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Nina: It’s so empty in here. Hey, Mike, you were really great yesterday, helping Phyllis with the arrangements at the funeral home. Holding her hand…I don’t know how you did it.

Sonny: Well, she needed it. That’s what people do. Just like you, you– she didn’t want to be alone. Last night, you spent the night with her. At times of crisis, uh, people step up.

Nina: Yeah. It was really great to see all their friends that came out to support Phyllis, and remember Lenny — decorated war veteran and native son of Nixon Falls. People of this town really, really loved him.

Sonny: And he loved this town, and the people in it. That’s really all that matters, right?

Nina: What’s that?

Sonny: Loving others and being loved.

Josslyn: I’m going to Kelly’s. Sutton’s going to take me.

Carly: Hey, hey, hey! What’s the rush?

Josslyn: Well, I want to hear about the rest of Spencer’s party from Trina.

Carly: Oh.

Josslyn: And is everything okay with you?

Carly: Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?

Josslyn: Mom.

Carly: Hmm?

Josslyn: It’s a little obvious that you had somewhere to be last night.

Carly: Okay, maybe I just wanted to get you and Cameron away from that ridiculous island. I mean, there was already enough drama at that party, don’t you think?

Josslyn: Yeah, well, that’s the only way Spencer does things — big and over the top. But once you realized that Tony was going to drop us off at home, you could not get away fast enough. Why were you in such a hurry, and who were you meeting?

Trina: Joss isn’t here?

Cameron: Hey. Uh, we left the island so late last night, I figured she’s just sleeping in. So, what did we miss? Did Spencer’s dad have any more crazy surprises besides that knife trick that he pulled? Hey. Are you okay? Did something worse happen last night? Do we need to reach out to Spencer?

Trina: I wouldn’t worry.¬† Despite what his father did — Spencer is definitely not alone.

Cameron: What do you mean?

Trina: Let’s just say, Spencer has a much bigger support system than any of us realized.

Laura: I have a full slate of meetings today.

Kevin: Mm-hmm.

Laura: For some reason, that budget is just never finished. Oh! Kevin, you shouldn’t have.

Kevin: I didn’t.

Spencer: Good morning, Grandmother. Kevin.

Laura: Spencer.

Esmé: Bon apetit.

Anna: Thank you.

Martin: Do you think anybody would judge me if I ordered a bloody Mary?

Anna: [Sighs] You know, I–I learned long ago that when a lawyer’s all smiles, it’s wise to be on your guard.

Martin: Oh, no fear. I’m off the clock. Well, couldn’t you tell by what I’m wearing?

Anna: You do look comfortable, yeah.

Martin: As do you…one more thing we have in common.

Anna: We have something else in common?

Martin: Oh, yeah, our mutual friend and sometime-partner, Valentin Cassadine.

Valentin: Oh.

Brook Lynn: You’re in a good mood for a guy who just dribbled toothpaste on himself.

Valentin: I have not “dribbled toothpaste.” This is Bailey’s baby formula. She loves it when Daddy makes silly faces and gets her to finish her bottle.

Brook Lynn: You really are in love with that little girl, aren’t you?

Valentin: Who wouldn’t be?

Brook Lynn: Come. I’ll get the stain out.

Michael: …frantically tearing the room apart, looking for his favorite car. And, uh, then I noticed that he stopped crying, so, I, uh…

Willow: No! No, no, tell me!

Michael: Yeah.  Yeah, he, uh, got my phone.

Willow: No! Michael, you promised me…

Michael: Oh, hey, Chase! Uh, sorry, I didn’t know you were here.

Chase: Don’t stop what you’re doing. Not on my account.

Sonny: So quiet.

Nina: Yes, it is quiet. Lenny would hate this.

Sonny: [Laughs] You know, Lenny loved his customers.

Nina: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: He welcomed the strangers, and you know his music. He played that jukebox every morning. His favorite song! [Chuckles]

Nina: Yes! And when he thought – thought – no one was looking, he would dance with a broom.

Sonny: Mm-hmm. [Laughs]

Nina: But his favorite was dancing with his wife. I can still see them over there, dancing their last dance.

Sonny: You know, I use– I used to watch them and think to myself, “I would love to have that one day.”

