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Boy or girl? Oh, uh, not our baby. Um, brando and I decided that we want to be surprised. I was asking about the baby you just delivered. Oh, a boy and a girl, twins. And thank you for waiting. Babies have a way of messing up schedules. We’ll be prepared. And there’s your baby.

[ Heartbeat ] You were recording me? Is that why you were asking me why cyrus’ ship went down? You wanted me to incriminate myself? I wanted you to tell the truth. So you recorded me! Why? Because I have to save our daughter from the danger you put her in. My professional opinion deduces that this was a date. Good work, detective. Although isn’t it against the rules to date a member of the support group?

[ Laughs ] We just invented… this two-person support group. I think we can make any rules we want. Okay, great, so, uh — so dating’s allowed? I’m open to the proposition. You, uh — you got time for another drink? I think I could be convinced to stay for one more. Hmm. Okay. Then in that case, I will be right back.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Who is this?


Sam, can you hear me? Drew?

Sam, I need your help. Yeah, brick. So, I-I called a meeting, uh, with the five families tonight. Vincent novak’s nephew joey is acting a little too — he’s acting a little too confident. So I need to get a better idea of where the novaks and the other families stand. Yeah, no, carly and I will confirm that we’re getting married, that I’m the one in charge, that there’s not going to be a power struggle for anybody to exploit. But I need you to do something for me. The fireworks are actually amazing. Yeah. I wish we could enjoy them instead of waiting for ryan chamberlain to attack. Look. I don’t know what is going on, but I doubt that ryan chamberlain is prowling around. Yeah, I really hope you’re right. Josslyn? Hi, tony. You two doing okay? We’re a little shaken up but fine otherwise. Yeah, we’ve actually been enjoying the fireworks. I checked out the boathouse. None the boats were tampered with. And both launches just pulled back up. When the fireworks end, the guests should start making their way back to the mainland. So — so it’s over? Not yet. I’m going to arrange for one of our boats to pick us up. Oh, no, no, that’s really not necessary. Wait. Let’s think about this for a second. If the party’s still going on outside, and the boats are back on the dock, that means all the craziness that’s been happening is targeted towards people inside the house. Exactly. And it’s spencer’s party. In spencer’s house. So this is probably about him. Portia. Hi. Just the doctor I was looking for. Hi, ava. Is everything okay? Yeah. Yeah. Actually, I just — I wanted to see how you were doing. I’m doing much better. Thanks to you.

[ Crowd cheering in distance ] Admit it. The fireworks are the perfect grand finale. How are you so calm? Ryan chamberlain just called to tell you “it ends tonight.” And as if you needed to be reminded, he projected it onto your fireplace. Why aren’t you terrified? Look at everyone down there. They have no idea what’s going on. They’re just having a good time. So why don’t we join them? Get lost in the crowd? Or are you afraid we’ll make them targets, too? All I care about is making sure that you have fun. Oh, so this is about me? When I first brought up the party, I could tell you were skeptical. All of this… is just me trying to prove myself. I’d say you succeeded. Good. Because nothing and no one is going to ruin this night for you. I promise.

You used our relationship, my trust in you, to get me to implicate myself? You want to talk about trust, carly? Why should I trust you to protect our daughter? Do you think that you can just build a wall between your criminal activities and josslyn? I mean, you’re either naive, or you’re lying to my face. You son of a bitch. And we both know you’re not naive. You son of a bitch! You came into my house, our daughter’s house, and you tried to entrap me? You tried to get me to incriminate myself? Oh, so you admit that you’re involved in criminal activity? Activity that puts josslyn in danger every single day! You want to shine a light in my face? You want to handcuff me to the table? How far would you take this, jax? Oh, now you’re just being ridiculous. Am I? What if I had said exactly what you wanted me to say? What would you have done with this recording? What exactly was your plan? You’re not drew. He’s dead. Who the hell is this?

It’s me, sam. It’s drew.

Listen, you got to

listen to me.

I don’t have much time, okay?

They’re coming. Who’s coming? Where are you?

Uh, I-I’m not sure.

[ Grunts ] Drew!

[ Static ] Drew! Oh, no. Hey. What happened? Everything okay?

[ Sighs ] I just got a call from a man claiming that he was drew.

[ Heartbeat ] That’s our baby.

[ Chuckles ] I know.

