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Sheila: You married my son. I’m your mother-in-law, steffy.

Steffy: This can’t be true.

Sheila: Well, it is. I gave birth to finn. You married my son. We’re family now.

Eric: Finn joined our family today, sheila, not you.

Sheila: But it’s my blood running through his veins, and your son’S.

Brooke: It’s a lie, it’s a convoluted lie.

Sheila: Didn’t he already confirm it?

Ridge: Confirm what? That you approached him when finn was a baby, what does that prove?

Sheila: What do I have to gain by lying here, ridge?

Brooke: Who knows? You’re always involved in some kind of scheme.

Sheila: A scheme? A scheme about a child that was born years ago? A child I had no way of knowing would ever come in contact with you or your family, brooke? You’re delusional. You think this is some sort of a long-term con, is that what you’re thinking? Look, I know that this is a shock, but I am telling the truth. I got to meet my son today. And, I gained a daughter.

Katie: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, isn’t this your reject pile?

Donna: Yeah?

Katie: Well, then what is this doing in it? I mean, look how hot you look in that bathing suit, and it’s one of your favorite suits. I mean, I’m just saying, if you’re trying to make eric feel better.

Donna: Oh, okay, alright, I like your thinking. Oh. Wait. I don’t know, should I reconsider this? I mean, eric looks so cute. So happy.

Katie: Well, that’s probably because he was unaware of all the hell that sheila was about to cause. Mm, it is a good picture, if you cut her out of it.

Donna: Oh, okay.

Katie: I think it’s so wonderful what you’re doing for him.

Donna: Oh well, you know, after what quinn put him through, he deserves a little cheering up.

Katie: Still, you’ve always been so sweet and affectionate with each other, even years after your divorce. Not every ex-wife would be so kind.

Donna: Wow, that was almost cathartic.

Katie: Cutting sheila out?

Donna: Yeah, felt pretty good. Wanna give it a try?

Katie: Yep. If only it was as easy to cut shiela out of eric’s life back then.

Brooke: I don’t understand how any of this can be possible.

Sheila: What’s not to understand? I had a child I couldn’t raise, so I–

Ridge: A son who just happened to grow up and marry my daughter? There’s more to this. You never met this woman before, is that what you’re saying?

Finn: No, no, not until today. I fantasized about meeting her.

Ridge: And then, I’m sorry, she just showed up in the guest house, and congratulated you?

Eric: And so, you were sneaking around the property, waiting for an opportunity to–

Sheila: To avoid all of this, yes. I didn’t want to make a scene. I just wanted a private moment to finally meet my son. To tell him how proud I was of him, how happy.

Li: Ambushing him on his wedding day?

Sheila: I did not ambush him. I said hello. It was a lovely moment.

Ridge: It sounds like a lovely moment, and then you what, you decided to walk in here with this ridiculous lie?

Sheila: It wasn’t a lie. I had no intention of interrupting. Finn convinced me.

Brooke: You manipulated him. You got him excited to introduce his mother to us.

Steffy: Which you’re not. You can’t be.

Ridge: So, she came to you when finn was a baby, is that right?

Jack: She did.

Li: And you didn’t think I should know?

Jack: Of course, I did. I just thought I made it clear to her to stay away and let us raise him.

Li: You still should have told me, especially if you were suspicious of her.

Jack: You were dealing with so much. We had a newborn, putting in extra hours at the hospital, I didn’t want you stressed. I didn’t want to put that burden on you.

Ridge: And you’re positive this is her?

Jack: Yes.

Ridge: Yes? So, you knew? You knew that this lunatic, who’s obviously obsessed with my family, is finn’s birth mother, and you said nothing?

Jack: Ridge, I’ve been living with this for a long time, and I prayed that she would never show up, because I knew she wasn’t well. But, understand this. I was aware that there’s a connection to your family, I was aware there was some bad blood, but I never, never knew the full extent of it.

Ridge: You’re about to hear the full extent of it, because I’m gonna tell ya every single detail about sheila carter.

Ever notice how stiff clothes can feel rough on your skin?

Donna: That should do it.

Katie: You’ve gone through all of them?

Donna: Yep, yep, I think I have plenty to work with, and plenty to throw away.

Katie: Oh, yeah. You are tossing these out, that is for sure.

Donna: Yeah, or maybe burning them. Let’s face it, do you know anyone who would have use for this one? I didn’t think so.

Ridge: Well, the first thing you should know, no, the first thing you should know is that this woman should be in prison.

Sheila: Well, I served my time.

Eric: I think, maybe not enough.

Li: Because of what she did to your family?

Brooke: Yes. Lies and manipulations. Shootings.

Jack: What?

Ridge: You sound surprised. Are you surprised, or did you know sheila was coming today?

Jack: No.

Ridge: No? Jack, I want to trust you. Really, li, I want to trust you too, but more than anything, I want to trust you. So tell me right now, tell me you weren’t using my daughter.

Finn: No! Never, this is the first time I’ve laid eyes on her.

Li: My son’s telling you the truth. We’ve never known anything about his birth mother. Well, finn and I never have.

Ridge: Oh, don’t do that. No, he was protecting you, he just said. Or, maybe he was protecting sheila. Did you know about this from the very beginning?

Jack: No.

Ridge: No? So, this is just a coincidence, this one showing up at my daughter’s wedding? You didn’t know anything about it?

Jack: I just said–

Ridge: What about you, I asked you once, I’m gonna ask you one more time, son. Did you use my daughter, did you plan this?

Steffy: Finn, answer him. Tell me you’re not involved.

