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Xander: You’ve got this all backwards, mate. I wasn’t helping gwen out of a jam. She was helping me.

Jack: Now I really don’t know what’s going on.

Gwen: I-I don’t know either. What I was trying to tell you is that I’m–

Xander: Snyder was my business partner. He figured out a way to nick drugs from the hospital, and I handled distribution. The one who was dealing was me. Not gwen.

Ciara: I love you, ben.

Ben: I love you, too.

Shawn: Hands in the air! Look, ciara, are you all right?

Ciara: Yes. Yes, I’m fine. Please, just put the gun down.

Theo: Ciara. Thank god you’re all right! I-I was going crazy worrying about you. Oh, my god.

Lani: You don’t even know if that tip aunt paulina got was legit. Dad, people will say anything for that kind of money she was offering. I mean, shawn and theo are probably on a wild goose chase right now.

Eli: No, they’re not.

Lani: What happened?

Eli: Shawn radioed in. He and theo are at a cabin in the woods with a limo parked in front of it. And guess what? The limo–it has the same plates as the one that ben rented.

Lani: That’s great.

Eli: Yeah. They’re probably rescuing ciara right now. Abe: Thanks to paulina.

Paulina: Someday–maybe someday you’ll forgive me.

[Knock at door] Lani? What the hell are you doing here?

Olivia: Excuse me? Is that how you greet your mama?

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Theo: Are you all right? I mean, when you didn’t come home last night, I thought it was because he hurt you.

Ciara: I’m fine. Theo, I’m fine. I really am.

Shawn: Ah, there’s no cell service out here. Just–all right, I’m going to go radio in, all right? I’ll be back.

Theo: What the hell is wrong with you? Kidnapping her on her wedding day?

Ben: I needed her to remember how much she loved me.

Theo: You can’t make someone remember you just because you want them to. She doesn’t remember you, ben! She can’t even figure out why she was ever with you!

Ciara: Theo, let me explain. Ben did take me here against my will, and I was furious.

Theo: You see?

Ciara: No, please, let me finish. The reason why I didn’t come home last night was because ben fell. He hurt his ankle. And he couldn’t move around on his own.

Theo: Oh, my heart bleeds, ben.

Ciara: Please–this cabin it’s where ben took me after I spun out on my motorcycle. And it’s where he and i got to know each other. And being here, theo, it brought my memory back.

Theo: It did?

Ciara: Yeah. I remember how much I love ben.

[Dramatic music]


Lani: I’m glad that tip was right, dad, and ciara is safe, but we would’ve tracked her down without aunt paulina just butting in and flashing her money around. Look, she’s trying to buy our forgiveness. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have lifted a finger to help ciara.

Abe: You know, I think she was genuinely trying to help your brother. Don’t you think she saved the department some time?

Eli: Probably.

Abe: You know, I’m grateful for that.

Lani: Great. She wins again.

Abe: Oh, honey–

Lani: No, dad, this is what she does. And–why can’t you see it?

Abe: You know, you have made me aware, sweetheart, of what she did to you in the past. But isn’t it possible that now, in the present, she’s trying to make it up to you?

Paulina: I’m sorry for disrespecting you.

Olivia: I raised you better than that.

Paulina: I said I was sorry! I’m–I’m just surprised to see you, is all. And I just got this place. I didn’t think you knew the address.

Olivia: I got it from your assistant.

Paulina: Mary? She told you where I am? You know, one thing I don’t like about her is her big mouth.

Olivia: I think mary is a very fine person. She was so kind and helpful to me.

Paulina: Hmm, was she?

Olivia: She even booked my plane ticket. First-class. It’s nice up there in the front of the plane.

Paulina: I’ll bet you I know who paid for your seat.

Olivia: What?

Paulina: I said that I didn’t know that you were well enough to travel.

Olivia: I’m not, but I had to get here anyway after I talked to your sister.

Paulina: Oh really? Ooh, pray tell, what did tammy have to say?

Olivia: Oh, don’t you “pray tell” me! And don’t try to play innocent either. Are you going to take this bag and invite your mama in? Or do I have to stand out here like some vagrant?

Paulina: Do I have a choice?

Olivia: No, I don’t suppose you do.

[Mellow jazz music]

Pool floaties are like whooping cough.

Gwen: I can explain.

Xander: Gwen didn’t know that she was delivering drugs. The envelopes I gave her were sealed. I told her where to take them. She had no idea she was up to something illegal.

Jack: I don’t understand.

Xander: I tricked her. I told her that they were documents for a business deal. So take it out on me, not her. Gwen didn’t know what I was having her do.

