Days Short Recap Friday, August 13, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara got her memory back. Ben was thrilled that she did. He started reminiscing with her about their time together. Abe talked to Lani about giving Paulina a hard time. She told him about the type of person Paulina was. Paulina and Theo talked about the woman who wanted money for information about Ciara. Theo wasn’t sure if the witness was legit or not. Shawn thought she was a hustler too. Shawn warned her not to send the money. Theo told her about Ben being the Necktie Killer. She decided to send the money to the woman. Ciara started to remember being with Ben. All of her memories came flooding back and she kissed him. Ciara told Ben that she remembered everything. He couldn’t believe the day finally came. She couldn’t believe he didn’t stop fighting for her. She realized she said horrible things to him. She told him how she deliberately wanted to marry Theo on their wedding anniversary.

Shawn thought Paulina was conned until the person called her. Steve told Jack that Dr. Snyder was dealing drugs and Gwen was helping him. Jack couldn’t believe that Gwen would get involved with a drug dealer when her mother was hooked on drugs. Xander and Gwen talked about Dr. Snyder. He had to come up with a story since she was the one who told Julie that Dr. Snyder was his friend. Paulina told Shawn and Theo where the witness saw Ben taking Ciara. Shawn realized he took Ciara to the cabin. Ciara couldn’t marry Theo now. Ben said Theo knew the risk of being with her. She said he loved her and that she loved him too. She loved him as a friend. She wanted to find him and tell him in person that she wasn’t going to marry him. Ben was afraid to let her go again. Gwen and Xander were about to kiss when Jack came home. He confronted her about working with Dr. Snyder. Gwen denied working with Snyder. She said she would never deal with one after what happened to her mother. Jack told Gwen how he trusted her and she was just playing him. Xander admitted that Gwen was helping him.

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