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Recap written by Christine
Photos by Dora

Lauren and Jack on "Young and The Restless" 8/17/21

Jack and Lauren met at Society, a day earlier than planned. He explained that he rescheduled with her because he was taking Harrison to live with Kyle and Summer tonight. She marveled at how fast things were happening. He guessed that was how it worked with happily-ever-afters. She was sure he must be elated for his son, but heartbroken too. He said Harrison brought so much life and excitement into the house. Letting him go wouldn’t be easy. His son and his grandson would be an ocean away. She understood. He was sure she did – Scott and Fen were out there in the world. She said it was wonderful and terrible – you felt like you’d done your job as a parent when your kids were successful, but the distance… He asked if she had advice. She didn’t know what she’d do without Michael to lean on during birthdays and holidays.

Lauren apologized for encouraging Jack to get involved with Sally after everyone else said she was trouble. He said he let Sally back into his life even after he saw her in action. Lauren couldn’t believe she was duped and that she’d waved off Phyllis’s warnings. Jack said Sally was talented and a great worker, so no one could blame Lauren for giving her the benefit of the doubt. He said it was what Sally did outside the office that became the issue. Lauren thought about how much further Sally could get if she’d stopped sabotaging people. Jack felt it was a real shame. He wondered what the chances were of Sally getting a job of that caliber anytime soon. Lauren and Jack talked business, then she saw that he was wearing his teardrop of love cuff links. He said he had a lot to be hopeful about – he’d have a hand in reuniting Kyle and Harrison. She knew he didn’t believe in the magic of the gemstone, but she believed for him. She said one day soon, he’d have his own happiness.

Nick walked into the hotel and overheard Phyllis ending a call with Summer. Nick felt that Phyllis was calling too often, but Phyllis insisted that Summer wanted to talk to her. She reported that Ashland was allowing Harrison to move to Milan. Nick already heard. He commented that things for Summer and Kyle were falling into place. She said it was because she uncovered what Tara and Sally were doing to their daughter. He thought the technical term for that was meddling, but he respected her stubbornness. She preferred to call that her leadership skills. He said the next few hours would be a tribute to all the things about her that made him crazy. He called it Phyllis Appreciation Day. She loved the idea, but she had a ton of work to do. He said he’d already arranged for the general manager to clear her schedule.

Nick and Phyllis on "Young and The Restless" 8/17/21

Nick knew Phyllis liked to win, so he’d set something up, but he wasn’t going to let her win – she had to earn it. He lead her out of the hotel. They returned after a trip to the batting cages, and she bragged about how she’d bested him. He pointed out that her pitches were going 30 mph slower than his, but she insisted that was fair, since she had a handicap, and he picked the sport. He decided she was right – she could have all the advantages necessary, since it was her day. They kissed, and he told her that next they were going to get massages.

Up in her suite, Phyllis texted Jack that she heard Harrison was moving, and she was sorry he’d have to say goodbye to his grandson. She asked how he was. Nick walked in wearing a blond wig and calling himself Sven, the masseuse. Phyllis played along. He promised to make every muscle in her body scream out in pleasure. They kissed. After the massage, “Sven” poured champagne. Phyllis asked if she could have her boyfriend back, and Nick pulled off the wig. She asked what drove him to give her this amazing day. He said he loved her. He’d been thinking about Summer and Kyle – Summer had to learn a new language and learn to be a mom. Luckily, she had an incredible role model, Nick said. Nick said Summer was taking on this huge challenge just to be with Kyle, and Kyle moved to Milan just to be with Summer. Nick said there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t give up for Phyllis – not anything. He said all he wanted to do was make her happy. They kissed. Phyllis loved Nick so much, but she told him he didn’t have to do the Sven thing. He thought he did after he gave her a hard time for being overprotective of Jack. She said they worried about their exes, and it was okay as long as she and Nick worried about each other, too. She said this was the end of Phyllis Appreciation Day and the beginning of the Nick Festival. She got onto the massage table and pulled him on top of her.

Jack went home and saw Phyllis’ text. He responded that he was great, even though he looked depressed. He heard giggling coming from upstairs, and he smiled. He yelled out to Harrison that Grandpa was home.