Olivia: This is some fancy apartment you got here.

Paulina: Here you go. Nice and sweet, just like you like. I’m glad you like the place.

Olivia: Did I say I liked it?

[Uneasy jazz music]

You poured the whole sugar bowl in here!

Paulina: Well, don’t drink it, then. Nobody’s pointing a gun to your head. You know, in fact, you can just turn yourself around and get on a first-class plane right back all the way to miami.

Olivia: I’m not going anywhere until you tell me what you’re doing here.

Paulina: I don’t know what you mean.

Olivia: You know just what i mean. Your sister is furious with you, and I don’t blame her. She wants you far away from lani, and so do I.

Lani: Dad, I just don’t want paulina to hurt you again.

Eli: She’s really worried about that, abe. And she knows what paulina can do better than you do.

Abe: I’m a big boy now. I can take care of myself.

Lani: Fine. But when she starts making fancy promises to you, like, say a trip to paris, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Theo: You don’t love him! You can’t! I mean, he must’ve brainwashed you or something! Shawn, you have to arrest him! Get him away from your sister!

Ciara: Okay. Hey, theo, I am not brainwashed. I did block out a huge chunk of time, but it wasn’t to block out ben. It was because the people who hated him wanted to hurt me. Ben brought me here because he wanted to help me. He knew that I’d be happier once I got my memory back. And he was right.

Theo: So–so you love him? Not me?

Ciara: I need to talk to theo alone for a minute.

Shawn: Hey, why don’t you and I go outside?

Ben: I can’T.

Shawn: I mean, come on. I mean, you can at least give them a little bit of privacy–

Ben: I mean, I literally can’t; I fell yesterday. I mean, I busted my ankle.

Ciara: It’s okay. Theo and I will go outside. Please?

[Tender music]

As someone who resembles someone else…

Shawn: Look, I know how much you love my sister. Okay, but what if your plan didn’t work out, ben? What if it didn’t work out the way that you wanted it to? What would happen if ciara were catatonic right now?

Ben: Shawn, you saw her. That didn’t happen.

Shawn: Yeah, you’re lucky it didn’T. Oh, and by the way, claire and allie? They spent the last night in jail, so–

Ben: Wait, what?

Shawn: Yeah, there were two police officers and the mayor at that wedding that didn’t happen. All right, the girls confessed to helping you trick ciara, which means that they are aiding and abetting a kidnapping. Lani gave them a chance to make statements, but they refused.

Ben: You’re kidding me, right?

Shawn: No. The da–the da charged them, and I had to arrest my own daughter and my cousin. So let’s just say that yesterday wasn’t exactly a good day, ben! Not at all!

Ben: Listen, I am sorry, brother, seriously. I never told them to keep quiet. I honestly expected that they were the ones that gave me up. I thought that’s how you found us.

Shawn: You thought wrong. And if they haven’t made bail yet, that means they’re still sitting there in that cell.

Ben: Those charges have to be dropped. This whole thing was my idea. I talked them into helping me, okay? I take full responsibility for this.

Shawn: Look, I hope so. Oh, and by the way, that was a cute trick. Yeah, getting claire to walk down the aisle with that big heavy veil on. Really?

Ben: Look, man, I really am sorry about everything else. I didn’t want to trick ciara, but I had to get her up here. That was the only way I could do it. And to be honest with you, man, I’d do it all over again because it worked. She remembers how much she loves me now. It worked.

Shawn: Yeah, I know. I heard her.

Ben: Hey, she belongs with me, shawn.

Shawn: And she agrees with you. And so do I. But it’s just sad that a good guy like theo had to get torn to shreds in the process.

Ciara: Theo, I- I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am.

Theo: It’s not you. It’s–it’s ben.

Ciara: No. Theo, it’s me. When I woke up in the hospital, after they had found me, I was confused, and I was scared, and you–you made me feel like I was safe again. I feel like I used you.

Theo: It didn’t feel that way to me. I liked taking care of you. And ben was acting crazy. I mean–

Ciara: I was his wife. And he loved me. He was afraid he’d lost me. And I love him, too, theo. I remember now.

Theo: How can you love a guy who’s killed three people?

Ciara: He wasn’t sane when he did those things. And he’s never ever gonna forgive himself for it.

Theo: But you can?

Ciara: I love the person he was before he got sick and the man he became after he got better. Theo, I love you too.

Theo: Just not in the same way, right? What did he even do to make you remember?

Ciara: He gave me a fortune cookie.

