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Good morning, Aunt Stella.

Hi, baby.

Someone’s got a lot of fans.

Does that surprise you?

Not at all. There’s a lot of people in port charles… that are pulling for you to be on the mend. How are you feeling?

Like I never had a stroke. Say, you have an in with a doctor. Maybe you could pull some strings and get me released?

Won’t have to pull any strings. You’re released, today.

I wish someone had told me.

N-no, easy, auntie. I wanted to do the honors, okay? So after you fill out the paperwork, I’m taking you home with me.

No. No, no.

Ah, ah, ah. No argument. I want to make sure that your recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

You would really do that for me? After what I’ve done?

Ah, I take it you’re here to see stella.

How is she?

She’s on the mend. She should make a full recovery.

That’s good news. Uh, last time I saw her, we had a disagreement.

Yeah, same here. As much as I hate to say it, maybe it’s a good thing stella doesn’t remember much about the past few days.

It’s fine if you’re having second thoughts about the party. Au contraire, mademoiselle.

La grande fete is still, as you say in your country, on.

[ Chuckles ] This is your country, too.

I’m a citizen of the world, as is my pater, who is leaving for dubai tonight. Prepare yourself for decadence not seen since the holy roman empire fell victim to its own debauchery. Dress accordingly.

What time?

Whenever you want. The party won’t start till you get here.

Don’t tell me that was the elusive victor?

Oh, no, not victor. Spencer.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Thank you for coming. There have been a few developments.

Laura: Developments? Is this about your stalker? Please tell me that you and spencer are not on the outs again.

No, no. This isn’t about spencer.


Kevin. Speak of the devil.

Were you talking about me?

We are now. Where are you going? I’m not going anywhere. This is father’S.

[ Suitcase thuds ]

Shouldn’t you be on your way?

[ Upbeat music plays ]

Oh, boy, take it off. You’ve got curves like the grand prix. Go ahead, flaunt it.

You flatter me, but the heat of the harsh morning sun on my fair skin, combined with your volatile proximity, may cause me to spontaneously combust.

Ooh. Whew! That’s hot. I see what you did there.

You know what? I’d like to see what you do in my penthouse.


What do you say we go back and we try out the sprinkler system? Perhaps we can conduct our own… fire drill.

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Britt stammers ]

A little decorum, please?


Oh. You may have scarred me for life.

Jason: Alright, can you take a bite yourself? You can? Show me. Look at — wow! Look at that. How good is that? Good job. That’s a good job, donna.


Only your presence could make this morning more perfect than it already was.

Well, if the presence was an hour later, it would have been better.

I have to say, scott, I have never seen my mother this happy.

Well, I’m glad, because I’m as happy as a clam at high tide. You know, life couldn’t be better.

Oh. Oh, boy, oh, boy. I’m sorry. I — I just put my foot in my mouth. I do that. I’m s–

no, it’s fine.

No, no, it was insensitive. It was rude. I — it’s my modus operandi. I do apologize. It’s —

I really don’t need that.

You’re receiving an apology. Savor the moment, britta.

Your mother, she told me about the little gift that your father left you.

You can say huntington’S.

Okay, well, I’m sorry that you have it.

Thank you. Um, but I really don’t want to talk about it.


I am living in the moment and for the moment.

Good, good, good.

And thankfully without jason morgan. He would have gotten you killed faster than any debilitating hereditary disease.

I really don’t want to talk about him either.

If it is any comfort, know that, yesterday, I destroyed jason.

I know. I miss your daddy, too.

Good morning.

Hey. Hey. How’s my sweet girl?

[ Laughs ] Thank you for feeding donna this morning.

Yeah. It’s been a pleasure.

Oh, well, you are a pro. I mean, you were so great with michael. You knew how to take care of him before I did.

Yeah, those were some good times.

I know. Oh, my gosh.

[ Chuckles ] Another plus to you living here — your coffee is way better than mine.

