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Sonny phones Nina to let her know that he’s at a New York hospital with Lenny and Phyllis. They need her because Lenny has a tumor. She panics at first when he says “New York,” worried that he might be in Port Charles. She is shocked to hear about Lenny and immediately offers to help out. He tells her they’re going back to Nixon Falls, so she’ll meet them there and help Lenny pay for any cancer treatments he might need. Sonny tells her that he misses her. Nina is spending time with Wiley but tells Willow that she has to leave for a while to help her friends. She wonders if Willow and Chase might want to have more children, but Willow admits they haven’t really talked about it. When Nina mentions Mike, Willow says she hopes to meet him one day. Nina tells her that Wiley is the only man in her life right now.

Lenny and Phyllis sit in the waiting room at the hospital and reminisce about their first meeting, when he was finishing. Sonny arrives and lets them know that Nina will be meeting them and that she’ll pay for any treatment Lenny needs. He objects, but Sonny tells him that they owe him a lot, and his life and health are more important than his pride. Sonny’s voice breaks when he pledges that they’ll fight the cancer together. Lenny gets called in to see the doctor, so Sonny consoles Phyllis.

Valentin and Anna hang out at Ryan’s Bar (ha!), waiting for the helicopter pilot that supposedly helped Peter escape with Maxie’s baby. The man comes in, so Anna goes over and makes small talk with him. He starts talking about his dead sister, but then he realizes that Anna is a bit too interested. He tries to get rough with her, but Valentin slams him down on the bar. They question him about what happened. He tells them that he never picked up Peter because he couldn’t get close enough to the roof of General Hospital. Anna wonders where Peter went, then.

Brook Lynn takes baby Louise/Bailey to GH to get a checkup. She’s arranged for Maxie to casually run into them as well, so she she can say goodbye to her daughter. Austin walks up to say hi, but Brook Lynn tells him to go away. She’s suspicious that he’s not really a Quartermaine. He seems mildly amused at her attitude. While Brook Lynn takes the baby in to the doctor, Maxie asks Austin about his background. He tells her that his parents were Jimmy Lee Holt and Charity Gatlin. She knows all about them from reading Lucy Coe’s book, and Edward’s unauthorized biography. Austin is surprised to hear that Maxie is leaving town, so she confides that being around little Bailey when she misses her own daughter has been too difficult for her. When Brook Lynn returns, Maxie demands to know why she didn’t tell her that Austin was her cousin. She’s worried that he’ll remember that her baby didn’t get kidnapped, but Brook Lynn assures her that he won’t. In a sad scene, Maxie says goodbye to Louise.

Meanwhile, Nikolas and Spencer are chatting at a table at the Metro Court about Cassadine Industries. Nikolas sees Ava and takes her aside to tell her that the fastest divorce they can get is a “no fault divorce,” which will take two weeks. She’s not happy to hear that it will take that long, and she’s worried about Avery. Nikolas gets a little suspicious when Spencer mentions a detail about Ava’s stalker. Spencer tells him that it was posted by someone on social media. Spencer keeps needling Nikolas about Ava.

Ava and Austin run into each other at the Metro Court bar and catch up. She tells him that she and Nikolas are getting divorced. He’s sympathetic. He can tell that she and Nikolas are pretending to ignore each other but still keep looking over at each other. She tells him about the stalker and about why Avery is with Carly. He says it’s a shame whenever parents are separated from their child. When he inadvertently mentions Maxie losing her child (in comparison to Ava being away from Avery), she gets a bit annoyed, saying it’s not the same thing.

Josslyn and Trina are hanging out at the Metro Court pool. Trina just got off the phone with Spencer, whom she knows only as Victor. She has sympathy for him because he grew up without a mom. Josslyn tells her that she and Cam kissed on the Fourth of July. Trina tells her that she could tell they were together, but she’s not mad because she’s no longer interested in Cam. Josslyn is relieved. Cam was with the girls but then went to get drinks so they could chat. After he comes back, he’s rubbing lotion on Josslyn’s back when Spencer arrives, calling him a “townie,” like old times. They’re shocked when they look up to see that Spencer has grown so tall.

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