Theo: That’s all it took?

Ciara: Marlena told him that small things can trigger big memories, and that is exactly what happened. All of the memories of how in love we were and all of the feelings, theo, they all came rushing back. Theo, you are the last person in this world that I would ever want to hurt, and I really, really wish it didn’t have to be this way.

Theo: I-I guess I knew you’d remember someday. I just thought that I could make you love me enough that it wouldn’t matter.

Ciara: Theo, I’m so sorry!

[Melancholy music]


Eli: Shawn radioed in. He and theo are with ciara and ben. Ciara is fine.

Abe: Oh. Thank god. I wonder how theo is.

Lani: Yeah. And I wonder what this means for him and their wedding.

Paulina: You know what lani means to me! I love that girl!

Olivia: And she loves eli. But your love for lani didn’t stop you from trying to bulldoze the town square that his family built.

Paulina: I made a mistake. I’m trying to make up for it now.

Olivia: By writing checks?

Paulina: Did you come all the way here just to give me the same old lectures? Lani will come around, I know, I know she will. So will abe.

Olivia: Would that be abraham carver, your sister’s man?

Paulina: Oh, is that what tammy’s getting all worked up about? She and abe–they were over a long, long time ago.

Olivia: You know well and good that that is not what this is about. You made a promise to tamara a long time ago, and you broke that promise. And I’m here to stop you before you break anything else.

Paulina: If tammy’s got a problem with me, she’s a big girl. She can tell me herself.

Olivia: I said I’d tell you, and I don’t want any backtalk. You just get yourself packed and move on back home. You had no business coming to this town in the first place.

Eli: Shawn didn’t give me any of the details. Babe, we should probably get going home. The sitter said she can’t stay late today.

Abe: Look, you two go ahead. I’m going to try to reach shawn. I want to know what’s going on at that cabin.

Lani: As soon as you find out how theo is, please let me know.

Abe: Of course I will. I’ll see you.

Lani: Take care of yourself, okay?

Abe: Yeah.

Lani: I love you, dad.

Abe: I love you.

Theo: I remember the day I picked this out. I was so happy. I remember thinking, “I’m going to marry the woman that I love. My best friend.”

[Tender music]


Ciara: You’re going to find a woman who loves you the way that you deserve to be loved, theo.

Theo: Right now, I can’t imagine loving anyone other than you.

Ciara: I understand. But someday maybe–

Theo: Tell shawn I’m going to meet him in the car.

Ciara: Theo! Can I at least give you a hug? Please?

Theo: Maybe someday… but not now.


Ben: How’s theo doing?

Ciara: How do you think? He said he will wait for you in the car. Don’t just drop him off anywhere, no matter what he says. Take him to abe’s or lani’S.

Shawn: I got it. I won’t leave him alone. So, in regards to yesterday, I’m gonna assume that you’re not pressing charges, right?

Ciara: I mean, I wasn’t really kidnapped. It was more of an intervention. I never want to be apart from ben ever again.

Shawn: That’s what I figured. Look, I know how much the two of you love each other. I’m really happy for you both.

Ciara: Thank you for saying that.

Ben: So how is claire and allie? What’s going to happen with them?

Shawn: Well, considering ciara was never kidnapped, the charges will be dropped.

Ciara: Charges? What charges? What are–what are you talking about?

Shawn: Yeah, I’ll let ben explain that one to you.

Ciara: Okay.

Shawn: So I’m gonna go out there to theo. Your leg? Want me to call an emt? Have them come out here, mend you up, and give you a ride back?

Ben: You know what? I don’t think that’s going to be necessary. Thank you, though. It’s starting to feel better already.

Shawn: Okay then. I will see you guys.

Ciara: Bye, bro.

Shawn: Bye.

Ben: Worst is over now. All over.

Xander: Come on, jack. I just owned up to pushing drugs and dumping a body. What doesn’t add up?

Jack: The timeline. You started dealing drugs after you quit your job at titan. That was before you moved in here.

Xander: Right.

Jack: Snyder’s body was found in the lake on july 4th. And you were still dealing drugs when snyder died? Even though you’d gotten a job at basic black?

Xander: Well, once you’re in, it’s hard to get out.

Jack: According to steve, tripp said he saw you and snyder arguing at the beginning of june. Is that right?

Gwen: I don’t remember.

Jack: So you were deeply involved by then. And you were still deeply involved when snyder died at the beginning of july. Is that right?

Gwen: Yeah. Yeah, that’s right.

