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Eric: Didn’t seem to… cause any trouble. How are you doing? There’s no pre-wedding jitters?

Finn: No, not too bad. I’m more, uh… I think excited.

Thomas: Well, we’re all thrilled for you guys.

Ridge: I couldn’t have picked a better son-in-law myself.

Finn: Thanks. That’s very kind of you to say. You all have been… so welcoming. And you, eric, especially. Opening up your house like this.

Eric: We’re thrilled that you and steffy are getting married in a family home.

Brooke: And it’s so wonderful to see stephanie above the fireplace again.

Eric: Steffy wanted to honor her grandmother and here she is.

Liam: Hello, hello!

Finn: Hey!

Liam: Got your flower girl delivery right here.

Finn: There she is!

Brooke: Kelly, you look so pretty!

Ridge: Your mom’s gonna love that dress. Look at that.

Finn: Do you want to go show your baby brother?

Kelly: Yeah.

Eric: Yeah? He’s in the den with amelia. You want to go? You remember how to get there?

Kelly: Yeah!

[ All laughing ] Go ahead. Go! Come on, this way.

Ridge: Uh, hope is upstairs, helping steffy.

Thomas: Ah. I never thought I’d hear those words.

Liam: That makes two of us.

Eric: I think it’s wonderful, the two of them making peace.

Brooke: I agree. None of us ever expected steffy to ask hope to be her matron of honor.

Hope: You know, I keep half-expecting you to tell me that you’ve been joking this entire time.

Steffy: Uh-huh, I am. I’m just kidding. I love that you’re here.

Hope: Well, it’s my privilege to be your matron of honor, and I know obviously, your mom was your first choice, but I mean, out of all the people in the world, you chose me.

Steffy: Just glad we were able to get to this point. Can’t believe we actually like each other. You know, I was thinking the same thing.

Steffy: Right. You know, it’s almost like we’ve finally given each other permission to just enjoy each others’ company.

Hope: What a crazy concept!

[ Both chuckling ]

Hope: But seriously though, steffy, thank you. Yeah, I’m really happy to be able to share this day with you and I am just overjoyed for you, and for what the future holds.

Steffy: This is not just a new beginning for finn and me. It’s a new beginning for all of us.

Li: There he is.

Finn: Ah, hey mom. We were just talking about you. Hey!

Jack: Ahh.

Finn: Um, mom, this is, uh, liam.

Liam: Hi.

Finn: Liam, this is my mother, li, and my father, jack.

Liam: Nice to meet you guys.

Jack: Likewise.

Eric: Welcome, you two.

Jack: Ah, thank you for hosting, sir. What a lovely home.

Eric: Jack, good to see you.

Eric: Thank you.

Li: You and steffy have been so kind and inviting. We’re so pleased our son is marrying into such a terrific family.

Ridge: We feel the same.

Li: Thank you.

[ Humming “here comes the bride” ]

Steffy: Oh, okay! We’re getting this party started.

Paris: Oh, you cannot be more drop dead.

Steffy: Oh, thank you, you look amazing!

Paris: Oh, this little thing?

Steffy: Yeah!

Paris: I just threw it on.

Steffy: It is gorgeous. Hope: And that bag!

Paris: Right? Oh wait, you know I came prepared.

Hope: Oh my god.

Paris: Tissues, weddings get me…

[ Laughing ]

Steffy: That’s so sweet, oh my gosh.

Paris: But seriously, you and finn, I mean, I don’t want to sound cliche, but…if two people were ever meant to be… I’ve seen how obsessed you two are with each other.

[ Giggling ] You guys are gonna have a beautiful life together. Nothing’s gonna stop you.

Steffy: Oh! Okay, I’m drinking.

Hope: Let’s get the party started!

Paris: Here.

Hope: Yes!

Steffy: Yes!

Paris: All right, cheers.

Hope: To the bride!

Paris: To the bride!

[ Glasses clinking ] When it comes to laundry,

Jack: He looks fine, li.

Li: Oh, can’t a mother fix her son’s tie one last time?

Brooke: Steffy is a very lucky woman.

Ridge: Yes, she is. You two will always have our support, not that you need it.

Eric: You two are very good for each other.

Brooke: You walked into her life at the right time.

Ridge: And you put a big smile on her face.

Finn: I’m going to do everything I can to keep that beautiful smile.