So, I guess we have to talk about our problem.

Auntie, how are you gonna ask me that? Of course I want you with me.

[ Sighs ] That’s sweet of you, curtis. But [Sighs] I have a feeling that, before my stroke, I upset a whole lot of people. People you care a great deal about.

What exactly do you remember?

[ Footsteps approach ]

Hey, stella. So good to see you awake.

Hi, jordan.

How are you feeling?

I’m so worried. Uh, curtis, could you give us the room, please? I-I just need to talk to jordan a little.

Yeah. If you need anything, I’ll be a holler away.

Okay. Hey. Hi. You sure have a lot of admirers.

[ Chuckles ] Thanks for the flowers. But what I really need is the truth. Jordan, what happened the last time we were together?

Hey, any word from trina?

She’s staying at josslyn’s house. And she is still not ready to talk to me. Ever since she overheard your aunt confronting me about our affair, it’s like I’ve suddenly become a stranger to her.

There’s something I’ve been meaning to ask you.

After I saw the two of you together, spencer came to see me. Did you have anything to do with that?

I don’t know. I told spencer how upset I was that you and his father were getting divorced. I also made it clear that you and I are friends and how much I admire you.

Oh, trina.

Why? What happened?

Nothing. I mean, spencer and I had a surprisingly civil conversation. Considering how he feels about me and the promise I broke, he didn’t have to reach out to me at all.

So, what did you guys talk about?

My marriage to his father. But this time, though, it was less about his dislike of me and more about his concern for his father’s safety.

Because of the stalker? Yes, exactly. Anyway, I agreed that i wouldn’t speak directly to nikolas anymore and we would communicate through our lawyers.

And you’re okay with that?

No. But I’ve resigned myself to it.

No, my — my point is, I was impressed with spencer’s devotion to his dad. I think, in his own way, spencer loves his father as much as I love mine. It’s just so unfortunate that spencer didn’t know his mother, you know?

Not like you. You’re so lucky. You and your mom are so close.

Not anymore.

Thank you for thinking of me, son, but I don’t need to leave quite yet.

Well, your luggage is waiting.


Dr. Collins.

[ Clears throat ] Your grandmother tells me that you’re upset about the mistakes that I made with my brother.

Mistake. The one that nearly took my aunt lulu’s life? The one that did take kiki’s? I mean, ava’s not my favorite person, but she certainly didn’t deserve what your brother did to her.

Yes, those mistakes. And you’re right, I never should have tried to treat my brother on my own. But if you choose to remain angry at me, there’s very little I can do about it.

I’d say that there is nothing you can do.

Except remind you that your enmity weighs heavily on your grandmother.

Playing the grandmother card might not be beneath you, dr. Collins, but it is certainly beneath me.

I am not a card to be played. And it does hurt me. He’s my husband. I love him. I expect you to make some effort towards making peace.

Well, grandmother… all you had to do was ask.

Thank you.

So, about this trip?

It’s just — it’s just a business trip. I need to go to dubai.

Ah. Well, in that case, kevin and I will stay here with spencer.

You don’t need to adjust your plans on my account.

Laura: Oh, nonsense. It’s going to be fun. Besides, it’ll give you the opportunity to reconnect with kevin.

I think we’ve made enough progress for today. Besides, I have plans of my own — solitary plans.

Doing what?

Being solitary. I’ve just spent the last few years at boarding school constantly surrounded by people. I’m going to enjoy being alone, and I’m trying to learn to love my own company.

I applaud the idea.

So you’re not staying?

Oh, yes, we are. Don’t worry, your grandmother and I will give you a wide berth so you can experience your solitude.

But if you’re here, I’m not going to have any solitude. It defeats the entire purpose.

I’m sure that it will ease your father’s mind to know that we’re here in case you need us.

Actually, mother, it won’T.

I know that I said that I was gonna give trina some time, but it’s been two whole days, and I know that it doesn’t sound like a long time —

no, no, I’m sure that when it comes to your child, two days is a lifetime.

