Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 11, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Summer and Kyle decide that they will get married in August because they need to move on with their lives.

Summer isn’t happy when Lauren tells her that Kyle suggested she talk to Tara about being in house designer for Fenmore’s.

Summer goes to the Abbott house to talk to Kyle and sees him telling Tara he wants her to stay in Genoa City so he can spend time with Harrison.

Sally calls Eric Forrester and asks him to do a favor for Summer.

Lily is nervous because Johnny and Katie spending the night at her and Billy’s apartment for the first time.

Billy continues to worry that Victoria is spending too much time with Ashland Locke.

Sutton Ames fires Amanda because he doesn’t want to reveal that Amanda and Hilary are his granddaughters. Victor sees Sutton and Sutton slips and calls Amanda his granddaughter but quickly recovers and says his granddaughter Imani disappointed him. Victor calls Amanda and tells her to stop by his office to discuss her relationship with Sutton Ames.

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