Jack: I let you live here rent-free! And you repaid me by duping my daughter into becoming part of a drug ring. And then you told her that she couldn’t get out! She was still suffering from the loss of her baby girl!

Xander: I, uh… I didn’t know that.

Jack: You didn’t care! You get your things, and you get the hell out of here! You disgust me! I’ve got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

Ciara: I feel so bad about theo. He was there for me when I needed him, and this is how I repay him.

Ben: You didn’t plan to hurt him, ciara. To be honest, it seems to me that you both are just the victims of circumstance.

Ciara: You should’ve seen the look on his face when I told him, ben. He was so sad. He was heartbroken.

Ben: Well, I know exactly how bad he’s hurting because that’s how I felt when I lost you. He’s got a great family, ciara. They’re gonna take care of him. They always have.

Ciara: Yeah, and he is gonna need them now more than ever.

Abe: Well, I just talked to shawn. And it’s not good news.

Lani: What happened?

Abe: He’s bringing theo back alone. Ciara’s staying at the cabin with ben.

Lani: Oh, man. Poor theo.

Abe: I’m waiting for him right now.

Lani: Tell him how sorry I am and just give him a really big hug for me.

Abe: I will. Thank you, shawn.

Shawn: Glad I could help.

Abe: I’ll take it from here.

[Melancholy music]


Eli: So ciara’s back with ben, huh?

Lani: And theo is all alone.

Eli: Damn.

Lani: God, I really hope that carver and jules don’t ever have to go through anything like this.

Eli: Well, the thing with babies is, you get to solve all their problems for them, but then you got to send them out into the world.

Lani: I don’t hear a sound. You are getting really good at putting them down for their naps.

Eli: Yeah. Well, their little bellies are full. Plus, I read them the “madeline” book.

[Melancholy music]

Why do you look sad?

Lani: I’m just thinking about theo.

Eli: Well, you got that same look on your face when you mentioned the book, and the same look when you mentioned that trip to paris to your dad. What was that about?

Lani: I just remember being a young girl, and finding out that my favorite aunt was not who she pretended to be.

Paulina: You can’t tell me where to go and not to go! I have every right to come here. Lani’s babies were being christened.

Olivia: It was not your place.

Paulina: Oh, really? Well, then whose place was it? Tammy’s? Funny, I don’t remember seeing her at the christening.

Olivia: She was on tour, and you know it.

Paulina: Well, yeah, I’m glad she got her priorities straight.

Olivia: That’s not fair.

Paulina: What about what happened to me, mama? Was that fair?

Olivia: We’re not talking about that now.

Paulina: Well, maybe–you know, maybe we should. Yeah, maybe we should just put this out, just put it all out here on the table! Tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Gwen: Have you gone completely mad? You just convinced my father that you are totally responsible for crimes that I have committed!

Xander: Jack wanted to know why you went along with snyder on the drug deal. And I knew you couldn’t explain that to him without admitting that snyder was blackmailing you, and then jack would want to know what he had on you. If jack ever finds out that you lied about abigail being responsible for your miscarriage–

Gwen: I know; he wouldn’t want any part of me. I don’t understand, though, why did you cover for me?

Xander: Well, it’s better for me to lose a friend than for you to lose a father.

Gwen: Wait, you are doing this to help me?

Xander: I mean, I’m doing it to help jack. I never had a friend like him. I am truly sorry, mate. You deserve much better.

Jack: I think the person you should be apologizing to is my daughter.

Xander: I’m sorry for including you in my scheme. You have enough problems. And I took advantage of you and of jack’s friendship. You’ll both be better off without me in the mix. I do hope you appreciate what a good lad he is. You’re very lucky to have a father like him.

[Melancholy music]


Theo: Soon as I heard ciara got her memory back, I knew it was over for her and me. I always knew it could turn out like this, but…

Abe: I know. I know you were hoping against hope that it wouldn’T.

Theo: And you tried to warn me. You tried to talk me into calling it off, but I just didn’t listen. It was like I was blind and deaf. If I’m hurting now, I did it to myself.

Ben: [Chuckles] Is it wrong for me to be this happy?

Ciara: Mm-mm. No. God, no. Everyone always talks about what I’ve been through, but what about what you’ve been through? When eve and vincent kidnapped you? And when you thought that I was dead for months? And then you finally found me, and I turned on you.

Ben: You didn’t remember me. I mean, you did remember my stats, which are really, really bad.

Ciara: And you actually had to watch me plan to spend the rest of my life with theo. And still, you never gave up on me. You finally reached me.

Ben: And just so you know, I was never gonna give up on you. I didn’t give a damn how long it took.