How long am I supposed to let this go on for?

Portia, I wish I had something useful to say right now or that I could offer some advice, but I have zero experience of being a parent. But what I can offer you is a shoulder to lean on.

Well, that works for me. Stella, the last time we met, it’s water under the bridge.

[ Scoffs ] If it’s water, I’m drowning in it. I can feel in my heart I did wrong. That I went on some sort of grand meddling mission. I know I was in your office… and you were upset with me. Is that right?

It is.

Was it because you and curtis were getting divorced?

You’re two for two. You were trying to convince me to give my marriage with curtis another shot. So, to prove a point, I signed the divorce papers right in front of you, I put them in an envelope, and I threw them into my outbox. Sealed… and on its way to be delivered to the courthouse. Stella…are you remembering something?

I don’t know. There’s something about that, like it’s right in front of me, [stammers] If I could just grab it. I have a feeling it’s important.

Mother, what did you do to jason? And I hope it involved a mechanical tool like a circular saw.

Unfortunately, I have left my violent ways behind. So I used the next best weapon in my arsenal — my words. I told herr morgan exactly what I thought of him.

Well, that’s like talking to a turnip.

Anna devane thought the same thing. But I saw his face when I hit him with my best shot. I reminded him that he was the first person you confided in about your illness. You opened your heart and shared your fear, only for the coward to leave you for his dead friend’s wife. He will never, never stop thinking of you, britta. You will haunt him. I made sure of it.

Okay, so you said joey novak was cocky with you?

Yeah, I told him the families wouldn’t approve. Brick’s looking into it. I did some searching myself, but it just doesn’t make any sense as to why joey novak would approach josslyn.

Well, clearly, he was sending a message. What was it?

We don’t have answers yet. But we will, because we’re calling a meeting with the five families.


You and me. We’re going to face them together and send a message that we’re a united front.

don’t understand what’s going on. When I went to that meeting, the heads of the families stood with me against cyrus — every last one of them, including the novaks. So what’s changed?

I don’t know. That’s what we’re gonna find out.

Okay, I have to tell you that jax is livid about the joey-josslyn incident.

Well, can you blame him?

No. I-I — I don’t blame him at all. I tried telling him it’s a one-time thing, that joey is just some punk and it will never happen again, but I don’t know if that’s true.

It is — it is true. I’m gonna back the families off, okay? I’m not going to let anything happen to you or the kids.

I mean, the way you said that, it… it sounded like they were your kids.

We are family. You know? It’s my responsibility to protect and love them, and that’s what I’m gonna do.

Trina, what’s going on between you and your mom?

I don’t want to tell you what happened with my mom. It makes her look like a really bad person, which…maybe she is.

Well, I appreciate you wanting to protect her, but trust me when I tell you there is nothing your mom could have done that would surprise me or shock me. And I also know how much she loves you, so I know from experience that she must be hurting right now, too.

Maybe she deserves to. My mom cheated on my dad with curtis ashford.

But your parents have been divorced for a very long time, haven’t they?

It happened years ago. Not only did my mom betray my dad, she lied to curtis and never told him she was married.

I see.

Right? My mom is always talking about the importance of truth and honesty. Now it turns out she’s a total hypocrite.

My aunt stella’s trying to figure out and remember what happened the day she had her stroke. Is there some way that you can determine how soon she might get her memory back? Or if she can get it back?

I’m afraid not. Some patients recover their memories, and some never do.

Right, right, right.

[ Sighs ] Cameron webber, he told us that my aunt had an envelope that she wanted to mail, but that was before she collapsed, and it was damaged, so it was thrown away.

And you don’t have any idea what that could have been?

Yeah, I remember you signing the papers. But beyond that, it’s a blur.

Stella, I want you to know that after I signed the divorce papers, I went to go find curtis to try to fight for our marriage one last time, but it was too late.