Sally was on her way to the Crimson Lights patio when Nikki blocked her path. Sally attempted to walk around Nikki, but Nikki obstructed her route again. Nikki asked if Sally remembered her. Sally recalled meeting Nikki at the Abbott house on Christmas Eve. She knew Nikki was C.O.O of Newman Enterprises and Victor’s wife. “I am also the grandmother of the woman you ran out of town,” Nikki stated. Sally turned toward the other door, but Nikki followed, vowing to make sure Sally knew what happened when she came after Nikki’s family. Sally blamed Tara for targeting Summer, and she claimed her role in it had been blown out of proportion by Phyllis. Normally, Nikki would be skeptical of Phyllis, but this time, she thought Phyllis’ version was accurate, because many people backed it up, including her son, Nick. Sally said Summer had it all, including her dream job that she never would’ve been considered for without Sally. Nikki countered that if Sally didn’t interfere, Summer would be in Genoa City with her family. Sally was sure that Nikki wouldn’t want Summer to miss out on this opportunity. “You don’t know me at all. Don’t make assumptions about what I want,” Nikki snapped. Sally spoke about Nikki’s business success and assumed she’d be happy that Summer was following in her footsteps. Sally’s smooth talking gave Nikki even more reason to believe what she’d heard about Sally. Sally admitted most of it might be true, but she said that she had nothing against Summer. Nikki didn’t want to hear about Sally coming after anyone else in her family. Sally nodded. Nikki added that Victor wasn’t the only one who knew how to take things into his own hands.

Victoria on "Young and The Restless" 8/17/21

Victoria went to Newman Media and asked to see the man in charge. Adam said that was him, but Victoria said that was their father. Adam clarified that Victor was more like an advisor, and Victoria replied that Adam meant babysitter. Adam said maybe that was Victor’s role with Victoria at Newman Enterprises but things worked differently here. Victoria replied that Victor always let Adam get away with murder. She didn’t think Newman Media was doing a good job promoting their launch – even their biggest board member, Ashland, hadn’t heard a word. Adam said when they did launch, no one would be able to miss it. He asked why she cared – surely she didn’t see them as competition to the behemoth that was Newman-Locke. She called him an underdog with a slingshot. “We all know who won that battle,” he quipped.

Victoria needed to know about dates, because she had an important one lined up. Adam asked if it was her wedding, and wondered if he was actually invited. She wanted to make sure Victor wouldn’t have a conflict. He congratulated her and apologized for jumping to conclusions. He was sure she’d understand why he’d done that though, since she was the last member of their family to see him as a monster. She doubted she was the only Newman who saw him as he really was. She was also surprised he gave so much thought to her and her opinion of him. It made her wonder if he was the one worried about competition. He said he had nothing to fear. She said that between Newman/Locke and ChancComm, his fledgling company didn’t have a prayer. She predicted he’d let Victor down again. Victor walked in and told Victoria that was enough.

Victor on "Young and The Restless" 8/17/21

Victor told his kids that the hostility ended now. Adam said Victoria was the one who blew in here full of spite and malice, but he was used to it, so he took it in stride. Victoria said she’d have to give a damn about Adam to despise him, and since her life was going so well, she didn’t have the energy to detest him. Adam felt the power Victor gave Victoria went to her head. She contended that she’d earned everything she had, but he argued that she’d been groomed since birth to be an executive at Newman Enterprises. Adam said he built a career before he even knew he was Victor’s son. Victor put a stop to the argument. Adam congratulated Victoria and promised to buy her a wedding gift, since he was sure his invitation would be lost in the mail. Victor said Adam had better get invited. He saw this as a chance to unite the family. Adam said he was doing his part. He wished Victoria a nice day and left. Victor asked what it would take for the two for them to stop arguing.

Victor asked if Victoria came here to provoke her brother. Victoria actually came to say that she and Ashland decided to get married on October 15th. Victor thought that was soon, but Victoria said that they didn’t know how much time Ashland would have. She was keeping a positive outlook and focusing on the wedding. She said she and Ashland would love to be married at the family palazzo. “In Italy,” Victor noted. Victoria always loved Italy, and Harrison would be living there, since Ashland made the tough decision to let his son go. She assumed he was going to ask why she was getting married when Ashland was making end of life decisions. That wasn’t what Victor wanted to say. He thought a wedding at his Tuscan villa in October sounded perfect.

Victoria thanked her father and said she and Nikki were going to plan the wedding now. He stopped her from leaving and said he didn’t like the way they left things after their talk the other day. She asked if he realized he took it too far when he asked Ashland if he was faking his cancer. He said he wouldn’t do anything to undermine her. He wanted her to be happy. Being a father of a girl who’d inherited a lot of his qualities was a little complicated, and he was still trying to figure out aspects of their dynamic. She understood, because she was still trying to figure out aspects of being his daughter. She’d always love and respect him, even if he infuriated her. He wanted her to go back to the ranch and plan the wedding of her dreams. He told her to make sure she had a long aisle, because he was going to walk her down it, and he was going to cherish every step.