[ Chuckles ] You know, I’ve seen friends where they — they wave around their sonogram like their kids are the holy grail, but…now I get it. This is different, because that fuzzy little person is ours. Fun isn’t over yet. I have a special treat for you. I’m so glad that you and trina patched things up. Trina told me that you advised her to speak to me. I just feel so embarrassed. What? Why? Because you had an affair? Really? And what, here, I thought you were perfect. Well, it looks like I’ve fallen off of my pedestal for sure. Hey. You know, you must have been very lonely to look outside your marriage for companionship. I sympathize with you. You’re more forgiving of me than I am. All that matters is that trina forgives you, right? Right. For the first couple days there, I-I was not sure at all. But now things seem to be moving in that direction. Good. She’s looked up to you her whole life, you know. Must be a little scary for her to realize that — that you’re human, too. That you make mistakes, too. That some of those times when it seemed like you had all the answers, you were really just making it up as you went along.

[ Both chuckle ] Seems like, um, you’re speaking from personal experience. If I’m being honest, there’s another reason that I encouraged trina to talk to you. My daughter kiki. Well, I’m worried about trina. She’s off somewhere with spencer. And since he’s probably the target — well, we got to go look for them. Sorry, I’m gonna have to insist that you both stay here. But our friends, they can be in trouble. Look, I get it. It’s your job to protect me. But can’t we just widen the circle a little bit and protect them, too? Mr. Cassadine has his own security. Yes, I know that. But he can’t call them because the service is out. They were going up the turret. Cam and I know the way. What if we only go there, the three of us? We can go together, and we can grab them and bring them back.

[ Doorbell rings ] Stay here. I take it you’re working here tonight? I am, but, uh — I am the host’s grandmother, laura collins. I’d like to see my grandson immediately. Grandma. Kevin, hi. Cameron. Josslyn. Hi, guys. It’s nice to know that spencer invited you to his party, but it would have been nicer if all of us knew about it. Yeah, about that. There’s something seriously strange going on tonight. Something that spencer’s security can’t handle? Actually, tony here is my security. Oh. My mistake, sorry. No problem. I’m just making arrangements to take cameron and josslyn off the island. Well, lucky for them. The rest of the party-goers are all down on the dock waiting for a ferry to take them to the mainland. I’d say this party is over. Wait, did you shut the party down? No. We didn’t know there was a party until we got here. We came to see nikolas. But mr. Cassadine is in dubai. Is he not? The fireworks are over. I hadn’t noticed.

[ Scraping ] What was that? Probably cameron playing a trick on us. No, cameron wouldn’t do that, especially after the night we’ve been having.

[ Scraping ]

[ Gasps ] I’ll check and see what made that noise. You’re not leaving me alone here! No one’s in here. Maybe it was a rat. There are no rats in wyndemere.

[ Sighs ] This house is huge, and it’s over 100 years old. Of course there are rats. Okay, fine. A rat made that sound. Let’s go outside and continue where we left off. Check the wi-fi, make sure it’s been rebooted. It can wait. No more distractions, spencer. Tonight’s already been weird enough. I’m just going to go downstairs and find joss and cam. Wait, trina! Cam and joss want privacy. I’m not buying it. The fireworks are over. Fine. I’ll check the wi-fi.

[ Gasping ]

, I need you to check outthe meeting venue for me, okay? Make sure there’s no surprises waiting. Look, I-I don’t know. There seems to be a little bit of a power struggle with the novak family. I mean, vincent backed off when we retaliated. Joey, he did not get the message. He approached josslyn. Maybe that was to provoke me to call a meeting with the five families, but — you know, where this guy could set a trap for me. I don’t know. I just — I just need to be sure. I-I picked up the phone, even though it said unknown caller. And for a second, I-I really thought it was drew. But it — it wasn’T. No, I mean, it couldn’t be. But the guy was — he was yelling my name, and he said he needed help. And there was a bunch of commotion and — and noise, and then the line, it just went dead. Alright. Hey. You know what? I’ll have the techs at the pcpd do a trace on this, see if they can find the origin of the call. So, after you got my confession of my alleged crimes, what were you going to do, jax? Look at me! Were you going to take this recording to the pcpd and have me arrested and let josslyn relive that nightmare for a second time? Because nelle did that. She had me arrested and prosecuted. For something you didn’t do. Can you still say that? Everything I’ve done has been to protect my family, and you want to put me in jail for it. I don’t want to put you in jail, carly. I was going to play back your confession to you and let you decide what to do about it. Oh, how noble, jax. Thanks. Well, considering the circumstances, I think that is pretty noble. Come on, carly. Y-you know that you will always have a special place in my heart, right? But josslyn is my daughter. She’s my first priority. And you don’t think she’s mine? No, obviously I don’t, because you see that as a betrayal. I see that as a rescue, saving our daughter. And to be honest, I was — I was trying to save you, too, because if you would have — no, listen. If you would have incriminated yourself, you would have had to have made a choice between your so-called business and josslyn. So I really want to know, what choice would you have made?