Finn: As much as I wanted to know her, what she looked like, and if she ever thought about me, no, I knew nothing. Nothing at all.

Erc: Well, you might have been better off if you hadn’t learnt, you know. Now, you want to know all about her, don’t you? The woman who gave birth to you, who gave you life? Who gave you away? Alright, it’s time you know. It’s time you did know the history, the dark and sordid history of ms. Sheila carter here.

Katie: Oh. Hey, hey why is this in the throwaway pile?

Donna: Uh, look at me. My eyes are closed.

Katie: Yeah, but look at me, I look so cute. Look at my hair, and I love that dress.

Donna: Okay fine, keep it, but I better not see you posting it on social media. As for the rest of these, ugh. Good riddance… to bad memories.

Katie: Hopefully, that’s all sheila will ever be to us, just a bad memory.

Hope: Things are getting pretty intense. We should go upstairs and get the girls.

Liam: Yeah, I think that’s probably a good call. Hey, hey guys, we’re gonna take beth and kelly home, I think.

Hope: Yeah.

Thomas: Yeah, that’s a great idea. Actually, I’ll grab hayes.& I’ll look after him until this is all done.

Steffy: Yeah, thank you.

Eric: Thank you.

Sheila: Wait a minute. Hayes, hayes is in the house? My grandson is here?

Steffy: No don’t, don’t you dare say his name.

Sheila: Steffy, I would really just love to see him once, please? Before, before thomas takes him.

Steffy: No, you’re never going to do that. Could you please go down the back stairs? Please?

Eric: You think that’s an overreaction? Not letting her see the baby? Because, it’s not. My grandson there, thomas, going up the stairs? He wouldn’t be here in this world, if she had had her way. He would have died an infant.

Sheila: Oh my gosh. You took that seriously? That threat? I never would have harmed him.

Ridge: Of course, you would have. That’s how much you hated my mother.

Sheila: It’s the way she treated me, not that any of you held stephanie accountable for any–

Eric: Don’t say her name, don’t do that. You tried to kill her, you tried to drown her, you shot her. You poisoned her, you left her for dead. She tried to kill steffy’s grandmother.

Li: My god.

Finn: Did you do all that? Did you do that to steffy’s grandmother?

Sheila: It’s gonna be hard to understand. They’re gonna try to paint me out to be some sort of a, an evil, horrible person, and you know what? Maybe, at one point in my life, I was, but I’m not–

Brooke: Maybe?

Sheila: Look at the way that you all treated me. Stephanie, especially, she hated me. She hated that eric married me.

Eric: I did. I’m the one who brought her into our lives. I saw goodness in you. I thought I did. We loved each other, didn’t we? I know you loved me, in your own way, but that’s, it’s toxic, it’s very strange. You’re sick, sheila. You’re… sick.

Ridge: I’m so, um.

Finn: I’m trying to, wrap my head around all this.

Brooke: Don’t try to understand, finn. You’ll never be able to. The terror and the crimes, and the way she attacked our family members over and over again–

Finn: I hear you, brooke, okay? I do, but she’s been to prison. Maybe, she’s changed, and she’s been able to turn over a new–

Steffy: No, no, no. You don’t understand. You have no idea what this woman has taken from me. No idea.

Finn: What, what did? What did she take?

Steffy: The worst crime, the worst thing you’ve ever done to me, to me, to thomas, to phoebe.

Finn: What?

Steffy: She took my mom away. Not only did she pull a gun out on my grandmother, she shot my mom. She shot her right here, and I thought she was dead. I thought sheila killed my mom.

Finn: You’re saying that my birth mother my birth mother tried to kill your mother?

Steffy: Yes. Do you struggle with occasional nerve aches,

Finn: You tried to kill steffy’s mother?

Sheila: It sounds bad, I know, but–

Steffy: It sounds bad? I lost time with my mom, because you brought a gun here.

Sheila: I told you how sorry I was about that, but it’s really not fair for you to say that I tried to kill her. I never wanted to hurt taylor. She came into the room and she started interfering.

Eric: Don’t you dare try to blame taylor for this.

Sheila: If she hadn’t tried& to grab that gun, eric, none of it would have happened.

Brooke: She did that because you were pointing it at me. She tried to stop you. Sheila shot us both that night. I walked in, didn’t know she was there, and you tried to warn me.

Eric: Yeah, I did.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

[ Gunshot firing ]

[ Gunshot firing ]

Steffy: I didn’t see my mother for years, and it was because of you, sheila.

Brooke: She was obsessed with this family. Desperate to be a part of it. Now, she is.

Steffy: No, she’s not. Whether you’re finn’s mom or not, you’re never going to part of this. Not ever.

Finn: She is. She’s my birth mother.

Jack: No. Your mother’s right here, finn. We raised you, we’re your parents.

Sheila: And you did an amazing job, because I have one amazing son, but you wouldn’t have a son if it weren’t for me. I’m the one that carried him in my womb. I am the one that nursed him. I am the one that gave him life, and that is a bond that you will never break. We will always have a connection. The two of us, and hayes.

Steffy: Your blood is in hayes. I can’T. No, no, I’m not gonna accept that, no. No, I am not.

Sheila: Look, I didn’t want to cause trouble. I just wanted to come here and see my son on his wedding day.

Steffy: Bull. I know exactly what you were doing. You didn’t come here for finn. You don’t care about finn. You’re here just to create chaos, and you think you did it. But, you didn’T. Didn’t affect us. You’re not going to spoil my marriage. You’re not going to spoil my wedding. You will never be part of my family, do you hear that? Do you hear that? I never want to see your face again.

[ Smacking ]

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