Days Short Recap Thursday, May 13, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami was locked in the DiMera cellar. Lucas went to Rafe to report that Kate was missing. Rafe said she didn’t have to be missing. He said she could have come to her senses. Lucas said there was more. Nicole was upset that she cheated on Xander for the worst person in the world. Xander thought she was being harsh. She said she wasn’t being harsh. He told her he didn’t make her drink or sleep with him. She said he was right. He said she shouldn’t beat herself up over it. He asked her how long have Eric been gone. He told her it wasn’t her fault that she wanted to feel a man’s around her. He said he wanted to beat Eric up. Kristen dressed up as Susan at the hospital. John and Marlena told her that Brady was in an accident. Chloe thought “Susan” should have known what happened to him because she was a psychic. Marlena said he was in surgery. Kristen said she was going to find out what was going on with Brady, but John stopped her. Lucas told Rafe that he couldn’t tell him what happened with Kate. Rafe said he couldn’t help him if he didn’t tell him what was going on. Lucas said he would find her on his own. Nicole told Xander that Eric was a good person who helped people. Xander said Sarah was the same way. He said Eric and Sarah played them. He said at least Sarah dumped him while Eric left her hanging. He said Eric chose helping people over being with her. She told him he didn’t know what he was talking about. He said she wanted him as much as he wanted her.

John told Kristen to go to the chapel and pray for a long time. Marlena told her John wanted immediate family there. Kristen said Chloe wasn’t family. Marlena told her to do what John said. She said if there was any news, she would find her there. Marlena said she didn’t want her there when John came back from checking on Brady. Chloe said Susan was weird, but she seemed obsessed with Brady. Chloe noticed something was wrong with Marlena. Marlena was worried that Sami wasn’t at the hospital. Chloe asked if she tried Lucas. Marlena wanted to know why she thought Sami could have been with Lucas. Nicole told Xander that he was the last thing she wanted. He said she didn’t say that before. She said she was missing her husband. She told him she thought about Eric the whole time. He asked her if she thought of Rafe. She said she didn’t. He reminded her that she confessed to having feelings for Rafe. She wanted him to shut up. He told her she was impressed with his prowess, but she wanted Rafe. He asked if he was right. She said he was wrong. He asked if she was sure about that. She wanted to know where her phone was. He said she got a voicemail. She asked if it was from Eric. He said it was the other one. He played the message for her. Marlena asked Chloe to tell her if she knew something about Sami. Chloe told her Sami and Lucas tried to trick her into thinking that Lucas was dying. Chloe said Sami dressed up as Stan and said he was a doctor. Chloe said Lucas seemed uncomfortable with lying. Marlena asked if she was sure Lucas wasn’t sick. Chloe wasn’t sure anymore. Kristen played a message on Sami’s phone. She heard that Lucas was going to tell everyone what was going on. Lucas went to the DiMera mansion to look for Jake. He called Kate. While his back was turned, Kristen hit him with a fire poker. John and Marlena went to see Brady. Brady told them he had to tell them something about Kristen. He said Kristen wasn’t in prison. He said she got out.

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