Days Short Recap Thursday, June 3, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jan told Shawn that she wasn’t going to hold up her end of the deal. She said Shawn didn’t love her. She thought he was trying to get her to confess to killing Charlie. She told him Claire was alive and at the cabin where she tried to kill Ciara. She told him Claire wouldn’t be alive by the time he got there. Ben showed up at the cabin. When he oped the door, he knocked over a lantern, which set the cabin on fire. Lani confronted Chanel about seeing Eli naked. Chanel said she did see him. Lani said it was inappropriate for her to talk about how attractive her husband is. Philip and Eli talked about Belle confessing to killing Charlie so Jan could let Claire go. Eli thought the plan wouldn’t work. Philip said Jan was obsessed with Shawn. He said Jan was stuck in high school. He said Chloe never cared about what people thought, which made Jan feel worthless. He said that made Jan dangerous. Chloe talked to Jan about killing Claire. Chloe said she thought they were friends. Jan said she did too, but Claire had other plans. Jan warned her to be more concerned about herself. Chloe wanted to know what she was going to do to her. Belle asked Shawn if Jan left Claire at the cabin to die. Shawn said not if he could help it. He left to find Claire. Ben got to Claire before she burned in the cabin. Claire told him what Jan did to her. He told her he could have killed her. He said he was seeing Jordan and she was telling him that he was trying to kill her. He said he was feeling guilty. Claire said he was feeling guilty because she kissed him while he was still married to Ciara. Philip talked to Eli about his love for Chloe. He said he lost his chance again. Eli told him not to give up. Lani told Chanel that she was only supposed to stay with her and Eli for a few nights. Lani said she should have found a job by now. Chanel said she did.

Chanel told Lani that she wanted to open a business. Jan figured out what she was going to do with Chloe. Jan called Philip and asked him if he wanted to save Chloe. Claire told Ben that she shouldn’t have kissed him. He asked her why Jan brought her to the cabin. Claire said she wanted her to feel the way Ciara felt when she tried to burn Ciara up. Claire said she wished she could tell Ciara how sorry she was for doing that to her. Shawn found Ben and Claire at the cabin. Shawn asked if Claire was okay. She said she was. She told him Ben got to her in time. Ben told him Chloe set up a lantern to burn the cabin when he opened the door. Claire told him Jan took Chloe. Ben wanted to stay behind in the cabin when Shawn wanted to get Claire out of there. Philip wanted to know what Jan wanted him to do. She said she wasn’t going to prison for kidnapping Chloe. He wanted to know what she wanted him to do. She said to bring her money, jet and gummie bears. He wanted to talk to Chloe. Jan said there wasn’t time. She told him not to go to the police if he wanted to see Chloe again. Philip met with Chloe and Jan. He said he got the jet ready to take her wherever she wanted to go. Jan told him to leave. He said he wasn’t going unless she let Chloe go. Jan said they had a problem.

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