Y&R Short Recap Friday, April 30, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Imani warns Amanda that their grandfather is only using her to get out of legal trouble but once the case is over he will forget about her. Imani tells Amanda that their grandfather will never accept her as part of the family. Amanda refuses to believe this and thinks Imani doesn’t want to share their grandfather with her.

Tara tells Kyle she and Ashland are headed to New York tomorrow and she texts him a picture of Harrison for him to keep since she doesn’t expect to return to Genoa City. Nick and Sharon begin to call family in case Faith needs a kidney transplant. There isn’t a match for Faith in the family until Victor remembers that Adam has the same rare blood type as Faith. Sharon remembers what Adam told her when she spoke to him on the phone. Sharon tells Victor and Nick that Adam told her he is some place he can heal that isn’t home but is some place new. Victor’s security team is able to trace the phone number Sharon gave Nick to Leavenworth Kansas. Victor thinks Adam is staying at AJ Montalbo’s farm. Nick goes to Kansas to try and persuade Adam to save Faith’s life.

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