Ridge: I’m sure you will. Okay, let’s get this show on the road. I wanna check on the bride.

Eric: Okay.

Finn: Okay, good?

Li: Yeah.

[ Door clicking ]

Jerry: Hello!

Thomas: Hey, uh, let me guess, you’re the minister.

Jerry: Jerry.

Thomas: Thomas, I’m the bride’s brother.

Jerry: Pleasure. How are you?

Finn: Hey, jerry. Appreciate you doing this on such short notice.

Jerry: Oh, listen, I hope I wasn’t holding you up. I got kinda twisted around on those winding roads.

Finn: Oh, right on schedule. I’m hoping we’re ready to start the ceremony.

[ Gasping ]

Steffy: I think I’m ready!

Hope: Oh my gosh.

Steffy: I just have to put on my gown.

Paris: Ah, you look flawless.

Hope: Unbelievably stunning.

Steffy: Thank you.

[ Knocking on door ]

Hope: Oh?

Ridge: Hey, hi. Uh, is there room for one more?

Steffy: Look at you, you’re looking very sharp, dad.

Ridge: Nice, right?

Steffy: Yeah.

Ridge: I thought this was gonna make me look fat, but it turns out, it’s the fat that makes me look fat.

Hope: Never!

Ridge: Uh, could I have a moment alone with my daughter? Is that cool?

Hope: Oh yeah, absolutely.

[ Sighing ]

Ridge: Look at you.

Steffy: Dad, I don’t even have my dress on yet.

Ridge: I don’t mean that’S… you’re exactly where you want to be. I couldn’t be happier.

Zende: Too bad douglas couldn’t be here.

Thomas: Yeah, well we didn’t want to make him miss his field trip.

Liam: I know, but it’s all he’s been talking about for weeks, so…

Hope: Well, steffy said she completely understands.

Liam: Hey!

Hope: Is that for me?

Liam: It is now.

Hope: Thank you.

Paris: Thank you.

Eric: No, I’m good. No, you ask! Well, we’re just– we want to ask you, what is it that we don’t know about your son?

Finn: Oh god, mom, careful, please.

Brooke: There’s got to be some secrets, come on!

Li: Can I?

Jack: Sorry, excuse me.

Brooke: Okay.

Finn: There was a band, you can talk about the band.

Li: Oh, okay.

Jack: Excuse me, this is a private ceremony. Can I help you? You. Is it you? This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Jack: Is it you? Is it?

Pam: It’s me, all right. You expecting someone else, cowboy? I’m pam douglas. Stephanie forrester’s sister.

Jack: Uh, jack finnigan, uh, finn’s dad.

Eric: Oh! Pam, you made it.

Pam: Yeah, the traffic was a bear. I thought I’d miss the ceremony.

Eric: Oh, I see you met jack.

Pam: Yeah. I think maybe my veil threw him off a bit.

Eric: She loves to make a dramatic entrance.

Jack: Yes, I, I saw that.

Pam: Go big or go home, right?

Eric: Oh, and this is li. This is finn’s mother.

Li: Hello, lovely to make your acquaintance.

Pam: The pleasure is all mine. I hear nothing but fabulous things about your boy.

Jack: Thank you.

[ Gasping ]

Oh my goodness. Steff.


Eric: Hey.

Pam: My heart just skipped a beat.

[ Chuckling ]

Eric: I wish I could take credit. It was steffy’s idea.

Brooke: It was steffy’s way of including stephanie on her very special day.

Pam: You’re getting the best of the best, mister.

Brooke: You are.

Finn: And don’t I know it!

Steffy: You’re right, I’m thrilled to be marrying finn. He’s so, so amazing and we have hayes.

Ridge: Mm-hm.

Steffy: And most of our family will be here. Mom’s not gonna be here, but.

Ridge: I know, she wanted to come, sweetie.

Steffy: Yeah, but she had that missionary trip, and I, I totally get it. I actually video-chatted with her this morning and I showed her my gown.

Ridge: I bet she liked it.

Steffy: She did. We spoke about phoebe too.

Ridge: You must be missing your sister today.

Steffy: Yeah, I am. But, she’ll be here in spirit.

Ridge: Yeah, but… you just… look at you, your heart and your determination. Everything you’ve been through, um… there’s so many things I want to say, but I’m, I’m, that’s not–

Steffy: Dad, please don’t do this, don’t embarrass me right now.

