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Recap written by Christine
Photos by Dora

Ben on "Young and The Restless" 8/20/21

At the Chancellor house, Ben/Stitch told Abby and Tessa that he was sorry to hear about Mariah. He wished he’d been able to come back earlier, but there was an issue with Max. Abby was concerned, and Ben assured her that his son was stabilized now. He asked what Mariah had been saying. Abby and Tessa exchanged glances, and Tessa said they weren’t so sure that Mariah was the one sending the texts. Before he left town, Ben had been told that the texts didn’t sound like Mariah. He asked if they’d gotten more texts that seemed off. Abby stated that Mariah hadn’t used her credit cards or made any calls since she left. Tessa added that they took Ben’s suggestion of using a phone tracking app, but Mariah’s location was blocked. He asked if there was a ransom demand, and Abby said that was the strangest part – whoever was doing this wanted them to think Mariah left of her own accord. Ben didn’t think that made sense. Tessa noted that they inadvertently let the trail go cold because they thought they were respecting Mariah’s privacy. “If this is about time and not money, then why? I mean how long is this gonna go on. And what do we have to do to get Mariah back?,” Abby asked.

Ben suggested that they could find witnesses if they offered a reward. Abby was willing to pay, but she was holding off at Rey’s request. Tessa explained that Rey thought it was best if they let the kidnapper think their plan was working. Abby said it was excruciating – she wanted to text this kidnapper and order them to let Mariah go. Tessa said they couldn’t let the kidnapper know that they’d figured it out. Abby said she had to stay positive. Tessa couldn’t sit around anymore, so she went to go check on Sharon. Ben asked if there was something he could do. Abby said just having him here meant a lot. He asked how much confidence she had in Rey. Abby trusted him – he was a smart detective and Mariah’s stepfather. She said there wasn’t much Rey could do with so little to go on. She was starting to realize they couldn’t just rely on the cops.

Abby and Ben visited Victor at his place. He was shocked when she told him that Mariah had been missing for several weeks. Victor asked why Abby didn’t come to him in the first place. Abby admitted she should’ve. Ben said, in Abby’s defense, the kidnappers made it seem like there was no reason for concern. Victor promised he and his security team would find Mariah and bring her back.

Tessa went to Crimson Lights and told Sharon that Stitch was back in town, and he was with Abby. She said he was trying to be helpful, but they’d either already tried or decided against all his suggestions. Sharon said she had to trust that Rey would find Mariah. Tessa said she should’ve known Mariah wouldn’t just leave without saying goodbye. “If she doesn’t come back –,” Tessa cried. Sharon told Tessa not to even go there. Sharon was adamant that Mariah would come back because of the love Mariah and Tessa shared. Sharon said that love would keep Mariah strong and fighting to come back to them, and she implored Tessa to hold the faith.

Denise on "Young and The Restless" 8/20/21

Denise, the private investigator, met Devon at his home. She hoped Sutton would finally be held accountable. Devon thought Denise deserved a lot of credit – without her investigation, they never would’ve learned the real reason Sutton went after Amanda’s father. She was glad to do her part, but she’d turned over all her case files to the DA, if that’s what Devon wanted to discuss. He realized she was retired, but he was hoping that once she heard the circumstances, she’d be willing to look into a case for him. He laid out the facts of Mariah’s situation. Devon said that the baby Mariah was carrying was related to just about every powerful family in town. It was the son of Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor, and every family would move heaven and earth to find him. Denise asked why Devon felt like he needed her expertise too. He said there weren’t any leads, and he was impressed with how dedicated she was in Richard Nealon’s case. He noted that she uncovered things that had been cold for 30 years. He was also impressed by how personally she took cases. Denise was heartbroken that Richard never got to meet his children. Devon said there was another child who was in danger of never meeting the parents who were trying so desperately for finding him. Denise asked how Mariah and Abby’s families would feel about Devon taking the initiative and hiring her. He knew there wouldn’t be a problem because he, Mariah and Abby were like family.

