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Recap written by Christine

Billy asked Lily if she was okay with the kids staying with them nearly full time, and she said yes. He had concerns about Ashland moving in with Victoria and how it’d impact her and the kids. Lily thought that Victoria was a good mom and that they could all work together to make sure the kids were okay. Victoria introduced Ashland to Katie and Johnny and explained that he’d be living with them. She told them they’d be staying at their father’s more often. The meeting went smoothly. Ashland had trouble breathing, and he asked if Victoria had changed her mind about the arrangement. She assured him she hadn’t. Ashland’s attack had been more painful and constricted than usual. Billy asked Ashland why he’d put Victoria through watching him die. Ashland would not admit he was dying. Victoria told Billy that she and Ashland wanted to go through this together and make each other happy in the meantime. Ashland swore he wasn’t taking advantage. Billy was sorry for Ashland and glad Victoria was getting some happiness. Kyle told Jack that Harrison got scared of the way Ashland acted at the park, and Tara was thinking about restricting his contact with Harrison. Jack was sympathetic to Ashland because he was going through a lot, and he was just trying to protect Harrison. Kyle’s goal was to do what was best for Harrison. Jack was sure Kyle would make the right decision. Tara eavesdropped. Tara claimed Harrison woke up crying about what happened at the park. Kyle wasn’t sure what the right move was regarding Ashland. Jack asked Sally on a date, and she accepted. Phyllis found out, and she told Jack she wouldn’t intervene in his life anymore. He wanted her to stop intervening in everyone’s lives, because people had enough problems without anyone adding to it.

Amanda told Devon that she’d been burned so many times she didn’t completely trust that Victor would help her with Sutton. She thought she did trust Victor, but she wasn’t sure she trusted herself to judge people’s character anymore. Devon and Lily met and talked about their lives. Billy and Lily agreed that Victoria and Ashland deserved happiness. Victor met with Sutton. He claimed he found an old letter Richard wrote to him, in which he’d said that Sutton had threatened him to drop the search for his baby. Victor offered to give the letter to Sutton for a price. Phyllis played nice with Tara and mentioned that Summer and Kyle would reunite soon. Tara said Kyle was bonding with Harrison, and he’d accepted Summer’s departure. Phyllis was shocked when Tara mentioned that she was thinking of seeking full custody of Harrison. Tara said she and Phyllis were protective mothers who weren’t that different from each other. Phyllis told Amanda that she and Billy were working together to figure out what happened between Tara and Sally. Amanda said if Phyllis ran Tara out of town, and Kyle didn’t have a custody agreement in place, he could lose his son. Phyllis dismissed that, as she knew Jack and Kyle would fight it. She vowed to take Tara down. Amanda told Phyllis that she was working with Victor to take Sutton down. Phyllis told Sally that she wasn’t going to interfere in her relationship with Jack. Lauren met with Tara. They talked about Phyllis, and Tara said she and Phyllis were becoming friends. Tara told Kyle she made a decision. As Ashland and Victoria celebrated their new living arrangement, he got a call from his lawyer saying that Tara filed for full custody of Harrison. Sally and Jack went on their date at Society, and Phyllis peeked in the window at them.


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