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[ Siren wailing in distance ]

[ Telephones ringing in distance ] Ava: And why can’t you be my doctor? If — if I’m not so horrible, then what is — you’re not horrible, ava! I think you’re fascinating. Too fascinating. In fact, in many ways, I-I-I can… I can identify with you. In what kind of ways? I’ve said too much already. No, you haven’T. I mean, if you’re not my doctor anymore, then nothing you say can be considered unprofessional, isn’t that right? I can’t be your doctor because I can’t be objective. Not where you’re concerned. Kevin: Ava. Oh, I’m so sorry. You alright? No, it’s okay. Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. Hi, kevin. Hi. I-I-I was just struck by a memory of when, uh, ryan was pretending to be you. Oh, uh… sorry. Was there, uh, something specific about ryan that you’re worried about? Well, I am being stalked by a madman, and he sure fits the bill. Yeah. Well, it isn’t ryan. I was at spring ridge this morning. He is incapable of moving, let alone stalking. Well, that’s why I’m here. I-I’d like to talk to you about who is capable. What are you thinking? There’s really no easy way to ask this. Do you think that spencer could be the stalker?

Come on, comin’ out of my shell

man, it’s been a long time since I felt like myself

I been waiting so long, I been doing me wrong

so I broke out of my cell

so when you see me walkin’ down the street

you won’t recognize who you see

you’re confusin’ me for someone else

introduce yourself to the brand-new me, come on

man, this is a brand-new

me -man. -Oh, that was great. Maybe I’ll post this one of joss and cam. It’s very affectionate. Oh, you do that. Then we’ll see how your dad feels about you throwing a rager while he’s away. Hmm.

[ Upbeat pop music playing ] Okay, let’s see ’em. I thought you said we’re the only ones allowed in the house. Well done. I told him no exceptions.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] Oh. As you can see, nobody’s coming inside the house. So is it okay if you just stay here and wait in the foyer me? Please? Sure. Just remember to check with me before you go outside or to any other areas of the house. Okay. Thank you, tony. Whew, glad to finally get off my feet. That deejay was tight. I haven’t danced like that since I don’t know when. Right? I’m glad he lived up to the hype. Everyone seems to be into it. You think so? Your friends are hard to read. Seem kind of standoffish. And by that she means they were total snobs. What’s up with them anyway? They were so preoccupied taking selfies. Are they influencers or something?

[ Chuckles ] No one I recognized. Are these your friends from school? Yeah. They just take a while to warm up. Some of them just flew in today. Jet lag. Oh. Well, it’s a good thing that cam invited some people from port charles. We can have conversations with them. Mm, well, you know us townies. Whatever. The party’s a hit, spencer. I never doubted it. Please, you’re among friends here. You can admit that you’re relieved you pulled it off. The party’s not over yet. I might still have a few surprises up my sleeve.

[ Indistinct conversations, telephones ringing ] Elizabeth. Hi! Hi. What brings you by? Well, uh, kevin.

[ Chuckles ] He’s finishing up his notes, and then we’re going to go out to dinner. Would you by any chance have a minute to talk with me while I wait? Yeah, sure. Okay, great. What’s on your mind? Well, I don’t want to overstep. I just wondered if you, uh, spoke to your father about naomi dreyfus’ death. Sam: And when I asked danny why he put the broken plate in the oven, he looked at me straight in the face, and he said because he thought I’d never find it.

[ Chuckles ] Why not? Because I don’t ever use the oven.

[ Chuckling ] Oh. You don’t cook. Okay, now I get it. My kids thought the oven was a good hiding spot. That’s messed up. I know. Makes me feel like a rock star, though, for serving up pasta. Cooked by your mother. Fair enough.

[ Clears throat ] You, uh — you got to get going? Um… I, uh… suppose I should.

[ Cellphone beeps ] Carly: Okay, crisis averted. Avery wanted a sip of water. She didn’t want to be read to, so she went right back to sleep. You know, I remember all the, uh, bedtime stories that we used to read josslyn. She couldn’t get enough of them, wow, it seems like yesterday, but also a lifetime ago. And now she’s going off to college. Yeah, well, no matter how old she gets in my heart, she’ll always be that little girl with messy hair.