Ciara: Thank god for that.

Ben: We have been through hell together, haven’t we?

Ciara: Mm-hmm. We sure have.

Ben: You know, when i couldn’t find you, I could feel you reaching out to me. That’s what kept me going.

Ciara: Me too. Knowing that you were out there. Believing that you were looking for me.

Ben: We were meant to be together.

[Gentle guitar music]


Ciara: Ben, what about your ankle?

Ben: What ankle?

The way

the light kisses your eyes

it’s hard to explain

I lose all track of time

with you everything

is perfect

with your hand in my hand

I know it’s all right

we’ve waited so long

girl it’s worth it

I’ll dry all your tears

reach out to me

I’m right here

baby I’m here

to keep you safe and warm

in the middle of the storm

I will promise to hold you

I’m here

rest your head

on my shoulder

when the night seems

much colder

just know that I’m

I’m right here

you’d never want leftover onion residue

[Tender music]


Ciara: Never let me go again, ben.

Ben: I won’T. You are my forever. And I’m yours.

[Pensive music]


Xander: And I’ll show you what I want.


Gwen: Oh, brought me tea?

Jack: I figured, after that scene with xander, you could use it.

Gwen: Yeah. You do brew a proper cuppa.

Jack: When I tell julie that I kicked xander out of this house, she’s gonna dance a jig. I-I can’t believe that guy. I-I really thought he’d developed a decent side. But I was wrong. He uses everyone he meets. He can’t stop himself.

Gwen: You know, I do think that he got mixed up with snyder out of desperation. I know a thing or two about desperation. It’s made me do things that I’m not proud of.

Jack: You were dealing drugs without knowing it. He risked your life to make money. I cannot forgive that.

Gwen: Yeah, but the drug dealing did stop when snyder died, yeah? So let’s just hope that this whole sordid business is just over.

Jack: Let’s hope. But actions do tend to have consequences.

Shawn: Wow, what do you know? Just the guy I was looking for.

Xander: What can I do for you, mate?

Shawn: You can put your bag down; you can put your hands behind your back, ’cause you’re under arrest, “mate.”

Abe: Hey, you know, when your mother died, I began to learn about something called “the tincture of time.”

Theo: I don’t even know what a tincture is.

Abe: It’s a remedy. The passage of time began to make my pain bearable. I-I learned that I could smile when I thought of her instead of getting choked up.

Theo: This isn’t like mom. There was nothing we could do for her. This didn’t have to happen. I made it happen.

Abe: It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault. You know, the reason ciara turned to you when she lost her memory it’s because the two of you have always shared a special bond.

Theo: Except it wasn’t love, right? Not for her.

Abe: Couldn’t help, but believing that it was, you took a leap of faith. You gave your whole heart to someone. And that’s–that is never a mistake.

Theo: Even if that person doesn’t love you back?

Abe: Even then. You know, you are going to find true love someday. And you will know the minute it happens.

Theo: And what am I supposed to do until then?

Abe: Lean on me. And lani. I mean, that’s what families are supposed to be for. We are there to help when things get really, really bad. Hey, come here.

Lani: There I sat with my little suitcase full of all the clothes that my mom either made me or spent her hard-earned money to buy. Aunt paulina never showed up.

Eli: Damn. I-I-I can’t even imagine you going through something like that as a kid. And I know it hurt. Did paulina ever tell you why she did it?

Lani: Mm-mm. I didn’t see her for a really long time after that. And then, when I finally did, she–she didn’t even mention it. It’s–it’s like she forgot that she made me a promise. It’s fine. I’m over it now. Or I was, and then all this price town scam stuff happened. And it just brought all the feelings back up.

Eli: But I don’t get it. To me, it seems like paulina dotes on you.

Lani: That’s just an act. And that’s what I was trying to tell my dad. It’s like she puts on this charm, and she–she makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the world, and then she gets what she wants, and then it’s like you don’t even exist.

Eli: I’m sorry. I know how hurtful that could be.

Lani: I have tried to figure out who she is. But I just–I can’T. I just–I do not know who she really is.

Paulina: You came to town to talk me into leaving. Well, it’s not gonna be that easy. I have some things to say too. So let’s just–let’s just lay it all out here on this table.

Olivia: We wouldn’t have anything to talk about if you had just kept your promise.

Paulina: That was a promise I wish I had never made!

Olivia: But you did! You promised your sister you’d stay away from her daughter!

Paulina: Except you and i both know, mama, lani isn’t really tammy’s daughter. She’s mine! She’s mine!

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