Y&R Short Recap Friday, April 16, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Faith goes to court and the judge orders her to pay a five hundred dollar fine and do one hundred hours of community service. The judge also wants her to do outpatient rehab for her drinking problem. Faith returns to school after court and a guy calls her a loser because Jordan got suspended from school because of her. Moses defends Faith and gets the guy to stop bothering her. Victor is upset with Victoria since she told Rey she thought Adam was hiding at the ranch. Rey can’t search the entire ranch since he doesn’t have a warrant so he doesn’t find Adam. Rey talks to Chelsea who tells him that she is going to get a restraining order against Adam because he is very c dangerous. Chelsea hopes that Sharon and Rey’s marriage is able to survive Adam’s obsession with her. Kyle and Summer tell their parents that they are once again engaged. Kyle also tells Jack that he thinks Ashland is responsible for the rumors of unsafe working conditions at Jabot. Tara calls Kyle to tell him she had a horrible fight with Ashland and abruptly ends the call because her son needs her.

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