[ Chuckling ] Oh, gosh. Climbing, swimming, and taking every dare. Yeah, but still vulnerable and dependent on us for everything. Yeah. I mean, she’s a strong young woman, but I understand what you mean. Well, you couldn’t possibly. Otherwise, you wouldn’t continue to put our daughter in danger like this.

since we’re here, do you want to go over the naomi dreyfus case? Isn’t that against the rules? What rules? The spa, you know, the single parents anonymous. The whole point was to kind of kick back and relax and unwind. And talking about work, I don’t know, that defeats the purpose. No, you’re right. It’s been nice relaxing and unwinding and all of that. But we’ve talked so much about the kids. Yeah, it kind of goes with the single-parents territory, don’t you think? Right. I mean, you started out by telling me all about the rock climbing thing in the park. Mm, which led to you telling me about scaling a wall chasing after a deadbeat dad. I liked that one. Which led to chasing all of the boring bad guy stories. Alright, well, speak for yourself. I think my stories are fascinating. Yes, they were breathtaking. Yeah, I think so. Which led to the “what was my kid thinking?” Stories.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, it was a good time, right? Yeah, it was. Is this a date? I haven’t heard from my dad in months. I believe he’s still working in africa, but I have no idea where. Laura: Yeah, I thought that might be the case. I just wanted to make myself available to you if you needed to talk. I mean, it’s another death, and that sometimes just kicks up other feelings. Yeah. Well, thank you. Mm-hmm. Honestly, I-I don’t even know how to process this. I mean, what’s the proper etiquette when the woman your father cheated with while still married to your mom dies? Am I supposed to track him down and tell him the news? I think you do what you feel most comfortable with. Which until this conversation was nothing. [ Chuckles ] I don’t know. I guess there’s always e-mail. I’d be happy to send an e-mail if you like. The person I really want to talk to is hayden. Does she even know her mom died? If she does, she might reach out to you. Oh, I don’t know. It’s been so long with no word. I’m starting to think I’ll never see hayden again. What makes you think that spencer is the one that’s threatening you? It’s nikolas. Nikolas is convinced of it. And I’m worried it might tear him and spencer apart again.

[ Sighs ] Well, laura and i were at wyndemere, and nikolas apologized to spencer for suspecting him. After spencer left, nikolas showed us a letter addressed to spencer from ryan. It was quite a surprise. Surprise indeed. The letter was returned to ryan unopened. But nikolas said that he didn’t believe spencer could be the stalker because the dates didn’t match. But based on what you’re saying, nikolas must have reconsidered. He just doesn’t think that spencer’s story holds together, and there are some holes there. What do you think? I think nikolas might be about to make a big mistake. I mean, he and spencer have just begun to repair their relationship. And if he goes ahead and confronts spencer, he could lose his son for good. Spencer: No, everything’s cool here. Just enjoying the time alone. Gives me space for quiet contemplation. Man: Mark, let’s go ride that bull! That? Um, just some mockumentary. I was streaming shows on hulu. Um, hey, father, have a safe flight. Text me when you land, okay? Okay. Alright. I love you, too. Bye. Cam, how many mockumentaries have you watched? Oh, that’s difficult to say. Um, none? Mm. Speaking of bull, what was that guy talking about? My first surprise. I got a mechanical bull. Mm. Impressive. Thanks. Oh, here’s a tip. Start on the lowest setting. It’s trickier than it looks.Oh, okay. Spencer, this party is epic. But aren’t you the least bit concerned about your father’s reaction when he gets back? I mean, you realize he’s going to find out, right? Unless you plan to re-sod the entire east lawn. Yes. More than likely he’ll find out, but he’ll get over it. My father might get annoyed, but he never really gets angry with me. How many times are we going to have this conversation? I told you, jason and I will do everything in our power to keep josslyn safe. Yeah, look, I’m not angling for a fight here, okay? Good. Glad to hear it. I-I’m just, you know, now — now that sonny’s gone, I’m — I’m struggling with this. I just need to understand it. Understand what? How you can tolerate being mixed up with the five families. Okay. I know you don’t approve. But I’ve already told you, it’s the perception of unity and continuity, okay? Everything has to stay the same. There can be no disruptions. That’s how I protect my family. That’s how I keep my kids safe. The way sonny protected morgan. Wow.