[ Screaming, gasping ] Please don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll give you anything that you want. M-money? My father has tons of money. Jewelry, take it all.

[ Gasping ] Clearly, there’s no way to stop tony from contacting my mother and taking me home on a corinthos boat. What exactly happened here tonight? It’s simpler just to show you. Oh, my god. Oh. And before the wi-fi went out, spencer got a call from someone who he claimed was… ryan chamberlain. The launches went missing, too. Someone must have done that on purpose. Do you think he would have gone this far? Who are you talking about? Oh, my god! Spencer! What happened? I thought I saw someone leave the room, but it wasn’t you. There was a guy in here. He stabbed me. What? Where? I don’t see any blood. Where does it hurt? That’s weird.

[ Chuckles fearfully ] There’s no — there’s no blood.

[ Exhales shakily ] Spencer: There’s no blood on the blade. That’s crazy. What the hell is going on? You know what? Never mind. I’ve taken up so much of your time, but I’m sure that you need to get back to work — no, no, no. I was just going to take a break anyway. Please. I-I would love to hear about your daughter. I made so many mistakes with kiki.

[ Voice breaking ] And she — she died before I was able to make amends. Before I was able to be for her the kind of mother that she deserved. I’m so sorry. You and trina, you’re so lucky, you know? You have something that’s — that’s so special. And I thought if anything good could come out of — of losing kiki, it would — it would be for me to — to help other people not make the same mistakes that I did. Where’s spencer? He went upstairs with trina. Let’s go. Okay. Is he here? Laura: Who? Did you see him? Who? A guy in a hood and mask. He pretended to stab spencer. It was ryan, your brother.

Heartbeat’s so fast. Is that normal? Completely. And the baby’s healthy? The baby is perfect. How could it not be? Sasha’s the mom. I think that you had something to do with our baby’s perfection, too. I made my choice, jax. Everything I’ve done since sonny died was for my family. You blackmailing me with a recording doesn’t change that. So you’re saying there’s nothing I can do to make you see reason. And you blackmailed michael into nina spending more time with wiley. Oh — I don’t know why I’m so surprised you’d stoop so low with me. I don’t think you seem to understand that I would do anything to protect josslyn, no matter the cost.

[ Footsteps ] Oh! Glad you’re back. Jax has been busy trying to get me to incriminate myself. Do you think your tech guys can figure out who was calling me or where the call was coming from? I don’t know. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. But it couldn’t be drew, because he was on his way to afghanistan to give back the money that shiloh stole. Right. I heard. And someone sabotaged his plane. It went down in the gulf of aden. And by the time that search and rescue got to the wreckage, the bodies were long gone. Well, we know peter august caused the crash, right, to keep drew from tying him to shiloh and the original abduction. Do you think it was peter who called me? I don’t — you know, the wsb doesn’t know if peter’s dead or alive. And if he was alive, why — why would he be pretending to be drew? I don’t know. But it just sounded so much like drew’s voice. Okay, well, maybe peter was using voice-altering technology. Why would peter want me to think that drew’s alive? I wasn’t very nice to you when I first met you. I was honestly jealous of your relationship with trina. I was defensive about it. But now… I’m just so happy that she has you in her life. That both of us do. And I-I think I have to say that I may have underestimated you. You have a very generous heart. Let’s keep that between us, okay?

[ Laughs ] I promise I’m not going to say anything.

[ Both laugh ] But I-I do actually have to get back to work now. Yeah, of course. But, you know, let’s grab a drink or something sometime, and we can talk about something other than trina. I would like that. I look forward to that. Alright. Good night. Night.

[ Sighs ] Are you hurt? Come sit. Chamberlain used a retractable knife, but he went right for my chest. I thought I was a dead man. I-I don’t know.