Nina: You’re right. They were very lucky that they had love, for a very long time.

Sonny: Nothing can change that. Not even death.

Carly: Well, we got back pretty late last night, and then I had a pressing engagement.

Josslyn: With Jason?

Carly: Yes, with Jason. How did you know?

Josslyn: Because you guys are engaged, and it’s not unusual for engaged people to want to hang out. Okay.

Carly: [Laughs]

Josslyn: All right.¬† On that note, I’m gonna go to Kelly’s now.

Carly: Josslyn, wait. There’s something I need to tell you, and, uh, well, it also involves your brother.

Willow: Chase, are you ready for me to take you out into the yard, so you can work on your physical therapy?

Chase: Oh, I got up early. I already did my morning routine.

Michael: Oh, wow. Sounds like you’re making progress.

Chase: I’m getting stronger every day. Then again, I’ve got great motivation.

[Phone chimes]

Michael: Sorry, one second. Ah, it’s my mom. She wants me to swing by the house. Something important.

Willow: Tell your mom I said hello.

Michael: Yeah, I will. See you, guys.

Chase: Do you want to go with Michael?

Willow: Why would I?

Chase: He said it was important, and I know how much he means to you.

Laura: It’s very sweet of you and your friend to go to all this trouble.

Spencer: It’s the least we can do after you and Kevin took us in last night.

Esm√©: I did my research on my cell, and I was thrilled to find an excellent p√Ętisserie that serves an excellent croissant.

Spencer: Esmé is very resourceful. You have no idea.

Esm√©: I wasn’t there long before your stepmom got all frantic, so I followed her from the gallery for the hospital. When I got there, I overheard your father telling Ava that he was faking a trip to Dubai so that he could trick you.

Spencer: And you didn’t think to call, or text, or give me any kind of heads up?

Esm√©: Almost. But then I overheard Ava asking your grandmother to head over to Wyndemere, and that’s when I got my beautiful, brilliant brainwave.

Spencer: What brainwave?

Esm√©: I set Ava’s car on fire.

Laura: I hope you found the guest room comfortable.

Esm√©: Oh, I slept like a baby. But, um, I know the three of you have lots of catching up to do, so, I’m going to explore Spencer’s hometown.

Spencer: Oh.

Esm√©: √† bient√īt.

Kevin: Au revoir.

Spencer: On second thought, maybe I’ll catch up with her and play tour guide.

Laura: You know what? Your friend seems perfectly capable of exploring on her own. I’m just curious — why haven’t you mentioned her before?

Anna: Valentin and I — we have a very long, very complicated history.

Martin: And it’s not all in the past. You recently took a trip to New York together, didn’t you? On the trail of Peter August. I mean, one can only hope you were successful.

Anna: We were following up on some leads, which ultimately didn’t pan out.

Martin: Would you put your relationship with Valentin in that same category?

Anna: What’s it to you, Mr. Grey?

Martin: Oh, please… “Mr. Grey.” Call me Martin. Better yet, call me Marty. All my friends do.

Anna: You consider me a friend?

Martin: I hope we’re moving in that direction. Matter of fact…may I be honest?

Anna: I’m not sure I can stop you.

Martin: I’ve long been fascinated by the mystique of Anna Devane. I’d surely love to get to know you better, and vice versa.

Anna: Marty, are you hitting on me?

Willow: Of course Michael’s important to me. He’s Wiley’s father.

Chase: Right. That’s what you share with Michael – Wiley.

Valentin: Just saying my daughter lights up when I walk into a room.

Brook Lynn: Okay, and I’m telling you, she doesn’t recognize you. She just has gas.

Willow: Boy, do you two ever agree on anything?

Valentin: Just that we both created, a, uh, spectacular baby girl.

Brook Lynn: Sadly, other than that, we don’t agree on much else — least of all, Austin Gatlin-Holt’s bogus claim to ELQ shares.

Valentin: Austin’s lawsuit may be an inconvenience to the Quartermaine family, but that doesn’t mean it’s without merit.

Brook Lynn: Spoken by the guy who’s keeping Austin in play, just by the off-chance that he wins his case and gets ELQ shares. Just so he can potentially be a vote to keep you as CEO.

