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Recap written by Christine

Billy and Phyllis ran into each other in the hotel lobby. His meeting just canceled on him. She suggested he let Lily handle the meetings because no one would cancel on her. He agreed, but Lily took a last minute trip out of town to visit Mattie. He suggested he and Phyllis discuss Tara. She thought his theory that Sally and Tara were working together was correct. She was pretty sure they drove her daughter out of town. He wasn’t exactly sure Tara was capable of pulling that off. Phyllis said Tara was relying on Harrison to do that for her. She stated that Harrison was an Abbott that Jack and Kyle didn’t know about. Billy noted that this happened because Tara hid the truth. Phyllis said Jack and Kyle couldn’t see that – they only saw a child who needed their love. Phyllis said Tara was getting close to the Abbotts because she didn’t want to give up her gilded lifestyle. Billy said that made it open season on poor vulnerable Kyle. Phyllis didn’t understand why, but Summer recommended Sally for her job at JCV. That was soul crushing for Phyllis, because she knew Summer hated Sally. Billy asked if Phyllis thought Summer was forced to do it. She didn’t know; they just had to figure out what happened so Summer could come home. He asked if she was sure Summer wanted to come home.

Phyllis said Summer loved Genoa City, and she loved her family. “I inspire her,” Phyllis said. Billy noted that whatever dirty tricks Sally and Tara played, Summer did get her dream job. Phyllis said that was true, but would Summer sacrifice the love of her life? Billy was fond of Kyle and Summer, but he wasn’t sure he was the love of her life, given all the ups and downs. He said Summer left Kyle before. He thought maybe Sally and Tara just hastened the demise of the relationship. Phyllis refused to accept Billy’s pessimistic attitude. She said no wonder his meeting canceled on him, because he was a downer. She was sure her daughter would want to come back to reclaim what was rightfully hers. “She is her mother’s daughter!” She cried that Sally and Tara pushed her daughter out of town, and she could not, and would not let this stand.

At the Abbott house, Kyle suggested to Tara that they take Harrison to a pool party for kids at the Grand Phoenix. She wasn’t enthusiastic, because she said Phyllis didn’t like her. She wasn’t a fan of the way Phyllis made herself welcome at Kyle and Tara’s table yesterday. He advised taking Phyllis with a grain of salt. Tara said that she hated to say this about the woman who was nearly his mother in law, but she thought Phyllis held her responsible for Summer leaving town. “You are responsible,” Kyle replied. She looked shaken, and he said that didn’t come out right. He said Harrison was his kid, and he wouldn’t change that for anything, but it put a burden on Summer, which wasn’t anyone’s fault. Part of him wanted to believe there was more to the story, though. He noted that Summer kept saying she was fine with things, then she suddenly did a 180 and left. He said, in a way, Summer leaving him was honest. She’d broken his heart in ways he couldn’t have dreamed of, but she felt the way she did, and she did what she had to do. Tara said she was sorry, and Kyle told her it wasn’t her fault. She said it wasn’t his job to make her feel better about this. He felt that it was his job to make this okay for all of them, including Harrison. He suggested he have Sharon Rosales come by – she was a therapist who worked with kids. He knew Tara had strong feelings about keeping Ashland away from Harrison after what happened in the park, but Kyle wanted to make sure they did things the wrong way. She gushed about the way he always thought about what was right for Harrison. She said he really was the best.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon overfilled the sugar container, and it spilled on the counter. Faith and Moses walked in chatting about seasons. She liked summer, and he liked winter. Faith couldn’t believe Tigirlily was here the other day. She couldn’t wait for the concert. She asked what Sharon thought. Sharon hoped Adam would be back from Minnesota by then. Faith pointed out that Sharon meant Rey. Sharon said she was just anxious for Rey to come home, and she was frazzled because her employee was late. She abruptly put Faith in charge of the coffeehouse, stating that she had errands to run. Faith was nervous that someone would place a complicated order, but Sharon promised she wouldn’t be gone long. She left, and Faith and Moses exchanged quizzical looks. Once she was outside, Sharon exhaled.

Moses stood in front of Faith, tasting several cups of coffee, as she explained that brewing coffee was a science. Once she’d mastered the classics, she could branch out and spice things up. He asked her not to hate him, but he couldn’t drink another ounce of his experiments – the caffeine was getting to him. She asked about his future plans. He was interested in checking out a career in music. He was excited to go backstage at the New Hope concert and see how things were put together. He said medicine was great, intellectually, but music. Faith saw Nate walk in, and she quickly greeted him to stop Moses before he could say more. Nate told Moses to ask himself if he really wanted to go into medicine and consider what he’d be giving up if he didn’t. Faith thought they could all agree that Moses should do the thing that made him happy. Nate said of course.