Ridge: Of course, I’m gonna embarrass you. I’m your dad, it’s my job.

Steffy: You’re the best, dad.

Ridge: You amaze me everyday.

Steffy: Dad, stop, please, stop. I’ve just put my mascara on and I don’t want it to run, and then we’re gonna have finn waiting, so please, please don’t do this right now.

Ridge: That boy will wait a lifetime for you, you know that?

Steffy: Yeah. He’s incredible.

Ridge: It’s incredible what he’s done to you. But don’t forget, you’ll always be my little girl.

Steffy: Always.

[ Sighing ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Hope: Steffy? I don’t mean to interrupt.

Ridge: You’re not. It’s, uh, it’s good, I’ll see you downstairs.

Steffy: Yeah.

[ Sighing ] God!

Hope: I bet he’s so proud.

Steffy: Yeah, yeah he is. You know, he has this tough exterior, but on the inside, he’s a softie. I just need to wait for these tears to flow after I walk down the aisle. I’m gonna get my makeup all over me.

Hope: Don’t feel bad, I have a feeling there’s gonna be a lot of happy tears in the room.

Steffy: Is finn nervous?

Hope: Not really, but I do think he is eager to get things started. So… shall we get you in that dress?

Steffy: Yeah, yeah, let’s do it.

[ Giggling ]

Finn: Granddad, will you be blessing us with any songs today?

Ridge: You get a couple of martinis in that guy, and he’ll bless you with anything you want.

Thomas: I can make him one, because I really gotta hear this.

Eric: I have had no requests from the bride today. So, if there is enough time later, and she wants to hear something, yeah, maybe.

Fine: Ooh!

Li: Sounds like a yes to me.

[ Laughing ]

Ridge: Sounds nice.

Eric: Certainly right.

Hope: Everyone? The bride is ready. You can take your seats.

Eric: Sit here.

[ Gentle acoustic music ]

[“Here comes the bride”]

Jerry: Welcome, everyone, to the marriage of steffy forrester and john finnigan. Steffy and finn have asked a few people to speak before they exchange their vows. Let us begin this celebratory day with a few words from the father of the bride. Ridge?

Ridge: Hey, uh, thank you all for coming. Jack, li, thank you for being here, but more importantly, thank you for raising this man the right way. He’s, uh, brought a lot of light into steffy’s life, kelly’s life and he gave us hayes, and that little boy is the best, isn’t he?

[ Chuckling ] So, welcome into our family. Finn said something to me earlier, and it kinda stuck with me. He said, no, he promised he would look after my daughter. Keep the smile on her face, and that’s the only thing a parent wants to hear, really. But, it’s not the first time that you heard that. You heard it the day you were born. From me.

[ Throat clearing ] And, I still want to keep my promise, but I’m supposed to give you away today, and I don’t know who came up with that idea, because it doesn’t make any sense. Who said that? How do you give your kid away? How do you give–

[ All chuckling ] How do you give away the person… how do you give away the person that makes you breathe? So that’s it, everybody out.

[ All laughing ] One drink, a sandwich, a cookie and that’s it.

[ Throat clearing ] I wish it were that easy, but it’s not, because we’re dealing with steffy, and no one tells her what to do. You can’t give her away and you can’t hold onto her, unless that’s what she wants. Because this woman this extraordinary woman. It surprises me everyday, she, uh… she’s been through so much, and she’s here stronger than she ever was. But, she chooses her path and she chooses to be on that path with you. She wants you to take care of her and to make her happy, and I’m gonna have to find a way to deal with that. But, sorry.

[ All chuckling ]

Steffy: Oh wow!

[ All laughing ]

Ridge: This girl…

Brooke: Aw!

Ridge: That… on, on this very day, took her 20-25 minutes to decide between vanilla and chocolate ice cream, because she didn’t want to hurt the other ice cream’s feelings.

[ All laughing ] This little girl that… girl that saves baby crows and baby possums, because she believes in her heart… that every creature deserves to be loved. Now that girl, I’m gonna hold on to, forever, and you’re gonna have to deal with that. I see the two of you, I see how strong you are together, how bonded you are, and there is nothing that is ever going to come in the middle of you. It’s not gonna happen. I’m sorry. I wish you life, and love, and happiness. And, I love you both.

Eric: That’s my boy.

Steffy: I am so ready to marry you.

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