Days Short Recap Thursday, March 25, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben tried to convince Ciara that she knew him. She told him that she didn’t know him. She said he was the necktie killer. He said that she loved him. She said Claire told her the same thing, but she didn’t believe her. Everyone at the church made vows to take care of Lani and Eli’s children. Ciara told Ben that he was a liar. She said she would never marry him. He said they were married. She said she wouldn’t marry him after he killed three women. He brought her things to prove that they were married. She told him she wanted him to leave once she looked at it. He showed her a wedding picture. He wanted to know what she thought. She said it was photo shopped. He said it was real. He said he had more proof. He showed her her engagement ring. She said it was a washer. He said it was from her father’s bike because he couldn’t afford to give her a ring. She said she crashed her father’s bike, which was why she was there. He said the crash was the beginning of their love story. The christening was over and everyone decided to meet at Julie’s Place. Claire met a new girl named Chanel. They had drinks with each other. Tripp showed up. Claire told him that Ciara didn’t remember anything for the last few years. She said the only thing Ciara remembered was the two of them making out on the couch. Ben told Ciara that they met when she crashed her bike. She said she didn’t remember that. He told her what happened after he found her on the road. He told her how they fell in love with each other.

Chanel wanted Claire and Tripp to tell her about what happened when Ciara walked in on them. Ben told Ciara that he knew she remembered them and their history. He said she remembered their love. He asked her to try to remember. She said Kayla told her that he promised to stay away from her. He said her memory was started to come back to her. She said he was wrong. Julie and Doug made a speech at Julie’s Place. Doug told Eli and Lani to open their gifts. Paulina let them know that she was paying for their college education. Claire told Chanel what happened when Ciara caught her and Tripp together. Chanel asked if Claire and Tripp were together. Claire said they were together until he decided to marry another girl. Chanel asked if there was someone new in the picture. Claire said she dated Tripp’s brother. She said he was murdered. Chanel asked who killed him. Ben told Ciara that she was missing and he was able to find her in a dream. She said they didn’t have a psychic connection. He said they did. He said he wasn’t crazy. He said he wasn’t giving up on them. She said she didn’t love him. Roman showed up. She told Roman that she wanted Ben to leave. She told Ben to get out. Chanel told Claire she was going to leave. Claire reminded her that she was going to pay for it. Chanel wanted to know when she said that. Tripp offered to pay for it, but Claire said it was going to be about $500. Claire demanded that Chanel pay for it. Ciara told Ben to leave. She wanted him to take his junk with him. When Ben left, Ciara asked if what Ben was saying was true. Roman wanted to know what he said. She said Ben told her that they were married and in love. Roman told her Ben was her husband. She wanted to know how it was possible. She said she crashed her bike and wanted to know how she had time to get married. He wanted to get Kayla in there. Ciara wanted to know everything. He said they would tell her everything, but he wanted to get Kayla. Eli showed up while Claire and Chanel were arguing. It turned out that Chanel was Paulina’s daughter.

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