Sharon was at the Abbott house. Kyle correctly assumed she saw the video with Ashland and Harrison at the park. He explained that he and Tara were trying to figure out what amount of time Harrison should spend with Ashland and how to tell their son about Ashland’s illness. Tara said they just wanted to protect Harrison. Sharon worried about the impulse to eliminate Ashland from the conversation about his own disease. It could send a message to Harrison that illness and death were unnatural, and he could grow up being afraid of people who had impairments. If they limited contact, Sharon thought Harrison would feel abandoned by his dad and he’d probably blame himself and wonder what he did wrong. She thought Harrison needed to know his father loved him. She thought Tara and Ashland needed to talk to Harrison together and be loving, gentle and above all, be truthful. Kyle said that made so much sense, and it was exactly what they needed, but Tara had a strained expression.

After Sharon left, Kyle asked Tara what she thought. She felt Sharon was knowledgeable and generous to come talk with them, but she said this wasn’t just about that one day in the park. She didn’t think she could reason with Ashland, who was the type of person to smash anyone who got in his way. She said he was already furious with her for filing for sole custody. Kyle thought on some level, Ashland knew he overreacted in the park, and he might even understand Tara’s reaction. He thought they might be able to make a compromise that helped Harrison. She moaned that she hated living her life under a microscope – Ashland resented her, Phyllis had crazy ideas about her ulterior motives, and she worried that Kyle and Jack would judge her too. He promised he and his dad would always be on her side. He said he’d handle Phyllis, but this stalemate with Locke had to end.

Adam and Chelsea video chatted while he was in his office. She told him that Anita was doing well, but she had a long road ahead and would need a lot of physical therapy. Connor was doing fine. It meant a lot to Chelsea that Adam let Connor come. Adam was glad to hear that, but it was time for Connor to come home. Chelsea protested that he just got here. Adam said Connor had lacrosse camp in a few days, and it wouldn’t be fair to upend his entire summer schedule. Chelsea and Connor had already made plans for outings to go on while Anita was at her appointments. Adam said they’d make up for it by giving Chelsea as much time as she wanted with Connor when she got back to Genoa City. She asked how he’d get home. As far as Adam knew, Rey was coming back in a day or two, and he could drive Connor home. Chelsea begged for a little more time. Adam was sympathetic, but he stood firm. He added that Connor went on the trip so that he could be reassured that Chelsea was healthy, and he’d seen that now. He said she and Connor could video chat, and she’d see him soon, and that what was important. “You’re right,” she sadly said. The call ended.

Chloe arrived, and Adam welcomed her to her first day at Newman Media. She wasn’t sure she was brave or crazy. Never in her wildest nightmares did she expect this to happen. He was glad she was on board. She glanced around and said she was checking for booby traps, just in case his offer wasn’t the altrustic gesture he said it was. He didn’t mind, so she looked around a bit more thoroughly. She said it was a good move for him to let Chelsea take Connor. He told her that Connor would be coming home soon. She was surprised he was pulling the plug already. He said he was trying to meet everyone’s needs, not that he owed her an explanation. He thought it best that they focus on work, and she agreed. He told her that he was giving her free reign to hire her own team. He trusted her fashion sense. She asked if he was still willing to let her hire Chelsea when the time came. He said he had no reason to go back on his word. He thought it’d be good for Chelsea. “So, you’re not setting Chelsea up the same way you did with Connor – make a promise then break it?” she asked. He said that wasn’t going to happen. She wondered if this was another one of his mind games and if this new leaf of his was just one big act. She vowed to make sure the whole world knew that his change was a hoax. He agreed and ordered her to get out. She said she wasn’t going anywhere because they had a contract. She had Michael look at it to make sure it it was legit. He told her to go and take that envelope with her. She asked what it was, a restraining order? He said it was the key to her new office. She was speechless. He knew that she’d been trying to push his buttons and get a reaction out of him. He felt that they needed to get that out of the way if they were going to work together. Now that she knew his anger was fake, she chuckled and called him a piece of work. He laughed. He knew she’d never trust him, but he accepted the challenge that she’d come around eventually. He felt that if she could one day see him in a new light, anyone could. She told him not to hold his breath, and she left.

At the park, Sharon called Rey and left a message that she just needed to hear his voice and she hoped he’d be home soon. Adam walked up and said her name, startling her. She smiled and asked if he was following her. She apologized for saying that, because she didn’t mean it. She’d just been jumpy the past few days, then he just came out of nowhere. He teased that it was a public park, in broad daylight that could be filled with crying babies or suspicious butterflies. He asked what had her spooked. She said it was their conversation the other day – he turned it around and made it about them. He thought the conversation had flowed naturally from their discussion about Billy accusing him of putting on a performance to try and get her back. She didn’t see how that lead to the topic of whether she preferred good Adam or bad Adam. She announced that she didn’t feel a pull toward either side of him. She felt pulled toward Rey, who would be coming home soon after looking out for Adam’s ex, of all people. She told him not to try and rope her into talking about their history, because it was in the past. She left.

