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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani confronted Kristen about who she really was. Lani said she loved her, but she had to arrest her. Kristen said she should have known she couldn’t fool her. Lani said everyone knew what she has done. Kristen wanted to meet Lani’s twins. Marlena told Brady that Kate was in a coma because of Kristen. He asked her about Chloe. Marlena said she couldn’t get in touch with her. He asked her about Lucas. She told him Lucas was dying from a tumor. Brady was shocked. She said she didn’t think it was true. He wanted to know why Lucas would say that. She said Sami put her up to it. Lucas and Sami told Xander that they kept Kristen’s secret so there was no reason why she would want them dead. Xander said she didn’t trust them anymore. Gabi told Philip that she and Jake were back together. She told him she wasn’t sure if they were together because of Kate. Jake told Gabi that he was afraid that she wasn’t going to come out of it. Xander told Lucas and Sami that it was Philip’s fault that he had to work with Kristen. He said Philip got was the reason why he didn’t have a job anymore so he had to do it. He asked who wanted to go first. She said she would double whatever Kristen was paying him. He said it was a tempting offer. He said he wanted $10,000,000. Marlena told Brady that Sami dressed up like a man to convince Chloe that Lucas was dying. Brady wanted to know why. Marlena told him she didn’t know. She said Sami and Lucas wanted Chloe to go with him to Antarctica. Brady thought Kristen wanted Chloe out of the way. Gabi tried to comfort Jake about Kate. She told him that he wanted to be with her before Kate was in a coma. She didn’t expect him to want to be with her now that Kate is in a coma.

Jake told Gabi that he loved her. He said despite everything that was going on, she was the woman he wanted to be with. Kristen told Lani that she was afraid that she was going to lose Rachel. Lani said she would always be in Rachel’s heart. Kristen said she wouldn’t be in Brady’s. She said she didn’t mean to hurt Kate. She said she was afraid that she was going to lose Brady. She apologized to Lani. Lani wanted to know why. Kristen said she must hate having her as a friend. Sami agreed to pay Xander the money to keep her and Lucas safe. She told him she had to get EJ to sign for the money. Xander wanted to know why EJ wouldn’t want to save the two of them. Kristen told Lani that she was her friend. She said she had to arrest Kristen. Brady told Marlena that he needed to find Chloe. He asked Marlena to go to the DiMera mansion to see if anyone has seen Chloe. Sami called EJ to tell him she needed $10 million dollars. Marlena asked Brady how he felt about Chloe. He said he cared about her. He said he couldn’t live with himself if anything happened to her. Marlena said she would check with Lucas to see if he heard from her. Xander got the money from EJ. Lucas asked if they were good. Xander said he was a man of his word. Sami wanted to know what he was going to tell Kristen. Xander said it was his concern. Xander left the room. When Sami and Lucas were about to leave, she stopped him. She said EJ was going to want to know why they needed the money. Lucas told her to tell him whatever he wanted. He said not to tell him that they slept together or he would kill them himself.

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