Nikki on "Young and The Restless" 8/17/21

Victoria went to the ranch and told Nikki her plans. Nikki hoped Victoria understood Victor was coming from a place of love. Victoria knew. They’d just had a nice talk. She knew things between her and Victor would always run hot and cold, but she hoped the detente lasted because she had a lot on her plate right now. Nikki asked how Ashland’s treatments were going. Victoria said it was too soon to tell. She hoped it worked, but it was out of her control. She said they should focus on planning the most incredible wedding. Nikki and Victoria settled on white roses and peonies for the wedding. Victoria didn’t have any ideas for music, so Nikki said she’d make a list. Victoria wanted a gigantic wedding with musicians, gorgeous lighting and a five course meal. She wanted this to be a night she’d remember the rest of her life. Nikki was surprised, as she’d assumed Victoria would want something intimate. Victoria wanted a big group that was glamorous and luxurious. She was tired of doing things low key, and she wanted to go all out. “I want the world to know in the most extravagant way that Victoria Newman has finally met her match,” she said.

Sally and Adam collided into each other as they were jogging through the park. She commented on the great first impression she was making on her new boss. He said it was okay – she wasn’t hired on her athletic ability. She wondered if he’d done a background check to find out what her strengths and weaknesses were. He said he’d talked to his friend Jack. Jack wasn’t as willing to weigh in as Adam assumed he’d be. Sally thought that Jack didn’t want to wreck her future. Adam said Phyllis couldn’t say enough, though. Sally said she and Phyllis had a hate-hate relationship. Adam said that summed up nearly all of Phyllis’s entanglements, though most people didn’t put it that bluntly. Sally saw no sense pretending – Phyllis blew up her life and took pleasure in it. Adam thought that was kind of the pot calling the kettle black. Sally admitted she may have done some things that crossed the line, but she never screwed anyone over for good reason. Adam wanted to hear about Sally’s past. Sally figured Adam would hear about it anyway, so she said she’d give him all the lurid details of how she came from JCV to Newman Media. She said if he thought they were too scandalous, he could fire her.

Sally told Adam the whole story, and she was surprised that he wasn’t horrified. She thought Summer was his niece. He said she was, but they weren’t close. Sally thought that was good. “It’s a good thing that Summer and I have a less than great relationship?,” he asked. Sally just meant that all the other Newmans acted like it was a tragedy that Summer left for the job of a lifetime. Nikki just let her have it. Adam said Nikki wasn’t a fan of his either. Adam noted that Sally and Tara got what they wanted for awhile, then they suffered the consequences. Sally said Phyllis broke a lot of rules coming after them, and she got away with it. Adam admitted he had a past of his own he was trying to play down, so he’d judge Sally on her work and nothing else. She said maybe Genoa City wasn’t as filled with as many hypocrites as she thought. He said he wouldn’t go that far. She suggested they do the rest of their run together. He said he was doing a long rough path. She took that as a challenge. “Race you,” she said. She took off, and he ran after her.

Chloe was on Crimson Lights’ patio. She overheard Adam and Sally talking inside. She asked if he regretted letting Chloe hire her. He said he trusted Chloe’s instincts, but he said not to tell Chloe that. Sally promised she wouldn’t. Sally promised to do great things for the fashion platform. Adam asked how Sally was going to set Newman Media apart. She shared her strategy for keeping them on the cutting edge, and he was pleased with it. She promised she wouldn’t let him down. He said it would’ve been easier for her to leave town, but she didn’t. She got the feeling that he also had something to prove. “Don’t we all?,” he asked. Chloe watched intently as Adam and Sally “toasted” to his statement by clinking his cup against her straw. Adam left, and Sally looked up and spotted Chloe.

Sally came out to the patio to explain that she and Adam just ran into each other. She swore she wasn’t trying to score points with the boss. Chloe didn’t mind Sally scoring points with Adam. Sally asked why Chloe looked so concerned then. Chloe said Adam was a sucking vortex of chaos and destruction. Sally thought he seemed friendly. Chloe recommended that Sally read “The Making of a Monster” on ChancComm’s site, or just ask people around town. She was sure everyone would back up what she was saying. Sally said she’d be more careful in the future.

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