Denise said the baby’s connection to so many powerful families added complexity to this case. She recalled that Abby had been a minor celebrity at one time, so she could have an obsessive fan or two. Devon added that Abby’s husband was a federal agent, so someone could be targeting his family, if his cover had been blown. Denise suggested that Mariah changed her mind and decided she couldn’t give the baby up. Devon said they considered that, but they didn’t think so, because Mariah had been excited about being a surrogate. He said that it was Mariah’s idea, and she volunteered to do this. “We actually volunteered together. She’s the carrier and I’m the donor,” he said. There were a lot of people who’d be devastated if anything happened to Mariah or the baby, and he wanted to do everything in his power to make sure that didn’t happen. Denise offered to do whatever she could to help.

Mariah on "Young and The Restless" 8/20/21

Mariah paced around the room and talked to Bowie. She vowed to keep her promise to give Chance and Abby a healthy happy baby. “Hi there, precious little Bowie. I’m so glad that you’re here with me.” She tearfully said he was the only thing keeping her sane in this endless nightmare. She felt Bowie’s elbow jab her, and she wondered if he was hungry. She said there wasn’t a lot she could do about that, since she wasn’t in charge of the nourishment here. She thought they were in similar situations – trapped in a small space, completely dependent on someone else to bring them food, keep them alive, and with no idea of what was going on outside and no way to communicate, though at least he could send messages with his elbow. She was sure their families were so worried about them. This lunatic had her phone. She thought it might be a good sign that whoever this person was wouldn’t let her see them, so she wouldn’t be able to identify them later. Maybe that meant they were planning on letting her and Bowie go.

Tessa went home and sat in the dark living room. “Mariah, I miss you,” she said. Meanwhile, the lights were also out in Mariah’s room. She said she wanted to come home to Tessa. She was sure Tessa must feel that. Back at the Chancellor house, Tessa swore she’d find Mariah, no matter how long it too. Both women wept. Abby and Ben returned. Tessa ran over to them and said Mariah needed them. “She’s terrified. I can feel it,” she said. Tessa figured they thought this was in her head, but she knew what she felt. Abby believed her. She’d been trying to do the same thing with Chance, and she had to believe he could feel it. Abby believed Mariah could feel Tessa’s love and support. Abby said Victor promised to do everything he could to help. Tessa had a nagging feeling they were missing something. Abby said they could go over the texts again, but Tessa said there weren’t any clues in them. She excused herself to go write some music. It helped her think. Ben said this was hitting Tessa pretty hard. Abby said Tessa and Mariah were deeply in love. She didn’t know how anyone could do something so cruel to them. Abby swore she wouldn’t fall apart, because Mariah and the baby needed her.

Devon on "Young and The Restless" 8/20/21

Devon came to the Chancellor house and let Abby know he hired a PI. Ben came in from the kitchen, and Devon asked if he was going to be starting his job as chief of surgery at Memorial soon. “We’ll see,” Ben replied. Abby was confused because she thought it was a done deal. Devon said that his cousin, Dr. Nate Hastings, got that job. Ben didn’t want to say this before, because Abby was dealing with so much, but Memorial needed someone who could start right away, which he wasn’t able to do because he was with his son, Max. Abby was sorry to hear that, though she was happy for Nate. She didn’t understand why Ben came back if he didn’t get the job, though. He said he’d had a feeling that he needed to see how Abby was doing, and after hearing what was going on, he was glad he did. Devon looked skeptical. Abby told Devon that Ben went with her to talk to Victor. She then told Ben that Devon hired a private investigator. Ben thought it was a shame Chance couldn’t be there. Devon said there was a message on the way to Chance now. Abby would love nothing more than to have her husband with her, but in the meantime, having friends like Devon and Ben meant a lot to her. She turned to Ben and said she’d never forget how he’d been there for her and Mariah during this crisis.

Mariah sobbed because she worried that she wasn’t going to have the beautiful birth experience she’d planned. She told Bowie what it was supposed to have been like. “Tessa’s music was going to be playing in the delivery room.” Abby and Tessa were going to be by her side helping her through the delivery. She realized this psycho might plan to make her give birth in here, alone. She didn’t know if she could do it. What if something went wrong?