This can’t be a date. We’re colleagues. Not really, though. We work together. No, I’m a cop, sam. I would never commit to that. Okay, what are you tal– we — we’ve shared information. Yeah, when it’s available and it falls within the legal limits, sure. Oh, right, because you work within the legal limits of the law. Does that — does that annoy you? Yeah, a little bit. Well, it’s a good thing we weren’t talking about the case, then. Well, it’s a good thing we’re on our two-person support group meeting… meeting. Uh-huh. Because it’s not a date. Uh-huh. Dinner and drinks. Everyone in the world has dinner and drinks. You’re right. You’re right. I’m being ridiculous. It’s totally — totally not a date. Damn straight. Kind of feels like one, though. I don’t know the details. I just know that nikolas is convinced that spencer is the stalker, and it’s tearing him up.

[ Sighs ] Well, nikolas did let spencer believe he was dead for over three years. Obviously, he feels guilty about that. Perhaps his guilt is affecting his perception of the situation. But just because nikolas feels guilty, that doesn’t mean that he’s necessarily wrong about this, right? What do you think? Do you think that — that spencer is capable of everything that the stalker has done?

[ Sighs, stammers ] My — my first reaction is no. But then, I am married to his grandmother, so maybe I’m biased. Right. And I need you to put that guy aside for just a moment, please. I-I need the opinion of dr. Kevin collins. So, spencer, what other surprises do you have in store? Apparently, you’re unfamiliar with the concept of surprise. See, the whole idea is that you don’t know what’s coming. Fine. In the meantime, can I take cam up to the turret? I just love the view from up there. You sure there’s enough room for you, cam, and tony?

[ Chuckles ] We’ll figure it out. Then by all means, enjoy.

[ Indistinct conversations, dance music plays in distance ] How you guys doing? We want to explore the house a little. Is it okay if you stay here? Sure. But if you’re not back in 30 minutes, I’ll have to come looking for you, which I’m pretty sure we want to avoid. We’ll be back in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed. Have fun. Thank you. Well, did I disappoint? I admit you have exceeded my expectations. Thank you. Then you’re having fun? I am. I needed this. Not so much the bougie friends, but the chance to just chill and let go. Mm. Things calm down between you and your mom? I had a talk with ava. She gave me some good advice, as usual. What? I thought you were making an effort with ava. Didn’t you call a truce? Yeah, we’re on better terms now, but we are far from being friends. And if I recall, I also offered some pearls of wisdom. Are you jealous? It depends. What is this great advice that ava gave you? She told me that I can’t let the past get in the way of my relationship with my mom. I basically told you the same thing. Then you and ava agree. Mr. Cassadine. Kostas. Why have you left your post? There’s a problem. With the mechanical bull? The launch is missing. Carly: Oh, how dare you? I mean, how dare you bring up morgan? And sonny. What the hell is wrong with you? I am not trying to hurt you here. Really? But this is — this is too important to keep dancing around. Dancing around? I live with what happened to morgan every day of my life, as well as the reality that I lost my husband. And you’re standing here throwing them both up in my face. Why? Why? T-to prove your point? Well, I get it loud and clear. You can go now. No, no, no. Not until you listen to me. I loved morgan, too. I helped raise him, remember? And — and we decided to send him away to school so he’d be safe. And he was safe, until he came back and got mixed up in sonny’s feud with the jeromes. That’s not the whole story, and you know it. It’s close enough. I mean, you had a chance to break free of this life, and yet you chose to stay in it. I mean — I mean, how can you — how can you justify running the corinthos organization when it’s already cost you one child? Because to walk away would be more dangerous. To stay safe, we have to show strength. You sure you’re strong enough? Yes. Then tell me what you’re willing to do to protect our daughter.

rked so hard to cometogether for josslyn’s sake. What are you doing? Are you trying to say that I don’t love my daughter? No. No, of course not. But this — this novak guy, he — he targeted josslyn. Yes, and it’s not going to happen again. Why, because jason said he handled it? Or — or because you’re going to send a message to the novaks and the other families, give them a show of force so they won’t move against you again? So they’ll — they’ll fear you? I’m not going to talk to you about this. No, I really have to know. Do they fear you already? Yeah. Yeah, jax, they do. Because you blew up cyrus’ cargo ship? Why are you so insistent on our support group meeting being a date? Are you one of those “men and women can’t be friends” kind of people? Not at all. Good. ‘Cause I have a lot of male friends. Wow. That’s good for you.

