Hi, mom.

[ Sighs ] Josslyn… I’ve been thinking about you all day. Have you? Yes, I feel terrible about what hapned last night. It’s okay. It’s not. It’s not okay. Things got tense with me and your dad, and, I mean, last night was supposed to be about you. It was supposed to be a celebration, and I feel terrible. I just don’t want the disagreement I had with your dad to affect your relationship with him. I don’t want it to affect you at all. Mom — I just want you to let us handle our issue, and you just be the amazing college kid that you are. Mom! What? I already talked to jason. I’m good. You already talked to jason? Yeah, well, it’s just another great thing about you marrying him. For somebody who doesn’t speak a whole lot, he gives really good advice. He does. Not one of us can talk when it comes to being selfish. We have all had our moments. Preach. Hmm. Maxie, if you could do something for me? Anything. Make the wedding beautiful.

[ Chuckles ] I’m on it. I had never planned on having a happily ever after. I think it would be great if jason got one. That much generosity, I can barely handle. One ounce more, and your spine will have turned to pudding. Fine. The wedding can be “nice,” but maybe the band forgets an instrument or there’s a hair in someone’s soup. Mother! Not enough to ruin the day, just a minor hiccup. I’ll see what I can do.

[ Laughs ]

[ Chuckles ] You’re lucky that police officer didn’t realize who I was, despite all those clues you kept feeding him. Who knows? Maybe he filed all those clues away and is checking up on peter sinclair as we speak. Well, let’s hope not, for your sake. One siren in this direction… do not threaten my nephew again. Let’s bring it a little closer to home, then, shall we, nina? You built a nice, little, cozy family for yourself here in nixon falls. It would be such a shame if something were to happen to the widow caulfield, wouldn’t it? Or better yet, your precious mike, god forbid. Oh, you’re bluffing. Maybe. But do you really want to risk it?

[ Door opens ]

what you decide. I will. Finn, thanks. You’re gonna be okay. Yeah. Now get back to work. Well, uh, your mom and I set a date. Oh, yeah, she told me. Congratulations. Yeah. When’s the big day? September 17th. I-I was hoping… uh, that you would be my best man. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have by my side.

[ Chuckles ] You didn’t even have to ask, but since you did, I mean, yeah, of course. I’d be honored. I told jason, but now I’m telling you. I love dad. Of course you do. But no matter his feelings on the subject, I’m thrilled that you and jason are getting married, and I need you to know that. I do. That’s a perfect segue to our next topic of discussion. Which is…? Dress shopping.

[ Gasps ] Yay! For you? And you. My maid of honor needs to make a statement. Heck, yeah. Is that a yes? No, because it was never a question. Of course I’ll be your maid of honor. I can’t wait. Aww, yay! Oh, I love you so much. I love you, too. Everything okay? Yes, of course. I was just pitching an idea to nina — a true-crime story about a woman from a small town not unlike nixon falls, actually. And she has to do everything in her power to save the people that she loves. So what do you think? You interested? I’ll consider it. Fair enough. I’m gonna go take a walk, soak up the atmosphere. Might come in handy if you give me the green light. I’ll come with you. That’s not necessary. Well, I insist. After all, I used to be a stranger here myself.

[ Chuckles ] Very well. Thank you for buying, mother. Oh, I’m paying? Well, considering the day I’ve had, I-I think it’s appropriate. I see. Now she’s all torn up. You don’t have time for a drink, do you? Oh, I wish, but I can catch you up on everything in the elevator. Sounds good. It was great to see you, liesl. You, too, maxie. Give james a kiss from his oma. I will. Bye, mom. Bye.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ah. Nina. Aunt liesl. Maxie was just talking about you. Listen, I don’t have much time. Are you alone right now? What’s wrong? Well, aunt liesl, I have a problem that I think you are perfectly qualified to solve, but if you can’t for any reason… I’ll do it myself. You and nina aren’t just business associates, am I right? I’d like to also think of us as friends. Hmm. Why do i get the feeling… she doesn’t like you?

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