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Recap written by Christine

Sharon accidentally said Adam’s name when she meant Rey. Faith noticed Sharon was rattled. Sharon rushed out of the coffeehouse, with an excuse about running errands. Moses and told Faith he was interested in looking into a career in music. Nate told Moses to give some thought to what he wanted to do and think of what he’d be giving up if he didn’t go into medicine. Faith thought Moses should do what made him happy. Phyllis and Billy discussed Sally and Tara. Phyllis was sure that Summer would come home to her family and the love of her life after Tara and Sally were exposed. Billy thought Summer might stay in Milan for her dream job. He wasn’t sure Kyle and Summer were the love of each other’s lives, but Phyllis was confident Summer would return to claim what was rightfully hers. Tara told Kyle that Phyllis didn’t like her and held her responsible for Summer leaving town. Kyle said it was no one’s fault Summer left, and he promised he’d be there to support Tara. Kyle wondered why Summer suddenly had a change in attitude and left town. Being left by Summer hurt, but he felt that she’d done what she had to do. Kyle invited Sharon over to ask how to approach Ashland’s illness with Harrison. Sharon didn’t think it was a good idea to exclude Ashland from the discussion with Harrison or to cut Ashland out of Harrison’s life. Kyle talked Tara into meeting Ashland to try and compromise. Since she wanted to meet Ashland alone, Kyle went and confronted Phyllis about what she was doing to Tara. Adam disappointed Chelsea when he told her that it was time for Connor to come home. He assured her she could spend as much time with Connor as she wanted once she returned to Genoa City. Rey would be coming home in a few days, and Adam wanted him to drive Connor home too. Chloe arrived for her first day at work at Newman Media. Since she didn’t trust Adam, things didn’t go smoothly at first, but they reached an understanding. Adam ran into Sharon. Referencing their talk the other day, she told him not to try and rope her into talking about their history, because it was in the past. She said she felt pulled toward Rey, not Adam. Adam and Sharon seemed affected by their chance encounter. Ashland told Victoria that he still thought the merger was a great idea. She tried to talk him into treatment, but she couldn’t get through to him. Tara and Ashland met, and she told him she was willing to discuss talking to Harrison about the cancer as a team. Ashland felt he and Tara stopped being a team when she went for full custody. Billy overheard Victoria asking Nate about experimental treatments for people with lung cancer.

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