Chase: Not that anyone asked my opinion, but..I have my point of view.

Brook Lynn: Okay, well… you’re a neutral observer. I, for one, welcome your input.

Chase: I hate to disappoint you, Brook Lynn, but I am far from neutral. It’s true, I’m not a Quartermaine, so I don’t have a vested interest in the outcome. But I will always side with the guy who’s being kept in the dark.

Brook Lynn: We only have Austin’s word to go on that he’s being denied his birthright. Okay, the will that was made by my great-grandfather Edward was very clear: Jimmy Lee Holt was cut out; wouldn’t get a dime. They definitely didn’t want him anywhere near ELQ.

Chase: What if there was proof that Edward Quartermaine changed his mind? That he intended to alter the will to include Austin’s father?

Valentin: Chase, you’re the detective. Do you have proof?

Brook Lynn: No, he doesn’t. Because there isn’t any. If there was, Austin would have already produced it.

Valentin: Well, as it happens, I’m having lunch with Austin, so maybe he’ll produce evidence then.

Brook Lynn: [Sighs]

Chase: I’m–I’m sorry if I spoke out of turn.

Brook Lynn: I’m not angry at you, Chase – especially when you’re speaking from the heart.

[Bailey cries on the monitor]

Brook Lynn: That’s Bailey. Excuse me.

Chase: Look, I know you have class this morning, so you don’t have to stick around on my account.

Willow: I’m leaving soon, but I hope you know that Brook Lynn was right. You do have a big heart.

Chase: Is that why you love me?

Martin: You’ll have to forgive me. We can’t all be as suave and debonair as our friend, Valentin.

Anna: Hmm.

Martin: Come to think of it, his– even his name sounds romantic. But speaking of myself, I’ve never shied away from challenges of the fairer sex. From where I’m sitting, you, Anna Devane, are one of the fairest of them all.

Anna: Says the man who’s had six wives.

Martin: Oh, come on, now. Be fair. That was Henry VIII. I, myself, have only had three. And, we’re all on speaking terms. What does that tell you?

Anna: That you got a good deal on alimony.

Martin: You are disconcertingly perceptive.

Anna: You’re quite charming.

Martin: Does that mean I’m making any headway?

Anna: Your interest is duly noted.

Martin: Well, I’ll take that as a definite maybe.

Laura: Esm√© seems like a very nice girl. I’m assuming you met her at school?

Spencer: Yes. At first, I thought she was too cool for me. Uh, it’s not like I’ve had very many girlfriends. But we hit it off.

Laura: Ah.

Kevin: Well, maybe she thought you were cool, too.

Laura: Of course she thought he was cool. He’s my grandson.

Spencer: Bless you, Grandmother, but it’s not like you’re the most objective source.

Laura: [Chuckles] You have your father’s charm. You always have.

Spencer: I hope that’s all I inherited from my father.

Laura: Oh, Spencer, your father does love you very much. I hope you know that.

Spencer: Well, he has a warped way of showing it. Either he’s pretending he’s dead, or he’s pretending to stab me, but either way, I’m done.

Laura: [Sighs] You’re hurt, you’re angry, and with very good reason. It was wrong of him to accuse you of being Ava’s stalker, and it was even more wrong of him to have staged that– that attack. I don’t know what he was trying to do…trying to make you see the error of your ways…? I don’t know.

Kevin: I admit, I was beginning to wonder if Nikolas was right. Your dislike of Avavis pretty well known.

Spencer: I don’t love that you thought that I could be guilty, but I can appreciate that you can admit that you were wrong.

Kevin: Well, it’s not even remotely the same thing, but if you can see your way to forgive me, I wonder if there’s any chance that you can do the same for your father?

Spencer: I don’t mean to be rude, but I do not have the energy, nor the emotional bandwidth to think about my father at the moment. Right now my top priority is figuring out where Esm√© and I are going to live.

Laura: Spencer, wait.

Spencer: Yes, Grandmother.

Laura: [Sighs] As I said, Esm√© is a lovely girl, and she’s shown very good taste in dating you, but there is no way that you and Esm√© are going to live together.

Trina: Last night was weird. Obviously. Beyond weird. And that was before Esmé showed up.

Cameron: Who’s Esm√©?

