Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 2, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle and Tara spend most of the night talking since she has always suffered from insomnia. Kyle cries as he deletes Summer’s phone number and picture from his phone. Kyle and Tara talk about the time they spent together in the Hamptons. Kyle tells Tara that he is going to concentrate on Harrison and work while he deals with his love life one day at a time.

Jack and Sally have a long talk over drinks about her plans for the future and Jack puts Sally firmly in the friend zone telling her that a romantic relationship between them is not a good idea.

Victoria thinks Ashland should announce their merger so that the press will stop trying to find out about his illness. Ashland tells Victoria that he doesn’t care about the press and that they shouldn’t rush the merger of their two companies.

Stitch asks Victor how Abby is really doing and Victor tells him Abby is happily married to Chance and excited about her baby that is on the way. Abby, Mariah, and Tessa stay up late talking about the baby since Mariah can’t sleep. Mariah describes to Abby what it feels like to have the baby inside of her. Abby and Tessa go upstairs to bed while Mariah stays downstairs for a few minutes and tells the baby that when he is born he will have a lot of people who love him. The audience sees Stitch standing outside the house watching Mariah through the window.

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