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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire told Jan that something was in the trunk. Jan said no one was in the trunk. While they were talking, Jan told her she hoped Belle was confessing so she could be with Shawn. Claire said she wasn’t going to get him after he kidnapped hi daughter. Claire told her to let her go and take the deal that Belle gave her. They ended up hearing a noise again. Jan told her to pull the car over. Philip told Kristen that she lied about where Chloe was. Kristen said she wasn’t lying. Rafe went to see Sami and Lucas to find out how they got mixed up with Kristen. Jan told Claire she would check the trunk. She threatened to shoot Claire if she tried to leave. Brady asked Kristen what her plan was with Chloe. Kristen said she didn’t know. He asked if she told Xander to shoot her too. Xander wanted Nicole to meet him. He told her he needed money. She said that was his problem. He said Sami was supposed to give him money, but she double-crossed him. She said that was his problem. He said it was her problem because Sami saw them together. She asked if he wanted her to pay him the money. He said she would tell Sami what happened if she didn’t. Rafe asked how Sami and Lucas ended up in Kristen’s crosshairs. Sami said she figured out Kristen wasn’t Susan. Rafe wanted to know why she didn’t say anything sooner. She said Kristen is EJ’s mother. She said once she figured it out, Kristen threatened her. Rafe asked how Lucas got involved. Lucas said he told him about Kate being missing and how he wouldn’t help him. Rafe apologized to him for that and wanted to know what happened next. Lucas said he went to the DiMera mansion to look for Kristen. Rafe was suspicious of Lucas’ statement because of the way he was acting when he came to the police station. He thought Lucas didn’t tell him because he knew it was Kristen. He said Lucas said he couldn’t betray a confidence because the person wouldn’t forgive him. Rafe asked if Sami knew who he was talking about. Nicole told Xander to tell Sami about the affair. He said Sami would tell Eric. She said she would deny the affair. She said no one would believe him. He said she would tell Sami. She said there was no proof that they had sex. He said there was proof. Kristen said she didn’t have a plan for Chloe. Brady wanted to know what she planned on doing to Chloe. Kristen said she was just going for the moment. He said she was trying to kill everyone he loved. She said she needed him to acknowledge something. She wanted to know if he still loved here. Philip went to the police station. He told Shawn that Chloe was missing. Shawn told him he had to find Claire because she was kidnapped by Jan.

Jan found Chloe in the trunk of the car. Jan asked if she wanted her to get her out of the car. Chloe nodded her head. Jan said she wasn’t doing it. Shawn told Philip how Jan killed Charlie and kidnapped Claire. Nicole told Xander he was bluffing about someone knowing about them. He said someone was in the bathroom the day she came looking for her ring. She wanted to know who was listening to them. Kristen told Brady he had a right to be mad at her. She said she was out of control. She said she did everything because she loved him. She said she couldn’t live without him. She asked him if he loved her. He said he did. Rafe asked Lucas if he was protecting Sami. Rafe figured out that Kristen had something on her. He wanted to know what it was. She said he could get Kristen for other things. She said they had nothing for him. Rafe wanted Sami and Lucas to help him. Rafe reminded Sami of what she did when he tried to help Allie when she was accused of killing Charlie. Sami said she didn’t know anything that could help him find Chloe. She asked him if he talked to Xander. Nicole wanted to know who the witness was. Xander said he wasn’t saying anything without money. She said she didn’t have any money. He said there was another thing she could give him. She wanted to know what he wanted from her. He said a job. Philip asked Shawn to let him see the security footage so he could find Chloe. Jan told Chloe that she wasn’t going to shoot her. Claire tried to leave the car, but Jan came back too soon. Jan asked if she was going somewhere. Claire said she scared her. Claire asked what was in the trunk. Jan said a stowaway. Kristen said Brady’s love for her made her okay. He said he loved her, but he couldn’t be with her anymore. Claire asked Jan how the person got in the trunk. Jan said she didn’t have time to deal with her and Chloe. Claire said Chloe could suffocate in the trunk. Jan didn’t care what happened to Chloe. Brady told Kristen that he hated what she did. She said she changed. He said he thought she did. He told her he was raising their child alone. She said she understood why she went to prison. He said he understood what she did because they were a team, but she went rogue. He told her he reassured her about his love, but she didn’t believe him. He reminded her of the things she has done. She said she did everything because she loved him. He said he didn’t want to be loved like that. She wanted to know what he meant. He said she did too many things and he didn’t want to do it anymore. She asked him not to give up on her. She said she couldn’t blame everything on her because he admitted to having feelings for Chloe. Kristen said Chloe was trying to convince him that he was better off without her. She said the plan worked. He said his feelings for Chloe had nothing to do with why he couldn’t be with her. He said she was the reason. Nicole told Xander she couldn’t give him a job. She said Brady hated him more than she did. He said he could replace Chloe. Nicole wouldn’t go for it. He said he would tell Sami what they did. Nicole said she wouldn’t believe it. He said it didn’t matter. He said Sami would tell Eric. Rafe warned Sami and Lucas that whatever it was they were hiding was going to come out. Kristen wanted Brady to give her another chance. She asked him to think about their daughter. He said he was thinking about Rachel. He said as long as he’s with her, she would always be a threat. He said it broke his heart. He said he had to do it for his family. He told her it was over for good. While Philip and Shawn were looking at the security footage, Philip saw Kristen put Chloe in the trunk. They also saw Jan and Claire in the car. Claire begged Jan to let Chloe go. Jan said Chloe would sell her out to the police.

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