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Gabi and Jake in "Days of Our Lives" 8/25/21

Jake wakes up in bed with Gabi, who is sitting up with her laptop. Jake comments that it’s too early to be working. Gabi responds that it’s not for Philip, who is already writing an e-mail which she can see after installing the key logger on his computer. Gabi sees that Philip is writing a confidential e-mail to Titan’s general council. Gabi reads the e-mail but Philip stops typing right before saying what the issue is.

Philip is interrupted from typing his e-mail as Kate enters the Titan office and says they need to talk. Philip mentions that he told his assistant that he was not to be disturbed. Kate declares that she didn’t think it applied to his mother and that she’s here to stop him from making a terrible mistake.

Brady in "Days of Our Lives" 8/25/21

Chloe joins Brady at the Basic Black office. Chloe asks what the emergency is. Brady informs her that the DiMera Jet is waiting for them because he’s wisking her away.

Rafe gets up from bed and greets Ava in the kitchen. Rafe asks Ava about breakfast but Ava remarks that she decided not to make breakfast in case he had plans with Nicole.

Nicole goes to the Brady Pub. Roman says they aren’t open yet. Nicole informs him that she came to see him and she’s sorry it took this long but she hasn’t been in the mood to see people. Nicole feels terrible that the party he hosted for her and Eric turned out to be such a disaster as she’s truly sorry. Roman responds that she should be.

Rafe tells Ava that he’s very sorry for missing dinner the other night as he should’ve called her to let her know that he was stopping by Nicole’s. Rafe adds that Nicole is Ava’s friend too and she’s going through a really rough time, so he assumed that she would be okay with it and she wouldn’t want her to be alone. Ava says that’s why she offered to bring dinner but Rafe told her not to. Rafe says Nicole said she didn’t want company. Ava questions her being company and he’s not. Rafe says that’s not what he meant. Ava tells him to start explaining because it sounds to her like he thinks he’s the only person on the planet who can help Nicole. Rafe clarifies that Nicole said she didn’t want a lot of people around as she’s depressed and could barely get out of bed. Ava mocks that. Rafe says that Nicole is hurting. Ava asks if that surprises him. Rafe says he would expect Nicole to be depressed given the circumstances. Ava argues that Nicole chose to cheat on her husband with Xander, so it’s her own fault that her marriage is over.

Roman talks about Eric coming all the way back from Africa to surprise Nicole for their anniversary, only to find out in public that she slept with another man that they both hate. Roman states that Eric was completely humiliated. Nicole says she made a terrible mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life, but she’s not the only one to blame here. Nicole argues that Sami wanted to blow up her life so she had Xander march in and give that announcement, without giving a damn about how much she hurt her brother.

Brady informs Chloe that he’s taking her to New York because a new distributor wants a face to face meeting today. Chloe asks why she has to go. Brady says that it’s because she works for him and is part of the company. Brady adds that Chloe can also see Parker and her parents. Brady wants to go get her bag and get on the jet. Chloe is not so sure if Philip would approve of them jetting off to New York together.

Philip asks Kate if this is about him dating Chloe. Kate says it’s about Jake and argues that he can’t bring him on board at Titan because he’s an untrustworthy jerk who will eventually stab him in the back. Philip understands that Kate is cynical when it comes to Jake, but he doesn’t fear that. Philip adds that Jake’s own family got rid of him with Kate casting the deciding vote, so he’s trusting that Jake is still so angry that he’ll be all in with helping he and Gabi crush DiMera. Kate reminds him that she works for DiMera. Philip says they both know she’ll be working just as hard at crushing them and may the best company win. Kate is afraid that Philip is becoming dangerously naïve as she doesn’t think he has completely thought what it means to get in bed with Gabi and Jake.

Gabi wonders why Philip stopped typing his e-mail. Jake suggests he could’ve gotten a phone call. Gabi complains that she needs to see the e-mail and what the issue is. Gabi wonders if Philip is in trouble again since not long ago, he was laundering money through Titan for his gambling debts. Gabi asks what if he’s doing it again and this is exactly what they need to get him out of Titan. Jake hopes she’s right but suggests there is something else they could do to pass the time. Gabi doesn’t want to miss anything important. Jake points out that the computer will still record if Philip starts typing again, so they don’t have to stare at the screen. Gabi gives in as she and Jake kiss in bed.