Adam ran into Sally at Society and asked if she’d found a place to live. She found something temporary, but she was looking for something more permanent, if he knew of any openings. He guessed that meant she felt optimistic about her new job. She intended to make herself indispensible, but for now, she’d buy him a drink. He thought that might be frowned upon by the HR policy. She noted that, as the boss, he could change the policy, or just suspend it for the night. He thought that kind of thinking may have gotten her in trouble at Fenmore’s. She didn’t think he was a stickler for the rules. She said he was rich, and she had bills to worry about, so he could buy her a drink. He did think she had a bright future at Newman Media, and to show her how confident he was about that, he’d let her buy him a drink.

Sally and Adam had a single malt that he chose. She listed the different flavors she detected, and he was impressed by her palate. She said this was a bit out of her price range, but since he ordered it, she decided to try it too. He thought Abby put it on the menu at their father’s request. Kevin and Chloe showed up and went to a different section of the restaurant. Chloe looked dismayed that Sally didn’t heed her warning about Adam. In spite of Kevin trying to stop her, Chloe went over to the bar and asked if she’d missed the memo on this little meeting. Adam said it wasn’t about business – he was just getting to know their new hire. Adam left. Chloe demanded to know what Sally was doing – why didn’t she listen to the warning about Adam? Sally reminded Chloe that she’d said buttering up the boss was good office politics. Chloe thought that Sally had been flirting with Adam. Sally said she was just being friendly. Chloe contended that Sally was letting her guard down and falling for Adam’s “great guy” routine. Chloe reiterated the message that Adam was not a great guy. Kevin walked over, and Chloe said he was a great guy. She made introductions. Sally pointed out that Chloe said everyone deserved a second chance. Chloe stated that she was talking about people like herself, Sally and Kevin – people with hearts, not the town sociopath. Sally thought that was brutal. Chloe said that her friend Chelsea literally grew up running cons, and she thought she could handle Adam, but he handled her – right into a psych ward. Kevin said Chelsea wasn’t the first – Adam had a gift for driving strong confident people to desperation. Sally asked why Chloe would be willing to work with someone like that. Chloe said that Adam owed her and Chelsea, and they were going to take what they wanted from him and move on, but they weren’t going to trust him or let their guard down.

Kevin and Chloe went back to their seat. He thought they got through to Sally. Chloe hoped so. She really liked Sally. Sally was a risk taker, which paid off in fashion, but caused problems in life. She was afraid Sally would need a little extra adult supervision. She apologized for making their date night about Adam and Sally. He thought about Mariah and wondered if there was someone looking out for her. She said that Rey was following all the possible leads, and he even questioned Adam. Kevin said Rey didn’t think Adam was involved. As warped as Adam was, there was no reason for him to take Abby’s baby or Sharon’s daughter. Chloe said that Adam just saved Faith’s life twice and scored major points with Sharon. It didn’t make sense for him to terrorize her other daughter. She said the only person whose opinion mattered to Adam was Sharon.

Adam on "Young and The Restless" 8/20/21

Adam entered Crimson Lights and asked if he was too late. Sharon was just closing, but she could get him coffee to go. He wasn’t there for coffee. He was hoping there was news on Mariah. He asked if there was anything he could do to help. She wished there was. She’d gotten his text, and she appreciated his concern. She hoped Rey could figure this out. He said if anyone could find Mariah, it was Rey. It was taking all her energy to keep her emotions and imagination in check, so she was sorry if she was coming off as rude. He said it was fine. He prayed Mariah would be home soon, safe and sound. She thanked him, and he left.

Adam went to the main house and overheard Victor instructing someone to see if Mariah bought a plane or train ticket under a false name. Victor hung up and he asked if Adam heard the news. Adam said Rey came to talk to him earlier. Victor didn’t think this was about ransom. He asked if Adam talked to Sharon. Adam said he did, briefly, and she wasn’t doing well. He said she’d already been through a lot this year, and she was hanging on by a thread. He asked if Victor thought Sharon had a right to be scared. Victor said this situation didn’t look good.

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