[ Laughs ] I got a lot of female friends. Good for you. I’m glad… you’re enlightened. Mm-hmm. Except I don’t kiss my female friends on the mouth. You know, the way, uh — the way we kissed on the fourth of july. Sst! I was drunk. And you said you weren’t gonna bring that up again. Right. Never happened. Except it did happen. Dante. Okay, fine. I’ll stop. My bad. Besides, I know I’m — I’m definitely not your type. If spencer weren’t laura’s grandson, would you — would you think he was capable of being a stalker?

[ Inhales deeply ] That’s a complex question, and the answer is even more so. You know, spencer never knew his mother, which is traumatic enough. Nikolas was an indulgent father, a wealthy, indulgent father. Spencer certainly got used to getting his way, and he was known to act out to get attention. And were there ever any consequences for his bad behavior? Aside from laura, probably not. Well, spencer was dead set against my marriage to nikolas. And the stalker seems to feel the same way. Yes, you do seem to be the target of the fixation. But the threats, they stopped once nikolas and I made our impending divorce public and started to create some distance between us. Which is what the stalker wanted. And what spencer wanted. You have to remember that spencer is still a young man. The brain isn’t even fully formed until the age of 25. It is possible that spencer just doesn’t grasp how traumatic this can be for you. Well, it sounds like you think nikolas might be onto something. Kevin, do you think spencer is the stalker? I ran into cam working at kelly’s the other day. I’m just so proud of him. You know, he’s — he’s being so mature and so responsible. Yeah, oh, and he and joss are so adorable together. I know. Can you believe it? I know. Things are finally coming together for him. Thank god. Yeah. I must admit, I was really happy when he chose to stay at pcu instead of going somewhere far away. Yeah. He chose pcu to stay close to home, even though we all told him it was okay to go to california. Yeah. But I’m glad he’s here, although I am a little concerned that he sacrificed going to his dream school. Oh, honey, come on, now. You’ve raised such a wonderful young man that I believe he’s going to do well no matter where he lands. Isn’t it great up here? Yeah, I’d forgotten. Do you remember when spencer used to have us out here for play dates? Do you remember the chupacabra? Oh, god. He had us fully convinced that there was a monster in these tunnels. And actually, he wasn’t completely wrong. Yeah, well, he wasn’t completely right, either, so… ah, typical spencer. Mm. You know, when we were kids, I never realized just how lonely he was.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ] I just thought he was spoiled and obnoxious. And now? And now I still think he’s spoiled and obnoxious, but…I don’t know. I get the sense that he’s trying, or at least trying to try. Mm. Seems like it. Yeah. Anyway, uh, enough about spencer. Fine by me. Mm. This may be his house and his party, but the way I see it in this moment, this turret is ours.

[ Dance music playing in distance ] A few of the guests wanted to leave. When they got to the docks, the launch was gone. They’re probably picking up people on the mainland. Serves them right. Why would anyone want to leave so early? Mr. Cassadine, the plan was to have a boat here at all times. It was to wait for the second boat to arrive from the mainland before departing. We can’t reach the pilots on either launch. Oh. I just want to confirm, you have no transport off this island? Not at the moment. Alright, I’m sorry. I’m gonna have to take josslyn home. I’m gonna call for one of our boats. Uh, hold it. I-I think you’re jumping the gun here. Okay, this could just be a mix-up. You know, what if the pilots figured that, you know, the party was well under way, and it’s probably safe to take a break? I saw the boat house earlier. We need to check and see if the boat’s been sabotaged. Is that really necessary? It’s the simplest way to find out if somebody wanted to strand us here. Hey, kostas, how much security do you have out there? Kostas: Six people. They’re all good. They know their business, but they were hired to do crowd control for kids. Okay, alert your team. Tell them to keep their eyes on the party-goers. I’m going to go check the boats once I have eyes on josslyn. Might be good to keep her here. I’ll keep an eye on these kids. Yeah, do that. If I find out the boat’s been sabotaged, I’m calling a chopper. Find josslyn and cameron. Tell them to come back down here and stay in the living room. I’ll be right back. I’ll go find joss and cam. Trina — here. I’ll be out front watching the door. You stay put.

[ People cheering in distance ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Hello. Everything’s fine.

Hello, spencer.

It’s ryan chamberlain.

You were trying

to get my attention?

Well, you’ve got it.

It ends tonight.