Rafe tells Ava that’s a harsh way to talk about her friend. Ava says that Nicole is her friend, but it doesn’t change the fact that she broke her vows. Rafe argues that she didn’t deserve to have it broadcast at her anniversary party. Ava argues that Nicole took a risk and knew that Eric might find out somehow. Rafe wants to put it in to context and brings up the night it happened being when Nicole got a call from Eric, saying he was extending his stay in Africa again. Rafe adds that Nicole was devastated, got drunk, and wasn’t thinking clearly then Xander took advantage of it. Ava questions Nicole getting a pass for cheating. Rafe clarifies that he’s not saying it’s okay, just that he understands it. Rafe adds that if they would’ve been there for her, it would’ve never happened. Ava questions it being their fault. Rafe says he’s just kicking himself for silencing his phone as he wishes he would’ve got Nicole’s call. Ava asks if he wishes that, so he could’ve slept with her instead.

Nicole tells Roman that Xander didn’t just decide to tell the whole world about what happened between them and she knows he didn’t do it for free. Roman questions if she has proof that Sami paid him off. Nicole says no but Sami hounded her for weeks afterwards and told her that she would do whatever it took to expose her. Nicole adds that Belle is convinced that Sami set this whole thing up. Roman says it pains him to hear that Sami would hurt her brother like that. Nicole guesses he isn’t surprised though. Nicole says that ever since she and Eric got married, Sami has been on a mission to break them up. Roman says that either way, she still cheated on Eric, a wonderful and honest man. Roman argues that she knows what a decent, kind, loving man Eric is so he questions how the hell she could hurt him like that.

After Gabi and Jake have sex, she tells him it was great as usual and then goes back to her laptop. Gabi says she’s just sticking to their plan to take over the world because she hates what Jake’s family did to him when he was doing such a good job. Gabi declares that she will teach them that messing with them was the biggest mistake they ever made and when Philip is gone, she will generate more money than he ever could for Titan. Gabi notes that the key stroke is not the only thing to get them in since Jake needs to have a really good follow up interview so that Philip hires him. Jake says he better shower and not be late.

Philip tells Kate that Gabi Chic just had it’s best quarter ever and Gabi has repeatedly said they have a great working relationship. Kate argues that it’s all part of Gabi’s plan which he questions. Kate talks about Gabi lulling him in to a false sense of security and then she’ll convince him to hire Jake because he’d be so useful in accomplishing their mutual goals, but the whole time they will be working behind his back to bring him down. Philip calls her paranoid. Kate warns that he can’t underestimate Gabi. Philip tells her not to underestimate him. Philip admits that when he started this job, he made some stupid mistakes that put his family and company at risk. Philip promises that there is no scenario where he or Victor would allow Titan to be run by a pair of DiMeras. Kate knows how much it means to him that Victor gave him a second chance, but warns that he can’t be comfortable because if Victor is ever convinced that there is someone else who can do his job better than he can, he will have him out in a heartbeat. Philip assures that he will keep his eyes on Gabi and Jake, but he’s the one using them. Kate says if he just needs information about DiMera, there’s better ways to get it, like from his girlfriend Chloe.

Brady asks Chloe why Philip would have a problem with her taking a business trip. Chloe brings up Philip being sensitive about them spending time together. Brady asks what he’s whining about now. Chloe reminds Brady about Nicole and Eric’s anniversary party and how she went after Brady to make sure things didn’t get ugly with Xander, but she left Philip hanging at the Pub by himself and he got worried about what they might do together alone. Brady remarks that it would be Philip’s problem, not theirs.

Philip questions Kate suggesting he pump Chloe for information on DiMera. Philip says he would never use her like that and she would never betray Nicole. Kate argues that if he turns on the Philip charm, she’ll tell him everything but he refuses. Philip admits that he did try to get Chloe to jump ship but she turned him down. Kate asks if he thought she’d be an asset to Titan or did he just want to get her away from Brady. Philip declares that he lost her to Brady once and he won’t lose her again, adding that she assured him that he’s the one she wants to be with. Kate remarks that Jake assured her too and look how that turned out.

Nicole tells Roman that she’s a little confused about his lack of understanding because she remembers Roman telling her it was wrong of Eric to leave her alone for so long and that if he wasn’t careful, it could drive her in to someone else’s arms. Roman acknowledges that Eric shouldn’t have stayed away as long as he did and he did feel that if another good man pursued Nicole during that time, he could understand she could be vulnerable, but they both know that is a far cry from what happened between her and Xander. Nicole apologizes. Roman tells her that she should’ve come clean with Eric right away since if she was honest from the beginning, she could’ve spared all of them a lot of pain.

