Days Short Recap Friday, May 21, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Dr. Snyder told Gwen that he wasn’t comfortable knowing that she lied about when her baby died. She reminded him about doctor/patient confidentiality agreement. He said it would cost Abby her mental health. He was upset because Jan threw that up in his face too. He told her what Jan did. He threatened to expose her to Jack. He said they had to change their relationship if she wanted him to keep quiet. She told him that she would scream if he came near her. He didn’t want her. He wanted her to work for him. He let her get dressed and returned with a package for her to deliver. He told her that she had to do it every week. She refused to do that. He threatened to call Jack so she changed her mind. Claire tried to make Ben feel better about Ciara leaving. She suggested he leave her alone for a while. They ended up kissing. Things were heating up between them when Ben stopped them. He couldn’t do that to Ciara. Claire felt stupid, but Ben tried to make her feel better about it. She hoped she didn’t mess up their friendship. He apologized too and they agreed to put it behind them. Chad tried to convince Abby not to leave Salem, but she had to go. He wanted to work things out. She said she was overwhelmed. She said her life was ruined. He finally agreed to let her leave if that’s what she needed to do. She said she wouldn’t be gone long. He wanted her to see the love he had in his eyes for her. They kissed each other and she left. Jack called Chad so he could speak to Abby. Chad told him that he was too late. He said Abby left.

Jack showed up at the DiMera mansion to talk to Chad. He didn’t understand why Abby left without saying anything. He told Chad that Gwen lied. Chad told him that Abby said Gwen was lying. He said Abby felt guilty and knew Chad blamed her for what happened. Chad told him about what happened. Jack realized that Abby was right to leave. Shawn talked to Jan about Belle killing Charlie. She assured him that she wouldn’t leave him. She kissed him. He was surprised that she kissed him. Jan thought he still hated her. He said he had to keep it a secret for her sake. He wanted to get a room for them at the Salem Inn. She was excited at the idea of them being in a room together. He left to get the room. She thought about having sex with him. Dr. Snyder arrived and interrupted her fantasy. He confronted her about faking being in a coma. He told her that Belle and Shawn were asking about her coma so she realized she was being played. She realized she had to turn the tables on them. Belle went to see John at the hospital. She told him the judge wasn’t going to drop John’s recording. He said he was going to tell the jury that his mind isn’t right. She told him that she and Shawn were going to take care of Jan. Shawn called her and told her that Jan bought their argument. He said he almost ruined it when Jan kissed him. He said he said he was disgusted by the kiss. He told her how he got a room at the Salem Inn. She thought they went too far. Ben went back to his apartment and was surprised by who was there. Jan arrived at Belle and Shawn’s place. She pulled a gun out just as Shawn arrived.

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