Esmé: Hi, Trina. Good to see you again. Could either one of you direct me to the Museum of Fine Art?

Trina: Around here, we call it The Chuck. And it’s good to see you, too. This is Cameron Webber. Cam, meet Esm√© Prince.

Cameron: Hi, Esm√©. Um, I don’t know if Spencer mentioned it, but he and are sort of cousins. We share the same grandmother, but we’re not actually related.

Esmé: [Laughs] Oh, you are exactly the way Spence described you, Cameron.

Cameron: I am?

Esmé: Spence and I share everything.

Michael: So, what did I miss?

Josslyn: I don’t know. She wouldn’t tell me until you got here.

Carly: I wanted you to both to hear it at the same time, all right? Last night I had a wakeup call.

Josslyn: Really? Spencer’s party was a wakeup call?

Carly: This has nothing to do with the party. Last night, Jason and I realized we don’t need or want a long engagement. But I wanted you guys to be the first to know: we’re getting married September 17th.

Josslyn: [Gasps] Oh, my God! That is so cool!

Carly: [Chuckles]

Josslyn: Here’s to the future Mrs. Jason Morgan. My God…

Sonny: It’s a beautiful idea, this memorial wall. You know, everything from Lenny’s past life.

Nina: Yeah. Let’s take a look. Wow, look at all this stuff.

Sonny: Oh!

Nina: What is that?

Sonny: Ah!

[Both Laugh]

Sonny: Dog tags! I mean, he was so proud of being a marine, to serve our country.

Nina: Yeah. Let’s leave those out, okay? That’s definitely going on the wall?

Sonny: Yeah. Yeah, sure.

Nina: Oh, wait. Look at this. You know what these are? Down here? These… Oh! These are postcards that he would write Phyllis when he was overseas. Look at this!

Sonny: [Laughs] Ah. Look at this. The wedding. He’s in his uniform and she’s got the white dress on.

Nina: Awww! They look so young. Happy. Mike? What’s wrong? Talk to me. Mike, what’s wrong?

Nina:  Talk to me.

Sonny: No, no, don’t. Uh…For a second, I thought that I– I remembered something. Remember the blonde woman, I told you… she had a wedding bouquet. Maybe it wa–it wasn’t a memory. Maybe it was just a vision of my future.

Nina: Was the vision good or bad?

Sonny: It was good. It was very good. [Chuckles]

Josslyn: Mom! That is so exciting. Why aren’t you jumping up and down like I am?

Michael: [Chuckles] Hey, inside, I’m doing backflips.

[Josslyn and Carly laugh]

Carly: Oh, gosh.

Michael: Congratulations, Mom.

Carly: Aw, thank you.

Josslyn: Okay, um, I have to go tell Cam and Trina. [Laughs]

Carly: Okay, bye!

Michael: You know, uh, you and Jason aren’t giving yourselves much time to plan the wedding.

Carly: Yeah.

Michael: What am I saying? You’re not giving yourself enough time. Jason is going to just show up and do whatever you tell him.

Carly: I’m sure we can pull something together by September 17th.

Michael: Okay.

Carly: Especially if we keep it small.

Michael: Okay. Well, good. Yeah, isn’t the point of getting married to Jason to send a message? Shouldn’t the whole wedding be, you know, a big deal?

Carly: [Sighs]

Spencer: Grandmother, I never thought of you as a puritan before.

Laura: I’m not. I’m far from it. But you cannot go from your high school dormitory to moving in with Esm√©.

Kevin: Spencer, last night your father shook the ground underneath you. It’s only natural that you would want to spend time with someone that you can count on.

Spencer: I appreciate the concern Рand the counseling Рbut I assure you that Esmé and I will not be moving in together.

Laura: You’re not?

Spencer: No. I’d planned on offering her a room at Wyndemere…lord knows that there are plenty to choose from. Of course, that’s out the window now. I need to help her find a place here in town.

Laura: For how long? Do her parents know about these plans? And how do you plan to finance this independent lifestyle of yours?

Spencer: I have money.

Laura: No, your father has money. He took control of your trust fund. Now, he may grant you access to it, but would you even want it? Would you take money from your father with one hand, and push him back with the other?

Anna: As honored as I am, I am not in the market for any romantic entanglements.