Sharon went back to Crimson Lights, where Faith was showing her latte-foam heart to Moses. He thought it resembled a pineapple, but it was cool. Faith asked Sharon’s opinion. She barely glanced at it, but she said it was great. Faith asked if everything was okay. Sharon said she was fine, she was just thinking about Rey. Sharon went into the storage room and just stood there.

Adam went back to work and sighed. Chloe entered the office and asked him to look over some designs. He opened his laptop like he’d do it, but as soon as she left, he closed the lid and just sat there, staring off at nothing.

At their place, Ashland said he had a minor anxiety attack, and now Victoria was questioning whether the merger was a mistake. He didn’t know she was an alarmist. She said she wasn’t; she just wanted to make sure they were acting in his best interest. He said that the merger was the most exciting thing he’d done in his career. He didn’t have any regrets. She reminded him he’d just admitted he was having panic attacks because he was giving up things that were important to him. He clarified that he wasn’t talking about his business. He said everything changed – his marriage, the child he thought was his flesh and blood, the illness that would steal his life, the legacy he’d planned to create by passing his business on to his son. He told her that she was the one thing that kept his burden from being so much worse. She thought she knew a way to stop the panic attacks.

Ashland knew Victoria was going to suggest getting treatment for the cancer. He was right. She felt that if he got treatment and controlled his health, it’d help alleviate his stress. She conceded that yoga and breathing would help, but she thought that the real cause was that he was struggling because he felt he was out of control. He didn’t want to keep having this conversation. He said if she were any other person on earth, she wouldn’t dare keep revisiting this same point day after day. He said he’d told her again and again he didn’t want treatment. She replied that she couldn’t let go – this thing between them was getting deeper and deeper, and she knew it was selfish, but she wanted it to last as long as possible. He wanted that too, but he didn’t want to deal with awful side effects just so he could have an extra half hour of his life. She didn’t want that for him, but she just kept thinking about his reasoning. She said he admitted he was having terrible panic attacks that knocked him to the ground. “Do you know that’s a hell of a thing to hear from the toughest man that I’ve ever met in my life?” she asked. She told him he was a control freak in the best possible way, and he was upfront about his power position, and that was how he’d always defined himself until now. She didn’t understand why he was letting the disease define him.

Victoria gave Ashland tea, which he compared to lawn clippings, but he assumed it was good for him. She thought it’d be restorative after his episode. He appreciated it. He felt exponentially better just being around her. She gathered that he wasn’t going to change his mind. She said it was too hard for the great and powerful Ashland Locke was wrong and she was right. She knew she was a bit manipulative before, but she was running out of ways to make him see that he’d made his decision in haste. She said he was a force, and he had so much to give. She wanted to get as much as she could. She promised to personally see to it that any extra time he had was a gift. He got a call from Tara, and he apologized to Victoria, but he needed to take this.

Tara told Ashland that they had a lot to discuss. Kyle nodded in approval. Kyle told Tara that he’d open the door to Ashland then join her on the couch to show they were a united front. She noted that he’d put a lot of thought into this, and she said he was very sweet, but she should handle this on her own. She wondered what she was going to say about Harrison’s custody. She said that depended on what Ashland said when he got there. Ashland arrived and asked where Tara’s entourage of Abbotts was. She said she wanted to talk alone about explaining things to Harrison. She was willing to do it as a team. He said they were no longer a team, which she made crystal clear when she went for sole custody. She told him not to make this harder. He scoffed and asked if he should make this easy for her. She said she was making an effort. The only effort he cared about was the one she made when she tried to keep Harrison from ever seeing him again.

Kyle went to the hotel and confronted Phyllis. “Tell me what the hell you’re doing to Tara,” he demanded.

Victoria met with Nate at Society. Billy walked in and listened from a distance. Victoria said a friend had been diagnosed with small lung cell carcinoma. She knew this wasn’t his specialty, but she was hoping she could learn some things to give him a reason to consider treatment. Nate said he read the news, and he had a pretty good sense of who she was talking about. She didn’t want to use names. He told her that Billy had also come to him with hypothetical questions about a friend’s health. It was clear to Nate that Billy and Victoria were referring to the same person. She wasn’t surprised Billy asked about this, but she didn’t want to get into why he was curious. She knew about conventional treatments, and she knew this wasn’t about a cure, it was about buying time and making the most of it. Nate was glad Victoria had a clear view. With this type of cancer, they were talking small percentages with low odds of success for a small amount of time. She wanted to hear about clinical trials, promising experimental treatments on the horizon. Nothing was off the table. He noted that, as she said, oncology wasn’t his specialty, but he’d be happy to confer with colleagues. She appreciated that. She knew Nate had a lot on her plate, but she had to give her friend something. Anything. Billy left.

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