Thanks for telling me. And I am so, so sorry.

Me, too. But thank you.

[ Scoffs ] Dear god, for what?

[ Laughs ] For your single-mindedness of purpose.

You mean my stubbornness?

I do. Thank you for accepting me into your family, eventually. For fighting like hell to keep me in it. For inspiring me to make that last try to save it. It didn’t work out, but… now I can let go, knowing that I gave it my all.

[ Sighs ] Do you really think it’s a good idea for spencer to stay here alone?

He’s practically a grown man.

I am a grown man.

What if the stalker comes back?

The stalker has never shown any interest in spencer. Besides, there’s a security team in place, not to mention the staff.

So much for solitude.

They’re different. They stay out of the way.

And I also agree. Spencer’s lived in dorms for years, and he needs to learn to be on his own and to keep his own counsel.

I just want to enjoy the family homestead and get a little bit of quiet.

Well… okay, then. I’m a phone call away.

I know. Thank you, grandmother. And I’m really looking forward to spending that quality time with you. Just not tonight.

Okay. We’ll have to make plans. Can’t wait. Father, have a good trip.

I’ll do my best. Spencer… I want to apologize again. I should have never been suspicious of you. You know, we’ve made such progress together as a family.

Um, I think it’s best that we just forget this and not let it get in the way.

Yeah, let’s not.


What did you suspect him of?

That’s why I called you over. I… I found this letter to spencer… from ryan chamberlain.

I don’t understand why she told you this in the first place.

She didn’t tell me. She should have, but she didn’T. And I have a right to know.

No, you don’T. No, no. First of all, no mother is obligated to discuss any extramarital affairs with her children. But I — and secondly, by sparing you the details of a mistake she made a very long time ago, I think your mother was just trying to give herself a clean slate.

But she lied to my dad.

Yeah. And I can understand why you would be upset about that, but it’s also none of your business.

How can you say that? I’m their daughter.

Yeah, but it’s their marriage we’re talking about, and what goes on in their marriage is their business.

But —

and, trina, you know, affairs, sometimes they’re a symptom of a bigger problem. When somebody is feeling unloved or very lonely, sometimes they do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do. The bottom line here, trina, is that you need to show your mother some compassion.

But —

no, there’s no — there is no “but” about it. This is your mother, and she disappointed you. I get that. I understand that. But trina, none of us — not even you — is perfect.

I have no idea what my aunt was about to put in the mailbox, and, unfortunately, neither does she. So…


Hey. I see you’re still standing. Stella and I had a meeting of minds about our divorce. She’s finally accepted it.

Thank you for talking to her. I should go get her ready.

[ Sighs ] Last time stella had a stroke, it was because she found out that curtis and I were together, and now… that woman is a force of nature.

[ Both chuckle ]

I mean, first, she refuses to let you in the family, and now she’s gonna do anything possible to prevent you from leaving it.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah.

What else did stella do?

Beyond trying to manipulate you into staying away from curtis? Oh, it went way beyond that. I vaguely remember being at kelly’s with you. And you were angry with me. But why? What had I done?

Do you really want to know?

It’s not a question of what I want, curtis. I need to know.

You confronted portia about the affair that she and I had all those years ago.

Oh, dear lord. I wish being unable to remember would absolve me from all that.

Yeah, I think we’d all rather put it behind us.

Wait a minute. Something else happened when I confronted portia. Something that made it worse. Oh, what was it?

Portia’s daughter, trina. She overheard you.

Oh, god.

Where did you get this?

At spring ridge, among ryan’s belongings. Spencer returned it unopened, but just seeing it, it unsettled me. I wasn’t thinking clearly, and I accused spencer of conspiring with ryan against ava.

[ Scoffs ] Spencer would never do that.

You’re right. The dates don’t match up, hence the apology.

Do you think it’s possible that ryan is trying to use spencer to get to ava somehow?

