Days Short Recap Thursday, April 15, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told Lucas someone knew that they slept together. Chloe told Kristen that she told Brady how she felt about him. Theo stopped Ben from giving Ciara a serum. Ben wanted to explain what he was doing, but Ciara didn’t want to hear it. Ben told Ciara that she wasn’t trying to kill her. Theo asked what was in the needle. Ben said it was to help her get her memory back. She wanted to know why Marlena wasn’t giving it to her. Theo said he heard of the serum, but it had side effects. Ben said Rolf fixed it. He said she would learn the truth about them and remember their love. Brady confronted Nicole about her telling Chloe to tell him how she felt. Nicole wanted to know how it went. He told her that Chloe insulted Kristen. Nicole wanted to know what he said to Chloe. Chloe told Kristen what she told Brady about her. Kristen wanted to know how Brady reacted o it. Chloe said she reminded him about how jealous he was when he thought she slept with Philip. Sami told Lucas that Susan saw them together. He thought she would be able to handle Susan. Sami told him that Kristen was Susan.

Gabi told Philip about her history with Julie. He was surprised that she wasn’t arrested. He said they were kindred spirits. He said he had secrets of his own. He told her about his past with Chloe. Brady told Nicole he wasn’t going to let Chloe trash the mother of his child. Nicole didn’t understand why he didn’t. He said he loved Kristen. Nicole didn’t understand why. She asked him if he felt something for Chloe. Kristen told Chloe that Brady didn’t want to reject her for why he left. Sami told Lucas that Kristen has been masquerading as Susan for weeks. He wanted to know why she outted herself. Sami said she needed her help. She said Kristen was worried that Chloe was going after Brady. He wanted to know why Kristen asked for her help. Sami said she was blackmailing her. Ciara was upset with Ben for trying to give her an experimental drug without her permission. She told him she never wanted to see him again. He said he wished she knew how much he loved her. She said she should be glad that he didn’t have a necktie with him. She said her grandfather told her that he was responsible for what happened to her. She asked if that was true. He said he loved her. She said she was tired of hearing it. She wanted him to leave. She said she never wanted to see him again. When he was about to leave, he was going to stab her with the syringe. Theo stopped him from stabbing her. Jake and Kate saw Philip and Gabi at Julie’s. Gabi asked if they were following them. Brady told Nicole that Chloe asked if he returned her feelings. Nicole said he hesitated when he answered. He said even if he felt something for Chloe he wasn’t going to turn his back on Kristen. Chloe told Kristen that Brady would have said he didn’t have feelings for her. Kristen told her Brady was in love with her. Lucas told Sami that she had the upper hand. She said Kristen would tell EJ that she slept with him. Theo told Ben to get out of Ciara’s room. Ben asked if he would like that. Theo said it was about what Ciara wanted. Ben said he loved Ciara and would love her forever. When he was about to leave, she stopped him. Brady told Nicole that he promised to wait for Kristen. He said he wasn’t going to tell the mother of his child that he was dumping her for Chloe. Nicole said she would do it. He said he wasn’t leaving Kristen. Nicole said Kristen didn’t change. She said he and Rachel would be better off without Kristen. When Chloe was sick of talking to Kristen, she left the townhouse. Kristen said Chloe wasn’t stealing the man she loved. Ben asked if Ciara remembered him. She told him not to get closer. She gave him the wedding picture. She said she didn’t want to see the picture or him ever again.

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