Y&R Short Recap Friday, June 4, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Victor gives Nikki tickets to Florence Italy to see Leslie Brooks perform her favorite piano concerto for her birthday. Victor also gives Nikki a beautiful necklace and a bouquet of apricot roses and Nikki thinks she is blessed to have Victor in her life.

Summer talks to Jack and tells him she saw Kyle with Harrison at the park and he is a natural father. Summer loves Kyle but she isn’t sure that she is ready to have a child in her life. Sally is determined to do whatever it takes to make Summer take the job at the fashion house in Italy.

Devon is worried that Amanda is so eager to have a family that she isn’t being objective about the facts in her grandfather’s case.

Ashland offers Tara joint custody of Harrison but with the condition that Kyle can’t be a part of Harrison’s life.

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