There you are. Trina. I’m so sorry, but things are getting weird downstairs. What’s going on? The launches are missing. What do you mean they’re missing? There’s supposed to be a boat in the dock, and there isn’t, and the captains aren’t answering. Wait, that’s so weird. Both boats? Maybe it’s nothing, but your bodyguard’s in full overdrive. He wants you downstairs immediately. Okay. Okay. Thank you. We should go. It’s always something with the cassadines. Whoa, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean you’re not my type? Well, you know, I’m not much of a brooder, you know. Oh, no, you’re not. I mean, you would have to stop talking… exactly. …To brood. And — and I have a sense of humor. You do slay the dad jokes. Hey, rocco likes them. What else? Uh… oh, I respect the law. Because you are the law. Mm. That’s very convenient. And I can cook. Definitely get a gold star for that one, because I’m not doing the cooking. So you said, yeah. But you’re right, we probably wouldn’t work. I’m a pretty simple guy. I like movies with explosions and, uh… evenings with the kids and… softballs on the weekends and pancakes at kelly’s afterwards and the occasional date night without the kids — dante, dante. Yeah. Stop talking. Okay. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ship? What ship? Oh, come on, carly. Back in may, around the same time jason escaped from G.H., A ship carrying cargo for cyrus renault was sabotaged. I don’t recall that being widely publicized, so how do you know all the details? You ordered — you ordered the sinking of that ship, didn’t you? The loss of that ship rattled cyrus. He backed off, didn’t he? Yeah, because he knew you were the one that took it from. You’re the one responsible for the ship going down in the harbor, right? Jax, what are you doing? Kevin: Come in. Hey. Laura: Oh, hey, I’m sorry. Did I interrupt a session? No. Actually, ava was just telling me that nikolas now feels that spencer is… ava’s stalker. When did that happen? A-alright, look, I’ll talk to him when he comes back from dubai. Mm, there was no trip, laura. There’s no dubai. We saw him leave. You saw him

pretend to leave. It’s just a part of his plan to…trick spencer. To trick him? How? I don’t — I don’t really know the specifics of it, just that nikolas wants to give him a taste of his own medicine. That sounds ominous. That sounds like a mistake. I agree. I tried to talk him out of it. But nikolas thinks he can save spencer from himself, and he is so bullheaded, he doesn’t see that he’s going to make everything worse. Ryan? Hello? I found them! Spencer, what is going on? Ryan chamberlain just called me.

[ Scoffs ] Right. What? Whatever. Is this another surprise of yours? I don’t think this one’s going to go over well with your guests. I’m serious!

Are you, spencer? ‘Cause this really isn’t funny. He called. He said it was ryan chamberlain and that I had his attention and that it ends tonight. W-what ends tonight? I don’t know! But I know that it was ryan, and I recognized his voice. But how is that possible? I mean, ava said that ryan chamberlain’s basically paralyzed. All he can do is blink. And even if he could talk, he’s in prison. He can’t just call people. Dude, you’re slipping. Your pranks used to be way better thought out than this. I am not lying!

[ Screams ] Guys, what is that?

[ Cellphone rings ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Clears throat ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Everything okay? Yeah, it’s unknown call. It’s probably just a telemarketer. Mm. Stupid telemarketers. Yeah. So, would you say that that was A… “maybe he is my type” kind of kiss? I don’t know. You figure it out. My professional opinion deduces that this — this was a date. Good work, detective. Of course, you know, maybe it is against the rules to date someone within the support group.

[ Laughs ] You mean, um… the support group that we made up? Yep. That — that just has two people? Yeah, that one. And we make the rules? Mm-hmm. So you think dating’s allowed? I’m definitely open to the proposition. Cameron: How the hell did that get there? Trina: It’s some kind of projection. Please tell me this is one of your surprises. No. Kostas, get in here! Where did that come from? That’s what I want to know. Who’s been in this house? No one. All the other entrances are locked. The only way in is through the front door, past me. Generator kicked in. I’m going to check the exterior of the house, look for any signs of a break-in. Lock up behind me.

[ Trina sighing ] This is bad, isn’t it? The writing on the fireplace, that is exactly what ryan said to me. “It ends tonight.” And then the phone went dead. Spencer, if this is another one of your stupid jokes, I promise I won’t be mad at you, but you need to admit it. Because my bodyguard does not mess around. And if he gets worried enough, he’s going to call for backup, and then we’re going to have a real problem. This is not a joke. If your bodyguard would like extra backup, good for him. Maybe it’ll discourage ryan or whoever is behind this.