Rafe in "Days of Our Lives" 8/25/21

Rafe can’t believe Ava just said that. Ava claims it just slipped out. Rafe argues that she keeps twisting everything he says. Rafe clarifies that if he answered Nicole’s call, she wouldn’t have ended up with Xander. Ava argues that if he answered her call that day, he would’ve bailed on their date and very possibly would’ve ended up in bed with Nicole. Rafe declares that never would’ve happened because he’s involved with Ava. Ava says to never say never. Rafe argues that they have been over this so many times and he’s told her that he does not have feelings for Nicole. Ava admits she didn’t believe him then either. Rafe notes that they obviously have a big problem. Ava says maybe it was wrong to suggest that he would’ve slept with Nicole while she was still married, but her marriage is over, so she wants Rafe to be honest with her and himself about who he really wants to be with. Rafe repeats that he does not have feelings for Nicole and she is his friend. Ava argues that she’s the friend he dreams about, drops everything for, and is always on his mind. Ava says it’s obvious he cares very deeply for her. Rafe admits that he does, but that does not mean he has desires. Ava yells at Rafe to just admit that he wants to sleep with Nicole right as Gabi and Jake come out from the bedroom. Gabi apologizes at it sounded like they interrupted a very personal conversation. Rafe claims it’s nothing but Gabi says it doesn’t sound like nothing. Jake mentions missing breakfast which Gabi is offended by but Jake suggests they just hurry up and go. Gabi apologizes again but reminds Ava that she did try to warn her as she and Jake exit. Rafe asks Ava what exactly Gabi warned her about. Ava admits it was his feelings for Nicole.

Nicole in "Days of Our Lives" 8/25/21

Nicole tells Roman that she tried to come clean with Eric and even wrote him an e-mail confessing to everything she did, but she couldn’t bring herself to send it to him. Roman wishes she had, so she could’ve taken care of this in private and Eric wouldn’t have been humiliated in front of everybody he knows. Nicole says the regret over hurting him is killing her and she hates herself for what she did, but there’s nothing she can do to change it. Nicole adds that before Eric left, they did talk and had it out and he acknowledged that it was wrong of him to put their life on hold. Roman questions her blaming him. Nicole insists that she would never, but as far as their marriage falling apart, they realized it was inevitable since as much as they love each other, they are just different people who are better off apart. Roman tells Nicole that it’s a nice little story, but she doesn’t get to put a nice little ribbon on this. Nicole just wanted him to know that they parted peacefully. Roman knows Eric is a good man, who is kind and forgiving. Roman warns that Eric will live with the pain she caused because he never loved anyone the way he loved her. Roman declares that no matter what his parting words were, he will never be the same and there will be many moments in the coming years where he will think of her and that pain will still be there and he’ll tell himself that maybe he just wasn’t good enough for her. Nicole cries that Roman is right and she’s a terrible person, who destroyed Eric and their marriage, so she deserves to live in misery for the rest of her life.

Philip and Kate in "Days of Our Lives" 8/25/21

Philip tells Kate that he’s sorry she was hurt but she has to stop comparing his relationship with Chloe to what happened between her and Jake. Kate argues that he is her son so she will never stop trying to protect him. Philip says he doesn’t need protection from Chloe. Kate declares that Chloe has hurt him so many times, so she’s not going to let that happen again. Kate asks if her feelings for Brady are just going to magically disappear when they work with each other every day. Philip says Chloe comes home to him every night and it’s great as he can feel their connection getting deeper every day. Philip states that it’s only a matter of time before she is really, truly his. Kate goes with whatever he says and reminds him not to forget what she said about Jake. Kate warns that if Philip hires Jake, he will regret it. Kate tells Philip that she loves him and she’s just looking out for him as they hug. Kate then exits the office.

Chloe tells Brady that she and Philip are in a relationship, so she needs to take his feelings in to account. Brady calls his feelings pathetic. Chloe feels it’s just respect and courtesy. Brady asks what’s wrong with going on a business trip with her boss. Chloe suggests she can go with Nicole. Brady argues that she doesn’t deal with the client directly and he’s expecting to see him. Chloe suggests he go with Nicole then. Brady asks why she’s fighting him on this as he thought she would jump at the chance to see her family in New York. Chloe is confused as first he says it’s about business, then he’s saying he can see her family, so she asks what difference it makes who goes as long as they make the meeting, unless he wants her to go with him so they can spend time together alone. Brady asks why he would need to be alone with her when he’s alone with her all the time at the office. Chloe says an overnight trip to New York is kind of different. Brady gets a call from Nicole, saying she’s not coming in to the office today. Brady says it’s okay as he and Chloe got her covered. Brady asks if there is anything they can do to help. Nicole says she really needs some space right now and is going to take the rest of the week off. Brady assures that the’s there if she needs him as they hang up. Gabi then approaches Nicole outside the Pub and asks if she’s okay. Nicole responds that she’s not and she’s not sure she ever will be. Gabi says she’s sorry as she heard about what happened at her anniversary party. Nicole says she’s the one who should be sorry since Roman made it clear that she’s the one who brought this hell onto herself and Eric. Gabi acknowledges that Roman can be a little judgy. Nicole knows Roman thinks she’s a monster and the rest of the town does too. Gabi says not everyone, and definitely not Rafe.