Martin: Oh,well,¬† just for my own clariifcation, if I may be so bold. Is it because you’re not interested, or because you’re already romantically entangled?

Anna: You know, do you approach every situation in your life like an attorney? Because I feel like I’m being cross-examined.

Martin: Oh, forgive me. I’m sorry. But I find we all bring a little bit of the professional life into the personal. For instance, you, with your life. With your training in the WSB, are you always more comfortable with your secrets and difflections rather than answering a simple, heartfelt question?

Anna: Uh, touché.  Hmm. There are people who consider my lack of transparency a deal-breaker.

Martin: I’m not one of them. I flatter myself that you and I were made to dance together. Hell, just for the chance, I’d even let you lead.

Anna: [Chuckles]

Brook Lynn: Valentin loves you so much. He so much just wants to be a good daddy to you. Let’s face it, he’s succeeding. Oh, Bailey, what am I going to do when Peter is finally caught and punished, and Maxie gets to bring you home with her forever? How am I ever going to explain that to Valentin? What’s gonna happen to me? [Sighs] Let’s face it, kiddo. You’re all I’ve got right now.

Chase: Our– our marriage began under dire circumstances. You thought I was gonna die. Everybody did. And then when I survived, and I found out that I couldn’t walk–

Willow: Chase, I married you because I wanted to.

Chase: Yeah, and that’s–that’s pretty generous, considering I made you believe that I cheated on you with Sasha.

Willow: Only because you wanted me to be with Wiley, and once I found out the truth, I could only be grateful.

Chase: I never stopped loving you.

Willow: I know.

Chase: Even now. Even when…

Willow: Even when what?

Chase: [Sighs] Um…even when I’m not the man that I was.

Willow: Chase, you are still that man, okay? You are getting better and you will walk again. Okay? I absolutely believe that. So nothing’s changed.

Chase: Really? Nothing?

Anna: Tell you what, the next time I’m in the market for an attorney, I’ll give you a call.

Martin: I hope so. And the next time I need a little help with some cloak and dagger, I’ll make sure to return the favor. Who knows, maybe one day I can bail you out of trouble, and you can turn around and help me get into some.

Anna: Stranger things have happened.

Valentin:  Hey, kids. What am I interrupting?

Martin: We’re not sure, but it was getting interesting.

Anna: I have to go make a call. Marty, will you save my chair?

Martin: Oh, you can count on it.

Anna: Thank you. Valentin.

Martin: That is one amazing woman. The kind you take home to mother.

Valentin:¬† Not my mother. What are you doing? You’re not getting ideas about Anna Devane, are you?

Martin: If I was, what would that mean to you?

Spencer:¬† From now on, I’m gonna take care of myself.

Laura: Are you going to ask Cameron to put in a good word for you at Kelly’s so you can join him in busing tables?

Spencer:¬† I hope you’re joking.

Laura: I’m not.

Kevin:¬† Well, nothing wrong with an honest day’s work, but I think the point your grandmother is trying to make is that it isn’t healthy to be walking around with all this unresolved anger toward your father.

Spencer:¬† What’s been left that’s unresolved? After last night, I want nothing to do with my father or his money.

[ Door slams ]

Laura: [ Sighs ] Well, you’re the expert. How can I help him when it’s so clear that he doesn’t want my help? And just like his father, he has no idea how badly he needs it.

Esm√©: I’ll take an iced tea when you get a chance.

Josslyn: You guys, I’ve got the most exciting news.

Trina: We have news, too.

Cameron:  Not what, but who.

Trina:  Josslyn jacks, meet Esmé Prince.

Esm√©: Nice to meet you. I’ve never met a Josslyn before. Certainly not the way you spell it. You know, “Josslyn” with the two S’s.

Josslyn: Huh. Do I know you?

Esm√©: Spence has told me all about you. Everything from your scar from your kidney transplant to your Australian roots to your mad volleyball skills. I even know all about your family’s quote/unquote “coffee business.”

Josslyn: So I, uh, I take it that you went to school with Spencer?

Trina: Oh, more than that. Esm√© is Spence’s girlfriend.

Nina: Look at this.

Sonny: Aww.

Nina: A picture of Phyllis, Lenny, you, and me on our way to the firehouse dance.