[ Chuckles fearfully ] Your brother is definitely not as helpless as everyone else thinks that he is. Trina, what about you? Are you okay? When I saw spencer lying on the floor, I was so scared. Where is he now? I don’t know. He took off, which means that he could be anywhere in the house. Is that why you guys are here? Did he escape? No. Spencer, spencer, we’re here because ava told us that something might happen here tonight. Ava? How did she know? Spencer’s father told ava he had a plan. We don’t think ryan chamberlain is behind this. Of course it is. Who else could it be?

[ Gasps ] Nikolas:

[ Muffled ] Me.

[ Flames crackling ]

[ Gasps ]

Laura: It was you? Oh, my god. I was hoping that ava was wrong, but it was you terrorizing spencer and all of his friends? You used my brother to feed their fear. Spencer needed to be taught a lesson. Like this? This is right out of a horror film. You have a problem with your son, you talk to him about it! It was you. The call from ryan? The writing on the fireplace? The hooded figure? Why?! Nikolas, it’s bad enough that you wanted to teach spencer a lesson in this way. But what about his friends? You had no right to frighten them like that. You don’t think trina was traumatized enough by the real stalker? You had to make it worse? Oh, my god. I have never been so ashamed of you in my life. Wherever peter is, he should still be focused on maxie and their baby. But if not peter, could the call be related to hayden barnes, as a way to distract me from investigating her and have me go off looking for drew? I don’t know. I don’t know that this has anything to do with hayden barnes. But whoever called you, they wanted to distract and upset you. Using the ghost of scout’s father to do it. You think I wanted to take it this far, carly? You don’t think that I went over 100 different scenarios in my head to try to find a way to get you out of sonny’s business and keep our daughter safe? Jax, even if I would have walked away from the business, it wouldn’t have walked away from me. Okay.It was already too late. See, right there, that’s the biggest lie, because we both know that jason would do anything for you. If you would have asked him to take over the business and leave you out of it, that’s exactly what he would have done, isn’t it? The fact that he’s still here tells me that you don’t want him to, that you’re just — you’re happy with the way things are. We’re done. Okay? You crossed a line. So whatever bond I thought we had, it’s broken, by you, only you. Wow. You still don’t understand. This isn’t about you and me. He betrayed me. He betrayed me. He used my trust, and he tried to bait me into incriminating myself. Did you say anything that could get you into trouble? I don’t think so. We need to be sure. Tony: Sorry to interrupt. Joss, we should have a boat out here for you soon. Great, great. I am definitely ready to get out of here. Can you somehow contact my mom so she doesn’t freak out when she finds out that you hired a special boat for me? I restored the wi-fi. You can all make phone calls. Oh. Just come out when you’re ready. I’ll be right outside. Yeah. I think we should go now. Yeah, I think so. You coming? Not yet. Laura: I’m so sorry, cam. Did you shut down the wi-fi earlier? I didn’t want you calling for help. Pretty extreme lesson for your son, don’t you think? What happened to kostas? I told him to disappear for a while. I also made the launches unavailable. Why? Why would you go to such lengths to terrorize your own son? I wanted you to feel as helpless and as frightened as ava did when you stalked her. Is that your car?

[ Police radio chatter ] Yeah. I called it in. Thanks for getting here so quickly. Do you have any idea h-how the fire started? Was there some kind of a-a short or something? It wasn’t an electrical problem. We found a gas can underneath the chassis. Wait, so — so somebody deliberately set fire to my car, and they wanted me to know that it was done on purpose. We also found this nearby.

Damn, I.T. Couldn’t locatethe origin of the call. Why would someone do this, call me pretending to be drew? I don’t know. You, uh, have a reason that someone would be trying to gaslight you? Uh, not that I know of. I mean, maybe in my past, but… gosh, his voice, it just — it felt so real. I felt like I was actually talking to him. It’s just — it couldn’t be. Except — except what? Sam, you’re not saying you actually believe that was drew, do you? Yeah, you sure it’s deleted? Just wipe the whole phone. I don’t care. He can buy a new one. Just do it. Thank you, spinelli.

[ Sighs ] Okay, it’s done. Spinelli hacked into jax’s phone. Nobody’s ever going to hear that recording. Great. The number of people I can trust just got smaller. I know that sucks. I’m sorry. Don’t apologize. You didn’t do anything. Jax did. Are you going to be okay for the meeting tonight? Not like I have a choice. It’s okay. I’ll be fine. And the good thing is you’re going to be there, you know? It was really difficult the last time when you weren’t with me, so… well, brando said that you owned the meeting, so… well, I was nervous. But I did own the room.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cellphone rings ] It’s tony. It must be about josslyn. Tony? What’s wrong?