Rafe questions Ava ever listening to anything Gabi has to say. Ava says normally she doesn’t since she’s always been hostile to her, but the other day, Gabi kept insisting that Rafe had feelings for Nicole while she kept saying that they are just friends. Rafe says that’s the truth. Ava asks if it is, since Gabi, who knows him better than anyone, seems to think that the only reason Rafe and Nicole weren’t romantic with each other was because she was married, but she’s single now. Ava adds that Gabi thinks maybe they will decide to take it to the next level. Rafe says that’s just Gabi being Gabi and playing mind games with her. Rafe can’t believe Ava fell for that. Ava guesses she’s just clueless and gullible.

Jake goes to the Titan office for his interview with Philip. Philip says he needs to decide today about hiring him. Jake sensed the first interview went well but he’s happy to clear up any questions or concerns. Philip informs him that Kate was just there, trying very hard to persuade him not to hire him. Jake says that’s for very personal reasons. Philip brings up that Kate had a valid point in suggesting that Jake is a trojan horse as Kate thinks that Gabi wants to get Jake in the door, so they can team up and take him down. Philip asks if Kate’s right about that. Jake claims Kate is reaching and is just trying to hurt him as much as she can, since he hurt her. Philip agrees that her perspective is clouded by their break-up, but she is a very savvy business woman so he can’t just dismiss her theory. Jake brings up that everything he knows about the corporate world, Kate taught him. Jake declares that DiMera kicked him out and now he’s going to destroy them since he has the skills, the knowledge, and more motivation than he can imagine which is why Kate doesn’t want him working for Titan and also why Philip should hire him.

Brady informs Chloe that Nicole is going to be out for the week and he told her they would cover for her. Brady adds that he feels bad for her because she’s really hurting. Chloe suggests she should go find her but Brady mentions that she said she wanted space, so they should respect that. Brady adds that it also means Nicole can’t go to New York, so he and Chloe have no choice but to go together.

Nicole tells Gabi that Rafe is a wonderful friend and always finds a way to be there for her when she needs him. Nicole says she was a mess the other night when Rafe came over and he was so understanding and supportive. Gabi states that Rafe hates seeing her in pain. Nicole says after they talked, she told Rafe that he could go but he stayed and made her macaroni and cheese. Nicole admits it was very kind of him but he could’ve been home enjoying a wonderful meal with Ava, so she felt really guilty. Gabi remarks that if Rafe stayed with her, it’s because he wanted to. Nicole repeats that Rafe is a wonderful friend, but he has his own life so she’s not going to get in the way of that. Gabi tells her that Rafe lives to take care of the people he cares about. Gabi mentions that she just left Rafe at home and bets that Nicole is still on his mind. Gabi thinks Rafe would be grateful if Nicole went over there and leaned on him right now. Nicole is unsure but Gabi points out that it would save Rafe from having to come find her. Gabi encourages Nicole to go see Rafe so she walks away.

Rafe tells Ava that he never said she was gullible, just that she shouldn’t listen to a word that Gabi says since she doesn’t like her, so she’s messing with her. Ava says she doesn’t like Gabi either since she’s been trying to get her out since she moved in, but maybe Gabi is speaking the truth. Ava tells Rafe that she’s been watching him and Nicole for months, the looks they share, and the moments she’s walked in on. Ava brings up walking in to Nicole’s place and seeing Rafe holding Nicole in his arms. Rafe argues that he was comforting her. Ava calls Rafe the most honorable man she’s ever known, but thinks because of that he feels obligated to stay with her. Rafe insists that’s not true. Ava says he can continue to deny it but it’s not doing either of them any favors for him to continue to deny how he feels about Nicole. Ava then storms out of the house.

Philip tells Jake that he likes his confidence, but he can’t be too careful as he worked very hard to regain Victor’s trust. Philip declares that he can’t hire someone who plans to undermine him. Jake asks what his gut tells him. Philip says he was inclined to give him a shot but then Kate showed up. Jake appreciates his consideration, but if he’s going to put more stock in his mother’s opinion than his own instincts, then they have nothing further to talk about. Jake thanks Philip for his time and exits the office.

Brady tells Chloe that he will tell the pilot that they are on their way. Chloe asks why he really wants to take this trip with her.

Gabi finds Ava eating alone in the town square and remarks that breakfast at home must not have been very satisfying. Ava tells her to go away. Gabi feels that’s what Rafe wants Ava to do, now that Nicole is so available.


Nicole goes to Rafe’s house.

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