[ Music playing, people clamoring in distance ] The party’s still going on outside. It seems like only the house was affected. No, you mean targeted. You know what? I’ve had enough of being a hostage for a lifetime. I’m calling the cops.

[ Sighs ] I can’t get a signal. Wait, me neither. Cam. I got nothing. We have a signal booster to get reception to the island. Uh, the power outage probably kicked it offline. Okay, so where is this booster? It’s in the sitting room. I’ll go. No! No, are you insane? Spencer, you’re getting creepy messages from ryan chamberlain, and you want to go wander off by yourself? Have you ever seen a horror movie? Do you want cell service or not? Fine. I’ll go with you. You probably don’t even know how to reboot it. Fine. Let’s go. Hey. Nikolas’ phone keeps going direct to voicemail. So does spencer’S. I wish you’d been able to talk to nikolas. He listens to you.

[ Chuckles ] Sometimes he listens to me, and sometimes he doesn’T. He’s, uh, got that really strong cassadine streak in him. Yeah, I’ve seen it, especially when he thinks he’s right. Yeah, but if he’s wrong about spencer, he could completely destroy his relationship with him. Yes, exactly. But nikolas was determined to confront spencer tonight. Well, not without me. You want to know what I’m doing? I’m worrying. A-and I’m — I’m not sleeping. You know, I’m having fantasies of — of grabbing josslyn and — and taking her to australia, the way I used to be able to do it when she was little and — and things got too hot for sonny. You used to understand that. Why — why can’t you now? Because josslyn’s 18, and she’s in college, and she has a boyfriend and family and friends here. You really think she’s going to move halfway around the world with you? No, I-I — of — of course not. I-I understand that. That’s why I need to know that you can keep her safe. Yes, as safe as anyone is. I-I don’t know what else to say to you, jax, okay? I can’t give you — I can’t give you guarantees. A-and I’ve said everything I can say. I need more than vague assurances, okay? You need to convince me. Oh, damn it, jax, I don’t know what you want me to say. I don’t know what magic words you want… to hear. Well, it would be good to know what you’ve already done to protect josslyn and what you’re willing to do in the future. That’s what would make me stop worrying and sleep at night. So tell me, carly. How bad is it?

Cameron, your ears must have been ringing, ’cause your grandmother and i were singing your praises. But you still need to call me back, no matter how much fun you’re having. Don’t make me be a nag. Call me back. Love you. Kostas? Josslyn: Should we look for him? Tony said for you to stay put. I don’t like this, cam. The party’s going on outside. No one even knows to miss us. My bodyguard is off somewhere. So is the head of security. Yeah, they could just be doing their jobs, or maybe they’ve been decoyed. I know what you’re thinking. I also want to believe that this is just a series of crazy coincidences instead of what it actually feels like — a trap. Okay, jax. As josslyn’s father, you should know everything, I-I’m going to tell you exactly what I’m going to do to protect josslyn. Carly. Wow. I can’t believe you would go this far. Can we still get a launch to spoon island? Yeah. Yeah, I don’t see why not. I’ll — I’ll make the call, and the launch will be waiting for you at the pier. You’re not going to come with us? No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. If spencer is the stalker, my presence there will only make things worse. And if he isn’t, I don’t want whoever is the stalker to see me going to wyndemere. That’s wise. Okay. I’ll call you, and I’ll let you know what happens. Yes, please. Thank you. Alright. Let’s get going. See you. Ava: Hi. I’d like to arrange for a launch to spoon island, please. So, do you, um, think you have time for another drink? I think I can be convinced to stay for another. Great. In that case, I’ll be right back. Okay.

[ Cellphone ringing ] Sam: Unknown caller?

[ Sighs ] Who is this?


Sam, can you hear me? Drew? If I remember correctly, it should take about 5 to 10 minutes to completely reboot.

[ Explosion ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god. It’s okay. The fireworks are starting. That was my other surprise. I think I’m all surprised out. Let’s go out on the turret. We can watch while it finishes rebooting.

[ Fireworks popping ]

[ Crowd cheering ] Hope joss and cam can see it from the terrace windows. Yeah, I hope they enjoy it, and it calms them down, too. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but right now, we’re okay.

[ Fireworks popping, crowd cheering ]

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