[ Sighs ] You were right to bring this to us. I think I need to go find out what the hell’s going on at spring ridge.


Thank you, kevin. Anything you can do would be appreciated.

Unfortunately, I really do need to get to the airport.

Are you sure that spencer is going to be okay here by himself?

Oh, yes. I’m sure he’ll be fine.

Well, he does seem to be growing up. He did mention that he talked with ava and they agreed to a truce.

He did?


What else did he say?

He said that ava agreed to limit contact with you.

Well, that explains why I received an e-mail instructing me to only communicate with ava through her attorney.

Well, hello, liesl obrecht. Pleasure to see you again.

Cassadine family lore hints at a romance between you and my great uncle victor. And like much greek lore, it is ancient and filled with horrors.[ Chuckles ] Well, nevertheless, I’m quite fond of your magnificent daughter and wish that things could have worked out between her and my father. But alas, my father is a very stubborn and unforgiving man.

Spencer, trust me, things worked out for the best.

We’ll have to agree to disagree. Mr. Baldwin, if memory serves, you’re quite the impressive attorney.

Well, thank you. And listen, kid, if you ever get in any trouble, come see me.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.

Come on. Let’s go somewhere and catch up.

Victor cassadine?

[ Sighs ] I spent decades in a romantic stupor over cesar faison. All things considered, victor was a step up. Even so. I shall put it this way. Cesar was, as britta would say, rock bottom. Victor was topsoil. And you… are the stars.

No more putting me and your father together.

Can I help it if I think you belong together?

Yes, you can, because you did it to weaponize me against ava, and friends don’t use each other like that.

You’re right. I’m sorry.

Wow, that’s very mature of you. You’ll forgive me if it takes me a minute to buy it.

Take all the time you need. By the way, you should know, I’ve decided that I’m going to spend less time worrying about my father’s life and focus on my own. In fact, I was just over at the restaurant, taking advantage of their excellent catering service.

Oh! Special occasion?

I’m throwing a party to end all parties, and I want you to come. Feel free to bring a plus-one.

I have been meaning to ask you this. Even now, I hesitate.

You can ask me anything.

Very well. I’m attending a medical conference on new research and advancements in treatment of hereditary diseases, including huntington’S.

Hmm. Where?

Saint lucia.

Hmm. How long?

A week.

I’m going to lose you for a whole week?

Not if you come with me.

I presume your stubborn and unforgiving father is unaware of your par-tay plans?

He’s gonna be in dubai.


Please come.

To chaperone a bevy of gen zers? No thanks.

You’ll hardly be a chaperone. Maybe you’ll meet someone. Unless you want to bring that plus-one.

I think I’ll steer clear of romance with 18-year-olds.

So, you’re not seeing anyone?


I’m serious about that party, though.

You know how your father can be.

So, trina overheard the whole exchange.

Oh, no.

Yeah. Yeah. Now she sees me as someone who stepped out on her father and lied to curtis.

[ Sighs ] She’s spent the last two nights over at josslyn’s house. You’re probably thinking this is what I get, right?

Oh, no, I am in no position to judge you or anyone. I kept from tj that I knew cyrus was behind his abduction, and he was furious. I mean, rightfully so. But look at me and tj now. We’re close again. I promise you, if tj and I can find a way past my mistakes, you and trina can find a way past yours.

Any idea how?


[ Sighs ] Whatever you do, don’t push. It never works. Just let trina come to you.

What have I done to that poor child?

Aunt stella, look, take it easy, okay? Take it easy. The last thing you need after a stroke is to elevate your blood pressure.

Oh. Trina…

she’ll come around. After all, if there’s one thing you always taught me, it’s that we all have the capacity to forgive.

Oh, I hope so, ’cause I’m gonna need all the forgiveness I can get.

You said your mother didn’t tell you about the affair. So how did you find out about it?

I overheard ms. Henry unloading on my mom about it. Then, not too long after, ms. Henry had a stroke. She’s gonna be okay, but the whole thing is just a mess.