[ Chuckling ] Are you accusing me of stalking ava again? We already discussed this. You said you believed me. I have proof that it was you this time. What proof? I was with ava when she received that phony hand. It frightened her half to death. And I got drenched with fake blood. No way that could be spencer. Maybe you guys shouldn’t be so quick to defend me. Portia: Drink some water. Oh. I’d prefer vodka, actually. Well, you’re still cracking jokes, so I think you might be okay. But I’m more than happy to examine you just to be safe. Mm. Oh, I’m fine. I’m just a little shaken up. It’s not every day somebody sets your car on fire, you know? Do you have any idea who would do something this awful?

[ Sighs ] My stalker. Your mother’s coming. Okay. We should wait out here for her, because I don’t want her to be a part of whatever is going on in there. You and me both. Spencer: Before you jump to conclusions, I am confessing to one transgression and one transgression only. I threw a party at wyndemere when I thought my father was in dubai. Not lurking around wyndemere scaring the hell out of my friends and me. Pretending to stab you. Who the hell does that? You sent ava’s daughter a teddy bear that spoke with ryan’s voice. Who does that? You don’t like ava. You don’t want her with your father, and you’ve made no secret about it. Oh, my god. Would you really go that far? Booby-trap the sprinklers in the gallery to spray fake blood? Own up to what you did. Just be the man that I know that you can be. Be the son that your mother would want you to be. Make her proud.

[ Cellphone rings ] Ava? Nikolas… there’s been another incident. My — my car was set on fire. My god. Are you hurt? No, no, I’m — I’m okay. Is spencer with you on spoon island? Yeah, he is. I’m — I’m looking right at him. Well, this happened at the hospital. Then it couldn’t have been spencer.

I didn’t get a chance to ask earlier. Do you still suffer from morning sickness? No, not really. I’m feeling a lot better. Good. Then I’ll see you at your next appointment. Okay. Congratulations, dad. It was nice to meet you. Oh, and you. Thank you for everything. And thank you for letting me be a part of this. Who knew a doctor’s appointment could be so much fun?

[ Chuckles ] I know, right? It’s like every checkup gets me a little closer to meeting this little person, whoever they turn out to be. Whoever they turn out to be, they’re already lucky to have you for a mom. And you for a dad.

[ Giggles ] Tony said there’s something weird going on at wyndemere. Josslyn? Yeah, he said that she’s fine, but he doesn’t trust the launch, so he sent for one of our boats. I mean… I need to go to her. But I know I’m supposed to be at the meeting. It’s — don’t worry about it. Are you sure? Yeah, I’ll take care of it. Josslyn’s more important. She is. I mean, she is, because jax, I mean, he has just just given me such a hard time. Carly, forget jax, okay? Don’t let him get to you. You just take care of josslyn. Take care of yourself tonight and be careful. I need you. Do you really think it was spencer’s father the whole time? I don’t know. And I don’t even think I want to know. I mean, yes, spencer can be… over-the-top sometimes. But for his own father to do that to him? I mean, he stabbed spencer, made him think he was going to die. It’s okay. Your mother will be here soon. Trina: Is ava okay? What happened? Someone set fire to ava’s car. -No. -Oh, no. Ava’s shaken up, but dr. Robinson’s looking after her. Where did this happen? Near the hospital. Far from here, far from spencer. So spencer is innocent. I wish I could say the same about you. I’ll go ahead and wait with you until the police get here. Thanks. Are you sure you’re okay?

[ Sighs ] Not really. Who is this stalker?

[ Scoffs ] I don’t know. It’s somebody emulating ryan chamberlain, either a copycat or somebody doing his bidding. Whoever it is, they just upped the stakes. How so? One of the firemen, they… …found this next to my car. I don’t understand this. I mean, how would your stalker get that? I mean, where was that even last seen? It was with kiki. I buried the badge with my daughter because working here meant so much to her. I-it’s a fact. Drew’s body was never recovered. I have to at least consider the possibility that that was his voice on the other end. So you’re considering the unthinkable. Yeah. Maybe drew didn’t die in that plane crash after all.

[ Man breathing heavily ]

[ Man grunts ] Nice try stealing that phone. Won’t happen again. This is the last place you’ll ever see, drew cain.

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