Sonny: Mm-hmm. It’s sweet. We’re all dressed up, ready to go to the dance. We’re preserved forever.

Nina: Oh, Mike. Nothing lasts forever.

Sonny: You don’t believe in the afterlife? You think this is all there is? You don’t think Lenny is somewhere looking down on us?

Nina: I don’t know.

Sonny: You know what I believe? I believe that our souls and our spirits… they continue on even after we’re gone.

Nina:¬†I’d like to believe that.

Sonny: I found you. And now, you know, I’m not gonna lose you. What we have, what we will have, it’s gonna live on.

Nina: No, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. This is — this is wrong.

Carly: I don’t know what to do. I mean, you’re absolutely right. This wedding is supposed to make a huge statement, right? We’re supposed to prove to the Five Families and the rest of the world that Jason and I are committed. But I would much rather have a small, little gathering with the people I love the most. You know?

Michael: Yeah, well. Look, part of the reason that you and Jason are getting married is to keep Josslyn and her little sister safe.

Carly: Yeah.

Michael: So they get to dress up and go to a party for their two favorite people. And look, it’s not like you and Jason don’t already love each other in your own way. And who knows where this could lead, right? ‘Cause, see, Willow and I, we got married for Wiley’s sake, and then before we knew it, it turned into something real.

Carly: Right. And then Chase got sick, and Willow married him.

Michael: [ Scoffs ]

Carly: Michael? Is there something you want to tell me?

Willow: What’s never going to change is that I want you to be happy.

Chase: You make me happy.

Willow: Do I, Chase?

Chase: You know you make me happy. Even being stuck in this chair, nobody makes me feel like I’m on top of the world like you do.

Willow: That’s a lot of responsibility to put on someone. One slip, and you can go from the top of the world —

Chase: Yeah, I’ve been there. Rock bottom.

Willow: You mean when you and Sasha pretended to have an affair and we broke up?

Chase: What else would I be talking about?

Willow: But see, you survived that. You learned to live again.

Chase: What about you?

Willow: I love my life. I have no regrets, but…

Chase: But what? Come on, Willow. You can tell me anything.

Willow: I have to go to class. And you can do more PT work, okay? [ Sighs ]

Nina: I’m sorry, Mike, I just — I can’t.

Sonny: No, Nina. Nina, I shouldn’t have kissed you. I… I know. We have a responsibility to Phyllis. She’s counting on us. And — you know what I mean.

Nina: Yeah, I know. I know. Thank you for understanding. You really found yourself here. Your true self, haven’t you?

Sonny: You almost sound surprised.

Nina: No, I’m not surprised. I’m just so grateful that I get to share this time with you for however long as I can.

Sonny: I’m not going anywhere.

Michael: I thought we were talking about your future marriage, not my past one.

Carly: Hey, you’re the one that compared the two. I think it’s kind and generous that you invited Chase to stay at the Quartermaines’ while he gets his life back together. But with Willow and Wiley so close, Michael?

Michael: Yeah, we’re making it work.

Carly: You sure? At what cost?

[ Cellphone rings ]

Michael: Willow?

Willow: Michael, I need to see you. But not at the house. Someplace private.

Michael: Well, I’m at my mom’s right now. You can come here.

Willow: I’m on my way.

[ Door opens, closes ]

Josslyn: So, I take it that you’re in town for Spencer’s party. How long are you visiting?

Esm√©: It’s so funny to hear you all refer to him as “Spencer.” I mean, no one at school calls him that.

Cameron: And no one in Port Charles calls him “Spence.”

Josslyn: Right, no, especially the people who have known him his entire life.

Esmé: Cool. And that would include you?

Josslyn: Yeah, it sure would.

Esm√©: He’s told me so much about you all. I look forward to getting to know you in person.

Josslyn: Mm.

Trina: So you never said how long you’d be visiting.

Esm√©: That depends on Spence. Hey, you. Come join us. We’re just getting acquainted.

Valentin: How about we agree that Anna Devane is off-limits?

Martin: Why, Valentin Cassadine, how positively Neanderthal. Why don’t you just mark your territory?

Valentin: I’m just saying, the woman is very complicated.

