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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Rafe she could explain why she was with Xander. She said she needed to talk to him. Rafe wanted to know why. Xander said he needed to talk to her. Gabi and Ava got into an argument over Ava still being at Rafe’s house. Kayla told Jake that the swelling was off of Kate’s brain so they were taking her out of the coma. She said Kate would either be fine or have brain damage. Marlena went to see Susan. Marlena told her she was free to go. Susan was happy that she was free. Susan thought she would be arrested for helping Kristen. Marlena said she was able to convince the authorities that Kristen took advantage of her. Chad confronted Kristen about what she did to Kate and Chloe. Kristen said she didn’t want any of this to happen. She said she did it all for Brady. Chad said this was her idea of love. She said Brady wanted nothing to do with him. Chad thought she should have expected it after what she did. She said she needed his help. She said he was the only one who could make that happen. He asked if she was crazy. She said he had the money to help her escape. He asked if she wanted to hurt people again. She said to think about what their father would say. She said he would want them to be family. He said they may be family, but she didn’t condone what she did to Kate. Gabi told Ava that she and Jake were together. Gabi warned Ava not to hurt her brother because she would hurt her. Xander told Rafe that he had a proposition for Nicole. She said Xander wanted a job. Rafe said he kidnapped her and held her in a cage. He said that was resume material. He said there was no way she would hire Xander. She said she was considering it. Marlena brought Susan home. Susan apologized to Brady for what happened. Brady said her heart was in the right place. He said she believed Kristen’s lies. Susan wanted to make it up to him. Chad told Kristen that he knew she was in pain. He told her to find a purpose other than Brady. He told her to think of Rachel and how she’s going to need her. She said she thought about her every day. She said she had to find the good inside herself. He said it was there. He said he would be there for Rachel. Rafe told Nicole that she hated Xander. Nicole said she needed the help. Xander said he had a lot to offer and she would be happy to have him. Rafe thought something was going on more than a job. He wanted to know what it was.

Nicole told Rafe that the job was temporary. She asked him about Chloe. He said there was no word on her. He wanted to know what Xander could do for Brady Black. Nicole said he had experience. Rafe said he tried to kill Sami and Lucas. Susan went to see Kristen. Kristen apologized for her being in prison longer than they agreed. Susan was sorry she agreed to doing the plan. Kristen said she was trying to hang on to Brady. She said she ruined everything. She said she was sorry for what she put Susan through. Susan said she forgave her. Gabi showed up at the hospital. Jake told her she was being out of her coma. She reminded him that he told her he loved her. She asked if he was going to tell her the truth when Kate woke up. He said he was going to tell her. Gabi wanted to know when. He said he hoped she would be understanding about it. Kate woke up out of the coma. She wasn’t able to see anything. Jake wanted to get Kayla. She didn’t want him to leave her. Gabi said she would get her. Kate wanted to know why Gabi was there. Chad went to see Brady. He gave him a note to give to Rachel. Kristen told Susan that she went to extremes because she didn’t want Chloe to steal Kristen from her. Susan said she did that by herself. They talked about Susan being there for Brady and Rachel. Kristen hugged Susan. Kristen ended up knocking Susan out. She said she couldn’t go to prison. Nicole left Rafe and Xander alone so they could talk. Rafe asked him about his role in what happened to Sami and Lucas. Xander said nothing happened. Rafe asked how they got his gun. Xander said they must have stolen it. Rafe said it could be evidence for attempted murder. Xander said not on Sami’s word. Rafe said there would be an investigation. If he was cleared, he would get his gun back. Rafe told him to stay away from Nicole. Kate told Jake she didn’t want Gabi there. He said she was gone. She wanted to know why she couldn’t see. She asked why she was in the hospital. He told her what happened with Kristen. Ava came in and saw Kristen dressed as Susan. Ava told her she wouldn’t get away with it. Kristen reminded her that she would be dead if she didn’t have Rolf bring her back to life. She told Ava that she owed her. Ava said she wasn’t helping her because Rafe would never forgive her. Kristen told her to keep her mouth shut and she would do the same. Rafe came in while Ava was trying to wake up “Kristen.” Rafe said it was Susan. He asked her what happened. He asked Ava if she saw Kristen.

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