I can see how it seems that way, especially because you’re at the heart of it, which means if you want things to get better…

which I do. …

Then you’ve got to be the one to start making them better. Go and see your mom and talk to her.

I don’t know if I’m ready to do that.

Well, you don’t have to be ready. Not right this minute. But soon, okay? Because I’ve learned the hard way that we cannot let things like this fester. We need to set things right as soon as we can.

Well, donna is down for her nap.

Um… I heard her earlier when she called you daddy.

Yeah, I mean, she doesn’t really know what she’s saying.

Yes, she does. I mean, she doesn’t remember sonny. But she knows what daddy means, and to her, you’re daddy and… are you okay with that?

[ Sighs ]

Well, I forgive you.


Why? Because I love you. I was always going to forgive you, aunt stella. And because you were fighting for something that you believe in, something that i asked you to believe in.


But, aunt stella, my marriage to jordan is over, and I need you to accept that.

Yes. Yes, it took a stroke to get me here, but I — I finally, finally accept it.

Good. Let’s get you out of here.

But, curtis, how will portia and trina ever get over what I did to them?

They are resilient, strong women, just like you. I’m sure things will work themselves out over time.

Portia, you’re a good mother. Just give trina a little time to remember that, because she will.

Thank you. You know, maybe there’s hope for our friendship yet.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Oh, hey, portia. I just wanted you to know that, um… I had to tell my aunt stella about what happened with trina.

Oh, no. I was hoping we could protect her from that.

I know, me too, but she insisted, and you know when my aunt stella insists…

yeah, no. I — I get it. So, how is she taking it?

She’s embarrassed. But most of all, she’s worried about how this affected trina.

Me too.

A week in saint lucia? Do I have to go to the lectures?

Of course not. I have to pay close attention, and you are far too distracting.

Well —

but there will be plenty of extra time to… socialize.

Hmm? Count me in, mein schnitzel.

[ Laughs ]

Tell me all about your broken heart. Sharing is healing. Uh…

[ Clears throat ] I will share this with you — your back says “kick me.” Huh?

[ Laughs ] Who was the last person to put sunscreen on your back?


[ Laughs ] When did you get here?

You know, from this angle, it kind of looks like it says “kiss me.”

[ Snorts ]

Are you sure there isn’t something I can do to help you out with trina?

I’ll let you know if I think of anything. Hell, I’d probably storm over to josslyn’s house and bring trina home myself if jordan hadn’t convinced me not to.


The truth is, spencer has every right to be upset with me. I never should have tried to handle ryan on my own.

Yeah, but you paid dearly for that. And, you know, I shouldn’t have to remind spencer of that.

Thank you. This whole business about harmony writing letters for ryan does have me worried. I think I should go to spring ridge and just find out what I can.

We can’t afford any mistakes with ryan.

And you won’t make any more. I have total confidence in you.

Oh, that’s nice to hear.

I love you, dr. Collins.

And I love you, madam mayor.

Is this what we’re talking about?


Works for me. ‘



You can’t be here.

Actually, I can.

No! No, you can’T. If the stalker finds out, things could get a lot worse for us.

It won’T. Because I know who the stalker is.

Now that my father is on the way to the emirates, I have to finish with the party plans.

You kids have fun.

I mean it, britt. Please come. It’ll heal what ails you.


[ Sighs ] You know, I’ve always been a “physician, heal thyself” kind of gal.

Mm. How’s that working out for you?

We should probably teach donna to call me jason.


You know, sonny is her father. And she — she probably won’t remember him, but…[ Sighs ] Just feels wrong to take his place.

Yeah. But whatever, you know, donna wants to call me, as long as she knows that I love her and that I’m gonna protect her.

[ Chuckles ] Well, she senses that already.

Um, are you sure you’re not imagining things, carly?

No. No, because you are one of donna’s favorite people. Like mother, like daughter.

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