Martin: Oh, I enjoy complications.

Valentin: As much as you enjoy my retainer?

Martin: Point taken. Perhaps you’re right. Perhaps what Anna needs is someone as complicated as she is.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Martin: Excuse me. Yeah. Hello. Of course. Yeah, of course. No, I — I’ll meet you downstairs immediately.

Anna: Is everything alright?

Martin: Lord, I hope so. Um… to be continued. Or perhaps not.

Anna: What just happened?

Valentin: I don’t know, but it doesn’t look good.

Brook Lynn: Thanks, Yuri! [ Exhales deeply ] Sorry, Chase. I didn’t mean to —

Carly:¬† Michael, I want you to¬†know that you can tell me anything. I won’t judge you.

Michael:¬† I know that. There’s nothing to tell. Really.

Carly:  Okay, whatever you say.

Michael:¬† And look, just so you know, I’m not suggesting that our situations are the same, and I’m not gonna lie and say that I’m happy with where things are right now with Willow. I’m just saying that you and Jason might find that your marriage of convenience might bring you closer to a — a real happy ending. That’s all.

Sonny: Listen, I should probably go.

Nina:  Mm-hmm.

Sonny: Well, I mean, Phyllis, you know, I promised her that I’d come by her house.

Nina:¬† Oh, yeah. You should go. I’m just gonna stay here and look for more souvenirs, but you tell Phyllis that I will drop everything if she needs me, okay?

Sonny: I’m sure she already knows that, but I’ll remind her. And don’t forget, you know, grief can be very tricky.

[ Both chuckle ]

Nina:  [ Laughs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Nina:¬† Oh, sorry, we’re closed.

[ Knocking continues ]

Nina:¬† Don’t you see the sign on the door?! Sorry, we are closed.

Valentin: You and Martin seemed to be getting along like a house on fire.

Anna: Well, he’s certainly a very southern gentleman. Very different to what I’m used to.

Valentin: Well, so are grits and ham, but I don’t believe you’ve given up on the finer things in life, have you, darling?

Laura: Should we go to work?

Kevin:¬† You go. I’ll clean this up.

[ Both laugh ]

[ Knock on door ]

Kevin:  You got that?

Laura: Yeah.

Martin: Sister, I fear we are in trouble.

Trina: I need to get going to the gallery. Ava’s in no shape to handle things today, not after her stalker torched her car.

Esmé: As an art fan, I look forward to meeting your boss.

Trina: Mm.

Josslyn: Trina, are you okay?

Trina: Why wouldn’t I be?

Josslyn: Um, maybe because Spencer never told us that he had a girlfriend.

Trina: Why does that matter?

Josslyn: Are you kidding? Spencer has been acting all kinds of interested in you, turning on the charm, and you went out of your way to be there for him last night. He should have been honest.

Trina: He’s just a guy. And it’s not like I’m his girlfriend. I need to get going. Ava’s counting on me.

Cameron: Well, it’s not like we already didn’t know that Spencer’s a jerk.

Josslyn: Yeah, well, a jerk who could be in way over his head.

Cameron: do you mean?

Josslyn: I mean, who mentions a kidney transplant five seconds after meeting me?

Cameron: Yeah, Esm√©’s a little… extra.

Josslyn: Well, I guess that’s what “Spence” deserves.

Spence: I thought you were spending the day sightseeing.

Esmé: I came in here for directions and ran into your friends. I want to get to know the people who are important to you.

Willow: [ Breathing shakily ]

Michael: What’s going on? What happened?

Willow: I can’t do this anymore.

Chase: Austin, it’s me. I found proof that Edward wanted to add your father to the will. Call me back.

Brook Lynn: Well. It’s nice to see you back on your feet. Now, why don’t you tell me what’s really going on?

On the next “General Hospital” —

Michael (to Willow): I’ll wait for you. As long as it takes.

Laura (to Kevin and Jordan): Do I get a choice here?

Ned (to Austin): What can I give you to walk away from your claim?

Olivia (to Dante): And Sam? Anything new?

Sam (to Valentin): Maybe you can help me out.

Brook Lynn (to Chase): If you value my friendship, you’ll tell me the truth.

Nina (to Maxie): Sorry, Maxie, but you have to leave now.

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